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Sienna Miller is Convertible to 26

Sienna Miller is Convertible to 26

Sienna Miller and boyfriend Rhys Ifans grab a bite to eat at Wosley restaurant in London, England.

The couple hopped into her new Audi TT convertible and headed to her mom’s house to pick up their dogs.

Sienna celebrated her 26th birthday at Clifton’s Pub in North London on Friday night. Peep her wild and crazy outfit!

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,oh shit,i’m hot

    Happy belated birthday!!

  • SARA

    happy birthday
    BTW she looks gorgeous

  • Liz


  • Lori

    She looks so pretty

  • Raven

    Woah!! What a fun day they should have! Barf! A few lines of coke, lunch w/ some magic shrooms to follow. A good screw then, snort a couple more lines of coke and they take a shower. I hope Rhy’s pisses all over her! YOWSA!!! BTW~I do like Sienna’s boots. God! Is Rhy’s ever fugly!

  • Jamie

    She’s so sexy and stylish. Did she have her boobs done?

  • Belinda

    I think it looks like she got new boobs for her birthday.

  • Raven

    I don’t think it is a boob job. I wonder if she is preggers??!!! Yowsa!!!

  • angie

    Once she overthrows Kate as Queen Bee of PH, she won’t even need him anymore. She’s just stringing him along and making him THINK there’s a chance of marriage, at least until the coup is complete…when Kate, Sadie, and all the other PH slobs are eating coke out of her hand…they won’t even know what hit ‘em. Then she’ll be calling the shots, and Kate will be out in the cold. Losers. What a bunch of trainwrecks. But she’s a serious awctress…I wonder which accent she actually fakes…American or British? Hmmmm…

  • stella

    what’s up with the hating?! all you girls wearing the latest trends…skinny jeans and all have sienna the new brigette bardot to thank! great actress, a great trendsetter.

  • Belinda

    No, no,no. Sienna is nowhere near ready to have a baby. She only thinks of her career and her social standing in the Primrose Hill gang. I do NOT think that she is pregnant.

  • http://justjared/ashley,vanessa robinson

    happy birthday

  • angie

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  • sienna is a cow

    Angie you summed it up.

    And if Kate Moss is too dumb to see what is happening she deserves to be overthrown…

    Sienna won’t last as Queen Bee…The Coke will get to her after a while.

  • Belinda

    Why hasn’t it gotten to Kate Moss?

  • angie

    I don’t know if the coke’ll get to her, but I bet she dumps the chimney sweep. And she’ll name Davinia as vice-Queen Bee in charge when she’s “on location” in her B-movies. Kate will have a breakdown and Amy Winehouse will become her closest friend and confidante. Sadie will stick around while continuing to tell the press that she absolutely does not drink anymore. She will also release breaking news to the tabs through her ‘sources’ that Jude will always be the father of her children.

  • angie

    I meant father of THEIR children.

  • mossy

    oh my gosh, sienna’s outfit actually works! first sign of the apocalypse?

  • mossy

    kate will always be the queen bee.

  • mossy

    whatever the hell that means.

  • angie

    mossy, what do you mean, whatever the hell that means? It means Sienna-whore will bump her ass.

  • sienna is a cow

    your freakin hilarious Angie !

  • lily

    sienna sucks.

  • tennisbabe

    after jude law she chose this guy…ewww! he will always be the naked guy in the hugh grant/julia roberts film??..she could have chosen better

  • Shango_Hispanico


  • Madonna

    Not half bad.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Let 2008 be a great year for you. Do not spread hate on threads (all threads). Learn to respect cos if you do so, you will always be respected.

    Dont leave in the past cos if you do there would be no future.

    Happy 2008

  • mrsme

    She looks great. Love the outfit.

  • http://gooogle Ana

    she is cute…as always…but he is awful and ugly…as always!!!

  • http://gooogle Ana

    and whats up with nails on the other hand??!!

  • angie

    What IS that white stuff on her boots? Did she “spill” something? Mustn’t waste.

  • m

    she’s a slut. Hey Sienna, ever hear of karma? Watch out. It’s gonna get you. p.s. leave other people’s husbands alone for a while, why don’t you?

  • m

    Tramp=she is.

  • sienna is a cow

    ;who did she sleep with that was married?

    P Diddy?
    Sean Penn?

  • James

    HOLY SHIT! I have the same car as Sienna Miller lol. Even the same color except mine has red leather.

  • Nadia likes Sienna!!

    She is soooo gorgeous!!Love you Si!!

  • Pole

    She really loves the attention from the paps, it’s so obvious. Makes it very hard to take Ms “I’m a famous actress” seriously IMO.

  • Jazz

    She must be loving all the attention. She has just been named Airhead of the Year #4 – her best bud Kate Moss is #1. These women
    are just waste of spaces.

  • Jazz

    Oh and Sienna please tell your man to stop wearing skinny jeans. He looks ridiculous with his knock knees LOL!

    And why is it that they always look like they have not taken a shower in days?

  • Annick

    I think I don’t understand fashion because I never “get: her outfits. Maybe I am not with it…. lol. I find his looks to be very “different” to say the least :-)

  • angie

    #40, I actually think he could star in a coked-up version of Mary Poppins…as the chimney sweep…

  • Jazz

    Different as in ugly? i don’t even mind ugly guys if they are decent looking but this guy just crack me up!

    Chuncky jewelry – check
    Skinny jeans – check
    blond straggly hair – check
    old guy trying to look hip and young – check

    Have yoiu seen him without his clothes? One of the most repulsive thing I’ve ever seen. LOL!!!


    love her style she is so unique


  • titanium jewelry wholesale

    why is it that they always look like they have not taken a shower in days?