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Britney Loses Legal Representation

Britney Loses Legal Representation

Britney Spears‘ lawyers have dumped her!

The high-powered firm of Trope and Trope representing Britney in her custody battle with K-Fed says “there has been a breakdown in communications between [Britney] and Trope and Trope making further representation of her interests impossible.”

In September of last year, Brit‘s then-lawyer Laura Wasser quit on her as well.

Who will Britney hire next? Who would dare take on her case??

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  • zuk

    FIRST!!! xP

  • heather

    She needs to get away from the spot light for awhile, and more power to her.

  • deanna

    Aw poor her.

  • Katherine

    I notice Federline has two Depositions set in addition to Britney’s own.
    That’s 4 material witnesses against her plus the court appointed monitors and childrens therapist. She’s finished.

    If only Cali would taker her driver’s license, then we would never have to see her again.

  • http://hesmylover mary

    hang on brit brit


    she still got money. lawyers are greedy, she will get a new one easily

  • oooba dooba

    She’s a mess on so many levels. It’s up to her to seek professional help and to figure some things out. When lawyers turn down a celebrity client AND THEIR MONEY, you know something’s seriously wrong. The woman is a wreck and needs to get help. The question is whether or not she loves herself enough and believes in herself enough to seek help and find the courage and inner strength to find herself.

  • musicisourhigh

    Those who think this girl is still okay are in deep denial. It is not being a fan to ignore the obvious. She has been a wreck for a while and trying to make Kevin the cause of it all won’t fix what is wrong with her.

  • musicisourhigh

    mary, what do you want her to hang on to? She is the one making a mess of her life and she doesn’t appear to even try to be fixing it

  • PJ


  • Jennifer

    Does anyone think maybe she has post-partum depression? She started to really go downhill after having her 1st child.

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    Any publicity is good publicity. I’m sure there are many loser attorneys who would pick Brit’s custody battle to get some press and further their law career, especially the hot mess that she is needs a lawyer working overtime-good excuse to make Brit foot a fat bill.

  • remember da truth

    Jennifer, oh please.
    She went downhill before having her first child, not afterwards. She went downhill with a quickie 24-hour marriage to someone she hadn’t seen in years on a drug-fueled whim in Vegas.
    Then dating Federline — clearly a guy on the make. He’s proven to have more sense than her and be a better father, but still, he’s a guy on the make.
    Her white trash running around half-naked, chomping gum on the red carpet? You don’t remember her hanging onto Colin Farrell for the paps and trying to get them to believe she was partying with Ben Affleck just so she could show Justin Timberlake she could get a man? Her hanging out of limos drunk and screaming, dancing to all hours, then binging on junk food?
    Her train wreck was coming, picking up speed, obvious to all buy her diehard “fans” who wanted to believe she was that innocent kid who looked so angelic and sexy at the same time. She was a mess, and the train wreck before our eyes just happened to explode into flames when she had to be responsible for another life while she was woefully incapable of even running her own.
    So she melted down from all the pressure to act like a responsible adult — which most of us are capable of doing every day of our lives WITHOUT the money or advisors or servants or multiple rehabs. So give it up — there are NO excuses for Britney. She is a mess, and has been for a long time now.

  • goz

    wow not even her layers can stand her!

  • heather

    god bless her soul. i’m rooting for you brit.

  • Wedding Photographers

    There’s always court appointed lawyers!

  • lookwhaticando

    This piece of ish, needs to just give Fed the kids and call it a day, what a total loser, She does not deserve the title as Mother. Trash

  • lookwhaticando

    Anyone still cheering for Trash, is worse off than she is,,, Sad, why would any grown person want those poor kids, to have any conntact with that thing.


    hate her.

  • turtle

    Jared, you forgot to mention that according to TMZ, Britney blew off her DEPO for the fifth time today and that was one of the reasons her lawyers dropped her. There’s also reports that she checked into a hotel with that paparazzi Adnan (who is reportedly married with children I believe) early this morning and checked out a few hours later with him. I guess she cares more about getting screwed by a photographer than helping her own case to get her kids back…

  • Buckeyegurl


    She deserves what she gets. She has brought every single bad thing that has happened to her on herself. She doesn’t care about anyone or anything but herself. Screwing a paparazzi who is married and has kids. Now that is class. She evidently had him spend New Year’s with her and the kids. Those poor boys are going to be so messed up it’s sad.

  • being me is good

    Both turtle and Buckeyegurl are correct. Instead of trying to find a way to get her kids back, she checked into a hotel at 2:00 and checked out at 7:00 after spending “time” with her new friend—the married paparazzi Adnan. This “woman” is disgusting beyond words…its sad that people are cheering for her. She needs help. She is addicted to drugs, booze, partying, men and sex. She is a hopeless case.

