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Diane Keaton: Katie Holmes is Seductive

Diane Keaton: Katie Holmes is Seductive

Mad Money star Diane Keaton dishes on her daughter Dexter (adopted 1996) and son Duke (adopted 2001) as well as costar Katie Holmes and Katie‘s daughter Suri. Here are some excerpts from the February issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, on newsstands January 8th:

About Suri Cruise: “Suri would come occasionally [to the set of Mad Money with Katie Holmes], and she’s this beautiful, compelling child. She’s very alive in the way that Tom is, and she’s seductive like Katie. Katie’s extremely seductive. I always feel like Katie pulls you to her.”

About why she waited until 50 to be a mom: “I wanted to be in a good relationship. Those good relationships that are strong and substantive never happened for me, and that prolonged my indecisiveness. When I fell in love, that took over my life for a long time. Motherhood was not an urge I couldn’t resist, it was more like a thought I’d been thinking for a very long time…I’d had years of selfishness. And I have to tell you, this is better.”

What she’s learned through her children: “When I’d be attracted to men, I’d wish they’d be more like me. But raising a child, I’m so excited about the differences. I wish I could have felt that way about men when I was younger. I wish I could have appreciated them for what they were about, instead of how they were in relation to me.”

About embarrassing her kids: “I like to take them to school in my bare feet. [And they say:] ‘Can’t you be normal, lady?’ Also, I like to move, and they like for me to stay put.”

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    Hey I’m number one! Woot!

  • j

    i totally agree she hott!!!

  • Chey

    Who calls a 2 year old “seductive?” Geez, I know Keaton has a movie to try and talk people into seeing, but she’s going totally overboard and embarrassing herself.

  • Sophiie

    Tehe. Same :D

  • j

    loved katie since the creek days.

  • pattybell+mandy=lovahs

    pacey looks soooo gay in his recent pix with the gf thats way to good for his fat, acne ass…..i’m just sayin.

  • eddie

    i know it’s hard, but get your minds out of the gutter and into a dictionary (or any book, for that matter).

    seduction is about attraction and allure, which do not necessarily have to be sexual.

    geez, read much besides your own and others’ lame comments on the internet?

  • Rayt

    seductive doesnt just relate to sex Chey…

  • Chey

    seductive doesnt just relate to sex Chey…

    I never said it did. Based on the definition, it is STILL a completely bizarre term with which to describe a two year old.

    Then, again, Keaton is completely bizarre all the time, so…

  • regina414
  • Rayt

    I never said it did. Based on the definition, it is STILL a completely bizarre term with which to describe a two year old


    wtf, how? It means she attracts attention easily, basically. Jeez.

  • life after

    you tell them # 8

  • Kel

    I see the Katie apologists are out in full force.

  • Helena

    I can’t belive that she’s gone from making films with Francis Ford Coppola, Al Pacino, Warren Beatty and Woody Allen to making films with Mandy Moore, Katie Holmes and Queen Latifah. Oh dear.

  • h

    she should really not let her thoughts come out of her mouth….”seductive”? huh? sorry, i know what the definition encompases but the majority of people out there only know it by it’s most common definitions. there are other words she could have used to make her point.

  • carolyn

    you are def onto something with that…..

  • kiti

    She seems to be on damage control on Katie’s behalf as she, no doubt, wants her movie to succeed. People will probably flock to see it out of sheer curiosity. But, she may be right that Katie is a needy person. First, to become an actress, but more importantly to let herself be manipulated by someone like Tom Cruise. That’s how Diane Keaton’s statement about seductive came across to me anyway.

  • Rebecca

    Suri is “seductive”???? Uh-oh … I hope this is not someone with pedophilia in mind.

  • no no

    sorry diane but average cute kate is not seductive, even katie cant stop tommygurls wondering eye..towards

  • Rayt

    lol. Pedophile? omg you’ve been brainwashed by the media

  • sorry suri

    Hate that stupid smirking pic of Katie.

    Keaton is Kool!!

  • sorry suri

    and seductive can be merely charming or enchanting. Sad case where people only know one meaning of a word.

  • sexy suri

    Yeah, Suri is seductive, but Diane’s kids are sensual and slinky.

