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Dannielynn Birkhead is Not a Happy Baby

Dannielynn Birkhead is Not a Happy Baby

Larry Birkhead shields crying daughter Dannielynn, 15 months, after arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday.

25+ pictures inside of Dannielynn Birkhead looking like one unhappy baby…

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dannielynn birkhead crying 01
dannielynn birkhead crying 02
dannielynn birkhead crying 03
dannielynn birkhead crying 04
dannielynn birkhead crying 05
dannielynn birkhead crying 06
dannielynn birkhead crying 07
dannielynn birkhead crying 08
dannielynn birkhead crying 09
dannielynn birkhead crying 10
dannielynn birkhead crying 11
dannielynn birkhead crying 12
dannielynn birkhead crying 13
dannielynn birkhead crying 14
dannielynn birkhead crying 15
dannielynn birkhead crying 16
dannielynn birkhead crying 17
dannielynn birkhead crying 18
dannielynn birkhead crying 19
dannielynn birkhead crying 20
dannielynn birkhead crying 21
dannielynn birkhead crying 22
dannielynn birkhead crying 23
dannielynn birkhead crying 24
dannielynn birkhead crying 25
dannielynn birkhead crying 26
dannielynn birkhead crying 27

Photos: MO/Bauer-Griffin
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  • haha

    No way, am i first?!?!?! I don’t even care about this post but i’m first… YEAH!!!

  • haleypastachios


  • haleypastachios

    oh, i guess i wasnt first…haa

  • london

    danielyn needs a mom for sure:(

  • kate


  • Passing Through

    What a famewh#re! Nobody walks with their baby facing forward like that unless they want the ratzi taking pictures of the kid.

  • Nando

    That close-up picture of Dannielynn looks like when Anna Nicole made those stupid looking faces…which were almost all of the time.

  • th

    Poor kid. This is what she will get to look forward to her whole life. Can you imagine the life this kid’s going to have? I feel sorry for her.

  • Colleen

    Why does it look like he can’t hold a baby?

  • Hmmmm

    She either has a lazy eye or is cross-eyed. I noticed this before on her but it’s really obvious here. I wonder if there’s a video of this? If the child is flapping her legs like she always does and her hands I’m suspecting there might be some problems there and I hate saying that.

  • suz

    This is a child…let her be.

  • Hugo

    Why does he carry her like that ? anyone can take her picture turn her around poor kid

  • penny lane

    Dannielynn, looks like a poor tired jet lagged baby and the flashing lights of the camera’s probably upset her. Anyone who has ever dealt with a over tired wriggling baby will know you hold on to them however you can.

  • uh

    tom cruise holds suri like that too

  • casey

    Feel such compassion for this little girl…

    After all these months, he doesn’t know how to hold nor physically bond with her as a parent. Nobody carries their child the way he carries her and here we see, again, how he smothers her face (a frightening thing on behalf of a little child) to prevent anyone getting a photo of her with the exception of those he sells or arranges on E.T. to exploit her to the world.

    We only want to know that she can “walk”, “talk”, and matures naturally and successfully by the time she is ready to make her own decisions aside from those of her biological father and her biological mother’s former circle. Her mother surrounded herself with absolute losers the last 12 years of her life.

  • Happynewyear

    She’s such a beautiful child, I just hope to God that she finds some true love and stability in her life. As a mother of three children under three, I had twins…you see first hand how important it is for children her age to have that strength of bond with their parents, I fear this child is lacking!! It breaks my heart to see her with this man, she needs her mother, although I don’t think her real mother would have been much good to her!!

  • alexia aubery

    dannielynn is a beautiful baby girl

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,oh shit,i’m hot

    Someone need to teach Larry how to hold a baby.

  • Tiaanna

    The baby will continue to have emotional and physical problems as she grows. Her mother took drugs and alcohol while pregnant and this is what can happen. The poor baby has no chance for a normal life at all..

  • Susan

    I always thought she looked alot like her daddy but as she’s become older I see more Anna as well. How sad to grow up without a Mom. I couldn’t imagine. Poor thing.

  • Lou

    This poor little girl. Undoubtedly very tired from travelling and tons of photographers around…… is it any wonder she is upset?

    I feel so sorry for Danni Lynn!

  • Leann

    Dannielynn is a beautiful child. She got the best of both, but maybe they are waiting till she gets a little older to correct the eye problem. I noticed it only because when I was a child I had the same thing. Hopefully Larry is just waiting till she’s old enough to get it. It’s scary for any parent to put your child under. I’m sure he’s aware of it, and on top of it.

