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Pamela Anderson's Rockin' New Year

Pamela Anderson's Rockin' New Year

Pamela Anderson keeps abreast of New Year’s Eve as she hosts a party at PURE Nightclub on Monday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The busty babe left her kids cooped up in her hotel room while she partied the night away.

“My kids came, too, and they’re staying in their hotel room having hot chocolate, watching the fireworks and trying to stay up until midnight,” the former Baywatch babe told FOX.

“There is so much I want to do next year work-wise but focus is on family,” Pam added of her plans for 2008. “[I want] more of the same. More excitement, more fun.”

Ms. Anderson also posted her New Year’s resolution on her official website earlier in the day: “I know 2008 will bring all your wildest dreams. 2007 was an interesting year for me. What’s the definition of insanity? This is the year I do everything I wanted to do – my way. I have so many great projects – for the environment, for animals. I’m going to be proud of every single day – and make sure I do not veer from the path. Stay focused.”

And, can you tell that her dress is Chanel? It may not be obvious with the label in up front, so I just wanted to point it out!

30+ pictures inside of Pamela Anderson ringing in 2008…

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pamela anderson new years eve 01
pamela anderson new years eve 02
pamela anderson new years eve 03
pamela anderson new years eve 04
pamela anderson new years eve 05
pamela anderson new years eve 06
pamela anderson new years eve 07
pamela anderson new years eve 08
pamela anderson new years eve 09
pamela anderson new years eve 10
pamela anderson new years eve 11
pamela anderson new years eve 12
pamela anderson new years eve 13
pamela anderson new years eve 14
pamela anderson new years eve 15
pamela anderson new years eve 16
pamela anderson new years eve 17
pamela anderson new years eve 18
pamela anderson new years eve 19
pamela anderson new years eve 20
pamela anderson new years eve 21
pamela anderson new years eve 22
pamela anderson new years eve 23
pamela anderson new years eve 24
pamela anderson new years eve 25
pamela anderson new years eve 26
pamela anderson new years eve 27
pamela anderson new years eve 28
pamela anderson new years eve 29
pamela anderson new years eve 30

Photos: Jordan Strauss/Getty
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  • rumur willis is nasty

    gross gotti bitch

  • Jenn

    she’s so GROOSS !!!!

  • KC

    She looks TERRIBLE! What happened to her? She used to be a THE plastic groupie bombshell. Now she looks like a Meth addict.

  • james hugh ferreira shaw

    she’s a GORGEOUS creature… HOT MESS OF THE DAY i say. ;P

  • God

    I didn’t notice her face. She’s knocking in the new year. :)

  • WTF

    F u c k i n g cheap w h o r e

  • hl

    She looks like a big plastic Barbie Doll yuuuuuccccckkkkk

  • Misimo

    Not attractive is she now….dress or wahtever shes wearing is a lil on the bad side. Basically a total mess of a woman.

  • Kylie

    Desperate for attention, worn out, cheap….SLUT!!!!…POOR HER CHILDREN!!!!

  • angie

    She is so ridiculous…and I’ve spent more time on this comment than it really deserved.

  • terrible

    she has a nice body…She needs to get a face life. She was one of the hottest women out there. She needs to get a stylist asap!

  • not hot

    She looks like she is trying to look young. She is a little to old to be wearing that. She is not aging gracefully.

  • AshnaheartsZac

    ewww .
    I don’t like her fake boobs! o.0

  • Needs help

    She needs a stylist and a therapist, she always gravitate to men who are self-absorb and selfish. She is empty on the inside thats why her relationships don’t last. when she is 50 she still will be rocking the same look.

  • something

    she is going to look like that old woman in something about mary.

  • me

    eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww why would you even post this? She’s disgusting

  • Vanessahundgens

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  • lula29

    She’s a drug addict. You can see it all in her face. She looks like a crack w*hore.

    And she no way near has a nice body. She was good looking when she was all natural, after she was always way too thin with fake boobs.

    Crackw*hore is what she is now.