  • nicole

    What do you expect a average looking old woman talk about another average looking woman and a plain looking kid? and she wants to sell her movie. desperate, you say.

  • Lola

    Um, pedophilia? Excuse me? Ever seen the dictionary def. for seductive? It’s not just sexual.

    –read my blog at

  • Holly

    Cant wait to see Mad Money. Go Keaton and Katie!!!!

  • music

    Katie is undercover hot but a real hottie unlike other actress who are so openly sexy and try hard sexy but are not.

  • Reese

    I love Diane Keaton…..

  • Mira

    Keaton is looking good and love her humor.
    Nice that she is good friends with Katie.
    Katie is a classy young lady.

  • Lois

    They will be on tonight at Access Hollywood.

  • remember da truth

    I am no apologist for Katie, but I can’t believe the stupidity of the people here, and Chey especially. To immediately think that it’s a bizarre word to describe someone, like there’s an age limit on people being “pulled into you”, as she even explains, is weird on YOUR part.
    And H, who is probably Chey agreeing with herself, you really are openly requesting people to dumb things down for you by using different words? Maybe because “seductive” has 3 syllables you can’t understand it, except to think of it as sexual? No, “most people” aren’t as illiterate as you. Just you and your friends.

    Jeez….. No wonder the whole world laughs at Americans as stupid, uncivilized, and a country in sharp decline.

    By the way, if you read something once in a while, you would see the word “seduced” used in lots of different connotations — being seduced in business, by an idea, by money, toward a certain lifestyle, to work for someone, to admire someone, toward a religion, etc.

    To think only sexually? How pathetic.

  • wanj

    Diane Keaton —- Please say it ain’t so! You didn’t join the Tom Cruise damage control spaceship… Calling Katie Holmes seductive is insulting all those genuinely seductive women out there. Now, enough with the ass kissing. If Katie wasn’y with TC, you wouldn’t even give her the time of day. It’s sad to see people even at her age trying to suck up and she shouldn’t have to. How many other actresses are in that movie that she didn’t bother to mention????
    Puh-lea-z! I wouldn’t waste my hard earned $$ on this movie…

  • Chey

    And H, who is probably Chey agreeing with herself,>>

    Nice try, “remember da truth,” but no. And so sorry that YOU can’t see past your own “Katie is great” blinders to see that I said it was an odd thing to say regardless of any sexual connotation. A two year old isn’t “alluring” whether you want to believe it or not.

    It was a stupid thing for Keaton to say. Period.

  • lhs

    i’ve read that keaton is a lesbo. maybe she and katie got it on?

  • easy

    This is an easy mystery to solve. Look at how ugly Diane is–now look at Katie Holmes. Rosie O’donnell would look good to Diane. Mystery solved.

  • Libraesque2007

    uh NO, I challenge you people defending the use of the word “seductive” to describe both a toddler and her mother as being o.k…..ask 5 people you know, in an un-biased way “what do you think of a woman describing a toddler as seductive” and see what the answer is. I guarantee the reaction will be exactly the same as most on here. It’s ODD plain and simple.
    And KH seductive???????????? Have you seen interviews with her? SHe’s adolescent at best and spends most of the interview either giggling, or answering every question with the ever riveting “amazing”

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    I agree that so many celebrities related to TomKat tend to go into damage control on their behalf using all the best adjectives under the sun. Like the Beckhams for example who uses the publicity they get for befriending Tom & Katie and GETS SOO ANNOYING with their best propanga about how amazing people the Tomkats are. This is soo 2007 and so last year. But guess what, Dianne Keaton has to apologize for starring in a movie next to Katie Holmes and nobody wants their movie to be a box Office flop.

  • uidiot

    diane must have had a fur burger on set

  • Rachel

    Love these women!!!

  • Janice

    You can ask Diane,Katie and The Queen some questions and they will answer on Moviefone Unscripted Live

  • pixie

    It has no pressure to perform like big blockbusters when this is an Indie comedy that only has a small budget of 12 million.

  • lol

    poor jealous haters who cant stand that many love TomKat

  • urban

    oh darlings, if Katie’s movie will flop she is in the many company of flops by many actresses today especially Oscar winners.

