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Eddie Murphy's Wedding Pictures

Eddie Murphy's Wedding Pictures

People has the first exclusive photo of newlyweds Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds after being married during a sunset ceremony on New Year’s Day on a private island off Bora Bora in French Polynesia.

Tracey, 40, is the former wife of Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. Murphy, 46, has a baby girl, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, with Melanie “Sporty Spice” Brown. Angel was born on Eddie‘s 46th birthday, April 3, 2007.

Peep for the full-sized photo for read up on all the wedding details here.

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Photos: George Burns/La Storia Foto
Posted to: Eddie Murphy, Tracey Edmonds

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  • Jelena

    they are adorable and Im first

  • Helena

    Who cares? It’ll go down the shitter within 2 months.

  • Yup

    She’s looking an awfully like Eddie’s first wife Nicole in that picture.

  • Wedding Photographers

    They look great. I’d love to see more of their wedding.

  • Bre

    About effin’ time.

  • Anon

    Apparently a wedding isn’t legal in Polynesia unless you’ve resided there for 30 days? (Not that it matters all that much.)

  • xioneida

    She looks beautiful!

  • secy

    Mel B is scary spice btw.

  • Didi

    i wonder if she has a c*ck

  • lele89119

    he doesn’t look all that happy to me. He needed to keep up the farce that he’s not on the down low even though everyone knows he is. his “Best Man” was his “Boyfriend” Johnny Gill.


    hope it’ll last.

  • he is g ay

    tracey’s not cute,sorry,but man did she and baby face have a mega mansion that was to die for,when they were together, hope she’s prepared for eddie being into men,-literally into men., and his cross dressing.

  • margie

    wa he married b4??

  • look

    This was Eddie’s first wedding picture to Nicole

  • the-girl-in-denmark

    Eddie you are not a good man, after what you have done to Mel B.

  • the-girl-in-denmark

    Eddie you are not a good man, after what you have done to Mel B.

  • the-girl-in-denmark

    And Mel b. isn’t “sporty spice” but “scary spice” :D

  • Miapocca

    Are these two for real..they think people are wishing them well..she is just too stupid and he is a disgrace…!!

  • H

    Ugh Eddie, you disgusting man. You father a child – have it caught on camera you don’t believe she is yours – even though this child will SEE what her father said about her one day – and then LIE about standing up and being her father once the DNA test proves it.

    The DNA test DID prove it, and what do you know, no contact with your daughter, no payments, nothing.

    You disgust me! So does your partner if she can marry someone who does that!

    I’m sure this marriage will last. Not.

    Mel is Scary, not Sporty, btw.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,car, shoes, man

    Sporty spice Jared? lol.Congrats to them, hope his child support check in the mail.

  • Lola

    He was terrible about Mel B, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve happiness with his new wife. Hey, good people make bad mistakes. And he’s a brilliant comedian.

    –read my blog at

  • yo

    i still love donkey’s character but eddie you as a man have made a fool of yourself. tracey is being a business woman marrying cash anf fame ,and i wonder if theres a prenup-she has 2 kids eddie has 5 ,i think and 1 from Mel.

  • LD

    Eddie is freaky. Even before the transvestite story, I had a friend that was into the East Village scene and said that Eddie was into kinky s-hit. Not sure if he participated but he liked to watch.

  • Diama

    they are so cute together

  • goldend

    c’mon !!! he´s on the DL.

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    ewwww..Traci Edmonds is a shameful woman to accept a man with his morals as low as dirt. These two people make marriage so trivial.

  • Dani

    scary spice not sporty spice. c’mon Jared. one’s black, one’s white lol

  • lookwhaticando

    Eddie is an azz, and I wont do anything to support his endeavors, who cares if he no long wants to be involved with Scary Spice, sometime relationships just dont work out, but to abandon is flesh and blood, is unthinkable, He is a dead beat, and again, an azz hole

  • green

    How could she go from babyface edmonds to this jerk. Must be the money

  • Ellen

    good for him i love Eddie Murphey How Ever you spell his name hes soooooo funny

  • lils

    I totally agree w/#29!!! That was my first thought when I found out who she was. Babyface is way better looking. I mean Eddie Murphy is funny, but I can’t believe what he did to Mel B.

  • folly

    Eddie Murphy has paid child support but he has not spent time with his daughter, that the public knows of anyway. It’s not everything that we have a right to know and maybe Mel has decided to listen to Eddie and take the whole arrangement out of the public domain.

    Eddie was ticked with Mel for trying to force his hand by going public and decided to be stubborn about it. Maybe Mel has decided to keep her mouth shut in order to facilitate her daughter’s relationship with the father. We don’t know everything about these people’s lives.

  • Dinno

    Quoted from the article “…Tracey, 40, is the former wife of Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. Murphy, 46, has a baby girl, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, with Melanie “Sporty Spice” Brown. Angel was born on Eddie’s 46th birthday, April 3, 2007.”
    Just wanna tell you that Melanie Brown’s Spice girls nickname is not “Sporty Spice”, but “Scary Spice”

  • Ruth

    I hope that the new Mrs. Murphy knows that weddings carried out in Bora Bora are not legal if the participants haven’t been living there for about a month and won’t be recognized as such if her marriage reaches the divorce courts. For her sake she better arrange another (legal) marriage in the US!

  • Jade

    Mel B is Scary Spice not sporty! : )

  • ping

    Though Eddie Murphy is a good comedian, he also has the right to choose his woman. Maybe, the fling with Me B was just a mistake and it so happen that Eddie was in love with Tracey at the same time. You know how life is. Besides, Tracey has more money than Mel B.
    Money talks.

  • ANonymous

    …yeah he is rather a disgusting sort of man to do what he did to Mel B and worse his own child.
    Why would a woman like this one still go ahead and marry the creep..because money will make a woman trade her common sense and morals. Bottom line. sad but true.

  • Dach

    I love me some Eddie. That is a cute picture of the couple.



  • reggie

    Kudos to Helena [comment #2] who’s psychic powers were off just a little bit; you thought they would last 2 months…, but you must have meant 2 weeks!

    Wow, and what could go wrong in Bora Bora after dating for over a year? I guess Tracey realized she didn’t want to financially help out with Eddie’s child support payments to his ex-wife and Mel B. aka Scary Spice. (As a side comment, did you see Scary Spice’s body on “Dances with the Stars” and how fine she looked.. and that’s after a baby!)

    One thing is for sure, Eddie’s got great taste in women, but didn’t he give america the advice/comment, “It’s cheaper to keep her..” Hmmm

  • jammie12

    lol this guy doesnt know what he wants first he gay now he’s hiding it come on be for real you cant hide your past he basically did this for spite and she isnt any better how are you going to marry someone like that .. lol you know that will rise eyebrows . Babyface is a wonderful person , you just got bored with him, what you should have done was spicen it up a bit instead of moving on like that .. always remember girl .. what come around goes around.

  • jammie12

    oh please

  • nasty fresh

    well, why are you people talkin about peoples business like you are liven their lives like you are watchin a soap or something and know the details of their personal business, that by the way dosent really effect nor concern you. Congrants., hope you find happieness together, and hey who is perfect anyway. People remember Eddie is a famous comedian not the Dali lama, Oh and that bald headed monk movie he was in it was called ACTING!!!! mmm bye bye nasty fresh out ! Beam me up Bitches!!!!!!!!!


    IN LOVE.


    IN LOVE.