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Tom & Gisele's Sweet Victory

Tom & Gisele's Sweet Victory

Tom Brady and supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen have a celebration dinner together with friends at a downtown NYC restaurant on Sunday.

QB Tom helped his team, the New England Patriots, achieve the NFL record for points scored in a season-”a perfect record of 16-0.

“Everyone is going to enjoy this one,” Brady said after the Patriots’ 38-35 victory against the New York Giants Saturday night. “It happens once every 35 years.”

Slate‘s Sports Nut has dubbed Brady “the best quarterback who ever played the game.” — AGREE or DISAGREE?

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  • Mimi

    They make a nice-looking couple.

  • melly

    even though i’m not too fond of this couple…

    i agree with Slate’s Sports Nut.

    though i’m sad i was hoping for the dolphins to be the only team to stay undefeated… :(

    Oh well, congrats to him and his team!

  • AB

    i love how another patriots player, larry izzo, is standing behind gisele holding up an umbrella for her!! haha

  • Rachel

    They cheat to win. They say everybody cheats. Tell me the name of one team that got caught video taping the opposing teams sidelines. Enough said. Tom Brady as the Stetson man. Stetson smells like farts. Cheap crap you can buy at Walmart. Hey Tom – hows your son?

  • celebpsychic

    How cute??? but will it last?

  • nay

    2 tall men ,she is another one who will do anything to keep her man.
    i hope he’s paying child support the loser.

  • hmmm…..

    agree with sports nut…. tom brady knows how to lead his team and play the game.

  • devilgirl

    Best ever? Hardly. Ever heard of a couple of guys named Joe Montana, Bob Griese, Roger Staubach, Brett Favre, Joe Namath, or Dan Marino?

    Best ever? No. Not by a long shot.

    And in their near-loss to the Colts this year– the Colts outplayed the Pats for all but the last 8 minutes of that game. Colts led the whole way. So don’t tell me this team is so great.

  • Dal

    The Jets cheated last year and Jimmy Johnson of the Dallas Cowboys says everybody does it.

    Tom Brady is in the record books.

    He definitely is the best quarterback ever.

    Hate on the team if you want to – but – there is no doubt now.

  • alohaland

    The Patriots are great because they find a way to win whether they are being outplayed or not. THAT is what makes them great. If Indy was better (and I know they are a great team) they would have won that game. Choking at the end does not signify greatness, pulling out the win does.

    As for the cheating scandal. Do you know why we didn’t hear anything about it after the initial stories? I think it is because the NFL found out it is widespread and many teams tape the other’s sidelines. Why else would have this thing just go away? They didn’t want to do any more damage to the reputation of the NFL as a whole.

  • Ina

    I love them!!!!!!!

  • q

    they wont make the superbowl

  • Rachel


  • bETTY

    Any quarterback can be great if they know the signals of the opposing team. I agree with Rachel.

  • Rachel

    They won 3 superbowls by 3 points each while cheating. The Commissioner didn’t want anyone to know exactly when the pats started cheating because it would put into question their 3 superbowl victories. That is why he destroyed the materials – NOT because everyone is cheating – that is a just a lame excuse.

  • mary

    What is so great about tb anyway. His girlfriend looks more like a man than him.

  • Tanya

    Two very average looking people. The standard of beauty is set so low for certain types.

  • rachel

    you still have not named me one team who got CAUGHT videotaping the other teams sideline and signals – NEVER HAPPENED TO ANYONE BUT THE CHEATER PATS.

  • JOE

    randy moss looks like a thug

  • sue

    When did the jets cheat? That sounds like a load of crap to me – made by people who got caught cheating by the jets. I guess if you blame other teams of cheating too – you don’t look so bad. Huh.

  • Bob

    the Patriots are about to win their 4th meaningless title.

  • rhymes with witch

    Agree with Tanya regarding the standard of beauty. I think its being marketing by the same folks trying to convince us that 50 is the new 30. And regarding Brady, NO he isn’t the greatest QB of all time. I have more respect for guys like Namath who went out there with minimal padding, protection, et al, and made it look so d*mned effortless.

  • kelley

    you’re right, i don’t know if any team has been proven to cheat, but without a doubt… many teams in the league do it. the patriots were just stupid enough to get caught. hver, they faced the consequences and owned up to it. if this incident never happened, you would have said the same thing if they hadn’t been caught, that they don’t deserve this blah blah blah. all you haters are exactly what the patriots need for motivation to kick every teams ass. they know they have haters, and that’s all they need for motivation going into the playoffs.

    this team deserves this undefeated season, because they play like a TEAM. everyone gets involved.

    brady doesn’t need signals to be great, this guy is a tremendous QB. i don’t think any ONE particular QB is the greatest to EVER play the game, but i do believe brady will go down as one of the greats along with favre, marino, montana, etc.

  • rachel

    faced what consequences and owned up to it. They were forced to own up to it. they lost a draft choice – big deal, they still have another first round draft choice. and their loser owner, Mr. Kraft, paid Belicheats fine and gave Belicheat a big raise. Now those are some real consequences.

  • rachel

    The classlessness starts at the top and trickles on down. I could care less if they use me as motivation. Be my guest.

  • alohaland

    Who said anything about the Jets cheating??? Wow you people are touchy…maybe you are afraid they did cheat. I was referring to most teams in the NFL. A scandal like that wouldn’t have just gone away unless it threatened to undermine the integrity of the ENTIRE league. If the Pats did cheat for their rings, I’m sure this new commish, the badazz who likes to punish, would have stripped them of their titles. I’m not accusing any other specific team. What the Pats were caught doing was wrong. AND you can bet the league is all over them every game which even validates their season this year even more. I just feel it is much more widespread than just the Pats.