  • !?!Queen12!?!

    Good am sorry btui good i just think that briitany is an ok prson but i think she just doesnt whant to be a celb any more like i think shes just tyred and whats to end it but hey u cant blam her every one loved her it just that now she doesnt no how to come back with it and i think if she just whould have stoped when she what in she whould have never bein is this mess

  • a nutcase

    big bird might do it…the crazy b*tch!!!

  • a nutcase

    yeah ah Brit I 4got ,big bird lives on Sesame Street. have the paps or Adnan google it.

  • Nando

    What a moron. She should have been put in a mental institution instead of going on vacation in rehab.

    The “Spears” name is forever soiled just like the “Hilton” name.

  • a brit

    Jennifer @ 01/02/2008 at 7:49 pm Does anyone think maybe she has post-partum depression? She started to really go downhill after having her 1st child.

    yes – severe. It’s almost as if she doesn’t want those children – she is looking for a way out – and escape —clasic post partum depression symptom. But if she won’t seek help no one can help her.

  • hari

    Britney is white trash with money. She is selfish sleaze and has no care for anything but herself. She needs to lose her kids and go to jail for all of her breaking the law driving and not showing up in court.

  • davesmomster

    Just commit yourself now! You are beyond help if you will not admit you need MAJOR psychiatric help. MyGod is this a wake up call or will you continue on the road to total destruction…… Brit, get help now or you will end up like all the other losers (ie: Mariliyn, Nicole, etc.) and it will not end well. So sad…..

  • alanaa

    white trash

  • alanaa

    she needs 2 go back 2 her trailer with her underage pregnant sis and her money greedy mother and her alcoholic father! simply white trash!

  • rincez26

    JARED, can you please use a better looking photo of Britney? It’s really annoying to scroll down and see her looking like an idiot… Britney’s a pretty woman, so use her pretty pics! Seeing her lines and weird expressions are giving me the creeps…

  • A

    HAHA…she’s so dumb !

  • Didi

    why do gossip sites and tabs keep giving her publicity?. she does it on purpose cos shes an attention seeking slagbag. Everybody is bored with her antics and nothing she does is shocking anymore, even if she decided to dabble in bestiality by f*cking a donkey outside Starbucks one day.

    On a personal and professional level there is no way back for her. Best thing she can do is commit suicide for the good of her children. Her life is meaningless and nobody gives a sh*t about her, even her own family don’t. If she is suffering from depression (which is a made-up illness and just a euphemism for ‘weaklings who find life too hard’) then lets hope she OD’s on something in one of these hotel rooms Anna Nicole style

    Speaking of Anna Nicole, even though she was a money hungry coked out publicity-whore. She at least cared enough about her daughter to end her life. She knew by being alive she could not never be a good mother to Dannilyn cos she was coked up during her pregnancy. So committing suicide was the most fitting gesture of repentance she could offer her daughter. Wish Britney had enough guts to do the same.

  • legs

    her face is freaky!

  • liza

    I don’t think this girl has ever wanted these children. She is doing everything possible to make sure the judge gives them to the ex. Let him, or rather Britney’s mother, have all the responsibility. Britney will just have fun. Visitation will suit her fine. I’ll bet though that when it comes to giving Kevin money for alimony etc Britney will fight him tooth and nail..

  • Didi

    If she didnt want them then the b*tch should have had an abortion, butto give birth to them and then neglect them is unforgivable . I doubt she didn’t opt for an abortion for religious reasons since her actions of late have not been ‘holy’ lets just say. I doubt her God or church would be pleased with all the drugging and midnight f*cking going on.

  • jade

    remember da truth-#13-I agree with EVERYTHING you said about Britney. I couldn’t have said it better.

    I wished you a Happy New Year-Jan 1st on Gwen & Gavin’s New
    Years Eve!!

  • J2

    Britney’s symptoms appear to be more bi-polar disorder than post partum depression.

  • Porn Star Babylon

    Real mothers fight tooth and nail to keep their children. Her children were just props to her and she just doesn’t want them anymore.

  • liza

    I don’t disagree with what you say #40 but it could also be another reason. An immature young woman who had children because she wanted them. It never entered her head that she would have to be responsible for them. Maybe Britney thought she could just hand them over to the nanny to raise them.

  • deadboy

    please kill yourself youre a waste of human flesh

  • Barbara Koller

    Mentally sick? She should take a suppository… that’s what ment for assholes.