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HALO -- It's Official!

HALO -- It's Official!

Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia are officially an item, reports People.

And if it’s been published in People, it’s a fact!

Hayden‘s mom adores Milo. She thinks he’s so cute,” a family friend says. “She tells her friends that he’s her boyfriend. She’s very proud.”

The source adds, “He’s even met her grandparents. He fits in perfectly with the family. Milo jokes around with her little brother [Jensen].”They’re buddies.”

It was pretty much official after video footage of Hayden, 18, and Milo, 30, dancing up on each other leaked onto the Internet. Kinky!

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  • vanessa

    first!!!!……………por fin…q ilu jje

  • Jenn

    aww they’re so cute together

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Another on the job hook-up…like Alias, its going to be a mess when they break up…:)..hmm unless of course they can endure over the course of the show, higly unlikely , but I wish then luck in in teh hollywood boulevard of broken relationships

  • Erin

    HELL. YES.

    we predicted this from the very beginning. :D

  • woooo

    i thought they were adorable until i looked at his age!!!
    he’s 30!

    but, other than the age gap, i’d have to say they are pretty darn adorable. :]

  • Kennedy

    Siiiii q bueno q sean ya novios oficiales los dos se ven muy bien juntos y son excelentes actores!!!

  • Kendra

    How cute!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I dont wtch Heroes I gotta say that I have always loved Hayden and Milo. I dont know but like Hayden and Milo were the people that I just liked even though I dont know them well. I knew they were going out in the first place but still am happy that they are going out. Now this is a couple that I actually love. Forget about Brad & Angelina, Tom & Katie, Zac & Vanessa. Its all about HALO!!!

    I love this couple.

  • csxyz

    whoa, he’s 30! Yikes! He doesn’t really look that old, but wow, that’s quite an age gap, especially since she’s so young.

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    18 and 30…Milo must be ashamed of himself..two years ago and it would have been rape hahah.

    A question the maturity of a 3O yr old who dates an 18 year old…also how many WOMEN milo has been abl eto have a succesful relaitonship with…

    Mommy better find her little girl someone her own age so she can mature kindly and happily..not a 30 year old who cant relate to real women so he has to rob the cradle…sad

  • Sayini

    Im 18 and i think you can be madure enough to date an older guy.. People have relationships like this all the time.. i donĀ“t think that is such a big deal..! Well they look cute together and is their life so as long as they feel good with each other.. is the only thing that matters..

  • Violette


  • Lou

    I agree, its a big age difference. He doesnt look 12 years older but he is.

  • tony the tiger

    this is just plain wrong….most kids turn 18 in their last year of high school or first year of college….someone who is just 18 is not mature enough to date someone who is 30….you have to be a total creep to want to date an 18 year old when you are 30….that is repulsive

  • bea

    They’re both happy together and look adorable together. The chemistry was obvious from the begining. Nothing can stop it, not even that age gap.
    Seriously, she’s not a baby and knows what she’s doing.
    Milo is a cool man, never been in tabloids for his past relationships.
    Leave them alone.
    Good luck Halo!

  • tony the tiger

    I FIGURED IT OUT: this is just a publicity stunt by the producers of Heroes to try to drum up interest in the show! Heroes completely sucked this year so they are using this fake romance to draw attention to the show.

    Kind of like the fake romance between Vanessa Hudgens (the one who did the dirty pix on the internet) and Zac Efron (the gay guy from HSM) to hide Zac’s little secret.

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    I sincerely believe that before you date someone 10 to 15 years your senior you should be at least 30 and have a good head and maturity on your shoulders to realise the implications of your actions

    Milo may be doing a lot of friends with benefits or loving and leaving em and Hayden is yet to actually have a boyfriend!.she better wake up and smell the salt. Romance and cutness is not what is all about…

    Milo will be sure to be grateful for her tig-htne-ss but I wonder what they talk about with thier respective friends…its like James bond going to a high school graduation know he there for quick fun…

    The hayden girl anway ..dresses and acts to old for er age…in a hurry to grow old only to get to 25 and start in-jec-ting botox…

  • cydie.

    AHAHAHA. i hat to say ‘ tol ya so ‘ , butt. .. xD
    they are so adorable. i’m very happy for them. (:
    age is just a number, love is forever.

  • Vindictive

    Awww… its official. They make a cute couple. The age difference is not a bad thing, 12 years is not a big age gap and she’s 18 so it not illegal for them to date. Plus we dont know how mature Hayden is mentally but the fact that she spends a lot of time hanging out with Milo and other adults speaks volumes to me of where her head is at.

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    wierd…Dodnt know what these hollywood mothers are thinking but this is a bit much..what 30 year old in their righ tmind goes to high school graduation parties…for what exactly…its like Tom Cruise hanging out with the kids form Newport beach..CREEPY

  • sarah

    OMGG….i luv them together
    i kno its a 1y yr age gap and all but still age is just a numberrr
    they r so cute…i luv milo

  • sarah

    i meant to say 12 yr gap not 1y yr gap

  • jul

    I like them

  • Vindictive

    I say GO HALO!!!

  • Karina

    If some people should be ashame of themselves we should name guy in their 40′s like James Marsters and some others who only like girls of 18 or less..

    I think Milo and Hayden are too cute !!

