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Happy 25th Birthday, Kate Bosworth!

Happy 25th Birthday, Kate Bosworth!

Kate Bosworth celebrates her 25th birthday on Sydney’s sunny Harbor Beach in Australia on Wednesday.

The birthday babe spent the day with model boyfriend James Rousseau and a female friend.

Happy Birthday to Kate the Great! Sunglasses by one of her fave brands, Chloe.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth‘s 25th birthday…

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Photos: David G Morgan/Bauer-Griffin
Posted to: James Rousseau, Kate Bosworth

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  • menna


  • PSB

    She looks healthier and happy.

  • Sophiie

    happy birthday

  • Anna

    Happy Birthday, Ms. Kate!!

  • Sienna

    She looks beautiful!

  • extra large

    how big is this losers 4head enormous ewwwwwwww

  • ?????

    she is australian, please anwer?

  • ricki

    looking chummy with female friend. I’d respect her a lot more if she came out already. This pretending to be straight when it’s obvious she’s not is getting old.

  • oooba dooba

    Happy Birthday Kate! May you have many more and stay healthy!

    Good punch line, Ricki, but quite a few people would say the same thing about Orlando…… At least Kate can stick to one man and commit. Orlando seems to be all over the place, from clubs to models to actresses, and just plain unstable. Unfortunately, while that may NOT be the person he really is, his image is suffering as a result of some of his choices, including his public behavior. Kate has learned to more or less quietly go about her business. She doesn’t get the same amount of press with James that she got with Orlando, generally speaking. Wish Orlando would try to get less press. Hanging out with the models and actresses at Hyde, Green Door, Ago, Il Sole, etc, while saying he wants his privacy is, like you said, “getting old.” Some people think HE should come out already. He can be as chummy and physical with HIS male friends as he is with his female friends. Again, another funny punch line. While I don’t he’s gay, I do think he played the game 50/50 with Kate, and now people can see that for themselves. If he doesn’t like the attention getting types, he can avoid dating them.

    Then again, many actors are addicted to attention and getting photographed, I think.

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    Happy Birthday Kate!

  • Mombo

    I like her, she seems refreshing but she really is pale, skinny and unattractive here.

  • ricki

    LOL. No punchline that’s what’s really funny about it.

    And yawn to the rest of your post………..

  • Go Kate

    Happy Birthday Kate! You look amazing.

    She looks happy with James and at least he has never tired to cash in on her fame by talking to the press about how he is dating a Hollywood actress like that fameho Kerr has been doing.
    I have a lot more respect for both Kate and James now.

  • ricki

    LOL Oompa. It’s not a punchline which is what’s the really funny part.


  • [~Famous~]

    i would really love to say something nice about her, but i cant say she’s cute… that would be an obvious lie. lol

  • Mr. Barky von Schauzer

    “Good punch line, Ricki, but quite a few people would say the same thing about Orlando…… ”

    Wow, it only took 10 posts to get in the Obligatory Extraneous Orlando Mention.

    Now tell us again that this void is capable of becoming famous on her own.

  • Katefan#1

    Just because lame Orlando Bloom fans can’t let go isn’t Kate’s problem.

  • oooba dooba

    Sorry Ricki, but Kate IS famous in her own right and in her own way at this point. She seems to be doing fine without her ex. And it only took 9 posts for someone to make a snide remark about her sexuality. Heaven forbid she be happy with James! I’m happy for her!

    The reason I pointed out your remark about Kate’s sexuality, which is only YOUR opinion by the way and not FACT, is because the same snide remarks have been made about Orlando in the past. I think people can be physically affectionate with members of the opposite sex without automatically being labeled gay. You don’t know what her sexual preferences are any more than I do. So, does her gayness make Orlando gay for having been with her for nearly 4 years? Were they bearding each other?

    Speaking for myself, I’m happy for Kate. Wherever her life and career takes her, I just hope she remains healthy and maintains good self esteem. I think it’s great to see James treat her with respect, and not take 2 years to even acknowledge her! Kate’s relationship with James speaks volumes about what was lacking in her relationship with Orlando.

    She seems to be doing much better in her personal life than Orlando is at the moment. Have you noticed that, Ricki? Have you noticed how much better she looks with James, not only in terms of her physical appearance but in terms of their body language? Maybe Orlando’s gay or bi. Have you thought about that? When a man has to chase that many skirts while claiming he wants his privacy, and making certain he gets attention by going to all the trendy places with his friends and models and actresses, it just makes an interesting statement to me.

    If you’re going to bash Kate and make snide remarks about her sexuality, you can expect her fans and other people to point out that Orlando’s track record ain’t so great in some areas, and her gayness would mean that the relationship she had with Orlando was fake, which would mean he lied.

    I’ve seen you post elsewhere, Ricki, and it’s always the same Kate bashing. She’s getting on with her life and is doing fine! It seems some people have a hard time dealing with that and accepting it. Orlando, however, seems to be surrounded by negative Karma. I wonder what he did to deserve that…..

    Snide remarks work both ways.

