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Gerard Butler's Middle Finger Salute

Gerard Butler's Middle Finger Salute

Scottish hunk Gerard Butler rings in the new year with a middle finger salute, partying in Miami’s South Beach on Monday night.

Gerard‘s next film, Nim’s Island, is set for an April 4, 2008 release. Nim (Abigail Breslin) is a young girl who imagines an island to be magical, basing its mystic nature on the experiences of her favorite fictional character, Alex Rover (Butler). When Nim’s father goes missing on the island, Nim teams up with Alexandra (Jodie Foster), the author of the Alex Rover books and Rover himself.

Have a Gerry-ful New Year!

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232 Responses to “Gerard Butler's Middle Finger Salute”

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  1. 151
    roz Says:

    well i’d shag him

  2. 152
    RoseHeartTart Says:

    This isn’t Gerard’s site and Colin is permitted to say whatever he or she wants to about the snapshot. Unlike his website where you censor such things dealing with the paparazzi we don’t have a closed mind when talking about them here.

    So if you don’t like it then you go make a You Tube video about how Super Dooper Gerard is and how your existence revolves around him so much that his own forum must be so boring that it can’t prevent you from coming over here and trying to censor this one.

    You go Colin…..FREEEEEDDDOOOMM!!

  3. 153
    lulu Says:

    This is america.people can say what they want ,when they want.I go to alot of the site’s for my girl’s.I have all girl’s who love boy’s.not just butler’s.He dont pay my bill’s,Im a single mom.who work’s her finger’s to the bones for her children.These site’s are mostly for girl’ me and my girl’s hang out ,check out the site’s and have fun.I have never met butler and most likely never will.And Im sure he does not care about any of the comments that I make.Good or bad.I know this and my girl’s know this.It’s a fun hobbie that,s all.but real fun is snow boarding like me and my girl’s are leaveing to go do.

  4. 154
    Phantom4LifeTart Says:

    He is not drunk in the picture!

    We all know he did get poked in the eye with

  5. 155
    Phantom4LifeTart Says:

    the end of his eyeliner pencil when he went to make himself look even more pretty for his date. LOL!

  6. 156
    very upset Says:

    I wonder how many people know about trucos @atdmt.I had my whole computer crash,and i had to buy another one because of this.I went to the geek squad and they said it was hacker’ I went to the police and trucos windows came up.they had everything that I had done on the internet from a certain time.I mean everything.And they told me how it happened.I have all of the paper work.I lost picture,s that was dear to me and my family.They said it came from a site.And I know who done it.Because this person has said things that only the person that did it would know.And they still have my computer,and it may take sometime.but im going to make sure that you will never do this again to anyone.And you know who you are.That’s not cool.yea I have proof.How dare you.Because your trusted to be a over broke into my computer and I dont even know you.But now I know who you are.some people take this way to far.

  7. 157
    Phantom4LifeTart Says:

    Is #156 a sales ad?

  8. 158
    charty_6988 Says:

    First it was the female friend at the resteraunt on 12-20, many still say she was a street walker he picked up, now it is him doing “the bird”, which I am sure he has plenty of “flight time” on it……whether you like him or dont, everyone has a right to put their opinion in and if no one can handle then the need to stay out of these chat rooms is important.
    (Just my input gang!!!) same with the bashing….

  9. 159
    queenbutler Says:

    It’s just a finger. Is it really that big of a deal? Damn leave him alone. So there’s a picture of him *****************, what of it? Kind of a crappy story if you ask me. Justjarred are you in need of an article? Thanks anyway for the pics.

  10. 160
    sam Says:

    I agree everyone has a right to thier opinions freedom of speech and all that crap. What I don’t agree with is people twisting words around. Seems very odd that someone who is supposed to be a moderator for that Gerard Butler site would go around bashing Mr. Butler like that or the people that are on the site. Seems a bit fishy to me. Maybe this ‘mod’ has an issue with the site or a person on it and is trying to get someone or the site itself in trouble.

    Reading through this topic a couple of the posters here obviously are big fans of Mr. Butler, but they also seem to take what he does in stride and not fly blind like someone has said. They said they don’t always agree with what he does ,but unlike others they don’t bash him for it either. So what is so wrong with that?

