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Janet Jackson "Feedback" Music Video Preview

Janet Jackson

Check out a preview of Janet Jackson‘s transformation on the NYC set of her new “Feedback” music video as envisioned by British director Saam Farahmand.

“I love the dance. I love the mid tempo stuff,” she says of hew new album, Discipline. “I love the slow songs and the baby making songs. It still has that element to it.”

Janet also admitted that her songs put listeners in the mood: “You don’t know how many people come up to me and say, ‘This child was conceived listening to you.’”

Watch Janet‘s interview at

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Janet’s bangin’ new “Feedback” look?

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  • ♥Zanessa4life♥


  • kate


  • menna


  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,car, shoes, man

    Whats’s with the DAMN counting? are we in a race? because someone forget to tell me.
    Anyways. Love Janet and i can’t wait to get her album!!

  • shes old haggard

    crack is wack.wheres her airbrushing,fotoshopping,she needs it…drag queenish,,,ewwww.and no.

  • simona

    i love the old janet.
    her music was more pure, simple.
    it really touched your heart.her outfits were more beautiful.
    i think her style has become more complicated and “too much” for her personality. i was a fan once.
    but good luck on her album.

  • Anthony to the S.

    ehhhhhhhhhh not rocking with it. the last look was way more appealing,

  • thelostgirl

    Um, there is NO preview at all in the video… what up!?

  • blondie

    I like her so much.
    She has lasted a long time.
    She MUST be doing something right.

    I wish her the best of luck and happiness.

  • confused

    The one thing I just don’t understand is when people say she is sexy??!! she looks just like michael (but black) eww!!!
    don’t really like her music either but good luck to her!!

  • Speedmonkey

    she looks scary. who would conceive a kid with that image in her head?

  • peppy

    Janet and Michael are siblings of course they are going to look alike. She is a talented woman who is a music/pop icon. If you dont find her attractive or you dont like her shut up and move on. I swear you people have no lives coming here bashing people. And what? Your model material? Are you like the best looking person in the world? You don’t have cellulite and wake up in the morning looking beautiful? Please cry me a river build a bridge and get over it.

  • mrsme

    She is such a beautiful woman, and I can’t wait to see her new video. I don’t really like the look she’s having right now, but I am sure she’ll dress more classy after a while

  • hef

    “Baby making” music? What, is she 12?

    Her old stuff was light years better than the new milennium shite she’s produced. Rhythm Nation Forever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wig shop

    that weave wig is so tacky, her nose is weird.

  • musicisourhigh

    So far I can’t get excited over this song. We’ll see. I wish her the best with it

  • Dino-ray

    I’m diggin’ the new song. Her look kind of reminds me of the one she had in that Busta video, “What’s it Gonna Be.” But anyone who can incorporate the lyrics “Something heavy like a first day period” in her song is good in my book.

  • confused

    peppy – get a god damn life people are aloud to say what they like bad or good..Shut up!!

  • romania

    ahhh…and this is the Queen of pop music…the best female artist alive! and the most sexy and beautiful women on erath!
    love u janet jackson!
    u are simply the best!!

  • kevin

    The new track is hot & I know she is going to go off in the video.
    can’t wait

  • angela

    shes old haggard
    Ever thought its the MAKE UP that makes her look the way she does in the video (drag queen-ish, your words not mine)? HELLO! Obviously she doesn’t look like that, and no she doesn’t need airbrushing or “fotoshopping” because she is naturally beautiful and artificiality only makes her look bad.

    How is ‘baby making music’ makes her 12 years old? Is that how it is now, I thought sex was supposed to be for ADULTS. Now its “childish” for adults to sing or partake in sexual activity! LOL. Ain’t that strange.

  • angela

    Oh I forgot, here is Janet without any hair pieces or make-up or everyone’s favorite “fotoshopping”.

  • John D

    Not feeling it, but then I’m not much of a Janet fan. She’s a pretty good dancer, but singing has never been one of her strengths.

  • nala

    Haha baby making music? Yeah right. Sorry hun, but my man and I were listening to The Doors when we were “making babies” not your tunes.

  • smiley

    It matches her boooob star….

  • cain

    Janet, cram it!!

  • get a better wig

    24 Thanks 4 the…Where’s the Raid I just saw a bug ..A big ew how can she kiss that bug eyed roach????????????please don’t shave anymore off your nose it’s almost like your sicko brother…her weight will be back on after cd sells..she is naturally a big gurl, yal know it..she said her brothers especially Michael used to call her big @ss bootie.
    that hair is to laugh at hahhhhhha,seriously Janet kissing JD I’m talking serious grossness…

  • Taraji

    what’s with all the negativity?

  • Montreal fan

    i grew up and built my personnal identity around 80 s music,and janet was a part of it too ,when a new album of her come out ,i buy it just for respect ,her 2 last albums got no hype and was not what we expect from a pop icon like her.
    ill still gonna get the DISCIPLINE album,and if it turn out to be a package of songs to sell out a world tour so let it be!
    ill be more impatient to get madonna new album, cause with her im really impress that she still give new concept,reinventing on each new album and create a tempo for all the pop icons who still wanna be out there!
    Montreal fan…

  • K.

    The only connection with ‘Queen’ and Janet is Drag Queen. Im sorry, Madonna is, and will always be Queen of Pop.

    Kindest Regards.

  • chippa

    There is not many other artists who’s career has lasted as long as Janet’s. It doesn’t matter if you like her or not, her accomplishments are just that. Like her or not! What does Madonna have to do with any of this, anyway? Unfortunately for some of y’all she is the true QUEEN OF POP!

  • aymarius

    her face and head look weird. not really into the look
    Arab Aquarius

  • d1andonly

    What’s up with all of these haters here? For the people that called Janet ugly I would love to see a pic of you!!!!! Let us judge you and see if we think you’re ugly.

  • Janet Jackson Feedback Video

    Watch Janet Jackson Feedback Video UNCENSORED HQ VERSION here: