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Jonas Brothers' First Flight of 2008

Jonas Brothers' First Flight of 2008

Singing sensations the Jonas BrothersKevin, 20, Nick, 15, and Joe, 18 – are mobbed by dozens of fans as they make their way into their limo outside NYC’s Trump Hotel at Columbus Circle on Tuesday, New Year’s Day.

Jo Bro caught a flight out of NYC to California. They are going to be in Sacramento for a Verizon in-store signing and performance at the Verizon Store (3635 North Freeway Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95834).

Below is one more new pic of the Jonas Brothers in New York City’s Times Square celebrating New Year’s Eve during Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2008.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Joe’s fur-trimmed coat — HOT or NOT?

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Photos:, Roger Wong/
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  • Shana


  • Jennifer W.

    i dont like the new cut

  • rincez26


  • rincez26

    oh, whatev. haha… JB

  • bbhbhbb

    nick is not dating miley she is so fake and hes so down to earth shes so anoyyyyyyyyyyyyyinnnnnngggg ewwww sorry but there so cute

  • caitlin

    and i dont like his hairut either!!
    he looked so much better when it was short!

  • caitlin


  • bbhbhbb

    nick is not dating miley she is so fake and hes so down to earth shes so anoyyyyyyyyyyyyyinnnnnngggg ewwww sorry but there so cute

  • bbhbhbb

    nick is not dating miley she is so fake and hes so down to earth shes so anoyyyyyyyyyyyyyinnnnnngggg ewwww sorry but there so cute and she cant sing sorry

  • angeline

    joe’s beautiful xD

  • bbhbhbb

    nick is not dating miley she is so fake and hes so down to earth shes so anoyyyyyyyyyyyyyinnnnnngggg ewwww sorry but there so cute and miley cant sing sorry

  • Keshey

    There so hot!
    Email me myspace

  • Haley

    what new cut are we talking about??? the question said FUR-TRIMMED COAT. not hair!!

  • Ally

    So wait…are they half-Asian or no? Cuz they reallly look half-Asian.

  • kate


  • Heidi

    i love joe sooo much but the coat isnt so hot…

  • mary

    Seriously PATHETIC losers who are so like “Wait, we’re famous!!!”

    LOSERS with god-awful hair. Seriously.

  • zefronbby1

    Haircut time boys

  • Anonymous

    Can u say ‘GAY’!!!!!!!!!!I seriously don’t see y anyone could even like these whatever they r. And especially this ‘Joe’ dude, the way he’s always staring at the camera whilst smailing……….uuuurrrrrggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!Not nice at all.

  • ice

    Joe is hot. With fur lined coat or with nuttin’ at all !

    His hair is so beautiful. Leave him alone.

    Joe, don’t cut it. Remember Samson, LOL.

    Ice Loves Joe

  • boopboppteedo

    Umm, no self respecting gay man would wear any of the clothes the Jonas Brothers wear. Proof they are straight!

    Kevin those shoes are too kewl.

    These are 3 nice Christian boys. I happen to love thier syle and respect them for there values. So much better than all the playa wantabes and thier nastiness.

    Original Q? I like the Joe’s coat and I am sure it is faux fur.


  • say.googbye.

    they are sooooo cute!
    Joe is so hot!!!



  • ­luizacruz

    HOT , of course!
    I love him haircut and coat, joe’s perfect all the time ♥

  • hmmm…..

    I like the jonas brothers. but they are looking a bit scraggily lately. they need to get thier hair trimmed and rest.

  • ­luizacruz


  • [~Famous~]

    queeer’o brothers.

    y o u

    a r e

    f a g s!

  • Amy

    Nick and Joe look HOT! Kevin…. Not.


    Someone asked if they were part asian…no, they are mostly Italian from their mum’s side and part Cherokee Indian, with a bit of Irish and German as well…a lovely combination if you ask me!

    I like Joe’s hair longer and slightly curly personally…they all look amazing and I can’t wait for the When You Look Me In The Eyes Tour!