  11. 161
    very upset Says:

    No miss phamtom tart,156 is not a ad.and Im glad your talking crap about someone breaking into someones computer.Keep talking crap I will fax all of the paper work to the people who really counts.not no fan web that everyone can see just how crazy some of you people really are.And another thing miss phamton tart.How about I send all of the paperwork to mr butler’s legal dept .so they can see just how crazy some of you are.this is no joke.And im not saying that all of gerard’s fan’s are crazy.95% of them are sane.And they seem to have fun on the site,s.Gerard has nothing to do with this,he didnt do it some crazy person from one of his sites did it.and those are the people that we are going after.My kid, had pictures of one of her best friends on that computer,who is in and out of the hospital who is very sick.And Im trying to keep my cool.And I will.I will not post anymore,I said what I had to say.And Im not no kid Im a grown woman.So keep on talking crap.And promise you The world will find out just how crazy some fan,s are.And that’s not fair to everyone else because there’s a nut in the group.And she know’s who she is.And the more I see comments like this the more it make’s me upset.Oh and it will take time.And Im not going to say anything else about this.But some of you people hurt him more then what you help him ,talking about your a fan.NO YOUR C-R-A-Z-Y..And im sure if I decide to send anything to anyone their going to know your C-R-A-Z-Y too.crazy and diranged,just like martian said.Why dont you go tell gerard miss phamton tart about the ad of 156,go on miss tart,tell him about the whole thing and see what he say,s.Go miss fan.And I said what I had to say and the rest will be taken care of.

  12. 162
    maryp NOt colin !! Says:

    In reference to this post… “Colin Colin Colin…I know exactally who you are, why am i not surprised. You make a habit of bashing Gerry on as well. Shame on you. Why the site puts up with you is beyond imagination. Maybe you should just stick to your Colin Ferrell site and leave to those that actually respect Gerry, warts and all.

    Remember Tarts love and respect a person even if they do things not to our liking. It is the person that we care about, unconditionally. You should try it sometime it is quite liberating. Maybe that is why you hate the term Tart.

    Try to find joy in your life ‘Colin’ it is there. Finding fault in everything can be rather exhausting.

    Everyone try to keep up with his schedule and lack of sleep and see how you look after awhile. Give the guy the benifit of the doubt. Under it all he is a kind, compassionate, hard working man who tries his best. End of story. ”

    “Colin” is not me!
    A friend told me about this discussion and that some people thought that “Colin” is me.. I hadn’t even seen this discussion..or even the photo in question (although I had heard about it) before coming here right now.

    I don’t know if “Colin” is trying to act as if they are me on purpose or it’s just a coincidence..but I just wanted to make it clear that it is not me posting that crap.. I would never speak that way of Gerry. People who really know me..know that to be true.

    And “L” .. I don’t know who you are.. but I’m sorry that you have such a low opinion of me. However, please stop spreading lies.

    If “Colin” really is a “forum mod” (which I am NOT) .. and it sounds as if they are implying they are a “foreign language forum mod”??…at ..then they should be stripped of their job.. in my opinion.

  13. 163
    Suz Says:

    Mary P – couple of us wondered when you’d show up here LOL Of course we knew any mod or admin from a GB site would not be hurlig invective out in an obscure thread somewhere (Cindee #45 nailed it) Gerry’s fans know he’s a bad boy and no one in these threads has talked about him being perfect except maybe Colin – in the petulant hyperbole she tries to float in last paragraph of #148. Only a wimp needs to insinuate they have someone else’s gravitass…pathetic.

  14. 164
    Suz Says:

    woops correction in line 3 post #163
    (cindee # 145 nailed it)

  15. 165
    cyndee Says:

    Alright maryp NOt colin!! You are so right!!

    And to quote maryp..

    “If “Colin” really is a “forum mod” (which I am NOT) .. and it sounds as if they are implying they are a “foreign language forum mod”??…at ..then they should be stripped of their job.. in my opinion.”

    I agree.

  16. 166
    fu2 Says:

    Colin, if you really are a foreign mod at, you’re a terrific reason to delete that section altogether. Bottom line is, you are one piece of hypocritical slime.

    We know maryp wouldn’t say things like that about Gerry.

