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Smiley Miley Trumps Them All

Smiley Miley Trumps Them All

A very smiley Miley Cyrus checks out of NYC’s Trump Hotel at Columbus Circle on Tuesday (New Year’s Day) with mom Tish. The Disney star wore a cute white Michael Kors coat.

Earlier this past weekend, Miley defended the “scandalous” pictures of her and her friend to Z100 New York.

“At first, I was really upset. It really sucks,” said the Hannah Montana star. “It’s not something I’m going to let slide. I’m really upset about it, ’cause it was, like, not even a big deal. [She's] a friend of mine that’s a normal girl. … That’s one of my best friends. I have all these girls who I hang out with all the time. This girl doesn’t even have to deal with that, and it’s so hard. [Now] she has to go to school and deal with this crap. It’s two girls at a sleepover, and if all of a sudden that’s bad, then what is the world coming to? What I decided before I came out to L.A. and started working was the minute I didn’t have fun was the minute I go home. I don’t want to go home, and I don’t want to not do what I do, because I love it, but this … it’s Satan attacking.”

Other pictures include Miley, 15, at New York City’s Times Square celebrating New Year’s Eve during Dick Clark‘s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2008.

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Photos:, Workum/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Orange Clockwork

    Uglier than all hell. Also, FIRST.

  • Tina



    loven her outfit, coat and everything and i like her too

  • aMY ROSE

    i still like her stand strong miley

  • Ekate


  • eleyse

    aw miley. we know you were just goofing around with a friend. don’t listen to the haters and finger-pointers trying to turn your light-hearted silliness into some skanky story.

  • daniela



  • rebecca

    I love miley

  • halie

    does anyone else think she looks like she has botox lips?

    it’s satan attacking!!

  • izzie

    if you have nothing nice to say dont say it…daniela. Go get a life jelous bitch

  • Jennifer W.

    i love miley and stay strong girl you’ll get through all this crazy stuff.

  • izzie

    ALL THE HATERS ARE JUST JELOUS WHORES. Just because shes 100 times more succesful than you are dosent mean you have to bash her. If you dont like her dont say anything

  • stephanie

    personally i knew all along that she would end up doing somtheing like this. Seriously why is it alwaysthe disney stars that are supposed to be role models for young childern and teens taking these photos. First Vanessa Hudgens, and Now Miley Cyrus. And another thing is the fact that they go around telling everyone that they are good girls, and that they would never be like lindsay or Britney, but the minute we turn our backs there they go taking unacceotable photos of themselves. And to top it all off we have ANOTHER disney star, who is a horrible role model and her name is Jamie Lynn Spears. I juts dont understand why this untalented slut should be looked up to by so many people, like seriously come on.

  • layla

    um stephanie-

    1. jamie lynn is from nickelodeon, not disney.
    2. vanessa and miley are two beautiful young and growing rolemodels for girls everywhere. i know people look up to them, including myself, and just because they make one mistake doesn’t mean that they are bad girls and and are “horrible role models”.

    they said they weren’t going to end up like britney or lindsay, not be perfect angels.

    buuuuut, when you see vanessa and miley dancing on tables, getting drunk, shaving their heads, and entering rehab then we can start to point fingers. but for pictures? i think you’re bing a bit harsh.

  • skyler

    miley is so pretty

  • kate


  • zanessa


  • zanessa


  • zanessa


  • Tammy

    Psh. i so saw this coming. I don’t dislike her for these pictures (Even though they are little sexual looking)

    But because she Cheated on Nick Jonas With this stupid Wesley guy (Ashley tisdale’s back up dancer)

    I dont think what she did by cheating on him was right. So that’s all i have to say. and everyone is entitled to their own opinion so no one has to agree on anything.

  • zanessa

    IGNORE. some loser just hacked my account.

  • zanessa


  • blah blah blah

    she looks soooo old ! oh my.
    but that’s okaaay.
    but yeah.
    some scandalous pics you got there. ;D

  • MiHay

    Okay, Miley, get over it! *yawn*

  • jane

    can she wear any more makeup?…holy shit, it looks like if you run a finger down her cheek, you’d get cake frosting on your finger.

    and just because someone doesn’t like another person, it doesn’t usually result in that person being jealous. that’s usually what fans like to tell themselves to make themselves feel better. denial. sorry, there ARE people out there who hate your precious role model. deal with it.

