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Jamie Lynn Spears: Baby Bump Watch Begins!

Jamie Lynn Spears: Baby Bump Watch Begins!

Parents-to-be Jamie Lynn Spears and Casey Aldridge were spotted out and about!

Can you see a baby bump on 16-year-old Jamie Lynn? Do you really think she’s 14 weeks pregnant like she told the media or she’s farther along?

More screencaps from Entertainment Tonight inside…

UPDATE: These screencaps are old. They’re of Jamie Lynn and Casey from the summer!

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jamie lynn spears baby bump 01
jamie lynn spears baby bump 02
jamie lynn spears baby bump 03
jamie lynn spears baby bump 04
jamie lynn spears baby bump 05
jamie lynn spears baby bump 06
jamie lynn spears baby bump 07
jamie lynn spears baby bump 08
jamie lynn spears baby bump 09
jamie lynn spears baby bump 10
jamie lynn spears baby bump 11

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  • zanessa110

    love her!

  • sad

    I hope things work out well for this young girl.

  • hoe

    yeah she’s a ~~~~great role model~~~~

  • goz

    i wish her well… i hope she knows how to handle things… not like brit

  • maria

    This isnt new…this is an old video that was taken by x17online

  • the_original_nika

    and here I thought those were news pics, in this case screencaps.
    oh JJ whats wrong with ya posting stuff that is not new.
    the baby bump has not begun, cause shes in hiding.

  • FLO

    fo realzz THIS IS OLDDDDD

  • KJ

    Did her mom get $1,000,000 for tipping ET that Jamie was going out in public for these pics too!

  • Madi

    She doesn’t even look pregnant.

  • R

    that’s old…
    like from the summer
    when she was house hunting.
    def not pregnant there yet.
    but i really want to see that baby bump on her

  • legs

    she’s too young to be a mom.

  • Vanessahundgens

    New new video for vanessa hudgens click here:

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    hahah old footage!

  • Wedding Peach

    Too young, too inexperienced, and probably scared silly.
    Good luck. A baby raising a baby. They’ll grow up together.
    This stuff ages you real quickly.

  • menna

    hmmm, i can’t really see it yet…

  • anonymous

    this is old :S why are u posting this ?

  • sillyme

    Pics may be old…but, she’s holding the big purse in front of her stomach, which is what you see a lot of them doing early in their pregnancies. Were these taken before she and her Mom went to visit Britney? Cause, she had that tight shirt on and didn’t look pregnant then.

  • kate


  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,oh shit,i’m hot

    Heard she’s 5months preggers. It’s a DAMN shame .

  • Erin

    All I can say is.. wow she’s stupid.

  • jeni


  • corry

    OMG….baby has a baby???
    Spears’s Girls need help!!

  • lula

    Well obviously she doesnt look pregnant, this picture was taken back in like August when her and Casey were apartment hunting.

  • Anon

    There’s something obscene about a babybump watch for a sixteen year old who is practically a baby herself and looks like it! This entire family disgusts me. Hannah Montana has been secretly dating a recently broke up so I guess we should probably get ready for that one too! After all, she’s fourteen isn’t she?

  • Jenn

    This is an OOOOLD photo

  • visa fan

    Holy Kakapoopy! :)
    Baby watch or not she’s a beautiful thing. :)

  • camilita

    I def agree with you Anon #24. She is practically a baby having a baby! Well i do hope everything works out well for her and her family.

  • Jade

    I’m really hoping I’m the one to find Jamie Lynn…that 100 grand would be really good to me right now.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,oh shit,i’m hot

    There’s something obscene about a babybump watch for a sixteen year old who is practically a baby herself and looks like it! This entire family disgusts me. Hannah Montana has been secretly dating a recently broke up so I guess we should probably get ready for that one too! After all, she’s fourteen isn’t she?

    I third this. Hannah is 15 now, she was dating from 14 or younger. I just don’t get why these parents have their kids dating so young? .I wasn’t shock at the pregnancy, i was more shock that that she was living with a boy.
    OMG. Lynn and Miley parents should be ASHAME of them selves.What is the world coming to? baby having baby. Who next?

