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Justin Chambers @ Knott's Berry Farm

Justin Chambers @ Knott's Berry Farm

Grey’s Anatomy star Justin Chambers, aka Dr. Alex Karev, and his wife Keisha start off the new year at the Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park in Buena Park, Calif. on Wednesday.

The Chambers brought along their five children — Isabella, 12, fraternal twins Maya and Kaila, 10, Eva, 8, and Jackson, 6.


Grey’s returns with one all-new episode (”Lay Your Hands On Me”) on Thursday, Jan 10. It’s the last one completed before the writers’ strike.

More pictures inside of Justin Chambers, 37, at Knott’s Berry Farm…

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68 Responses to “Justin Chambers @ Knott's Berry Farm”

  1. 1
    MMM Says:

    Eh, they are ok.

  2. 2
    Lillianne Says:

    AW what a nice family. Five kids!!

  3. 3
    Julieanne Says:

    Cute family….

    3rd to comment… YAY!

  4. 4
    zanessa Says:

    he’s soo cute! yes..nice family!! xD

  5. 5
    elodie Says:

    he’s hot!

  6. 6
    George Says:

    Uhh… its Buena Park not Buena Vista. but who would want to go to knotts? its always the same!

  7. 7
    matahari Says:

    His wife is Indonesian

  8. 8
    sonitera Says:

    JARED, I think that Isabella is 12, Maya and Kaila are 10, Eva is 8, and Jackson is 6.

    matahari, his wife is Latin, he said so himself.

  9. 9
    london Says:

    his wife is actually black, light skinned, but black just the same.

  10. 10
    Just Jared Says:

    Thanks, sonitera! I forgot to factcheck those–I got lazy! Hah.

  11. 11
    jessie Says:

    this is the prettiest family!

  12. 12
    CELEBREXviagara Says:

    @ #7

    Justin’s wife isn’t INdonesian. Though many Indonesians and black and may not attest to it, Keisha on the other hand is black American..

    If you noticed that the girl that has “OLIVIA” on her shirt looks more like Keisha’s side.

    Keisha has small eyes and coupled with Justin’s complexion, Jackson looks hispanic..

  13. 13
    Andrea Says:

    He is 37?!
    He have 5 children?
    OMG, I though he was single and with no children.

  14. 14
    Jessi Says:

    his wife is actually dominican, i remember an interview where they asked him where did he take his last trip to? he said to the dominican republic cause his wife is from there and they went to see her parents.

  15. 15
    chris Says:

    Cuteness overload! Adorable family and Justin = DILF!

  16. 16
    Coward SHILOH Says:


  17. 17
    the real jc. Says:

    What a fine piece of ass he is and such a cute family. He looks so much younger than he is. I wonder what his secret is. You would think with a wife and all those kids he’d be grey all over and look 100. Must have very good genes and boy would I love to be a pair of his jeans. WOO HOO. What a party I would have.

  18. 18
    KarenA Says:

    Totally cute!

  19. 19
    sonitera Says:

    seriously, SHE IS LATIN, he said so on Rachel Ray (I know, I know it’s a bad choice), he also said that the sisters beat up on Jackson because they are strong Latin women and additionally, he mentioned that Keisha is a great pepperpot cooker, which is a Latin dish.
    If you don’t believe me check it out on youtube.

  20. 20
    black Says:

    Daddy cool…

  21. 21
    Karla Says:

    I love Justin.
    Such a cute family. Looks like they had fun. :)

  22. 22
    Jessi Says:

    she’s 100% dominicana, from the dominican republic, it doesn’t get more latin than

  23. 23
    gain Says:

    **** up

  24. 24
    gain Says:

    **** u tits balls **** u little **** ass *****

  25. 25
    Helena Says:

    5 Children?! So I guess that makes him a DILF!

  26. 26
    Diana Says:

    They look like they had a fun time. Justin seems like such a great dad and a very gorgeous dad too! Keisha is one lucky woman!

    I can’t believe there’s only 1 new episode of Grey’s left… I wish the strike would end soon so we could get a few more episodes this season. I need my Alex Karev/Grey’s fix!!!

  27. 27
    cici Says:

    his children are absolutely adorable! the girls look more like their mom but his son looks more like him… they’re all really cute kids though.

  28. 28
    CELEBREXviagara Says:

    @ #19

    Latin can be anything.. Latin relates to Latin America where there are all races. Spanish, French and Portuguese are spoken.. as well as English.. Barry Bonds is Latin, Sammy Sosa, Celia Cruz was and so is Wyclef Jean.. What’s your point?