    Gerry is his own man. So what if he gives the finger? Like that makes him the devil or something. How naive.

  17. 167
    very upset Says:

    This is the real upset.your funny.This has nothing to do with butler.Im coming after you……..I promise you this,And im not talking about no violence welcome to the real world little girl.Im not going to bash him,oh no.But I got heartless little………Oh no.My kids friend was in her folder.And if you didnt know,im not as dumb as you think that I am dont forget I do have the paper,as in who done what.In a way I want to give you my address so you can come see me.but as a lady I dont go to that level.because now you dont give a …….. about kids.and as I I alone,who,s with me,that can prove what I wrote in court.dont you ever forget that I want to take you down,and im talking about legal..Media players.well what does that mean.adnt well what does that mean.It’s a ad.just keep on posting.I swear on my little girls if I have to give up everything to make sure that you go down,im going to get you the legal left a trail.Because I dont have a computer history.I just started dec 15.and the breaking started the next week.I didnt have a computer,and I gave up all of my information.what about the people at the think this is funny,but I think that you messed with the wrong person.Because I love my kids.I would die for my hurt alot of people.and you think that this is has nothing to do with the computer,but the pictures of a dear one that we can never GET BACK>>>>>>>what is your problem…..Im going to get have messed with MAMA bear.HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND.Laugh at me coming after your a …These are kid’s you heartless witch.Ohh and it will take time so go take a few trip’s and enjoy life Because I am dedicated to you,for hurting my mine….you just met your match.And just when you think that it’s over..Im on your a….Have you lost your mind you think this is funny.MY KID COULD LOSE HER FRIEND YOU CRAZY children are crying you nut………………..My children,oh but sit back and relax forget about it.that’s what I want you to do.Do you know your statue of limitation’s.I do.oh relax baby I got your aaaaa.keep on laughing.and ad this..

  18. 168
    very upset Says:

    And for the record just jared has nothing to do with this.And I and my people know this for the record my swearn statement

  19. 169
    Phantom4LifeTart Says:

    very upset-the first time I’ve posted here is #154 & 155 I don’t know you. I posted #157 too because I didn’t understand your post above it.

  20. 170
    Colin Says:

    You make a habit of bashing Gerry on’ve NEVER bashed him at the site or I would have been both deleted in my posts and banned from joining all together.

    Some of you have gotten some messages mixed up and suggest you go back and ready those by my ‘name’ and by others names. There is no hate from my messages. Just removed myself from being the ‘Gerry Drone’ to come over and post how rude and unnecessary his gesture was to anyone-rather they be press or fans.

    ‘you really are a foreign mod at, you’re a terrific reason to delete that section’ the hosts of the site has every right to cancel me from being a monitor if they wish-trouble you have is not knowing which I cover.

    I associated Gerry with a Colin Farrell type style in his attitude in his later years as the press has increased. Please returned your brains to the upright position and realize I’m not someone who cares about your opinions off my opinion.

  21. 171
    Colin Says:

    I’m not trying to be someone else-if they came to my fourm and was in the chat room in the last several months you would know who exactly I am. If you think giving my true TART name up to be removed from my position at his site just to prove it–no way is that happening.

    Also I have too much to do at the main site to keep coming over here to share my opinion. So see you all at :-)

  22. 172
    Tom Says:

    No one who has posted the disrespectful and snide comments you have about this man, has the right to be a moderator on a website that is there in support of him. You not only show disrespect for Gerard, but to all his fans on that site as well. I personally hope someone blows your cover, and that the admin of that site relieve you of your position.

  23. 173
    dreamer Says:

    Tom, I belong to that web site and they don’t allow any negative comments about him on the boards. So colin has to come here to spew her venom.

  24. 174
    Colin Says:

    Truth hurts doesn’t it Tom. (6)

    Also voted for David Tennant in Most Attractive Man-Grand Finale 2007 Hello Mag poll. :-)

    Now what you going to do. Bad Tart-Bad Tart-Watcha Gonna Do when other Tarts come looking for you? LOL!!!!!!

  25. 175
    dreamer Says:

    colin–if you have so much to do , then why are you always here??and –you voted for Tennant as most attractive, wow–that says alot about you doesn’t it.

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