  • sally benson

    aw, they’re very cute together. hayden is very mature for her age, and theres no way that this is a stunt. just look at any pics of them together, or the first season of heroes. they’ve been into each other for a long time.

    i really like this couple! good luck in the new year, HALO!

  • sarah

    YAY!! they’re perfect together!! HALO

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    At 18 you are just graduating high school

    Aat 30, you have been thourgh to Grad school and holding down a job..the possibility of an 18 year old even meeting a professional worker in any city is limited unless the 30 yrs old is making the effort to hang out with the 18 yr old crowd or the 18 yr old is pretendind to be older

    She may hang out with older people because they are in her cast and crew, but mentally she is not prepared for the demands of a relationship with an ACTUAL and NORMAL 30 year old ..

    Unless of course venti is immature or slow ..I really find that most older men who opt for a teenager have some pyschological and physical issues that real women thier age dont want to deal with, but an impressional teenager will take them on and have thier minds screwed with in the process…

    What they talk about, their script..and more importantly does milo hang out with her friends at in and out burger or can she nag out with his friends at koi etc…DOOMED with some major consequences for the girl who will not take her time to grow into herself..

  • th

    I think they are a cute couple. They have a lot in common. I think they’re both vegetarian homebodies. She has been in showbusiness for a long time. She’s probably a little older maturity-wise than her 18 years.

  • musicisourhigh

    Can’t say I’m surprised.

  • Vindictive

    Personally if I my daughter and son were to date someone older I would want it to be some one like Milo. His head is on straight, he a pretty cool guy from what I know of him, and he’s a good influence.

    Plus Hayden is not on the Paris-Lindsay-Britney trainwreck course so she has that.

  • Tuuli

    I love this couple. ;)

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Britney spears has been in show business for a long time as was nmicheal jacksonadn they both are still clinging to thier childhood through bizarre behaviors..there is no hurry, she can take her time…

  • visa fan

    Awesome! She put her holy Kakapoopy could use. :) happy new year!

  • kellygrrrl

    is he doing the mom also?

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Freaky..its like making out with you niece or something..ahhahah even your little sister is way older than the chick..ahhahahahah give them 6months to a year…hilary duff might give her some advice…

  • london

    yeeiii that means that i ccan have something with johnny depp:)! i hate hayden btw

  • Nessa

    OMGGG :)

  • Vindictive

    Micheal Jackson I understand becasue he was in the real spotloght, since he was a kid. Britney is a whole other story. She let some dude mess up what she had going for her and she was not in the spotlight nearly as long as MJ. The lack of parental guidenece is clear in the case with Britney.

    Hayden is a different story, the girl hardly parties, most of the time when she’s out it’s with her mom or a couple of friends or she’s doing charity work or she’s doing what some other well known young starlets seem to be allergic too… she’s working. Milo doesnt party like that and if he;s out it usually becasue he;s working or he’s doing some sort of event for Heores or charity.

  • rae

    But how old were they when they got involved? 29/17? Younger? It’s not technically that big a deal now, but somehow I doubt they waited until she was legal to get together. This is skeevy. He’s 30 and she’s barely 18. He needs to find someone who’s at least legal to drink.

  • Vindictive

    I doubt anything happened between them until she turned 18

  • Hulla

    She has much more life experience than most 18 year olds and I bet she’s much more mature than a lot of almost 30 year olds who never leave their homw-towns.

  • Vindictive

    I doubt anything happened between them until she was 18. they may have liked each other but didnt act on it. Honestly we don’t even know if they are really dating. I have a feeling they are but until either one of them confims it it still up in the air as complete truth.

  • melly

    does the age difference not make anyone uneasy?

    sure he seems like a good guy, but 12 years? idk…

  • Shannon

    I love them both so much and I’m glad they’re together. Regarding the age diff, it doesn’t bother me but some people can be so harsh and judgemental. As long as they’re both happy and satisfied in the relationship their age diff shouldn’t matter IMO.


  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    what makes you all assume the girl is as mature as a 3o year old..she is just not famous enough to warrent such scrutiny in the media , so not much is know about them …but no matter how mature you maybe at 18, you are still dreaming of prince charming adn she will soon find out a 30 year canno tplay prince charming for long without casting eyes elsewhere..maybe they watch p-o-rn to show her positions, but these hollywood moms ar ejust plain stupid and irreponsible when it comes to farming out their daughters

  • Susan

    I know people say when you’re in love age shouldn’t matter but 18 and 30?

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    there is nothing wrong with a 12 year age differene per sya, but there is lot wring when one person is A LOT yonger and just in their teens…

    Psychologiclaly not prepared for a real 30 relationship with a 30 year old unless the man is dum as a rock or totally immature

    I hae a few 18 year olds in my family and I dont see wha they could ever have any adult relationship with a 30 year old and they are mature enough to have travelled the world..

    Chidl stars are the most childish of them all because they live out of reality..agian see jackson, spears etc..mature indeed..NOT!

  • Vindictive

    Well what makes you so sure she’s not? You dont know either of them nor do I, yet you assume he’s some evil lecherous guy trying to get in her pants and she some dumb teenager following his every word.

    Granted that does happen a lot but every situation is not the same.

  • Maria


    not because of the age difference

  • Susan

    Oh and btw, seeing as there isn’t a new year post up, I wish you all a happy and safe new year!