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Gerard Butler's Middle Finger Salute

Gerard Butler's Middle Finger Salute

Scottish hunk Gerard Butler rings in the new year with a middle finger salute, partying in Miami’s South Beach on Monday night.

Gerard‘s next film, Nim’s Island, is set for an April 4, 2008 release. Nim (Abigail Breslin) is a young girl who imagines an island to be magical, basing its mystic nature on the experiences of her favorite fictional character, Alex Rover (Butler). When Nim’s father goes missing on the island, Nim teams up with Alexandra (Jodie Foster), the author of the Alex Rover books and Rover himself.

Have a Gerry-ful New Year!

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  • Holly golightly

    Though 300 had a lot going for it, Butler was Leonidas, period!
    Most of the reviews on PS I Love You have been kind to Butler, if not the movie, so that is a bunch of crap! Butler’s performance was not what sent the other movie straight to DVD.

    Giving someone the finger is perhaps not the classiest thing to do, but he owes his fans a good performance and that’s it….also period!

  • ……

    hes an ass pffft

  • Katie

    Gerard, you are far too beautiful to be doing something so ugly.

  • mickey

    This guy looks like he reeks of alcohol and cigarettes. Kind of that dirty bum thing. I don’t dig it.

  • Bert

    he is still sex on a stick !

  • Midnight

    everybody does that. get over it!

    Gerard’s great! and his middle finger is great too!

    Love him!

  • Tom

    Just to let everyone know, Gerard has not had a drink in 10 years and he quit smoking 8 months ago. He’s a fine actor and human being, who was probably being pestered by the razzi. Who know, maybe one of the photogs made an insulting comment about his his new film PS I Love You, which the critics hate, but audiences love.

  • postwatcher

    If Gerry doesn’t drink, then why is he at ALL the trendy clubs?

    Don’t DRINK, Don’t Smoke….What does he do? I am sure it is something!

  • Tom

    Yeah…. he’s a work-a-holic!

  • Kitten

    haha, i think someone got a little too wasted on new years eve!

  • ramel

    #57 sounds like they’re trying to come off as “in the know” .. get over it.

  • Tom

    This info is readily available in Gerard’s public interviews, and articles about him. He’s been very open about his former drinking problem, and his battle to quit smoking.


    Why would a person go to a place where it is known that paparazzi would be hanging around trying to get pictures of guests and then flip them off? This is the public image he must want to convey.

  • Madonna

    Very ugly.

  • linny

    #62 is sounding like he’s #57 and neither of you two actually know him, you just troll on his info and research him like an obsessed stalker-oo. why don’t you focus on the people in your actual life.. like what your uncle or sister is up to and get. a. life. :)

  • boopboopteedo

    Rude, Crude, Lewd.

    Too bad not also Newd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, that man can give the finger. Thud.


  • Anon

    He is an ass! And I don’t care how long he was supposed to be sober, he looks wasted in these pictures. And why was he in South Beach of all places! Was he there to see thm “lower the shoe?” LOLOL!!!! I saw 300 and all he did was run around in a jockstrap screaming at people. He looks like he spits when he talks. Ewww!
    He didn’t make me want to follow him anywhere much less in battleLOL!!!! I liked those two young actors better. And the guy who’s son got killed? And the guy from Lord of the Rings. David Wenham. Butler got on my nerves with his screaming. The special effects in 300 were totally hot. Butler…not so much.

  • Sandra

    he’s damn sexy (esp in 300), but why this middle finger?

  • michele

    I just checked out the other photos/articles of Gerard Butler on Just Jared & you can see he has been decent to the paparazzi – not one finger picture in any of them. This has not been his pattern. Cut the guy a break. He just looks mad as hell. So I can’t help wonder what was said to garner that response.

  • Anon

    This is not the first instance where he as flipped the bird. He did it more than once during his press junket for 300, and not just to the razzis.

  • Jules

    LOVE him.

  • Suz

    Who knows exactly what went on with these pictures. But the point is that the razzi don’t have a “public” so they just behave how they want to get a picture. I know enough about Gerry to believe the press that he’s stopped drinking – me too – and I go anywhere anyone else goes – don’t have to stay away from clubs. He’s hot and he’s on the prowl – duh. I just think he’s smarter than he appears in these photos. Rethink this Gerry – is it so bad that you can’t just ignore the guys – are you so bereft of resources that you must demean yourself to your fans?