  • new years baby

    To all the young girls out there…

    PLEASE think before you take pictures or videotape yourselves and your friends. Nothing comes back to haunt you more than photos or videos. I know I probably sound silly, but I speak from experience. When you are teenagers, friends can be fickle and can turn on you for little reason. Next thing you know…

  • addison

    janes a bitch

  • lexie

    uh huh

  • Ariana

    omg are you serious! all girls do this just because she is famous your trashing her! i love miley and i always will no matter what and if you are going to hate her from a picture or two of her with her friend then you were never really a fan! WHO CARES! she is a normal teenage girl who is just extremely talented! seriosuly its not like she is going out to clubs and getting drunk you all are so immature I LOVE YOU MILEY STAY STRONG!

  • belle

    as if teen girls dnt do dat its ive seen alot of girls posin like dat wit dr friends

  • bbhbhbb

    well i never liked her even in the begining soooo i dont really care

  • matt

    Thos photos aren’t even scandalous. Just two girls with nothing better to do. The only thing disturbing about them that I find is Miley and how unattractive she is.

  • Vanessahundgens

    New new video for vanessa hudgens click here:

  • Madonna

    Yuck, she has no taste.

  • Tammy

    Umm to the person Zanessa,

    Yeah Miley Cheated on Nick. That’s why i dont like her. She cheated on him with a guy named Wesley Quinn.

    **You can actually googel Wesley Quinn and see pictures***

    The guy isnt that hot. i would have stayed with Nick cuz he’s AMAZING. but Wesley? I mean common. She’s bouncing to different guys.

    Thats gonna give her a bad reputation.

  • Zanessa Fan

    C’mon people! They’re just fooling around!

  • random

    are you serious? people are actually making these images a big deal ? dudddeee, alot of girls take pictures like these. its not like they’re pulling out a bong and smoking pot infront of the freaking camera or stripping ! get over it. they’re only having fun. it only “looks bad” to some people, because she’s a celebrity. if it were you or your friends, i bet you guys wouldn’t make such a big deal about it ! hate her or love her, these pictures STILL doesn’t deserve to get this much judgement, sheesh. give the girl a break!

  • eira

    who fucking cares? those pics arent even scandalous!

  • rincez26

    “What I decided before I came out to L.A. and started working was the minute I didn’t have fun was the minute I go home.”

    I like this line :) Go Miley!

  • Felicity

    Come on guys, I’m sure that almost all of you out there have taken stupid pictures of yourself while with a friend, everyone does, for a laugh. There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s no point on bashing Miley for it, and anyway, what’s done is done, nobody can change the past. If it’s true about her cheating then maybe you can dislike her slightly ( since if you had a guy like Nick Jonas, you’d NEVER cheat on him!) but that’s no reason to hate somebody. Just remember that deep down ( way down!) that Miley is just the same as you, a teenage girl with feelings.


    well i love her ! like vanessa :P
    but who cares?? she isn’t naked or stuff like that.. she is just having fun :)
    keep rockin’ miley! and i love her outfits! so stylish..
    she is hot!

  • katy

    omg all the people whos calling her a slut !
    all she is doing is takeing fun pics with her friends
    n i would bet all the $$$$ in the world [if i had that much] u take pics with ur friends n +++ how do u no thats really miley there r lots of girls that look like her

  • jason

    she is feral ..don;t know how she got famous…ooh wait her dad

  • lu

    fugly brat!

  • davesmomster

    OMG stop it you guys. This is a child you are demeaning. Just a normal kid having some goofy time with a friend. I agree with Miley that it is sad for her friend who is not famous and is not used to dealing with the ugliness. And stop calling a child “ugly”. Rush Limbaugh once held up a picture of Chelsea Clinton when she was 15 and said she looked like a horse and his whole audience was cheering. When did we get so mean? Children, regardless of their fame, should not be ridiculed like this. It is beyond cruel and we should be ashamed.

  • Jonas

    I like har ass :-)

  • Jonas

    I like her ass :-)

  • poRk

    i am starting to hate her..she acts like a lesbian

    cute outfit, tho

  • SandyKB

    Just exactly who took these pics and why? And why was she in the hallway with her ‘friend’? Couldn’t she have been more discreet?

  • uh

    she is richer and more adored than you will ever be in your entire life.
    she sells out stadiums in 90 seconds.
    she is hotter than hell and you are nothing.
    stop being so jealous of a little girl, you pathetic piece of garbage.