  • Haley

    Nick needs a haircut, like right now :] bahahah.
    but he’ still hella HOT

  • Melissa

    true nick does need a hair cut, but he and all of them are still hot :)
    and why are we now talking about hair?? oh well, ugh i wish i could go to their When You Look Me In The Eyes tour but i can’t :(
    Jb’s Rock!!

  • angela

    SO HOT!!!

  • nymeghachic

    Joe is really hot…..but they all SERIOUSLY need haircuts!

  • margie

    i love them!

  • Fannie

    joe is the true meaning of perfection :)

  • ellie p

    Yeah I totally Love These Guys !!
    Im From the U.k
    and hardly anyone knows them and they all think im crazy for liking them but psh i love them anyways , and i would love for them to come on tour over here . It would be totally awesome !

  • jLove.

    As much as i love them, I don’t like that Joe is wearing a fur trimmed coat.
    I mean faux is in, real fur is just BS.

    btw, i just wanna know how jared knows that the fur is real.

  • Jamie

    I love those boys, but I do agree they need a hair trim. They’ve been touring soo much, they don’t have time for haircuts :D

  • katie

    joe needs a haircut xD

  • ag

    whos that girl in the blue shirt??

  • Christa

    With or without the coat, I love Joe. And Nick and Kevin. Whatever. :]

  • kimmy

    Yay JBs thanks for posting jared:]

    please post more!

  • http://MYSPACE Kaimana

    well, i absolutely love the jonas brothers so this isnt any kind of hatemail to them or anything but, being the big stars that they are they could afford real fur so i hope that thing isnt real JOESPH JONAS! cuz that would be cruel! a poor little fox or a poor little rabbit got MURDERED for that fur coat. I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS OF COURSE BUT IF THATS REAL………………………………..

  • ag

    it makes him look older + sophisticated haha..but who kmows who the girl behimd them is?

  • Mandy

    Ok honestly these boys look HOTT no matter WAT THEY WEAR!

    they are gorgeous inside and out! Honestly i mean who cares how they look in these pics…..they are bein PUSHED INTO THEIR LIMO TO AVOID BEING TACKELED BY TEENAGE GIRLS! they are probably like freaked out to see all that PLUS cameras too! i mean they are such humble guys and they think of it as “just doin wat we love.” i mean i dont think they thought that the paparazzi was gonna follow them!

    ANYWAYS…….i dont think ANY of them need haircuts!!!! i honestly LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE nicks hair this long! its adorable! and joe is looking hotter and edgier everyday! and just perfect! :)

    so dont bash the boys!! toooooooooooooooo many pppl love them and dont really care wat u think!!!


  • zinhaa♥

    I sooo love the Jonas Brothers! they’re really hot and their music is just great!
    I’m from Ecuador and unfortunately they’re not very known here :(
    i wish they could come to Latinamerica someday…

  • Cassie

    hottt. duh. i saw him today, i like his hair shorter too but hes still the most attractive guy in my opinion. (so yes on the jacket, he can pull it off)

  • Jenny

    They rockk … WOOHOOOO ! But yep, they really do need a haircut eps. Nick. I loved his hair best in the music vid. of S.O.S !! But I guess its because they’ve been on tour lately.. show after show after show they didnt have time for haircuts ! So I bet the time for their next tour at the end of Jan. (31st) they’ll be all good and ready *and hair timmed* to goo !

    Ooh and forget the haters. They have no life !

    – Jenny

  • Many

    ROCK ON GUYS !! lol… I feel sorry for them, I bet they were freaking out with all the camera and teenagers and stuff ! AHHHHH… but I’m sure the can handle it (; lol.

    Luv you guys… ohh and to all these haters… GET A LIFE. You guys are pathetic, you have nothing better to do than just comment on a thread your obviously couldnt care less about ! Aurghh…but whatever…osers will always be and act like losers !

    JB ROCKKKKK (whether you like it or NOT !!) (=
    – Mandyy