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Jessica Alba: Don't Be Fooled by the Rocks That I Got

Jessica Alba: Don't Be Fooled by the Rocks That I Got

Expert face hider Jessica Alba shies away paparazzi after her daily workout at Emerson Hall Fitness in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Despite hiding her face, you can’t miss the giant rock on Jessica‘s finger! She and Cash Warren recently became engaged. The couple is expecting their first child together in late spring, early summer.

Hat by Gravis, hoodie by Ed Hardy, bag by Chanel, sweatpants by Nike, Prius hybrid by Toyota.

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Photos: Matei/JRI/Bauer-Griffin
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  • celebpsychic

    Jessica should get a really good pre-nup!!!

  • Diama


  • Cyndi


  • MMM

    haha, as if I want to know where someone’s SWEATPANTS are from. She looks terrible lately, Like an inmate.

  • http://hesmylover mary

    wooooo she rox=]

  • menna

    whooo, go do yo thang, jessica!

  • zz

    It’s funny how she is always covering her face! She is the one who anounced pregnancy before she even starts showing. She could’ve waited a few weeks and nobody would’ve started speculations
    You want the attention, the attention you’ll have.Now stop being shy in front of the cameras

  • nick

    Yeah.I love Jessica Alba.

    It’s already 1/1/2008 now in China.

    I wish all the people in America a Happy New Year.

  • booboo

    I seem to have noticed in other pics that she has a little breakout in her chin area…nasty little pimples…Maybe thats why shes covering that side of her chin

  • Helena


  • anonym


  • mel

    I luv her congrats to the happy couple!

  • Tyra

    This girl is TERRIFIED of losing that body for good. Halle has embraced everything that comes with pregnancy. However, Jessica is miserable. I mean, look at her! She’s just like her family now. You know, the “cousins galore” who “spread their seeds” and “pop them out.” She shouldn’t have made such a shameful statement and then turn around and get knocked up.

  • georgina

    she strikes me as having seriously low self esteem.

    between her desperate behavior regarding Cash (rumors that he cheated on her, her taking him back and that she got prego on purpose to get him to propose, etc) and this excersize bulimia she seems to have. it’s one thing to “excersize”….but EVERY SINGLE DAY and while pregnant????? it’s a bit much.

  • kendra

    she can got the the gym 24/7 but she’s still going to gain weight….you’d think she’s have figured that out already. sigh.

  • hudgensboy


  • Regina

    Jessica, you’re going to put weight on, now MOVE ON! Airhead.

  • ANgela

    Jared Jennifer Alba Didn’t Sing “Jenny From The Block”…Jennifer Lopez Did!

  • O

    Love her! Nice rock, too. Atleast she didn’t throw a towel over her head…

  • jken

    The ring should look good. She PAID for it

  • Dach

    I wish I could yank her arm from her body. She kills me with this covering her face nonsense. Did she think once she chose to share her pregnancy news that the paparazzi would not snap photos. Your a celebrity. Get over it! They will be around her until they get those first few baby pics.

  • tank in

    engaged.b/c she got preg.

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Obviously she bought it with her OWN money..I wonder if she had to give it to herself too..ahhaha..pathetic women ashamed of her latino heritage, she ended up in the stereotype of a low income irresponsible situation ..lower than her assumed stereotype of her latino sisters….

    Give her a year…he will be running the next babe with all the STDs she has, I wonder if he isnt worried ahahahhah,…Pathetic!

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    She annouced it to keep cash strapped to her side and warn away any contenders…the only thing she was ever praised for was her skinny ar-se so ,wihtout it she realises she is nothing, her genes are going to kick in and she wont even look half as good as hayek or lopez…maybe she migh thtink of finally investing ina language class…I find it pathetic when a latina says she doesnt speak spanish…its way too pathetic…cant wait to her see her fat hepatitis arse 9 months fromnow, maybe she will hide in her room..POOR CHILD..

  • http://ops abeyb√°

    I LOVE J. ALBA *-*

  • Raven

    @ least Jessica is taking care of herself by working out and staying healthy. She is not photographed shopping for shoes, clothes all the time, putting gas into her car or walking her dog around the block in high heeled boot’s. She working out and looking good! I love her “Ed Hardy” sweatshirt!

  • Christa

    She works out TOO MUCH.

  • mossy

    i wonder if she bought her own engagement ring. cash isn’t exactly.. cash-y.

  • gogogoba

    Jessica Alba is a stupid girl. People should hide their faces when she has a movie out. I agree with the others, she announced her pregnancy way before necessary, then her engagement shortly there after, how convenient.

    She acts like an idiot covering her face everytime, she needs to get over herself. Girl your not all that!!!

  • Kim

    Jessica Alba is wack.. before she was starving for attention. Now she wants to hide. Also that ring.. she purchased that herself and also picked it out.. Cash doesn’t have any money.. Or is father gave him the money..

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Anyway is the other one hayek married yet..she also got pregnant before she decided to annouce her fake engagement..I doubt she wants to be married, just save her parent the embarrasment of the outcome of her friends with benefits with a ugly french man

  • Madonna


  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    I wonder how it went down..did she write him a check and then go pick it


    did she transfer some money into his account and then go choose the ring together so he could pay fo rit


    did they split the bill hahah


    Is he mkaing monthly payment..that willbe a bit-ch when the break up occurs

    At least if she paid for it, she can keep it after the break up

    F-ucke d up stdded bi-ctch,…now lets see her utter her I ma better than latina’s lines..she came out worse than any of ther latina stereotypes..

  • O

    Jessica Alba rocks, high scool musical cast suck!!

  • smiley

    Easy Grasshopper (Miapocca).

  • smiley


  • agathi


  • the_original_nika

    shes like a walking store will all those brands showing :P.

  • Aa

    Tyra @ 12/31/2007 at 12:45 pm

    This girl is TERRIFIED of losing that body for good. Halle has embraced everything that comes with pregnancy. However, Jessica is miserable.
    Halle is just shocked and and happy that her old-ass got pregnant pregnant. Halle is 41, Jessi is only 26. So you can’t compare the two. Jessi has years to have babies, Halle does not.

  • Aa

    You guys stop trying to make her man out to be a bum. The guy is not a bum, he is a assistant director. He has no problem getting work.

  • skippy handelman

    I hate this ungrateful beyatch. Just another money grubbing prostitute.

  • YuRi

    I luv Jessica
    whatever u say Mr.Jared
    I still in in Love with her
    and she deserve all the best in the new year :)

  • macy

    She has been going to the gym almost everyday lately.

    Anyways, love u Jess and let’s just support her and her coming baby.

  • Jane Doe

    I hate pictures like this, she’s pretending she doesn’t want to be seen while making sure to showcase her slight bump and ring @ the same time.

  • Philosopher

    Why is she hiding her face? What, she not all that hot… is she ashamed to be seen without makeup. Oh these ordinary people that the public make feel special. No make up.. no life I guess.

  • love

    like she doesn’t like the attention… getting all POSH face and stuff… while loving it!

  • losing belly fat

    I like Jessica very much.

  • Download Full Movie

    She rocks….

  • haibo

    Jessica is really cooooooooool

  • Background checks on people

    She is really not clever at hiding.