  • visa fan

    Holy Kakapoopy!

  • Lauren

    ever heard of a guy named Peyton Manning…he may not have all of the rings but he’s definitely ONE of the greats just like Brady.

  • alohaland

    By the way, the Pats aren’t even my favorite team. I’m a Jags fan and YES I will hope they beat the Pats if the matchup ensues.

  • GAby

    she looks like a guy

  • rachel

    Name me one team. you cant. And the Commissioner destroyed the materials of the patriots just the patriots. If the patriots had material of others cheating – you can bet they would be the loudest ones screaming that others are cheating. If there was really nothing on those tapes the commissioner would have said so, but he did not. He is just covering up because if it got how how long this has been going on it would have made the scandle 1000 times worse and he just wanted it to go away so it would not be a black eye for the NFL. He should have showed the tapes to the other coaches in the league that were cheated on and let them make the decision about what should be the best punishment. But he did not. You should kiss the commissioner’s ass for that gift

  • Lori

    tom brady is not nearly as good looking as he thinks he is.

  • devilgirl

    Lauren, I’ve heard of a guy named Peyton Manning. GO COLTS!!!

    I kinda feel sorry for Tom Brady– his girlfriend looks like more of a man than he does. Man, is she fugly. Biggest honker I’ve ever seen next to that Simpson dog.

    And oh yeah– the Pats “pulled it out” in the last eight minutes. Uh huh, that’s what the winners always say when they know they got outplayed and got lucky.

  • Shell

    Ok first off…whine all you guys just screams jeoulsy. Tom Brady is just over 30 he still has 10 or so years left and has already got 3 super bowls records out his ass now and the first ever team to go undefeated 16-0. Ever see coaches covering their mouths while calling plays ITS BECAUSE TEAMS HIRE MOUTH READERS TO GET -WAIT GET THIS- SIGNALS

  • rob

    I am glad he dumped his pregnant girlfriend. She is way too good for him anyway. He didn’t deserve her.

  • alohaland

    I agree, Peyton Manning is certainly one of the greats and he finally beat Brady and the Pats last year and got his ring. He deserved it. I just can’t pretend the Pats aren’t a great team. I have eyes and have seen many of their games this year. You can’t fake what TB did on the field this year. Stats don’t lie, they are the only OBJECTIVE way to compare teams or players. Everything else is subjectivity.

  • Tim

    best? not sure b/c of Montana. Cutest? then i guess so.

  • Rachel

    Hey shell – name me one team that got caught videotaping the signals. you can’t. All teams do it – blah blah blah. You have no proof.

  • Rex

    I love Peyton Manning.

  • john

    Go COLTS!

  • go sox and Pats!!

    Sour grapes, everyone!! Sorry, but Tom IS one of the best, and you can put him right in there with Montana. Marino never won a Super Bowl, folks. Lots of flashy numbers don’t make a great to me. Tom is an ultimate team player, and even makes salary sacrifices for the good of the team. This IS a great team. The cheating scandal is a farce. They showed the tape on TV, and let me tell you, there was NOTHING on that tape that you couldn’t see just from looking from the other sideline. It’s ludicrous that anyone made a big deal of that tape, and I’m SURE everyone does it. They just made an example of the Pats.

    “Classlessness starts at the top”…..well, you don’t have to like Belichik, but he’s a DAMN good coach, and his players have the utmost respect for him. This team deserves to be 16-0, and Brady finally deserves getting some respect. Like I said, you can stuff the flashy numbers; I’d rather have a great team that can find the way to win, and does!!!

  • jim

    Now Bridget is HOT!!!!!!!!!

  • alohaland

    Sorry rachel, I disagree. They (the NFL and the commish) certainly did shout it from the rooftops that the Pats got caught cheating from day one. It was all over the place. The commish was on all the pre-game, post-game, espn, you name it, talking about it. I think he enjoyed rubbing their faces in it, and Bellichick in particular. As far as them destroying evidence for the Pats, now how would that help anything? I think the commish liked punishing the Pats. It is because the investigation implicated others that the ‘blackeye’ would’ve come.

  • rachel

    That is bull crap. They showed nothing. If it was really nothing and no big deal -then why did they get fined. Downplay all you want but the fact is they cheated. Classlessness is Belacheat. and there is no respect for that cad Tom Brady. Belacheat can’t be all that if he got caught cheating twice. Videotaping the Green Bay game and then again this year with videotaping the jets. Either he is stupid or extremely ballsy.

  • Jenn

    best? no. Patriots cheat.

    I don’t like them just for the fact of how their relationship started. he should be with his kid.

  • Alix

    Joe Montana is the best !!!!!!

  • rachel

    well you are wrong. If there was nothing on the tape he would have shown it. Sorry -but that would be the only way to clear the patriots and move forward. But he chose to destroy the evidence so that just makes me believe that he is covering up so not to cause teams and players to get angry over being cheated on. Coaches who feel they got knocked out of the playoffs by the pats would also be angry as well. It would have opened up a huge can of worms if it got out the extent of the cheating. And, the investigation did NOT implicate others. Sorry but the only evidence that was taken was taken from Belicheat.

  • Sue

    Cheat, Cheat, Cheat.

  • Sue

    Everyone loves a cheater.

  • hudgensboy