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Dax & Kristen's New Year's Kiss

Dax & Kristen's New Year's Kiss

New couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard ring in the new year together, sharing a passionate kiss on the beach in Miami, Florida on Tuesday.

The lovebirds didn’t hide their lust for each other as they repeatedly stopped to kiss while strolling on the water’s edge.

When Kristen, 27, and Dax, 32, realized they were being photographed, the couple retreated to their hotel aided by a hotel staff member driving a golf cart.

10+ pictures inside of Dax and Kristen‘s steamy kisses…

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dax kristen kiss 01
dax kristen kiss 02
dax kristen kiss 03
dax kristen kiss 04
dax kristen kiss 05
dax kristen kiss 06
dax kristen kiss 07
dax kristen kiss 08
dax kristen kiss 09
dax kristen kiss 10
dax kristen kiss 11
dax kristen kiss 12
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dax kristen kiss 14

Photos: Andy Johnstone/Matt Symons/
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  • Lisaaa


    Aww kute

  • buckeyegurl


  • buckeyegurl

    She can do better.

  • don’t tase me bro !!!


  • Chelsey

    I agree, she can do better. I liked her last boyfriend, they were freakin adorable. This guy seems like a douche.

  • blah

    EWWWW!!! YUCK!!!!

  • agus

    zac efron te amo

  • DUI

    whenever he kisses in public, it seems to kill his relationships.
    I don’t understand why they’re hiding, it’s not as if they’re really famous.

  • skippy handelman

    Has she lost her mind? What is she doing with this loser? He must have major meat packing.

  • jenn

    i really like kristen bell…but i think she could do better…..

  • kathy


  • millie

    she’s soo prettyy. i wonder if this relationship is gonna last…..

  • hill

    wow…..that’s wierd that they were kissing in public when they’ve been so secretive about their relationship….i think they’re cute though

  • jade

    I like Kristen,but not him. Isn’t he the same guy that acted like he was
    madly in love with Kate Hudson and she in love with him? It was not that long ago either.

  • nana

    Wasn’t he dating Kate Hudson like a minute ago? Why can’t ANY relationships last in Hollywood?????

  • nana

    BTW…I don’t get her appeal at all…

  • okay

    come one kristen…your cute, funny, and just plain awesome. you can do so much better than that guy.

  • mary

    HELLO! PUBLICITY STUNT 101. No doubt. Trying to get their names out there, DUH!

  • rae

    She is so pretty. I really like her top. I do agree that she can do better though when it comes to men.

  • adema

    Oh NO!

  • samy

    Oh my God!! I can’t believe it!!!… She’s so amazing, gracious and talented, he’s very ugly, unknown and so stupid!
    Looking at this man, Kristen’ men taste is very questionable…
    This girl needs obviously some help…………

  • sam

    Kristen, nooooo! You can do so much better!

  • [marie]

    Is this for real….?

  • Alex w

    Kristen…what are you doing!??? Are you crazy?!!!
    This guy is very ugly…c’mon you deserve someone better!! Look at Veronica… she knew how to choose the right man…

  • wendy

    well if she likes him i’ll entertain the idea that he’s cool

  • people

    Hmm how weird that the paparazzi have caught Kristen and Dax being a couple and kissing so quickly but they have never gotten a picture of Hayden kissing Milo or anyone. And Hayden gets followed by the paparazzi WAY more than Kristen.

  • lily

    who the hell is Dax Sheppard besides being Kate H’s fling and now Kristen’s? and whatevever happened with Veronica Mars did they just cancel it?I liked that show.

  • kimmy87

    oh no! he’s such a scumbag… she can do SO much better. well at least if he’s an asshole then it won’t last long because kristen is not the dumbest blonde around.

  • ver

    I love Kristen. I don’t really know much about this Dax guy, but whatever makes her happy. Just hope he’s good to her!

  • mel

    this “DAX” guy is from Scrubbs. and how SAD is the world when you say she shouldnt date him because he is drop dead gorgeous. ever thought, maybe he is nice.. gosh, never thought of that, personality means nothing, it is all about looks.. feel sorry for all you people who love on looks alone… hate to see you all when you are old and wrinkly. you will be wishing then you marriad for love alone, not looks… IDIOTS.. seriously you people make me fucking sick!!! *and dont say oh you must be ugly, cause in fact i am not* its called personality not asshole looks.. douchebags!!!