  • Helena

    Nasty, nasty girl!

  • marmalade

    Blimey, so that’s what Chanel turns out these days is it? I can imagine Coco turning in her grave! lol.
    Pam is…well she’s a gift to the gossip writers that’s for sure. I wish a peaceful and wedding free year.

  • Dont No Her

    whoever you are lose that shirt your wearing if you think a boy thinks your not hes staring at you cus your so ugly

  • buckeyegurl

    Wow. Talk about the opposite of aging gracefully. I don’t know what she had done to her face, but it backfired!

  • jake rox

    God, take a nap, Pam!!

  • antonia aka toni

    she aint even prettty. shes all fake.

    fake tits. fake lips. fake everything.

    Idk why everyone wants her as a wife

    I guess guys these days like fake things.

    :\ o well what to do.

  • Twinkle

    Lindsay Lohan and Pam look like they could be sisters! They both have the same hard, mean look on their faces and in their eyes. They both have the same inflated lips, big boobs and leathery skin. I have a pair of boots that I wear in the snow, salt, rain. I call them my sh*t kickers and the leather looks 100% better than Pam and Lindsay’s skin. Someone needs to tell them that after a certain point that they become the joke and are not longer in on the joke.


    Kids staying in the hotel room, having hot chocolate, watching the fireworks, and trying to stay up until Midnight….one can only imagine!? Can you only begin to imagine the exposure these boys have experienced with their parents and their ultimate outcome? It’s a very frightening thought….

  • ( . Y . )

    sad…she’s completely atrocious! every inch of her is ghastly. she should take all 50 something years of life and run. far far away…seriously, i’m nauseated. i just vomited in my mouth.

  • youwouldbebetteroffdead

    Gross, body and face are disgusting. I almost feel sorry for her, she looks that drugged up and pathetic, but then I remember that she’s a lying whore who only cares about herself and is ruining her children’s lives, and I don’t.

  • a fan

    Disapointed with chanel for letting her wear their dress. she cheapened and trashed it even if it was cheap and trashy looking before she got into it.

  • Nika

    Big boobs.


  • ivermom

    She looks so washed up……nice dress Pam, LOL

  • From the block


  • yellow

    she looks like she is worn out she need some help BIG TIME

  • Anthony to the S.

    bressssssssss lol

  • Anon

    I wonder if that was supposed to be the BACK of the dress? She is starting to look like the ‘without makeup’ shots of her that show up every once in a while. Too much sun and booze.

  • julia

    yes shes a drug addict. And shes a professional liar and whore…focus on family!!!?? yes sure Pam!!! ANd by the way she should get breast diminution…those fake boobs are so ugly! they look like a cheap surgery with tits too high. She needs soooooo much make up to look like that (cheap ho!) Pam you need to stop partying and stay for real with youre children.

  • jusdoid

    nasty… expensive chanel dress looks like a kmart thing now.. SAD

  • shedevil

    Hey – someone forgot to pop those 2 balloons at midnight!

  • craig stairs

    lol, complete garbage, how would you even go out in public looking like that.

  • Jane Doe

    When will she pop those skin stretchers of hers and try to age with an once is dignity? But honestly if she’s ringing in the year 2008 like this then I do really hope much for the future.

  • MMM

    I think she has it backwards and inside out:)

  • wowza!

    ishhhhhh x74823748932743824

  • Lillianne

    I can’t believe that’s a Chanel.

  • pipi

    Karl must be beating up the person who sold Pam the dress with his fan.

  • Helena

    Nasty put some clothes on I told you! Don’t walk out the door without your clothes on!

  • Tiger

    Ewww! She is just GROSS!

  • giselle

    way to much makeup why does she always have to flaunt her boobs yeah there big but there will look good hidden!!

  • nikka

    lindsay lohan drunk with girlfriend funny ass hell:

  • Ally

    eek, if that were my mom i would be sooo embarassed… EEW she looks discusting

  • OMG

    LOVE PAM GORG!!!!!!!!