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Jessica Alba: Bangs During Pregnancy

Jessica Alba: Bangs During Pregnancy

Mom-to-be Jessica Alba shows off her new set of bangs and her beautiful baby bump while out and about in West Hollywood on Friday.

The 26-year-old engaged actress had her daily personal training session at Emerson Hall Fitness on Melrose Avenue and then picked up groceries at Bristol Farms.

Video here! 10+ pictures inside of Jessica Alba‘s new bangs and baby bump…

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jessica’s new bangs — YAY or NAY?

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Photos: London Entertainment/Splash News Online
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  • zanessa110

    love her.

  • hanane

    She is so cute !!

  • Gossip Lover

    I think Jessica looks great with bangs/ a fringe, but she should smile more!

  • lauraf


  • Belinda

    I don’t think I’ve seen her smile since she announced she was pregnant.

  • ……….

    she is doing great. She is not smiling because the paps are always following her. Keep it up jess. Be strong :)

  • anonym

    ACNE FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MMM

    She is not looking good! She looks awful and has the pregnancy acne, not the glow. Looks like she needs a shower!

  • vanessa

    ….wow she looks like she jus woke up 2 second ago

  • Gabriella

    Bangs yay, Alba nay. From the little I’ve seen and heard of her, she doesn’t seem like a nice person. At all.

  • flyer

    She looks great! I love her.

  • visa fan

    That’s how she got pregnant in the first place.(banging) :) the

  • luckyL

    #5, Belinda, LOL. I’ve never really been a fan of hers but good luck

  • bataglio

    so sure; b_tch can’t push a cart loaded w/a coupla’ bags… hope she tipped that guy.

  • Julieanne

    She looks soooo cute with bangs on….

  • Julieanne

    She looks soooo cute with bangs on….

  • Nessa

    i really like it suits her.

  • kay

    wayyyyyyy to trap him Jess you go gurlllll -oldest trick in the book. thats the way to do it……(kd),,you 2 still look miserable though, because this really wasnt the right way to do this …my mom always said babies dont make relationships- relationships make babies. good luck.

  • Mandy

    she looks adorable!!!

  • Lin

    I think she is cute with or without bangs. In Fantastic 4 I thought she had an amazing figure – I hope she gets it back post baby. I’m sure she will with the personal trainer she has. She can afford to get the acne dealt with though…I would if I were her.

  • YuRi

    she’s so cute .. !

    LOOOOOL .. I love Jessica Alba and I agree with u ;)

  • Carrie

    True… she doesn’t look too happy and she has acne. HOWEVER, I can understand it. She probably feels like complete crap, as many (not all, but many) women do during their first few months. Pregnancy hormones… gotta love them. On to topic, I think she looks lovely with bangs.


    “I hope that my recent work will help producers get past my hotness.”

    “The paps? I could give two shits about them.”

    “I don’t know why people are so obsessed with my ass!”

    “I have curves, I can’t help it. My aunts are fat.”

  • b*tch slap

    The funny thing is that she doesn’t even look pregnant. Why would she make it public when it’s not even showing yet. You would think she would wait a bit longer to announce it since she hates all the attention.

    acne attack


  • karen

    She is a B!tCh! SAw her @ venice beach, my friend is, I mean WAS a huge fan and said hi to the skank, and she rolled her eyes and told everyone “Dont you have someone else to follow like Lindsay Lohan?!?” So backin up my friend… I told her “FKC U B!tCH!”

  • [~Famous~]

    lets just all pray this baby prevents her from “acting”… for a very, very long time.

  • to b*itch nappy num 24

    Gawd if its true that she or the other celebs have had plastic surgery(and those sites are just assuming,they haven’t examine these stars) and this is the result, guess what bish- I’m in…she’s pretty no doubt…”Newsflash when pregnant or on your mentsual &some stress or alot comes with both- you break out. The person who talks sh*t on dlisted..have you seen that person..that person needs a diet,,surgery and a bag to hide their fugliness. Also she’s doing her ,,andddddddd let her do it. ,Put your face/body on here and we can analyze your azz,,okay…Oh and who in Hollyweird doesn’t get a little or alot of something done…Most..their hard as he11 on women starletts.. Just saying. Im not a fan of Jess but she’s pregnant…Chill.

  • ivermom

    She might smile if she were left alone. Why all the photos, her belly is not going to grow for awhile, lay off. You can hardly see the bump so what is the obbession?

  • walker

    She’s got them fat genes, she’s gonna gain lots of weight. No amount of exercise is gonna save her. She is such an annoying nasty slag.

    ++++ And why in the **** is she so sour? It would be a beautiful thing if she woke up one morning as a cashier at Wal-Mart. No health insurance, 4 screaming kids to feed and no baby daddy in sight. THEN she would earn the right to that puss she sports 24/7. Ungratful ****.

  • Nasty and b*tchy. next!

    She looks so miserable. That’s a shame because no one goes to her movies, no one has anything nice to say about her and all she can do get pregnant like everyone else to get attention. You know, if she wasn’t an actress, she’d be another unwed, pregnant Latina.
    Jessica Alba quotes:

    “I hope that my recent work will help producers get past my hotness.”
    “The paps? I could give two shits about them.”
    “I don’t know why people are so obsessed with my ass.”
    “I have curves, I can’t help it. My aunts are fat.”

  • celebpsychic

    Jessica is in for a surprise!!!

  • kristin


  • Sarah

    She looks gorgeous… the bump isn’t showing much. I love the bangs!

  • Dirty Denise

    I like her bangs, Jared.
    We see that baby bump. That is gonna be a good looking baby.

  • j

    I never get the fuss over she’s less than ordinary looking

  • don’t tase me bro!!!

    she’s pretty, love her.

  • baby

    She is such a hag. Now that she is knocked up and will have stretchmarks, her ‘career’ is over. Go away Alba-bitc*h!

  • anonymous

    they are going to have one heck of beautiful baby , with the mother as beautiful as her, she is a goddess.

  • alohaland

    I can’t help but wonder why she chose to make the pregnancy announcement so soon. She could’ve hidden it for a while yet. Makes me think she did it for the publicity. So why look so angry at the paps all the time? I think she wanted the attention since her recent movies have tanked at the box office.

  • anonymous

    to alohaland

    looking at her do you think she could hide that belly, i noticed for the last month or so she was wearing jackets , or heavy coats, she couldn’t hide it any more other wise people would start a lot of romours, so i think she did the best thing to announce it. i didn’t like it , when jennifer lopes kept denying her pregnancy with that big belly she had,it was rediculess it is like , why are you trying to deny the obvious and lopes kept us thinking and talking about her for like afew months, and she wanted us to do that because she had tour to do and she wanted every body keep guessing , but as for jessica on the contrary to what you said didn’t want people to keep guessing , and how did you want her to hide that big belly knowing that she is very skinny person. i think you are barking at the wrong tree.

  • alohaland

    maybe. it was just my first impression.

  • ss

    You’re totally right.

  • hollander

    that’s so cute!

  • jean

    She looks so cute with bangs and scarf. simply cute.
    Her bump is growing up so fast in a few days she will be fat.

  • mariah

    I bet she’s having a girl. The baby is going to be sooo cute.

  • Mandy

    she kinda looks like britney spears in her younger days




  • d stone

    She’s too young to be a mom.

    She should have waited until she was 35.

  • Pstrong

    Wish I was the dad

  • NENA

    All of you f**king haters are just jealous because she is fat in all the right places!!!
    she looks amazing, and all of you sexy women haters are stupid!

    Her anouncing her pregnancy just shows how excited she is soooooo f**k off the negative comments.