    However Keisha is black American of Dominican decent.. Pepper Pot is a Guyanese dish and that country is located in South America.. Some other countries in the caribbean make it but it is a staple of that country..
    Again, these countries have high African populations..

  29. 29
    CELEBREXviagara Says:

    @ #22 – Jesse..

    Dominican(a) is a nationality.. Latin or Hispanic is an ethnicity, her being black has absolutely nothing to do with that!! One can’t hide behing silly labels..

    Jessi @ 01/03/2008 at 3:16 pm she’s 100% dominicana, from the dominican republic, it doesn’t get more latin than

  30. 30
    she is not cute Says:

    his wife is so fug, she is ,and her nose is like calabus from the movie clash of the titans..ewww.

  31. 31
    CY Says:

    It’s Buena Park, CA not Buena Vista.

  32. 32
    Lips,tits,butt,car, shoes, man Says:

    Nice family.

  33. 33
    Lola Says:

    Cute family, but I hate Gray’s Anatomy. So it gets canceled out.

    –read my blog at

  34. 34
    Mari Says:

    AAWw such cute kids!

  35. 35
    beautiful Says:

    His wife is Black.

  36. 36
    ruby slippers Says:

    His wife Keisha is black, black American.

  37. 37
    Lula29 Says:

    Wow, what’s up with the race debate.

    Just because you’re dominican doesn’t mean you aren’t of African descent. Latino, dominican, etc., is not a race.

    Is she any less his wife because she’s black?

  38. 38
    torogi Says:

    that’s cool. half my school works there, lol

    by the way, it’s not Buena’s Buena Park.

  39. 39
    Aggi Says:

    isn’t Isabella 10, Maya and Kaila 8, Eva 6 and Jackson 5?

  40. 40
    gogogoba Says:

    My mom is from Antigua in the West Indies and they make pepperpot too. A lot of Dominicans are predjudiced against their dark skinned counterparts, which is sad. The slavery mentality lives on us minorities and thats is such a shame.

  41. 41
    DONALD Says:

    what???? whoever posted that Keisha is “fug” clearly isn’t trying to hide their jeolousy… must be the fact that you have one eyeball in the center of your head. that explainse the blindness! git a life and quit hatin…she’s gorgeous!

  42. 42
    DONALD Says:

    oh..and by the way…keisha’s brother is fine too!

  43. 43
    Hulla Says:

    His daughter with the Olivia shirt is gorgeous.

  44. 44
    Ellen Says:

    hes so cute i watch Greys Anotomy Every Thursday hes they hottest guy ive ever met but i think Zac Efrons More Cute but the man is one sexie man

  45. 45
    vishaal Says:

    Actually, it’s Buena PARK, CA.

  46. 46
    Samantha Says:

    their kids are so cute. long live the phenomenon!!!

  47. 47
    Emmanuel Says:

    Knott’s Berry Farm is in Buena Park not Buena Vista.

  48. 48
    Jenny Says:

    Holy molly! I can’t believe he has 5 kids. I guess thye really love to have babies…lol

  49. 49
    Tilly Says:

    What a gorgeous family. I like how when we see paparazzi shots of Chambers he’s always surround by his 1,000 kids. He seems really grounded.

  50. 50
    he's cute the wife not Says:

    His wife is some kind of ugly. Stop lying.

  51. 51
    curliegurl Says:

    PEOPLE…believeit or not, Latin Americans can be black. The same way Americans can be black.

  52. 52
    ViK Says:

    Oh stop bitchin’! Some of you white folks can’t stand to see him with a woman who isn’t white! Get over it. He loves her and that’s ALL that matters. imo, they are a beautiful couple and their mixed babies are BEAUTIFUL!

  53. 53
    Tyra Says:

    Speak on it, Vik!

    They seem to be a very close and loving family. The family I grew up with doesn’t even come CLOSE to what I see when I look at their family.

  54. 54
    Madonna Says:

    I know it says so at the top, but WHO?

  55. 55
    Person Says:

    That would be Buena PARK, CA

  56. 56
    greatness Says:

    #30. Spoken like a true hater. And I guess she’s SOOO ugly that it was just torture for him to marry her AND have FIVE kids with her.

  57. 57
    anet Says:

    ahhh great family…

  58. 58
    If She was Asian and from cuba Says:

    Would she be be considered LATIN/HISPANIC to you then? No. She would be called Asian of Cuban nationality.

    Similarly……….A black woman born anywhere in the world is still of the black race.

    Some people are not that smart…………….