  • oooba dooba

    I seem to recall Orlando kissing Dominic Monahan on the lips at one of the LOTR premieres. He also has kissed Viggo on the face and possibly on the mouth. Kate has been physically affectionate with female friends. So, physical affection between members of the same sex means someone is gay? I don’t think so. Opposite sex or same sex, physical warmth and affection between people is normal, natural and healthy. If Kate is gay for holding hands or walking with a woman’s arm around her, then Orlando is gay for kissing Dom and Viggo. Fair enough – for those people who use that kind of rationale, which I don’t.

  • happy 4 Kate!

    I’m not exactly a Kate Bosworth fan, but it’s painfully obvious that she’s much better off without Orlando. No one knows the exact reason for their break-up, but she had to be fed up with him for her to just shut him down like that. I don’t think I would have been strong enough to leave his fine ass! I just hope he finds the same happiness she’s found because he’s seemed to have aged 10 years since he’s been f*cking around with that famewhore Cabbage Patch Kid with the Barbie doll body. He doesn’t seem happy about anything at all anymore. I kiss the old, happy Orlando.

  • happy 4 Kate!

    …I mean I miss the old, happy Orlando. Freudian slip, i guess.


    “but she had to be fed up with him for her to just shut him down like that”

    How do you know SHE shut HIM down?

    “Sorry Ricki, but Kate IS famous in her own right and in her own way at this point. ”

    Kate is where she is now because of her association with Orlando. If they hadn’t pimped that relationship, most people wouldn’t give a flying fig who she was. As it stands, most people don’t know who she is. Ask people on the street if they know who she is and I guarantee most people will either say “WHO?” or “Wasn’t she that chick that dated Orlando Bloom?”

    “She seems to be doing much better in her personal life than Orlando is at the moment.”

    Wait a minute, are you one of those idiots that think you have to be in a relationship in order to validate your personal life or have any self-worth? Get a friggin’ life. Orlando’s personal life is just fine – just because he’s not splashed all over the tabloids anymore (and gee, isn’t that telling? His relationship with Kate was all over the tabloids, her relationship with James is in the tabloids, but Orlando manages to keep a relatively low profile. Hmmmmm, very interesting!) doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a personal life. Kate’s the one with the issues – I think she and Orlando had been broken up for about five seconds before she hooked up with James, so it seems like she’s the one who has the problem, not Orlando. He seems to be quite comfortable being by himself and doesn’t feel the need to hop from one relationship to the other.

    I’ll agree that she seems happier without Orlando, but have you seen Orlando lately? He’s the happiest I’ve seen him in YEARS and has been since he got rid of her.

    “When a man has to chase that many skirts while claiming he wants his privacy, and making certain he gets attention by going to all the trendy places with his friends and models and actresses, it just makes an interesting statement to me.”

    Apparently, you’re also stupid enough to believe every woman he’s been said to have been with. You shouldn’t believe everything you read, sweetheart. All Orlando has to do is say hello to someone and the tabs will hook him up with her. As for hanging out with models and actresses, well, sugar, those are his peers. He’s an actor. Actors hang out with other actors. I hang out with people I work with.

    And as for Kate’s sexuality, I know people who know people. They have inside info, so what’s been posted by others has been backed up by more than just tabloid photos.

  • ricky

    Hi Carmen.

  • Katherine

    I respect her fans a lot more when they actually care about what is going on with HER instead her of past loves. At least then the adoration is genuine.

  • happy 4 Kate!

    How do you know that she didn’t Carmen? Unless you witnessed the break-up first hand, you don’t know shit. F*ck what you heard. Besides the whole point of my post is that she looks happier these days. And he doesn’t look happy, he looks like he needs a laxative. Look at some of his earlier photos, circa 2004-2005, and look at the ones he’s taken the past 6 mos. He has literally aged 10 years! His skin, his posture, everything. And his his smiles seem contrived as of late. i don’t know the guy, I’m just saying something about him is different, but whatever… Carmen.

  • DOObie doobie doo

    Hey happy 4 Kate!

    ricki wasn’t calling me Carmen. Moron.

    “I’m just saying something about him is different”

    Yeah, he’s rid of the hose beast and on to a much better female specimen.

    “Unless you witnessed the break-up first hand, you don’t know ****”

    I never said I did. You were the one stating she she tossed him aside as fact. I was just asking how you were so sure.

    Now, now, no need to get your knickers in a twist.

  • happy 4 Kate!

    Whatever, asshole. Clowns like you kill me, claiming to be in the know or that you know some one who is. That’s why so many of these celebrities are crazy as hell. They gotta worry about fucktards like you selling their stories to the tabs so you can buy a new wardrobe or support that coke habit you picked up trying fit in with the same celebs you come to these blogs to bash. Moron!

  • clingy kate

    she is soooooooo flippin fugly. and cant act..go eat a meal. ,and you can show a movie on her forehead.

  • george

    You know what its been almost 2 years since she and Orlando were together can’t we let it die already. Now as for Kate she still looks like a bobble head doll to me her head is just so huge and her ears stick out almost straight from her head, and I’m sorry but the girl needs to eat something she looks awful. By the way whoever thinks shes not a lesbian stand up now so we can point and laugh at your stupidity. By the way I’m not completely an Orlando fan but can we leave him alone we do not have to mention him everytime we see a picture of the stick, he is having a good time getting all the booty he wants and not bothering anybody.