  • awwwww

    Oh poor Dannielynn :-( Why is he squashing her face like that? I can understand not wanting the paps to take her photo but it looks like his face on her hand is whats upset her :-(
    I hate paps >:-x There should be a law against them photographing babies. Plus they shouldn’t be lurking around airports catching people unawares.

  • kellygrrrl

    hasn’t this goose laid the golden egg yet?
    she should be owning her own Gulfstream-5 by now.

  • Helena

    Aww, so precious.

  • awwwww

    I’m back. Why not have given Dannielynn to someone to hold? In the photos there’s the nanny, Larry’s nephew and Lisa. Couldn’t one of them have walked ahead with Dannielynn and put her in the car while Larry got the luggage? Or vice versa. I find looking at these photos disturbing. The paps suck. I hate seeing Dannielynn upset.

    On a brighter note: Dannielynn is wearing beautiful shoes! Plus I’ve noticed her long hair and molars. She is the cutest by far.

  • kk

    she is cross eyed from all the drugs Anna did while pregnant – she will prob have an IQ of 17 her entire life, ugh!

  • awwwww

    Shit I hate paps >:-x

  • kk

    notice how Larry is trying to cover her face/eyes….he knows she a freaky lookin’ kid.

  • Lillianne

    Good gracious. Somebody please tell him how to hold a baby so that she feels secure. Nobody likes their eyes covered when they are in a scary situation to begin with. If you want to cover her then carry a blanket. This doesnt make him a bad father but geez, he could have done this better.

  • stellar sophie

    yea big time p-wh0re! you know you don’t need to carry your daughter with her facing the cameras idiot…but you do it anyway. i just hope it all will go to her college fund. sigh!

  • jumbo shrimp

    is she that ugly because the mom did drugs when she was pregnant??

  • Lou

    A little late for Larry to be shielding her from the cameras. He didnt mind her picture taken when there was lots of money involved. And as many have already pointed out, he cant even carry her properly.

  • shedevil

    Probably because she needs a mom and she’s got a loser for a dad whose constantly pimping her out to make $$ based on a dead woman’s name and daughter! Poor kid, she needs a normal life with REAL parents. He needs parenting courses too if he’s going to keep pretending he cares; he can’t even hold her right.

  • lily

    she is cute. her eyes do look a bit off though but that is because she looks like daddy.

  • http://lizzie Lizzie

    oh crap – this poor little girl has whatever pregnancy related syndrome and a family who is only out to whore her. At least Anna Nicole walked in to the life on her own. This child has no freaking choice.





  • Shannon

    I knew Howard Stern should of kept her. she wouldn’t be around this madness in the bahamas. I can’t stand this guy. She is looking more and more like Anna. I feel bad for her because I think her daddy is pimping her out but now wants to act like he is sheilding her from the paps. If she was in the bahamas she would at least be living a normal life far away from LA and the paps.

  • blueangel

    The older she gets the more she looks EXACTLY like him. As stated by another poster, her eyes always look crossed or at least one of them appears to float inwards. I’ve noticed this since she was young.

  • Laura

    What happened ? Why Dannielynn is cry ?

  • j


  • nana

    None of us are perfect humans and this child is being denied any type of relationship with her maternal grandmother due to her dad’s misperceived and arrogant false image of himself. One will see as time progresses that she looks like her mother and maternal grandmother so is he going to turn on the child upon the revelation, too?! There are a lot of divorces in his own family (father, mother, siblings) so what makes him think he is any better than Anna Nicole’s mother?

    “Hope” for this child….

  • bataglio

    a wriggling baby like this can make life miserable for the poor people stuck in its proximity on an airplane. there should be flights made available where you can’t fly w/kids under 5; i’d even pay a premium to fly one of those…

  • a fan

    She is having a melt down – kiddy temper tantrum and is wiggling out of his arms. Kids are strong and even stronger when having a tantrum. I feel for him.

  • jade

    Dannielynn is precious. She’s always been so happy. She has to be
    unhappy because of the Airplane trip and flashing lights of the paparazzi.

    #18 @4:39p.m.

  • Xandu

    It looks retarded…

  • smiley


  • natalie

    and apparently not a pretty baby either!

  • scooby-doobie-dooo

    sorry, but there is something “not right” about her.

    i think you all know what i mean.

  • Speedmonkey

    that kid is in for one f’d up childhood.