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Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale's Saturday Shopping Spree

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale's Saturday Shopping Spree

BFFs forever Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale take a short shopping trip to the Lisa Kline boutique in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday.

Check out video footage of Ashnessa‘s shopping spree here. Paparazzi ask Vanessa what she’s doing for New Year’s but she doesn’t respond to them. You also see Lisa Kline staff members swatting away photographers, telling them to let the girls into the store.

Poor Ashley looks so miserable! :(

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vanessa hudgens ashley tisdale shopping spree 01
vanessa hudgens ashley tisdale shopping spree 02
vanessa hudgens ashley tisdale shopping spree 03
vanessa hudgens ashley tisdale shopping spree 04
vanessa hudgens ashley tisdale shopping spree 05
vanessa hudgens ashley tisdale shopping spree 06
vanessa hudgens ashley tisdale shopping spree 07

Photos: London Entertainment/Splash News Online
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  • kristen0606

    first 2nd time in a row!!! haha nite they look great!!

  • zanessa110


  • ellie

    Damn lil sis, you beat me! :)

    Who else is glad that these two are good enough friends to not get tired of hanging out together day after day. And, I can totally understand their love of shopping. If I had the money, I’d go more often too!

  • zanessa110

    hey where are the pictures?

  • chris

    first …………..i love them

  • Alex

    :( poor girls.

  • .

    they need privacy!

  • yets

    I Love Vanessa!!
    But where is Zac i miss Zanessa!!!

  • antonia aka toni

    OMGSH first time EVER to get like 7 or lower! woot! so 7TH!
    lmao. and
    yeah Ashely do Look bad. Seems like shes thinkin “o DMN it why did i HAVE to get the nose job!”

    still luv em
    but no signs of zanessA?1

  • hapy

    geez that is crazy! how can you even shop with all those papz!

  • Madi

    Jared post the pics please.

  • v-fan

    wheres the Boyfriend of this two young woman?
    i miss zanessa!!

  • kate

    love them

  • zac and v fan

    poor girls! ashley does look so sad! :( so does van tho.
    i wish ppl would just let them get out of their cars! grrrrr!!!!!

  • michelle

    I do miss zanessa. I just watched the paparazzi video though and I feel so bad for them. I do miss Zanessa sightings but I wish that they would just give them some space. =\

  • v-fan

    But worry guys she still wearing the Ring!!
    i think Zac is just Busy now a days
    Long Live Zanessa

  • DEE

    I’m all for pictures, but not when I can see Ashley’s pores and into her car. What happened to personal space?? No wonder they look miserable.

  • clara

    I love Vanessa’s clothes.

  • troy

    Its obvious that neither Vanessa nor Ashley was in the mood for the paps today. There is absolutely NO reason for them to be in their faces like that, they can take their damn pictures from a respectable distance.

  • narf

    Ok, who feels like going on paparazzi patrol? We can join hands and block the paps from bothering our girls.

  • ellie

    I don’t think paps understand that concept DEE, and I get the feeling explaining it to them would be like trying to explain quantum physics to a 6 year old, utterly pointless as it would go straight over their heads!

  • narf

    Amen Troy sweetie, amen! *big kiss*

  • zanessa110

    you guys. it says ac starts his new movie march, isnt that when hsm 3 begins?

  • rach

    awe poor things. i really wish the paps would just let them be for a day. v got out yesterday without them but poor ash was mobbed all day. they both look really lovely though.

    it does crack me up they the paps ask what they are doing for new years, as if they would tell, haha

  • daze

    thanks for the article and the pix i hope there ok they look sad

  • zvkg

    lol. hey paps…that’s too close yo! I don’t think us fans want to see that close. Maybe if you guys keep a distance and not crowd around, then they wouldn’t be that miserable looking.

    hahaha…okay. off to ice cream~~

  • goz

    i hate papz! poor girlz!

  • Sniffles

    Nice shot of Ashley’s new schnazz. Wonder how long till her next “corrective surgery?”

