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Hugh's New Year's Family Fun

Hugh's New Year's Family Fun

Hunky Hugh Jackman enjoys a family day out on Wednesday at Centennial Park in Australia’s Sydney with his son Oscar, 7, and daughter Ava, 2 1/2.

The trio spent the day playing ball and collecting bugs. Hugh, 39, even gave out shoulder rides to both of his kids. And how cute is Hugh and Ava rubbing noses??

Noticeably missing was Hugh‘s actress wife Deborra Lee Furness. 20+ pictures inside of Hugh‘s New Year’s family fun…


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hugh jackman new years family fun 01
hugh jackman new years family fun 02
hugh jackman new years family fun 03
hugh jackman new years family fun 04
hugh jackman new years family fun 05
hugh jackman new years family fun 06
hugh jackman new years family fun 07
hugh jackman new years family fun 08
hugh jackman new years family fun 09
hugh jackman new years family fun 10
hugh jackman new years family fun 11
hugh jackman new years family fun 12
hugh jackman new years family fun 13
hugh jackman new years family fun 14
hugh jackman new years family fun 15
hugh jackman new years family fun 16
hugh jackman new years family fun 17
hugh jackman new years family fun 18
hugh jackman new years family fun 19
hugh jackman new years family fun 20

Photos: Carlos Costas/
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  • hanane


  • katia

    how cute…

  • malgo

    Ava looks like she’s cut her own hair


    ava is really cute!

  • Wedding Photographers

    Hugh’s son doesn’t look much like him.

  • cute

    Wedding Photographers

    because both of their kids are ADOPTED.btw JJ thanks,I love Hugh as father.he is one of the hottest daddy in HW.

  • Arianna =)

    i love him!!!he’s a fantastic actor we can see by the pictures.. a great dad too!!!the kids are so cute..and Hugh is really hot!!!

  • http://deleted flower

    HUGH JACKMAN is the most amazing man!!!he loves his family.He is the perfect man!!!!he is so handsome,hot,nice,funny,he adores his wife and his children and he is a great actor,this is why I love him!!

  • http://deleted flower

    Ava is so cute, so beautiful girl!!HUGH is a great dad!!!

  • RA

    Adorable! Those are two very, very, VERY lucky children. Hugh is such a great dad, and Deb is a wonderful mum. And I’ll bet they think that they’re the lucky ones.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,car, shoes, man

    Love this family too. Oscar is so handsome and baby girl is so cute.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,car, shoes, man

    Hugh.=HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

  • i like

    now this is a nice family.hugh is a hunk .

  • Janeway

    Thanks Jared, I was missing the handsome Hugh and his beautiful family. It is easy to see how he stays in shape-he is always outdoors playing with his kids!! Happy New year to all!

  • Davilyn

    It always makes me shake my head that as many times as Hugh has talked about the adoptions publicly and as many times as it’s been mentioned here, someone invariably makes the comment about how Oscar doesn’t look like his father. Which just confirms my opinion that many people hop on this internet and make comment about things they know nothing about. But hey…it’s America and we can say what we want, no matter how uninformed it might make us look. And most I would think could care less about how they come off because this is all done anonymously. Hmmm…I wonder how different this internet would be if we had to identify ourselves (photograph, e-mail address, phone number), before being allowed to comment. I think it would be VERY different. I actually like that idea in that it would make us accountable for what we say.

    As for Deb’s “noticeable” absence…I don’t know if she is still filming, but she has been working on a film in Australia these past few months. Or…maybe she was recovering from New Year’s Eve (hee hee). Word has it that she and Hugh and Keith and Nicole were out in Sydney Harbor with Sting and his wife Trudy on their yacht. And we know Keith can’t touch the stuff and I’ll bet Hugh didn’t either as he’s in training for Wolverine (and EXTREMELY disciplined), so…he was probably just in better shape for romping with the kids in the park the next day. LOL!

  • Kitty Kat

    The beach photos were better.

    Hugh was wearing less clothes.

  • buckeyegurl

    Hugh is such a hottie. Why are these celeb dads so much hotter when we see then with their children? It’s funny. Same with Brad, Ben, etc.