    The only movie and actress that hit it big at the box office are Amy Adams with Enchanted and Janet Jackson’s comedy Why did I Get married. And Katherine Heigl’s comedy Knocked Up.

    The rest are flopping.

    Read Box office mojo for the facts

  • legs

    seductive? didn’t think so. but suri is adorable.

  • ihavenolife

    i like diane keaton. she always seem so natural in movies, like acting is effortless for her.

  • remember da truth

    Guess what Chey. I don’t think Katie is great, and think the whole Cruise family is a bit strange. You don’t have to think Katie is great to think that alluring, sexually or not, is not the only definition of seductive, especially when Keaton even explains the definition she means — being pulled into you.
    She is saying this little girl draws your attention to her. Pretty innocuous stuff, if you ask me, or any literate, normal person.

    As for Keaton lowering herself to kiss Katie’s ass — totally agree. This is a woman who has been a top American actress in comedies and dramas for almost 30 years. She is blatantly promoting the movie, and knows that people are interested in the robot wife and the fake baby, but still, it’s a bit nauseating and over the top coming from someone for whom Katie isn’t fit to wipe her shoes, much less act with. The little child is cute, and just might be seductive in gaining all the attention for herself, but frankly, I’d rather hear about how Keaton felt about working with Queen Latifah, a true talent.

  • remember da truth

    What sort of idiot thinks Diane Keaton is a lesbian?!?! LOL!!! This is a woman who not only looks fantastic for her age, looks 20 years younger than her age, but was so good-looking as an older woman, she was asked to get naked in a movie well into her 50′s — and did it!

    She is so sexy, she never married because she was having too much fun dating interesting and powerful men in serious relationships that would last for a time, then on to the next after a few years, and has lived her whole life linked to one man after another, from Warren Beatty to Jack Nicholson to Al Pacino, even Woody Allen, and Keanu Reeves, much younger than she is.

    Really, people on here are so ignorant. They probably don’t even know the first thing about Diane Keaton but just want to hate on someone because they really hate themselves.

  • Not a kh hater or lover but…

    Hate me if you want. But I’m sorry I agree with Chey.

    There are several words that one uses to describe a 2yr old. “Oh she’s such a vibrant little girl, very precocious, loquacious, rambunctious, bright, happy, etc but seductive is not one of them. I don’t think she meant anything sexual about it we all know what she meant, she goes on to painfully explain it. However for a woman as talented as she is, I would hope that Diane could find more appropriate descriptive terms for little Suri. Also I get tired of hearing how classy Katie Holmes is. What’s so classy about her exactly? What has she done outside of shop, fake a marathon run and allow herself to be dragged around and showcased like some rare peacock, that one can attribute to “class”? Does she try to lend her time to the needy? Does she try to introduce her child to culture (museums, real parks, zoos for more than photo ops or play dates that are age appropriate)? Does she even vote? What is classy about her? Yes she seems to be a sweet and genuinely nice girl, but that does not equate to “classy”.

    I’ve heard that she has such a fashion sense. How so? Honestly lovers, haters and those who are indifferent can all remember back a looong time ago…what 2 years ago? When this girl wore nothing but scrungy jeans and sweaters. Posh decides to dress her up to look like her and now the girl has a fashion sense? NOT!!! She has a handler who dresses her and styles her hair, otherwise Katie looks like she dressed in the dark. She is a cute girl but far from a raving beauty and the only thing remotely seductive about her was that beautiful hair she hacked off for the sake of her so called fashion sense. A style she seems completely unable to keep up. And as for this movie being a failure. It probably will but not because it’s Katie Holmes , or any of the other women, but more because of the plot. It’s just not interesting. Katie has done some decent movies in her time, but PLEASE DO NOT COMPARE HER box office success or failure to OSCAR WINNERS SUCH AS Blanchett, Roberts, Jolie, Theron, Berry, Weiss, or Swank. This girl will NEVER be in their league because she’s just not that strong an actress. She’ll do okay but great success she won’t have.

    Admit it.

  • HollywoodSleepsWithMossad

    When I see katie holmes I always hear her saying, “Pork chops and apple sauces.”

  • HollywoodSleepsWithMossad

    Hey, who added that s to sauce?

    It would be seductive if Katie said, “Pork chops and apple sauce.”