  • Vanessahundgens

    New new video for vanessa hudgens click here:

  • thegamingamine

    Damn, both look a bit worse for wear, & Vanessa looks as if she’s Benico Del Torro’s long lost love child…

  • hunter

    wow, all you kids on here do is kiss a*s
    ashley is absolutely fugly afer the nose job and awful hair coloring.. groooooossssss! as for vanessa, blah nothing special there.

  • KJ

    If they don’t want to see the paps, they wouldn’t be going shopping everyday in Bev Hills or at Lisa Kline. I’m shocked they didn’t go eat at the Ivy afterwards – that’s the area and the stores stars go when they want to be spotted. They are following Paris, Nicole & Lindsey with publicity stunts – good thing they have acting experience to pretend they aren’t happy – get real! They now have passes Britney 101 on publicity.

  • Lisaaa

    How sadd
    They look beautiful but sad =|

    Ashnessa, Zanessa, Jashley

  • troy

    #32 I’m so tired of reading how everytime Vanessa and now Ashley walk out the front door they do it for publicity. Hello the paparzzi are practically camped in the Hudgens front yard, what are they supposed to do become recluses?

    They have a right to live their lives as they fit without harassment. And I’m sorry when you have ten to twelve pushing, jostling, and shoving to take pictures INCHES from their face I consider that harassment. You’re the one who needs to get real.

  • kay

    everyone knows ashley got a nose job, but do we really need close-ups of her nose everytime?!?

  • jona

    they’re so pretty!

  • narf

    Well said troy!

  • kathy

    ashley was fugly before and she’s still fugly now even with her fake nose. she needs plastic surgery for her whole face.

  • kgg

    Okay, no matter what you bashers say, this is a total invasion of privacy. No one, I repeat, no one, deserves this type of treatment. How would you like it if 20 to 30 people with cameras were up in your face so close you can see the pores in your skin.

    Please, please, paps, we do not need these kind of pics of celebrities – no way, no how. Keep your distance and respect other people’s privacy like any ordinary respectful person would do. If I were them I would file harassment charges against the paps.

    Get a real job, paps, and quit harassing innocent people.

  • narf

    Wow, watch out for kgg you slimy paps!

  • kgg

    You better believe it, Narf! lol Or, as they say in Jersey: Fa-get about it!!!

  • Steph

    Well said Troy and kat :)

    Kathy, the only thing that’s fugly is your attitude, you need a whole new character period.

    That being said… I think it’s completely so ludicrous and so easy to compare them to the obvious (brit, paris…etc) But what bases do you have? Give it up… there is no comparison there. They do not have photos or Vids of them stumbling out of a bar every single night, they’re not out getting preggers, they’re not shaving off their heads, they work for their money and it’s not inherited.

    Actually, they do charity work, they hang out with families and each other going to the friggin’ mall! No comparison… get it through your thick shallow skulls!!

    Kgg, I need a hose down, LOL

  • narf

    Wow, first troy, then kgg, now steph! You guys rock!

  • annee

    ashley look ugly in her new nose!!

  • kgg

    It’s ok, Steph! Imma here for ya! Here, wanna take a turn at the paps dart board I set up? Breath deeply, in and out… It’s gonna be OK, really it is. lol


    disney still got these hoes faking like they are friends ashley is jealous of vanessa she need to stop fronting like she isn’t and move on no matter how much she front she still a jealous chick

  • Dani

    wow, these girls shop a LOT… wish i had that kinda dough!

  • Wedding Peach

    They at least get to have some fun before the new year begins, and before they have to get back to work on filming HSM3.

  • babyG

    hahaha..they looked so pissed with the paps… and yeah, ashley looks miserable…too bad girl, your hanging out with Miss Vanessa Hudgens!! *peace*

  • KJ

    No one said the paps should be doing what they do, I don’t agree with them especially in the Brangelina case. However, TROY, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know, if you don’t want to see the paparazzi, don’t go shopping almost everday together – especially at Lisa Kline! I don’t feel sorry for them in that case. I would if it were the first time they went out to a paparazzi haven. However, they been doing it quite frequently. When I compared them to Paris and Nicole, it was what they said about courting the paps and how addicting it is not about their other behavior.