  • you wish

    Geroge and ricki

    It’s obvious both of you haven’t been following Orlando lately.
    Even his fans say he looks horrible and is having a hard time.
    He has aged 10 years in the past 8 months. Something is going on with him and he has no work lined up.
    Being with that cabbage patch kid must not be all its cracked up to be since he always looks like someone just died. Read the last thread on her if you want to know what she is really all about. Seems Orlando has had to ‘share’ her with a few people.
    Just as you say you have heard rumors of Kate there are plenty of rumors going around about what some of Orlando’s current issues are and his fans aren’t going to like it.

  • Project Alice

    Doesn’t the writer’s strike also have something to do with actors not having any work? Because…you know…they aren’t writing scripts.

    Speaking as a fan of Kate’s, even I’m tired of other Kate fans always bringing up the ex. It’s over–they broke up–she has a new man. Let it go! Can’t we focus on her just this once? Geeze…

  • ricky

    Meh, sounds like someone is just trying to pick a fight.


    “Whatever, *******. Clowns like you kill me, claiming to be in the know or that you know some one who is. That’s why so many of these celebrities are crazy as hell. They gotta worry about fucktards like you selling their stories to the tabs so you can buy a new wardrobe or support that coke habit you picked up trying fit in with the same celebs you come to these blogs to bash. Moron!”

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha! I’m not the clown here toots. I’m not selling anything to the tabs and I wasn’t the one who first stated Kate played for the other team. I was just stating where I heard it. I don’t give two shits if you don’t believe me. I said I know someone who knows someone – nothing more. I didn’t say who and I certainly didn’t say anything about partying with celebs or hanging out with celebs. Contrary to what you must believe, everyone in Los Angeles is not a celebrity, and people DO work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. THEY are the ones that usually find out the dirty laundry of celebs. (And no, I don’t live in or near Los Angeles. That doesn’t mean I don’t know people there.)

    Again, there really is no need to get your knickers in a twist. All I did was ask you how you knew Kate dumped Orlando, which of course, you have not answered. I didn’t think that would warrant an attack such as yours. I must have hit a nerve, eh?

    Seriously, what is it about this chick that brings out the psycho fans?

  • Sparkle Motion

    I’m just laughing that aside from the one-word posts from her three fans and their many sockpuppets, it’s all about Orlando. I think we can all guess the theme for promotion of her next movie. Let’s see what we’ve got so far:

    Win a Date with Tad Hamilton: “Kate won her date with Orlando!”

    Beyond the Sea: “Orlando and Kate: a real life Bobby and Sandra!”

    Superman: “Kate and her own superman Orlando (insert name of activity that has been painstakingly documented)”

    Girl in the Park: “I channeled the pain mean old Orlando caused me into this role.”

    21: Your guess is as good as mine.

  • HAPPY 4 kATE!

    “I don’t give two ***** if you don’t believe me. ”

    I must have hit a nerve. And why are you still crying about it? I’m not even a fan of hers, so I really don’t care who left who. I hope you don’t go and climb a bell tower over this sh*t. (“Dont shoot! It’s not worth it!”)

    P.S. I’m ASSUMING she’s the one who left him because doesn’t look 40 in the face. Tee hee!

  • e

    Happy Birthday Kate! I wish, love and luck always be with you….

  • me

    Anyone have any idea who her female friend is?

  • Britboy

    What’s that awful smell? Decaying feces? Oh, someone forgot to flush ricki and doobie doobie doo down the toilet!

  • Slosh Spice

    Mmmm…sh*t! lol

  • e

    I think it doesn’t necessary that an actress must be cute. If she is a real actress. How she acts her role this is important for me. Kate is a beautiful person, graceful girl. And Orlando, he seems unhappy, yes. That’s obvious. And I sad about him. Sometimes I think myself, it can be related with P.O.T.C. I don’t know why but think that can be one of a reason. I hope he becomes better.


    Dear Happy 4 Kate!


    Boy, your arguments really are pathetic.

    I’ve lost enough IQ points talking with you. Somethings never change – Kate fans are idiots and THEY’RE the ones that can’t let go of the Orlando relationship.


    *smooches* It’s been fun.

  • Andrea

    Wow I have the same dress!

  • Happy 4 Kate

    Don’t tuck tail and run now ,DOOBIE DOOBIE DOO! You’re the pathetic one, trying to be all final and sh*t now that I’ve answered your little question. You pretend to be above all of this, but you live to troll Kate and Orlando boards looking for these sort of confrontations. And you lost the last of your iq points snapping at everyone with your cut-and-paste-a-quote explanations of Orlando. Kiss your Lois Lane and Legolas dollies nighty-night for me, mkay?

    *I know your face is reeeeaaalll tight right about now.*

  • Slosh Spice

    Happy 4 Kate & Doobie Doobie Doo:

    Please STFU!

    I’ve heard of sweating the small stuff but not this small.

  • NO life

    Doobie Doobie Doo…there is only one thing I can say regarding your comment in #23…WAY TO GO!!!!