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Katherine Heigl Wedding Pictures

Katherine Heigl Wedding Pictures

Here are the very first Katherine Heigl wedding pictures! The 29-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star exclusively sat down with OK! for an exclusive interview:

On her initial thoughts about a winter wedding: “I don’t think either one of us was thinking a Christmas wedding. Originally it was because I only get two weeks a year for my Christmas vacation… but then we really got excited about it.”

On choosing to wed in Utah’s Deer Valley where Josh had vacationed with his family in his younger years.: “We wanted to do it in a place that felt like a winter wonderland. We incorporated lots of big evergreens in the reception with twinkle lights and Christmas decorations.”

On how it feels to be married: “We’re elated! We have never lived together.” (Josh added: “We don’t even sleep in the same bed when family is around!”)

On how marriage will change things: “This new house means now we are in this together. It means compromise on style, taste and how each one of us lives, how we don’t like to live and how we’re going to work it all out. It’s going to be an amazing place to start our lives together and start a family.”

On how soon kids are coming: “I’d like to start talking children seriously in the next year but Josh feels more like two years, so we’ll probably do a year and a half.” (Josh added: “My view is, let’s take it one day and one child at a time!”)

For more scoopage and Katherine Heigl wedding pictures, pick up the latest issue of OK! — on newsstands now! Earlier coverage of Kat‘s wedding here and here.

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  • Honey

    I hate her

  • abin

    Can you tell me who Lauren Conrad was kissing on NYE.

  • claire

    third!they look cuuute

  • http://justjared star

    wow she looks stunning, wish them all the best . he seems like a great guy. do not know much about him.

  • kalairoswell

    omg! i missed her in roswell! anyway, congrats Izzy! new year, new life! God bless you both!

  • ann

    SO CUTE!

  • Kellie

    Just beautiful, really lovely.
    Thanx for this, Jared :)

  • kalairoswell

    omg! i’m 5th! yes, improving though!

  • sam p

    adorable,they look great

  • kat

    she is adorable
    i love her
    congrats to her :)

  • malgo

    Looks like he’s wearing more makeup than her, unfortunately.

  • missy

    I don’t like her dress at all. I expected more from her.

  • Jessica

    haha@bitsy #12 you’re so right! she does look like charlize theron in monster in some of her everyday pics lolz
    i think you need some starbucks, i had to re-read some of your stuff cuz of typos (:

  • lola

    her dress is totally some 1980′s prom or some kind of 70′s disco thing. i’m not a fan

  • Wedding Photographers

    I would have loved to photograph their wedding. The photos are stunning!

  • ruby

    their photos are nothing special a*s-kisser :/

  • kevin

    agreed with #17 but i’m pretty sure the guy was just trying to find an excuse to post a link to his photography website which is mostly atypical generic wedding photographer style material. even when a wedding photographer isn’t photographing weddings you can still tell the person who took the pic is in fact a wedding photog, they think the most commercial common junk is great.

  • lola

    I like her. the dress is orignal- simple and stylish. they look happy.

  • ruby

    haha.. he’s totally going to be the next Richard Avedon or Patrick Demarchelier.. NOT!
    He posted the link in the Paris post as well. Yawn.

  • lola

    I checked out #16′s website, if i’m ever looking for a wedding photographer i know who NOT to hire. Some people buy a nice camera and they think that makes them great. Never mind he’s taking pics of fat folds hanging over the tops of dresses, bad angles, and bad posture, then charging for that trash.

  • elodie

    no pics of the grey co stars?

  • ah

    That’s what’s missing from todays marriages people live and sleep with each other on the regular before they get married. There’s essentially nothing to look forward to and the bloom is off the rose.

    While I don’t like Katherine Heigl I must give it to her, for having some decency in such morally deprived times.

  • amber

    Her dress is a hot damn mess!

  • jackie

    She smokes like a chimney and she talks like she is a trailer trash puritan. For some reason, I can’t stand her.

