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Armani's Speedo Saturday

Armani's Speedo Saturday

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani puts his best tan forward as he slips into a snug little speedo in the Caribbean on Saturday.

The 73-year-old designer is still looking quite fit!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Armani’s skimpy Saturday in speedos?

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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116 Responses to “Armani's Speedo Saturday”

  1. 1
    Jenna Says:


  2. 2
    angie Says:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  3. 3
    Zoe Says:

    I’m not into 73 year olds, but dang he’s hot for a old ****! :-)

  4. 4
    poodle puddle Says:

    there are some things that should be forbidden for the eyes…

  5. 5
    Face Says:

    God awful speedo but kudos for keeping in shape at that age!

  6. 6
    Chloe Says:

    Most American men don’t look that good in their 20′s and 30′s!! European men are hot, sophisticated and elegant..he looks fabulous. All you young guys with beer bellies won’t look as good as he does when you get old…and trust WILL be old too!

  7. 7
    angeeel Says:

    só pra veronica okz @_@ ?
    essa é pra vocês americas felasdumapota .__. ;
    caaaaaaaaaaaaolho *k

    pulguinhas em ação (H)
    beijos na bunda ;*

  8. 8
    mossy Says:

    he’s very fit but there is a thing as being age appropriate, even in swimwear, clearly this is not. so not.

  9. 9
    no pops Says:

    hes bout dam de,ad where’s his depends ?

  10. 10
    blah Says:

    saggy sac

  11. 11
    niiiika Says:

    NOFFA, babei.. olia que gatinio lindo *o*
    a barriga dele entoa.. séksy totauuuu *88888*



    BY :*

  12. 12
    teddy-booboo Says:

    Europe & Brazil has this bathing suit style for men….ewwww
    but…Armani loos amazing. 150% better then a Vince Vaughn lol

  13. 13
    angie Says:

    His skin looks like broasted chicken.

  14. 14
    xyz Says:

    that’s a 73 year old?? DANG!

  15. 15
    hulla bulla Says:

    I cannot decide if I am impressed or disgusted. Brasil, America….who cares it is all the same after all anyway.

  16. 16
    WOW Says:

    ALL I CAN SAY IS “WOW” at that age!

  17. 17
    LOVE Says:


  18. 18
    Lizzie Says:

    He looks fine for his age – and doesn’t give a _____what we think of him. heh heh

  19. 19
    WOw Says:

    An Amazing Body – especially at that age but not so amazing to look at his package!

  20. 20
    Rita Says:



  21. 21


  22. 22
    smiley Says:

    Things that make you go EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  23. 23
    weirdo Says:

    he’s fit for his age but in speedo’s [cough] eww

  24. 24

    for the love of peter pan, that’s what you called suicide, hehe.

  25. 25
    * Says:

  26. 26
    t Says:

    Do not want but that’s pretty amazing for 73

  27. 27
    Ericka Says:

    Oh wow…first reaction was OH NO MUST CLOSE EYES! Then I realized he looks 1000000xs better than my old neighbor that walks around without a shirt on…he has man boobs and a GIANT beer belly that hangs over…*throws up in mouth*

  28. 28
    Lips,tits,butt,oh shit,i'm hot Says:


  29. 29
    anna Says:

    reminds me of my uncle with his speedo. trust me not a pretty site. lol
    anyways those European men can pull of anything.

  30. 30
    Lillianne Says:

    Get me my heart attack medicine! And get some for him too. I didnt know 73 could look so good.

  31. 31
    shoes4life Says:

    All I can think of is the scene from “Sex and The City” when Samantha was getting ready to get with her new 70 something year old boyfriend and he had to go to the bathroom and when he got up his ass was all saggy and she ran out of there so fast! HAHAHAHA!!! You go Mr. Armani I guess you say you earned your right to walk around like that!

  32. 32
    coco Says:


  33. 33
    pipi Says:

    He’s in good shape.

  34. 34
    coco Says:

    jared why post this?? eww

  35. 35
    lily Says:

    he still looks like he got his package.