  • Davilyn

    When I was growing up in the late sixties and early seventies, the word was “cool” and that’s what everyone aspired to be. Now the word is “hot.” And I’ve wondered about the differences between the two. I think to be “cool” meant you did your own thing. You were your own person and if others didn’t “get you”, too bad. But then like everything else, the meaning got watered down and soon “cool” just meant to be part of the “in crowd”; to go along, to be a follower. I’m not so sure about “hot.” I think it just means one thing…how desirable you are, meaning…how f**c*k*a*b*l*e are you. Is that right? Has it come down to that? That the yardstick we now use to judge others is…would we or would we not go to bed with them? I promise you, there are other qualities to judge a person on. Anyway, sorry ’bout that. It’s just that I’ve always wondered when it was that “cool” took a header and “hot” became the new standard. When we stopped caring about not caring what others might be thinking of us as long as we were being true to ourselves and just started looking at people to see if we would “do them” or not.

    As for why these movie stars look so “hot” (as you say) when you see them in the role of father…I think it’s because you’re seeing them as they really are without the artifice of stardom all around them. And there is something incredibly sexy about a man being with and playing with his little children. It’s…hmmm…it’s male. And I’m a female and anything that’s male, is sexy to me **she giggles**

    Give me a family man anyday. You can keep your womanizers, driving around in sports cars, going to strip bars and being with a different super model every night. No thank you.

  • Serissa

    @ Davilyn: I’ve been reading some of your comments and each time I’m stunned how exactly you express my thoughts and feelings about Hugh – I could imagine writing the same – if only my English was better… Thank you so much for raising the level above the average and keep going on… love to read more of your profound and well written statements! Thanks again!

  • Davilyn

    Oh my goodness. Thank you Serissa for that lovely compliment. Whenever I post here (and I don’t do it often and when I do, it’s almost always on a Hugh Jackman thread), I always come back and check for a few days expecting someone to tell me off. And a few have in the past and they certainly had their points. I am too opinionated and I have too much to say. I know this. And I’ve tried to curb the length of my posts, but I struggle with it (although Jared does allow for up to 10,000 characters a post which is EXTREMELY generous. Thank you Jared). It’s just that I don’t know how to express myself in a couple of lines or less (Oh. And I’m nuts about Hugh Jackman and will defend him till I pass out , which makes some think that I’m nuts. Guilty as charged. Lock me up and throw away the key. LOL! ) And I haven’t been at this internet game for too long, but I think we’ve been given an extrodinary opportunity to communicate with the world, something that I think those who came before us would have marveled at. But what are we doing with it? At least in part (the world of celebrity), we hop on, take a look at picture or two, make snap judgements about that which we know nothing about, then we spout off in two sentence hit and run jabs saying the most awful things about people we have never met and will never know. You should hear the way people talk about Nicole Kidman; a woman who as far as I know has never broken the law (DUI’s), abused her children, or been caught in a drug or sex scandal. I wouldn’t say I’m her number one fan or anything, but I think she has managed to navigate the world of celebrity for nearly 20 years with some dignity and class and yet…the horrific things that people say about her (I was shocked by some of them). And why? Just because we can? That’s not good enough. I think people are under the misconception that they can sit there in their rooms sending their vile comments out into the world with no consequence because all of this is done in the shadows; nobody knows who we are. They would be wrong. The words that we type here on these public forums are read the world over. They do matter. Unkindness is unkindness no matter how or where it’s delivered. You send that kind of negativity out into the world and it you’re not helping to solve the problem, you’re part of it.

    Okay. Off my soapbox. See, I did it again. Another long winded post. Oh dear. But thank you again Serissa. You’re words were lovely and you made another human being feel good about herself. And that is one of the greatest things any of us can do.

  • Aylin

    You got to love Hugh ! Hot and a wonderful father. Thanks Jared for always keeping us updated on pretty Hugh. Please keep up the good work, you’re really spoiling us and I liiiike it =)

  • DeeDee

    Thanks for the new pics Jared! They look beautiful together. And HAPPY HUGH YEAR TO ALL!!

  • Serissa

    @ Davilyn: You’re welcome… Again I totally agree with what you said!We seem to have something in common… Maybe it’s because I’m nuts about Hugh Jackman, too, and, by the way, I wouldn’t mind beeing locked with him somewhere and then I would throw away the key *lol*

  • b.

    love him,love him,love him