    I’d be flipping the bird too, if people were following me around and invading my privacy all the time.

    Yeah, I know…public event, yada yada yada. It still doesn’t make it right. Doesn’t he have the right to go to a party on HIS DAY OFF, just like everybody else?

  • Anon

    Public event like this = press and paparazzi present. That is the way of the world. Either roll with it or stay home.

  • Colin

    The more ‘fans’ you bring aboard that brings your popularity up-expect more from the angle of the press that want to show you off. Your ‘fans’ buy the photographs taken.

    Can you really believe this is the same humble person who was proud of showing off his mother at his premiere to a person who wouldn’t care if his mother see him flick off people-even if they are paparazzi?

  • thatgirlxo

    i want to be that girl with him. one night stand with gerard butler, woo hoo! haha

  • Witch

    Welcome in the shithole again, Butler. Go drunk, that’s very wise movment for a “recovered” alcoholic. Recovered-my-ass.

  • Suz

    Naaaa I don’t think he looks drunk … he looks rough and his eyes are puffy… he’s probably been crying LOL It is hard to think this is the same sweet seeming guy we saw in pictures with his darling mom in LA. I hope he figures out how to handle this razzi situation cause I doubt he’s quite a big enough celeb to be so indignant about the celebrity press. Gerry…. methinks thou dost protest too much!

  • sonitera


  • Witch

    So he has been crying for last six months, without a break., because he has that swollen face and puffy, bloodshot eyes that long. Or maybe even longer.

  • Suz

    IMHO the cutest thing he could do when approached by these types of razzi is look behind him… as if to say “oh wow, who’s here that you are photographing….are you guys really taking a picture of little old moi…..” that would endear him to everyone… wise up Gerry!

  • admin

    What an ahole. He must be starving for attention. Shattered and PSILY were box office bombs and this is how he shows his appreciation.

    Keep smoking Gerry. You already look older than my granddad.

  • Div Girl

    What did they say to get this reaction some posts have asked – well my answer would be “Gerry where’s the hooker tonight”

  • lasikeye

    Remarkably, he’s both ghetto and eurotrash! His handlers should tell him to stop playing with the tabloids/papparazzi. They always have a way of bringing “out” certain issues.

  • Div Girl

    Or they could have just shouted “hey Gerry how many new year’s resolutions have you made”

  • O

    At comment #82. You obviously don’t know your facts. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, just be quiet and shut your mouth.

    For your information, he quit the smokes months ago. And PSILY opened the same day with other big box office movies, so its understandable that it wouldn’t top the charts. And considering that its a romantic comedy, its not going to appeal to just about everyone. And yet, the movie is still holding strong and has had dramatic increase in sales within the past weeks.

    And how is he starving for attention, when its obvious that the paparazzi are the ones following him and must have provoked him somehow.

    Grow up and stop making childish remarks. None of you would have the guts to say some of these ignorant comments to his face, because you know he would knock you right upside the head.

    I guess it makes you all feel good about yourself for making such remarks. That’s fine. If its to make you feel better about your life, then go ahead. When the haters start to come out, you know he’s making it big. :)

  • toodles

    Sorta immature for a man nearly 40….that’s his tip-of-the-hat to his fans….lame. He nows paps will publish his every movement.

  • anna

    Not very mature. Eventhough he’s giving the middle finger to the idiots that made him mad. It’s actually the fans that are on the receiving end of that. Sounds like he’s not handling the 12th minute of his 15 minutes of fame very well. I knew he would do something to screw it up for himself. What will he do when they (the paparazzi) follow him around and rummage through his trash? I feel it’s a violation of the celeb’s privacy when they do that. However, he chose the career and the ugliness that comes with it. He should’ve been the fine actor that he’s considered to be and handled whatever they threw at him with a little more class. People, we may have another Sean Penn on our hands.

  • Colin

    Let’s put the blame for his behavior where it belongs–BLAME THE TARTS!

    It’s their fault the movie bombed-and it did by Box Office records–and he’s NOT given up the smokes–no matter what you’ve been told.

    And Paparazzi is just doing their job.