  36. 36
    palito Says:

    gross! grandpa legs…with the hanging skin on the thighs. who says guys get more attractive as they age??

  37. 37
    Marieme Says:

    He looks really goooood. I just wonder if he’s had work done on the bod. If not then I really give him props for staying in such great shape.

  38. 38
    G550 Says:

    Good for him.

    BTW, who is the dude with the ponytail in the background? :-)

  39. 39
    tennisbabe Says:

    it’s an armani swimwear and definitely he looks good for his age…kudos!

  40. 40
    don't tase me bro !!! Says:

    whoa, daring bro, daring.

  41. 41
    lh Says:


    Yeah, he’s in good shape, but VERY FEW men look good in a Speedo and he’s not one of them. Blech.

  42. 42
    zanessa110 Says:

    he looks like this:

  43. 43
    duckie Says:

    That is probably about as good as it gets for 73. Good on him!

    (not a fan of speedo’s but he can wear them)

  44. 44
    angelitoshii Says:

    Not all European men can look so fit like this. Come to think of German men who have big beer bellies….. As for Armani, he looks great for his age. He must be following a strict Mediterreanean diet with regular excercise.

  45. 45
    wowza! Says:

    ew. that is just so wrong.

  46. 46
    sKANKYHO Says:

    Not bad for his age.

  47. 47
    corry Says:

    Glad he’s still in good health.

  48. 48
    Passing Through Says:

    Jesus, Jared! Dude…are ya tryin’ to give me nightmares or what?! You neeed to warning at the top of the page for this kind of stuff!

  49. 49
    Passing Through Says:

    BTW – I sincerely hope Armani didn’t “design” that Speedo thing himself…cuz shite like this could ruin his entire company!

  50. 50
    Debby Says:

    My father was president of Speedo and I had the very first Speedo, fifty four years ago….Armani is wearing an Armani and not a Speedo. Just for the record.

  51. 51
    liketheoldergents Says:

    Give him some credit! He looks great for his age, fit, in proportion, and healthy. He’s got enough money to have the best bod, but if you’ve got it at that age, show it! Good for him!

    PS Niiiika from Brasil is an idiot……don’t post on an American website if you don’t care for America and want American Celebu-dirt….idiot.

  52. 52
    missalice Says:

    Don’t make generalisations of European men.

    There are fit European men and there are unfit… period, just like in every other place, maybe less morbidly obese than in the US….. so far, but beer bellies are everywhere in Europe.

    He’s not overweight, but if that’s all you need to look quite fit, then okei.

    73 yo doesn’t look good in swimwear no matter what. No muscles, no toned body, but why should an oldie look hot?

  53. 53
    Ellie Says:

    He’s in fabulous shape, but that’s no excuse for those speedos!

  54. 54
    ihavenolife Says:

    dude needs some board shorts. i don’t know what 73 yr old men’s bods look like but i’m pretty darn sure it doesn’t look as good as his.

  55. 55
    [marie] Says:

    I’m not into older people but, he looks pretty damn good for a 73 yr old…

  56. 56
    J Says:

    I don’t know about Speedos at any age, but Mr. Armani looks quite well for his age.

  57. 57
    Yes Says:

    Let 2008 be a great year for you. Do not spread hate on threads (all threads). Learn to respect cos if you do so, you will always be respected.

    Dont leave in the past cos if you do there would be no future.

    Happy 2008

  58. 58
    Carina Says:

    He looks great for 73!!! Don’t they say that sun bathing is bad for your skin? This man is living proof for the opposite!

  59. 59
    Giulia Says:

    He’s old but for his age he has a great body!! Armani rulezza!

  60. 60
    lemibu Says:

    It doesn’t matter how fit you are; men shouldn’t wear panties.

  61. 61
    Helena Says:

    Great body for his age.

  62. 62
    shine Says:

    And more yay!! He should be wearing short shorts instead. But for a 70 year old? kinda cool!

  63. 63
    Miapocca Says:

    He look GREAT..better than some 30 yrs old…Tom cruise is salivating…ahhahaha

  64. 64
    jj Says:

    70 is the new 40.