  • kim1891uk

    Omygod how scanleous I have absloutly no idea who he is but I know who she is

  • me

    She could do so much better.

    Dax’s acting credits pretty much only include stuff like “Mutanty Looking Freak #2″ and “Retarded Guy # 4″.

  • mari guerra

    I didnt know who he was until he start to show up with kristen, well i dont like it so much, but if kristen is happy (and she seems to be) Im happy for her too!

  • kimmy

    Mel… you make me laugh seriously. If you think he’s so hot and awesome then you should probably get your facts rights before making yourself look stupid. This guy has never been on scrubs.. do not confuse him with zach braff… now that’s someone i don’t mind seeing kristen with, i mean, he’s not a hunk or anything… but he’s not a total douchbag like this dude.

  • alohaland

    Yes, nice one mel. Don’t call people names if you have NO idea what the hell you are talking about. Dax / Zach kind or sounds the same I guess, or not. Dax has never been on Scrubs.

  • sandra

    Kate Hudson, now Kirstin Bell.
    Maybe he’s good in bed…

  • sally

    In Europe he’s totally unknown…he seems Zachary Braff’s bad copy! I find him ugly…. I have a question: is Kristen so desperate for dating this monster??!! Let me Know please….

  • mel

    KIMMY AND ALOHA… i didnt make myself look stupid, actually the two of you kinda made yourself look stupid, by not getting the POINT. which was date for personallity not looks; we all get old, we all get ugly… THAT was my point..never said he was hot, never said i wanted to date him.. and MY BAD i thought he was on scrubs (they do look the same).. AGAIN, who he is and what he does wasnt my point, the point was it is a sad sad world when everyone hates on Kristen or has something negative to say cause she is dating someone that the public thinks is ugly.. SO WHAT.. and yes Sandra, you are probably onto something there… good in bed and maybe funny too.. who knows who cares really, i just get sick of people saying someone pretty shouldnt date someone ugly.. thats all!!! its not nice, and think of how that makes the two you are talking about feel. it pisses me off when stupid people make stupid comments of “why are you with him!” because truth be known those people are probably just as ugly and if not that ugly on the outside they are even uglier on the inside!!!

  • babiet386

    To anyone that does not know who Dax is…I believe he got his start on Ashton Kutcher’s show “Punk’d”. He’s also been in movies including “Without a Paddle”, “Idiocracy” & “Let’s Go To Prison”. You may or may not have heard of them, but they’re pretty funny.
    Anyway, I think he’s cute and that his funny-ness (I know that’s not a word, but I don’t care) is a huge part of that.

  • Kim

    Mel… you seem to not get MY point. i was saying that i’d rather see her with zach even though he’s not a hunk (to me anyway), therefore me thinking this guy is a douchebag has nothing to do with his looks… he is a player and just acts like an asshole and is simply like this big kid who still needs to grow up.

  • sammy

    He’s ugly and untalented…that’s all.

  • lovely

    I’ve never even heard of this guy. Why is it anyone’s business who dates who anyways.

  • v

    funny how “staged” this all looks…
    i mean really, Dax? I know Kristen likes someone who can make her laugh, but let’s hope this is just a fling. Dax just seems so unlike her type. Kevin and Kristen were hardly ever photographed in “passionate” kissing…Kristen doesn’t seem like someone who likes that being so open. Maybe she’s trying to help HIS career.

  • solene

    je suis française et je trouve que si kristen est heureuse alors c’est bien peut importe le gars avec qui elle est.

  • http://Yahoo Nescy

    I really adore Kristen, so whatever she’s into im going to support her. eventhough…i don’t pretty much like Dax that much….He better make Kristen Happy….or else…..hehehe

    P.S: Dax should probably stay away with kristen….cause he is no good for her…..

  • Lana

    the ads are covering the pics

  • Laura

    She’s such an attention whore. Publicity stunt, anyone?

  • some raggy girl

    He’s hilarious, how could he stoop to this!? I’m so not happy. He rules!!

  • shazza

    totally agree mel! has anyone seen any of his movies? he has got talent by the way! stop judging people you twangers

  • dll

    Hey- Dax is not from Scrubbs, that is Zach Braff- but Dax does resemble him quite a bit… Daxx was in the movie without a paddle; but I do agree, looks are not everything… he seems cool in interviews I have seen him in, and personally I think he’s pretty hot… but that’s just my opinion. :) DLL