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Celebrity Pregnancies = Big Bucks

Celebrity Pregnancies = Big Bucks

The New York Times has a great piece on celebrity pregnancies and how it helped OK! magazine sell a record number of copies for it’s “Jamie Lynn Spears: I’m Pregnant” cover.

The exclusive Jamie Lynn issue sold nearly two million, roughly twice the usual number. The previous record issue was headlined “Britney‘s Meltdown,” which sold 1.2 million copies.

“This is a family whose trajectory appears to be moving in the wrong direction, and they might actually not know where their next paycheck is coming from,” said Janice Min, the head honcho of US Weekly. “Money is money. [Jamie Lynn's pregnancy is the] ultimate example of one of these celebrities deciding ‘I’m tired of somebody else making money off of me, I’m going to make money off my own news.’”

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  • Daria


  • kerry

    daria what does that even mean?? anywhoo.

  • Tina


  • : )

    Big deal jamie-lynns pregnant..she made a mistake.. everyone makes a mistake once in a while.. deal with it.. we should support her instead of running her down

  • kate


  • lisa

    wow tina oh my goodness you’re so special, i bet this will be the highlight of your day, you big winner you!

  • julie

    i see #5 is even cooler, she didn’t even know what number she was bragging about.

  • http://ops abeybá

    OMG :O i love jamie, good luck babe

  • celebpsychic

    She’ll be a good mommy.

  • ella

    The reason why it sold well was that it was an exclusive and it was TRUTH and not the usual made up tabloid stories. People ant the TRUTH!

  • shelly

    I think it’s disgusting that they sold her pregnancy, they should have shut their mouths. It’s just shows how greedy and desperate Moma Sprears is and a clue as to whats really wrong with Britney.
    This family is disgusting and I have a feeling that the selling of their babies is not the worst of it. How can she be a good parent? look at Britney Married, then have two kids which was a better start just to turn out like she did.
    What is Jamie Lynn going to do when the baby is here, she will be without a man if they can’t keep paying Casey to hang around? because It seems the Spears can’t thrive without men attached to their hips.
    Jamie Lynn is young she is going to want to hit the clubs and party like Britney. I just can’t believe better days are comming, she is just to young.

  • Dont No Her

    i heard on the news she was pregnant i wach her shows Zoey 101 sometimes i love it its just she beginging to be naughty like her sister Britney Spears!!

  • ?

    Lynn Spears has already shown she has no morals by selling the story so she can get money. So tell me again who is going to help raise the baby. I think Mr. Jamie Spears has better moral out of all of them.

  • Daria

    Without words

  • ivermom

    Very Sad :(

  • Ann

    I feel it’s the start of something bad. Nick should cancell it now.
    I don’t allow my kids (10 & 12) to watch it any more. I’m surprise they don’t object. They know what’s going on and don’t really care to watch. I think it’s because so much else is out that they just tune into the other programs. Nick should put on cartoons or some other programs.

  • aLANA

    The boyfriend of it is a beast square
    Who gave orders not to use condoms
    she is very young to have a baby
    she ruined her life
    That neither the life of Britney
    Believe I am a psychologist from brazil

  • moh

    aqule merda
    parece um viadinho tentando arrumar um emprego de gigolo
    (im Brazil)engravidando todas quando de na telha
    não é assim
    eu so to dizendo
    ou essa familia toma geito
    ou eu paro de comprar produtos dessa familia
    isso serve pra voce Britney

  • hudgensboy


  • PSB

    Her father reportedly left Christmas dinner early because he was so disgusted with Lynn for selling the story. He never took money from either daughter and works for a living as a chef and doesn’t mooch off his children and pimp them.

  • D HOliday

    damn psb how do you know that?

    but you know what? i believe you.though. he’s never in the picture & i knew something was up when they sold that story. that s h i t is disgusting. i mean seriously.

  • Buckeyegurl

    I agree it is awful the ‘mother’ exploited and profited off something like this. One day JL will see her mother for what she is. I think the worst part of it is OK has exclusive rights to the first pics of the baby!!! They are glorifying and romanticizing teen pregnancy for goodness sake! That’s sick.

  • Tealeaf

    Janice Min needs to SHUTUP, her magazine is TRASHY and full of lies, also she paid BIG BUCKS for pics of Brangelina on a African Beach.

    SO many celebs have sued US weekly

  • niick

    oow man, i cant believe , jamie you made a big mistake :o
    dont go for the same way of your sister ! :/




  • http://justjared Kandi

    I like J Lynn and all but damn having sex at 16 and being pregnent
    what does her boy think? If she is pregnent she had to have sex like 24/7 ya no humping bouncing nude off and on gee i know people who have sex but not that much!!! Damn i do to a lot!!!!

  • casper

    What are you guys like 10? she may have made a mistake, that doesn’t mean that she ruined her life….and for godsakes, Kandi, you don’t have to have sex 24/7 to get pregnant, all it takes is once, and things sometimes happen for a reason, I was told I would never have kids cus of cancer. I’m only 17, does that mean I ruined my whole life? no, I made a mistake, but I look at it as a miracle….so get off of your closed minded theories and realize that this is reality, and what would you do in her shoes? Geez she’s famous, half of the stories aren’t even true…..DUUUUHHHHHHH….get a grip, and grow up….

  • dildos

    Jamie Lynn can show off her pregnancy and earn money just due to her sister’s popularity…. It doesn’t make much of her.