  65. 65
    hotbitch Says:

    He looks damn GOOD!

  66. 66
    anon Says:

    He is Armani you know. So frankly, he can wear WHATEVER he wants. He wasn’t asking to be photographed you know?

    And he’s a SERIOUS silver fox. Oww oww!!!

  67. 67
    devon dominique Says:

    never ever ever show that picture again/ unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. 68
    SAMARA Says:

    If i dont stop laughing i am going to wet my wow that was the funniest thing ever

  69. 69
    ewww Says:

    There oughta be a law against publishing photos like these.

  70. 70
    Marta Says:

    he looks really great at his age.
    unfortunately not many men look that good in they 70′s.
    unfortunately there are many men in they 30′s and 40′s who look much worst than mr.Armani.

  71. 71
    menna Says:

    um, ew

  72. 72
    SouthernYankee Says:

    American men just don’t have it on the europeans. They have style and class. I know I have lived in europe and I am from the US. Americans generally have hang ups about everything. I live in the south and god forbide if a guy comes into the pool area with a bathing suit like Georgio has on. But dang he looks wonderful for a gentlemen his age. But in general our US men are more faithful to their wives and I like that about american men. I love my country and I love europe and I wouldn’t think to insult anybody country. Shame on you that do that.

  73. 73
    mildred l Says:

    ew lumps

  74. 74
    Carlie Says:


  75. 75
    LIFE AFTER Says:

    he is alright

  76. 76
    Rick Roberts Says:

    He looks pretty good.

  77. 77
    Chris Says:

    That’s pretty amazing, alright. Really something to shoot for when one turns 73. He’s taken care of himself pretty well, alright. Younger men would love to have his body.

  78. 78
    Ron Says:

    GROW UP AMERICA! If it were Sophia Loren or Joan Collins looking good at 70 in a bikini or 1 piece we would be singing their praises. We are taught to be soooo ashamed of the male body in this country that we are SCARED crapless of speedos! Europe has us so beat on that issue. Maybe to love your body here, if you are male, cast you as gay somehow…who knows, still a regressive view. Go on ARMANI!

  79. 79
    Karen Says:

    His speedo is conservative for Europe folks
    Maybe its time you do some travelling and see the rest of the world folks.
    There is life in other parts of the world

  80. 80
    Jim Says:

    Wow, @ 72 and look like that ?

    Happy New Year Jared !!

  81. 81
    Jared Says:

    angie @ 12/30/2007 at 9:08 pm

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

    Good. Please choke on it.

    Armani looks fine.

  82. 82
    angelo - milan - Says:

    Take that.
    Italian cusine..

  83. 83
    House of mayhem Says:

    Arrest that man! He’s a grape smuggler!

  84. 84
    Jerry Says:

    He has the hips of a young Ursula Andress, but not in a good way.

  85. 85
    cruiser Says:

    Woof! Woof!

  86. 86
    vinz Says:

    I just learned that speedos are kind of ‘unconvenient’ in the US. But here in italy they are just the traditional suit for the beach: really nothing to be amazed of. Maybe a little bit old-fashioned, but men like GA just *set up* trends, don’t follow them.
    So… beware of puritanism ;)

  87. 87
    TDGRL Says:

    You are all haters! He looks damn good! Need to find out what has given him the fountain of youth.

  88. 88
    Nam Yssup Says:


  89. 89
    Gianluigi Says:

    Giorgio Armani ia a wellknown fan of good food and fitness but also of chirurgical treatments (look at his face)! I saw him more then once and I confirm that he is really good looking.
    Anyway it is not so uncommon in Milan to meet similar men. For sure they belong to UPPER CLASS!

  90. 90
    Rocco Says:

    Americans better start to eat real italian food !! Not Mac Donald or Burger King!! Italians rule!!

  91. 91
    Stewo Says:

    Simply Fantastic!

  92. 92
    paradossale Says:

    that’s italian style

  93. 93
    janpi Says:

    Re Giorgio is the number one!!