  • zz

    Not crazy about that wedding dress of hers but she looks lovely on the pic seating by herself

  • Nika

    Love the pictures. My own wedding was on Dec. 22th 2007 – now I can watch another couple being married and looking happy. Love Katherine – she looks gorgeous as always!

  • anti kate walsh

    These pics are a copy of Walsh pics. Ridiculous. Publicity.
    Walsh sucks! KH sucks!

  • gia

    #28 i don’t think they copied on purpose, i think lotsa wedding photos just look alike. there’s only so much you can do with wedding pics.

  • kara

    oh she’s so beautiful!

  • MMM

    Actually #16′s photos aren’t bad. The couples he has on his website are so unattractive that it makes his work look worse than it is.

  • thatgirlxo

    i can’t wait for her new movie 27 dresses. i’m not too big into josh kelly, but he was on my local radio station with my two favorite radio hosts Eric and Kathy. oh man was he funny!

  • celebpsychic

    Are they cute?

  • lyn

    Here comes the loser EP fans, LOOK it is NOT KH’s fault EP married her drug dealing credit card thief Felon! Leave her alone.
    EP was never anyone. She never had the limelight always in the shadow of PD.

    Beautiful wedding! She looked beautiful. Nice couple.

  • Ha!

    They look really happy. I think people hate her because she has an opinion and she’s not afraid to seem like a normal person. Who cares if she smokes? It’s none of our business. I’d be willing to bet that over half of your favorite celebrities smoke, they just choose to hide it to keep up an image.

  • tess

    As expected Katherine is EXQUISiTE!!! Josh is still a bit hairy. He should wax off his hair and he will look a million times better.
    Still, i wish them a happy marriage.
    I cant wait to buy the magazine

  • grace

    ohhh she looked sooooooo pretty!really she┬┤s such a beauty!I like her soooo much and I wich them all the best!

  • Ana

    omg he looks so damn gay!!!!
    she looks pretty good ;)

  • lennie

    nicely said ha! I don’t get the hating, but it must come from very bitter women who unlike katherine heigl can’t afford such a beautiful and personal wedding.
    katherine has done modeling all her life, when it comes to style and glamour she knows what she is talking about. it’s not wearing the most expensive designers’ dresses as katie holmes and many others do, it’s to be able to avoid them while you can afford to buy them, and rather put on your personal style which shows how you really are. I don’t build anything up, it’s in Vogue, the fashion bible which for these reasons named the Queen of England as one of the most stylish women in the world!
    I like Katherine, she’s down to earth, full of life, smart and a very good actress, and I like the way she speaks her mind without being rude or vulgar like Julia Roberts or Cameron Diaz.
    She irradiates in these pictures. Only she could wear that simple white gown, look at the earrings and the ring they are really delicate and stylish, and the hair with the little veil, definitely sophisticated taste yet she looks overall natural.

  • Stacey

    That first photo looks exactly like Nicole & Keith’s wedding photo….

  • grace

    I personally think she looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Congrats to she and Josh!

  • gena

    How much money did they get for the photos?

  • love

    I hope she didn’t pay extravagant price for a dress you can buy at the Goodwill (wedding department). Cuz she could have saved some $$$

  • Karla

    Aww they look so happy.
    I love the pictures, Katherine looks great.
    Congrats to them.

  • Anni

    I really really REALLY like her dress.
    It’s gorgeus. And she is too. She has great style, IMO.
    But she’s way too pretty.

  • PSB

    She’s beautiful but her gown looks like a prom dress.

  • Jen

    Sweet couple. Nice dress (from what we can see of it !). Traditional, but with a modern twist.

    They have been photoshopped to death in the middle pic though !!

  • the-girl-in-denmark

    hmm? she does’t looks over the top pretty, but just OK!

  • anna

    she’s stunning, wow. hate, hate her, lol!

    thanks for the pics!

  • Lola

    She looks absolutely lovely…

    —see my blog at

  • kimmy

    Thanks for posting jared;]

    They look really cute!