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Brad Pitt Dell Commercial?

Brad Pitt Dell Commercial?

Brad Pitt is constantly giving back.

He donated $5 million of his own money to help victims of Hurricane Katrina through the Make It Right NOLA organization and now he may be helping out another cause.

The money that Pitt receives from filming the commercial will be donated to charity–Bono‘s Red Campaign. Brad‘s commercial for Dell Computers is set to air during the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLII airs on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2008. 34 more days!

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  • carolinabasto86


  • fanta



    good for Brad.

  • carolinabasto86

    i love him

  • sam p

    donate the money to……………
    love him

  • jane

    He’s wearing lots of makeup!

  • Jill

    jane @ 12/31/2007 at 10:16 am
    He’s wearing lots of makeup!

    He could wear a fright mask and he’d still look better than you.

  • anustin

    first page?

  • Huh

    He needs to lay off the botox. Nothing attractive about him anymore. Old and worn out.

  • Agie

    I love You Brad!
    You’re supercool

  • Annabel

    Good on u Brad.!
    hello Jill Sam and all.
    wishing u a very happy and joyful new year 2008!

  • Chan

    Brad is Simply Brilliant, can’t wait to see this commercial.

  • http://japan cinnamon

    I’m first page?
    Good job, Brad. Both of you and Angie are really wonderful people.

  • Helena

    Jill, why do you have to be vicious to people who think different from you? Get a life and he does look unflattering there! It’s my opinion, now move on.

  • Hiya

    WOW, can’t wait to see the commercial! Love the J-Ps and Happy 2008 to all!

  • etwa

    we want tomkat threads!!!

    gd job brad!

  • naise

    Helena @ 12/31/2007 at 10:31 am

    why dont you get a life instead lol

    Love JP family…. and happy new year to all BA fans around the world..

  • [~Famous~] – The God.

    God damn! How can one “Family” be so fcuking kind?!?

    They’re making it real hard to hate, Fcuk! I only got a couple of hours to find new material for 08.

  • a fan

    Thank you Brad for being you. We love you no matter what the haters say.

  • stancie

    Stop attacking people for thinking differently from you. It makes you seem bitter and childish.

    BTW, with the amount of blush he’s got on in the above picture, he should be doing a Maybelline ads instead of one for Dell.

  • Passing Through

    # 9 Huh @ 12/31/2007 at 10:23 am

    He needs to lay off the botox. Nothing attractive about him anymore. Old and worn out.


    Kindly stop putting your stupidity on display. If the man was using botox, then he wouldn’t look “old and worn out”. If he were using botox and still looked “old and worn out,” then he’d need to sue his dermo because botox is supposed to erase lines and wrinkles and smooth out the skin. It also “freezes” the muscles of the face and renders them unusable so that your forehead doesn’t wrinkle when you raise your eyebrows – IF you can still do that. Now look at Brad’s wrinkled forehead and revisit your idiot comment.

  • Lady G

    Wishing JustJared, BAMPZSers, and the Jolie-Pitts a Happy New Year.

    Thanks Jared for the new thread!

  • anustin

    #20……duh! those are kiehl and bobby brown.

  • Shiloh

    stop responding to the haters. they are too stupid for us fans to waste our time on them. just enjoy the Jolie-pitt thread.

  • anustin

    #16 ….. burried 3 weeks ago!

  • anustin

    its ok to respond,just dont write der names.

  • filipino fan

    happy new year to brad, angie and the jolie-pitt children. wishing this family all the best in the years to come.

    happy new year too to jj. hope you’ll continue to post a lot of jolie-pitt news.

    and to all the bampzs fans, happy new year.

    thanks to guli, i just finished watching mams at jjb.

  • Hilary

    Fancy much.

  • well….

    # 20 stancie @ 12/31/2007 at 10:40 am

    What’s childest is speaking about someones looks when the thread is actually about helping others. The picture is old. The action is new.

    Good work Brad.

  • Jill

    Helena @ 12/31/2007 at 10:31 am

    Helena, stop changing screen names so you can agree with yourself. And you know the saying about opinions so I won’t go there.

  • briseis

    Oooops, mistakenly posted this on the old thread.

    Happy New Year, folks. What a good year 2007 was for us fans of this lovely couple and their children, and hopefully 2008 will be as good, or even better for the JPs.

    Wow, a new Brad commercial to be shown at the Super Bowl? Yay, a reason for me to watch this year despite my Bears not making a repeat showing.

  • carolinabasto86

    happy new year folks

  • stancie

    Jill aka “well…”
    Like I said, you appear to be childish in both manner (from before) and intellect (as of now). LOL

  • stancie

    Jill aka “well…”
    Like I said, you appear to be childish in both manner (from before) and intellect (as of now). LOL

  • http://Justjared Felinelilly

    Thanks jared, you rock! Geez brad, yet another reason to love you even more! But if i must… Hey this is prolly a stupid question, but does anyone know what channel the superbowl airs on? Is it always fox? Or does it change like the award shows?

  • KIM

    Thanks JJ.


  • Hiya

    Just a reminder, any contributitions to Brad’s MakeItRight campaign (or any other charity) that are made today are still tax-deductible on your 2007 tax return… do it today if you’re thinking about it!

  • KIM

    Brad looks so nice without the newsboy cap. I want that look back.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Hi Everyone :)

    Happy New Year to you all!

    See y’all next year (i mean tomorrow)

  • piper, with a low

    Someone doesn’t know Bradley, do they?

    Brad doesn’t have to wear blush; he blushes whenever he’s happy, when Angelina’s around him, or when he talks about his kids.

  • sam p

    Annabel ,jill,pt,briesis,kk,shiloh,anustin and all the jp fans
    happy new year regulars dont let those crap haters ruin this thread so today(just today)

  • http://yahoo Yes

    New Years R

    Never live in the past cos if you do there would be no future!

  • Safsoufa

    aychouch ???are u here?

  • African Girl

    Awww…the JPs are practicing the laws of giving and receiving….and this is why no matter how many evil things are wished on them, they alway come out on top. Good for them.

    To all the JP & JJ fans…and Jared.

    In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, never in want. May the New Year bring you all promises of new dreams to fulfill, new goals to reach and new joy to discover. Above all, I want to wish you all the happiness in the world and success in love, at work and at play.


  • anustin

    yo sam.p waving.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    Africa Girl

    Happy New Year :)

  • African Girl

    # 18 [~Famous~] – The God.
    Stop resisting dear fuggy and just accept the fact that you like ‘em, you like ‘em, you really, really like ‘em.

    By the way…The God? Seriously?

  • http://Justjared Felinelilly

    Happy new year 2008 to the jolie-pitts and all their fans!

  • briseis

    Hiya, sam p, thanks for the shout out. Happy New Year, too.

    My dear friend Yes, you still there? Happy New Year to you, sweetie. Hope you have the best year ever!

    Jared, sorry, I forgot my manners. Thanks for the new thread.

  • African Girl

    Passing Through @ 12/31/2007 at 10:41 am
    Hehehehe…dontcha just love it when they contradict themselves? Honestly, I don’t even know why we bother pointing out their stupidity…they do a very good job of it on their own.