  94. 94
    Pieman Says:

    Americans have a hang up about sex. Always have had, always will have. It comes from their puritanical roots. Americans live their sex vicariously, through movies, magazines, celebrity, and haven’t learned to accept other cultures. Not only that, they are grossly overweight. The average American woman 5’4″ and 165 lbs. That is why you’re getting all the “eww” posts on here. Because Americans are sexually repressed and have been conditioned to believe what is attractiveness, and what isn’t.

  95. 95
    jan Says:

    That’s one spicy meatball there! Mama mia!

  96. 96
    adriano americano Says:

    men wearing speedos? don’t see what the big deal is… americans, both male and female, are so prudish when it comes to men wearing anything less than parachute sized swimwear. GA looks fine and most men wish they will look that good when they turn 70.

  97. 97
    newportjoey Says:

    Damn,, Whose your Daddy, Your ******, Your MAN!!

  98. 98
    fRANCESCO Says:

    Delicious. He is so stilish

  99. 99
    me Says:

    Give him credit, at any age he takes care of himself. I hope I have that kind of dedication at 54, let alone 73.

  100. 100
    Marco Says:

    from Italy… this is Armani’s Code:

  101. 101
    janet Says:

    What is wrong with American women. They love the look of a healthy female body in a show it all bikini, but they can not handle the beauty of a man’s body in a speedo. weird. What is the problem?

  102. 102
    Foster Says:

    Kudos to Giorgio for being in such great shape at his age. As mentioned on here, most American men at 20 don’t look anywhere near that great. Style and sophistication at that age should be something he should represent – not trying to look like a 20-something. It’s kind of like when someone over 30 wears Abercrombie and Fitch – just not age appropriate. He would look much better in someting less reveling and more subtle.

  103. 103
    lENA Says:

    Wow..this is great pic of him and his fit look, so I am really impressed.
    We all get older and this is the way it should be done. Keep it fit no matter what you’ll do. Find a way that fits for you and bit of time for weekly exercise and you’ll live better and longer life too.
    Happy New Year to all here!

  104. 104
    remember da truth Says:

    Love the muscle tone — that isn’t something lipo can do for you!

    And people wonder when I go out with an older man — look around at all the lazy, flabby young men, and see how you can get sophistication AND a good body in an older man who takes care of himself!

    It’s not about age; it’s all about what shape you are in and how healthy you are. He’s amazing.

  105. 105
    Phil Says:

    Yup…….My Big B is 70ish now too …..Gotta get him one for his birthday tha’ts comin up real soon … same size.
    He’ll probably go right out and book a vacation so I better get him a second gift. Any ideas ? Maybe a camera or a mask ?

  106. 106
    Z Says:

    11 niiiika(from Brazil my a***)

    You aren’t brazilian. the language is from portugal. COWARD.

  107. 107



  108. 108
    solesiux Says:

    stupid american people…! he s very hot and in shape for someone that old. He sould be an example for all of you fat fat brainless people… ah! I m from argentina, where everyone it s good looking!!!

  109. 109
    jack Says:

    He looks good for his age.
    Why do people in the uS freak out about speedos? They don’t drag in the water and you can get sun. WOmen are in bras in panties, yet somehow its too risque for men to wear little clothing for swimming.

  110. 110
    costanzo Says:

    Shut the **** up you prudish yanks. Armani looks great in his speedo, especially for someone who is 73. Do you yankees seriously think that you can teach Italians about fashion? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  111. 111
    costanzo Says:

    Shut the **** up you prudish yanks. Armani looks great in his speedo, especially for someone who is 73. Do you yankees seriously think that you can teach Italians about fashion? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  112. 112
    inside Says:


    Love him : )

  113. 113
    nick stark Says:

    Wow, I hope I look that amazing at 73! He’s fit and tan, and more importantly comfortable and confident in his skin. I actually think he’d look better in a square cut, but it’s all good!

  114. 114
    Salon Masaj Erotic Says:

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  115. 115
    Elmer Lamborn Says:

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  116. 116
    Rodney Horns Says:

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