  • yVETTE

    Who are the tarts????? According to the latest numbers PS I Love You is not a bomb. Numbers are very good.

  • Colin

    TARTS is the name of his mindless fan base that love nothing about his talent, but love his Scottish accent and ‘Hot Body’.

    Box Office: Domestic Total as of Jan. 1, 2008: $27,901,562–Rather Lame

    If he’s such a big shot in the Hot actor Field that should have been the total from the first weekend–not just the entire time since the 21 of Dec.

  • michele

    #91 As far as the Box office for PSILY being pretty lame.
    Take a look a Johnny Depp’s – highly reviewed and nominated film Sweeney Todd movie’s box office –as of Jan 1 it was only $30,609,858.
    Sweeney Todd opened with over 9.5 million to PSILY 6.4 million. Sweeney Todd Box office numbers have decreased during this same time period while PSILY #’s have increased even without the critics & nominations to bring in the audience to 27,901,562.
    I guess you need to say Johnny Depp is not such a hot shot actor since he can’t kept the audience coming in to see Sweeney Todd and that would be just ridiculous.
    Give Butler a break he has a fan base – and it is not only because he is hot looking – he is a very talented actor and he is just getting started. And, you don’t have to go to any of his movies if you don’t like him that’s your right.

  • sandylynn

    he’s just great, everybody can have a bad hair day…

  • Witch

    O, that what he does here is really immature. So he has the comments he deserved. I have a lot of warm feelings toward Gerard, but I hate him that way.

    That what really pisses me off are his brainless fans who don’t want to see that something wrong is happening with him. Come on, he looks intoxicated. His face is swollen, his eyes are bloodshot. He’s an alcoholic. Now, do your math, people and stop repeating how wonderful he is. Because now he is not wonderful. He’s deep in shit.

  • Colin

    You put Gerard and Johnny in a room and ask a group of 100 girls whose who and I bet because Johnny has been in the industry much longer that Gerard that they would know him.

    Gerard is burning candles at both ends where Johnny has reached a point where he can bring them in or doesn’t Pirate of the Carribean mean something to you?

    When was the last time Johnny Depp went full force to the press and gave them the finger?

    He’s starting to believe his own press thank to his nutty fans.

  • Colin

    He needs to take a break-go on vacation-get back to Reality. He’s just another actor who is passing on his looks and backed by crazed fans.

  • dreamer

    have seen him act, not many better around. he brings depth and emotion to all his roles. don’t care what he looks like.

  • K

    Gerard Butler is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood since 300, this according to numerous popular magazines. He has established his position as a male lead with excellent performances and has an enormous fan base, which explaines the razzi’s interest in him.

    It does not take a stalker with no life to know that Gerard is quite open about his past with alchohol and the fact that he has been dry for over 10 years. He also recently stated that he had quit smoking shortly after filming ‘PS I Love You’ because playing a man who dies so unexpectedly had quite an effect on him. He felt it was important to take better care of himself.

    For those who have accused him of drunkeness, well your eyes must come equiped with breathalizers if you can look at those photos and determine him drunk . Is it possible he was tired? I am also a non-drinker and know that going out with my friends is reason enough to go to a club. And where does the smoking enter the picture, because there is ciggy butt on the ground? Have you ever walked past one?

    The “finger” is not the most tactful of gestures, to be sure. I personally find it unappealing, however I know that it can also be used in jest, as Gerard has been known to do on other occasions.

    This really boils down to a man who is known for being exceptional to his fans, generous with charities, kind to his co-workers and a squared away individual who is still single and enjoys a healthy social life, going out one night and gesturing the razzi for reasons we cannot fully know.

    Was it his best move? Maybe not, but for a man who has done an aweful lot to earn respect, I hardly think it equates to reason for harsh judgment.

  • Tom

    Something else being reported, Gerard has suffered from back to back chest infections, while filming GAME in New Mexico. Give the guy a break!

  • cyndee

    Gerard is wonderful and talented actor. 99% of the time he laughs and jokes around with the papparazzi; I’ve seen the videos of it.

    Like Suz said earlier the papparazzi don’t have anyone taking pictures of what they are doing. It’s obvious something happened here, but geez don’t we all have our bad days. Give the guy a break.