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,oh shit,i’m hot

    Heard Miley was pregnant during the summer too. Guess we know what happend to that baby?. Disney wouldn’t have that. She’s like the biggest CASH COW they ever had.
    My guess is that Jamie lynn aint no cah cow for nobody, so they really didn’t care. Its a Damn shame i tell ya.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,oh shit,i’m hot

    Damn. They have me cursing on a Sunday. Please forgive me Lord, cause i’ve sin, Thanks to these DAMN SPOILED KIDS!!
    Forgive me again Lord!!!

  • nw

    Do us a favor and don’t do bump watches on this baby girl. She should give up her baby to jennifer garner.

  • me

    This is an old video!!

  • Lola

    Miley wasny pregnant !! aww rumers geezo!! a hink it great shee is pregnant !! soo she 16 hur choice!

  • a realist

    You guys act like this is the first 16 year old who EVER got pregnant in the history of the world.
    Unfortunately, many teenagers get pregnant ALL THE TIME, some get abortions, some keep the babies. This is not new, people.

  • a realist

    nw @ 12/30/2007 at 9:29 am

    Do us a favor and don’t do bump watches on this baby girl. She should give up her baby to jennifer garner.
    Yeah, right, so the child can walk around until he/she is a teenager with a pacifier in his/her mouth. Like Violet will be doing.

  • Visa Fan

    lip tits not not forgiven far from it. Nothing to do with swearing though.

  • go sox

    I think the paps need to ease up on this girl, out of respect for her age!! Regardless of her messed up family, she is only 16, and well, she made a mistake. Like someone above said, she’s not the first 16 yr. old who ever got pregnant.

    Fame may be great, but it’s obviously not for young stars like this. They get sucked into an adult world, way before they’re ready to handle it. Parental guidance is swept under the rug and instead these kids are owned by agents, producers, and studios. It’s a wonder any of them survive unscathed.

  • visa fan

    I don’t see how this could be a mistake. If she forgot to take her birth control now that’s a mistake. You don’t get pregnant there’s a process involved they’re no mistakes.

    Lips tits you are hated by god. Swearing on Sunday only causes god to crack a smile. But the shit you write you will not be forgiven, you’re just another loser.

  • amy

    She’s probably farther along. If that’s from summer then…….

  • Karla

    I believe this is a old photo and I believe she and Casey have broken up. Her family wants you to think they are still together. Casey needs to speak up, but I think they are paying for his silence, because I don’t believe the baby is his. I believe the rumours, that says it is a much older man that she worked with on the set of her show. Thats why she is in hidding. This family are a bunch of disgusting liers.
    I think that show should be dropped immediately.

  • wtf

    THESE ARE NOT RECENT PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • naia

    she is very much stupid like her sister

  • casey

    Maybe these “girls” need to be taught more about birth control than radical religious Christian principles! In a contemporary society, there are other options than ruining one’s life (along with the young boy) when it could look entirely different in the next five to 10 years with having used (wisdom) and made a choice to abort when the young girl is still a “child” herself. Wearing make-up, dressing up in heels, and being paid six- to seven-figure salaries does not make her a “woman” nor a sound “mother”.

    Her future career is broken (just like her older sisters)! Nickelodeon needs to take immediate steps to remove her from their creative projects on behalf of young children!

  • Anon26

    she looks pregnant in the pics to me

  • Anon

    I bet they didn’t find out about Jamie Lynn until it was too late to do anything. And I believe she is further along then she said. Remember when she visited with Britney a few weeks ago? When her mother and brother and all went to that beach house or something for a reunion and to make peace? I bet she was preggers then. She is probably about four months along.

    At first I was thinking how outrageous and cruel it is to start rumors about poor Hannah Montana, bcz she is such a young little thing. Now I really wonder if there wasn’t some truth to THOSE rumors, too.

    I really hate to say it, but do you think it’s a “Southern thing?”

  • Shannon

    These pictures are from Aug.07 while shopping for an apartment. I’m willing to bet she just found out she was pregnant. Since then they have split.
    Notice is the pics he is never smiling, He always seemed quite miserable with her.

  • required

    just. too. funny. to. be. true.

  • Bea

    If this is old-look at the 8th picture and the last one you can see a side view of jamie she looks really thick around the middle.
    Then they had a long time to plan how they would come out with this. Just sad because Mama Spears parenting skills really stinks. So who is going to help her raise the baby.

  • musicisourhigh

    I have to agree the 16 year old baby bump watch is a bit creepy

    She talks young but she looks older than 16 to me