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Janet Jackson Has Much Prestige

Janet Jackson Has Much Prestige

A fierce Janet Jackson is featured in the January 2008 issue of luxury lifestyle magazine, Prestige Hong Kong. Here are some great interview snippets:

Do the Jacksons still get together for family gatherings? We didn’t this year and my nephew, bless his heart, said, “We’re not getting together this year and I’m really mad because it’s going to fall on my birthday so everyone was going to be there for my birthday!” Some of us don’t celebrate birthdays because we’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, but he was still going to pretend and be like, “This is a party for me!”

What are your New Year resolutions for 2008? This is awful, but I’m going to try and stop cursing as much. I know that sounds crazy. I didn’t used to curse, but when I did [the 1993 drama/romance film] Poetic Justice I had to curse so I was practicing my cursing and I haven’t stopped. It’s bad, I do it too much. It’s a bad habit. That and to become more environmentally friendly. I’ve already started with my little energy-saving light bulbs; I’ve been testing them out. And I was thinking about getting a hybrid but I love these big cars, I love trucks and stuff. I’m awful. Slowly but surely I’m getting there, slowly but surely so that it’s not too drastic. But yet [laughs] I try to do it fast enough so that I won’t be the cause of the end of the world! They’ll say, ”If she moved just a little quicker, this wouldn’t be happening right now!”

Read Janet Jackson‘s full interview with Prestige at

“Discipline” will be Janet‘s tenth studio album, to be released February 26, 2008. SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see Miss Jackson‘s “Feedback” music video. It’s going to be hotttttttttt!!!!!!

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Credit: kevipod; Photos: Mark Liddell
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  • Annabel


  • http://ops abeybá

    second :D i love zashley ;)

  • magnus

    she looks Spanish.



  • devon dominique

    beautiful gorgeous Janet Jackson, even though she had plastic surgery she was pretty before-hand. You go girl!

  • CA

    She is HOT…Janet and Madonna are the only two I know of who can “comeback” each and every time time–and so many times–with a new style/look. On point Ms. Jackson on point! I can not wait for the album to drop.

  • celebpsychic

    Why Janet why.

  • where’s penny

    she only lost weight again for her cd sells.either way she is a yoyo when it comes to her weight, her nose, can it get any flatter,,looks like 2 holes on her face. where is the fug gnome gremlin at,,janet needs to fix those fake fug web breasts of hers,,a surgery that she does need.,she should have left her face alone.,she’ll be fat again after she gets her cd sold.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    New Years R

    Never live in the past cos if you do there would be no future!

  • kate


  • a


  • anonymous

    she looks awesome! I envy her when she has discipline!!!
    hold onto it Janet. you wear it well. at least she is looking more relaxed and not trying soooo hard to be hot…that’s hot!

  • girladvenger

    There’s something about Janet that have all the other ladies copying her style. Britney made a career off of Janet and now her true trashy self came out.

    I do have to say Janet and Madona are stronger women who have survive this hard business.

  • uh

    janet is a turn off…discipline hahaaa yeah to remember she can reach for extra doughnuts when she pulls this off …

  • Jane Doe

    She is truly a master at styling herself. Kudos!


    Someone PLEASE explain to me this:

    What connection is there between showing off your nekkid body and singing?

    Thanks for any insight.

    Person just dropped from another planet without a clue


    I just don’t get it, she’s like 40 now isn’t she, she needs to put on some clothes. I agree, when did music become all about being naked. Janet seems desperate to me, if she came back with more class, showed the young ones how it’s really done, that talent matters more, I’d admire her more for that. Right now she just looks like someone desperately trying to hang onto her youth.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,oh shit,i’m hot


  • t

    lookin good

  • cain

    Put your clothes on, you stupid Janet. Your sex obsession used to be so damn sexy but now it’s more than just weary – it’s embarrassing!!!

  • aka

    she is finer that y’all will ever be. stop hating.

    she looks hot and her new single Feedback is FiYAH!

  • y2kmalone

    awesome Janet all these haters janet is the best

  • jbaile

    she looks damn good…no matter what the haters say at 41 she looks better then most of these girls at 21…all the talk about plastic surgery…so the hell what she has more money and hit records then alot out there..hate her or love her she is a permanent fixture within music history and continues to make music….

  • columbiana

    She does look good. The best body money can buy!! I used to be a big Janet fan, but I agree, she is trying to hang onto her youth and it’s just getting creepy and desparate. And her last 2 albums didn’t do sh*it. She’s a has been.

  • la toya

    hot!! go janet

  • cindy

    sorry, she’s no MISS JACKSON.
    she’s more like to late “confessions on a dance floor” reject.

    she’s always copied Madonna’s style….after a few months/years.

    not influenced….COPY CAT!!!

  • ny

    Janet looks hottttt

  • joy

    She looks good and plus she has on More clothes than 20 y.o era. it taste full and she looks good stop hating and give the lady her props.

  • alohaland

    I agree she’s been a trendsetter in her time. But, unfortunately, for whatever reason, it seems her time has passed. The poster who said her last 2 albums flopped is right. They were big disappointments. I hope she can come back with a hit record. I know I miss hearing her on the radio.

  • smiley


  • smiley




  • malibumom

    Janet must’ve meant her mother is a JEHOVAH’S Witness because none of the rest qualify-They kicked Michael OUT of their organization. Anyway here’s my 2 cents. Janet has always been beautiful. Unfortunately, she didn’t allow herself to springboard off of the great performance she gave in the Tyler Perry movie. She looked fantastic. That was her chance to hire that stylist and truly take it to the next level. We must define our own success. It cannot be via ticket sales and sold out concerts. When you truly make the transition into doing what you do because you LOVE it, you’ll find it easy to keep your clothes on and sell your craft and your craft only. Anything else is selling out for a true artist-

  • she is nasty…ewwwww

    drag queennnnnnnnn in a with a midget…

  • From the block

    I wonder how much they had to airbrush out!!

  • chick

    very rihannaish

  • GQtaste

    She looks like Bi ling in some of those pics. And she’s too damn old for this sort of thing. I know this is her m.o. but it’s not the late 80′s – mid 90′s anymore. It was cool when she sang ‘Black Cat’ but now?

  • Taylor

    OMG!! Copying Rihanna much???

  • gio

    uh, glad to see miss jackson borrowing madonna’s boots for this photo shoot.

  • Cynthia

    She lost all that weight, she looks beautiful


    LMFAO@ you people. Madonna? Rihanna? Please! Who wants to copy a gap-toothed crackwhore and a little girl hanging off Jay-Z’s dick?

  • dynomite!!

    YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! x999