  59. 59
    Po Says:

    omg….I didn’t know he has children…Well, not five !
    My dream’s just been crashed.

    Anyway, He’s like the hottest dad ever…Wow.

  60. 60
    caliblonde Says:

    why is there an arguement about her race, keisha is black also Latin or latino is not a race, hispanic isn’t either its an ethnic group made up of there different races white spanish people from spain, black africans and native americans , thats why hispanics or latinos look the way they do some are “white” some are “black” and some look “indian or native american” so saying she not black shes latin is really stupid

  61. 61
    caliblonde Says:

    anyway back to the main point of this post which is THE FAMILY , I think they are really cute they are not a fake hollywood one I love that about them

  62. 62
    dreamchaser Says:

    celebrex, i’m so glad you pointed out that even if she’s domnican…she can still be BLACK. and you’re right, dominican is a NATIONALITY…NOT an ethnicity. although, a lot of latins seem to be too ignorant to realize the difference. i visited the dominican last year and they have black people there who are often darker than a lot of black americans. the slave ships stopped there just like they did in america. no difference…they are just blacks who speak spanish. that’s all. his wife is a black woman…regardless if she’s dominican…she’s still black. you can LOOK at her and see it.

  63. 63
    McHottie Says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH I hate His wife I LOVE Grey’s Anatomy he should be witha Izzie cuz they make a cute couple!!!!!!!!!!

    Holla McHottie

  64. 64
    NIKKI Says:

    As a JC fan — I am very offended EVERYTIME an article on him is posted, and Keisha’s race seems to come the main topic.

  65. 65
    toro2525 Says:

    Ok, being 3rd generation Dominican-American, I think I can clarify a little more on the issue. For the most part, the majority of Dominicans are of mixed ancestry (Spanish and African – even French – with some Taino/Arawak indigenous blood), with the remainder being of pure African or Spanish descent, and the remainder being Asian, European and Middle Eastern whose ancestors immigrated to the island around the beginning of the 20th century, and the Haitians who also come into the country (DR) to work. Looking at Dominicans here in the states and on the island, we run the gamut of the color spectrum – from the very fair to the very dark, and the mixture of three continents is very evident, just like in Brazil.

    In regards to the label of ‘black,’ many Dominicans do not consider themselves ‘black’ (much like many dark skinned Brazilians do not consider themselves black) because of the mixture. Now, some people, especially here in the US consider it to be a form of ‘denial’ of ones heritage (black), and I myself here that all the time when people attempt to put me in the box of being a BLACK american. Ill be the first to correct and say that I am a DOMINICAN-american of mixed ancestry. It doesnt negate one’s blackness, it just puts it in the the broader context and sense that hey – it isnt just black, there are other aspects of my family that are here as well, not just one (even looking at my family, one can see the mixture). And NO, this has nothing to do with a colonial mentality, but embracing EVERY facet of one’s heritage. And this is especially the case in those countries OUTSIDE the US who do not conform to such restrictive labels of ‘black’ or ‘white’ (though some do, albeit informally) and whose history and ancestry is nothing but a constant mixture will acknowledge more of the mixture than being just ‘black’ or ‘white.’ Now, it is something of a novelty here going BEYOND those labels, being that people (black AND white) here are still of the ‘one drop rule’ mindset in this country (which was racist legislation that was passed at the first quarter of the century, by the way) and will resort to the tactic of labeling that person ‘black’ because a person may ‘look it’ in features or by the dark complexion, regardless of their racial composite, surname or anything else that they may not know about that person.

    To have people bring a different approach to race in this day and age, well, I wont hold my breath. But to those who do see the shades of gray in between the ‘black’ and ‘white,’ I definitely commend you on your enlightened mindset. Hope this helps to demystify some of the debate.

  66. 66
    Adolph Says:

    That’s my son sitting in front of you on the roller coaster ride.
    He was there for the Rose Parade, and traveled all the way
    from Niceville, FL to march with his high school band in the
    parade. He was shocked to see his photo with a celebrity.
    His name is Johnny.

  67. 67
    Abby Says:

    Isabella is my bffl!!!!! she hasn’t been going to our school for a few years now tho… but shes coming back this friday – THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!! yay!!!!!!! lol shes really nice and fun 2 be around and we R gettin together Wed. after school.
    – <3Abby<3

  68. 68
    Trina Perez Says:

    @sonitera: A lot of Latinos are of African descent. Slaves were transported to Latin America first. learn history. I’m a black Latino, Dominican. And my ancestors are African and Indian. Brazil Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, etc.. all have African ancestry

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