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Celebrity Guess Who -- Like Mother, Like Son

Celebrity Guess Who -- Like Mother, Like Son

Guess which mother-son pair is hiding from paparazzi?


Sarah Jessica Parker & James Wilke!

Sarah Jessica Parker, 42, husband Matthew Broderick, 45, and son James Wilke, 5, arrive at JFK airport in New York City on Wednesday after their vacation in Hawaii.

10+ pictures below of SJP @ JFK…

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sarah jessica parker jfk 01
sarah jessica parker jfk 02
sarah jessica parker jfk 03
sarah jessica parker jfk 04
sarah jessica parker jfk 05
sarah jessica parker jfk 06
sarah jessica parker jfk 07
sarah jessica parker jfk 08
sarah jessica parker jfk 09
sarah jessica parker jfk 10

Photos: Anderson-DiSciullo/Bauer-Griffin
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  • zandvluver

    woooo!!!!!!!!!!!. fisrt never been first!…lol

    love her!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • keana

    aww thats so cute!

  • zandvluver

    luv her first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rick


    oh btw i dont know

  • lewsers zandvluver you are just sooooooo cool for being oh wow oh wow..NOT. get a life and something new to feel proud about.
    #4 learn how to count.. you’re not first.

  • zandvluver

    #5 STOP HATING!!!!… these posts arent for HATERS!!.. so do us a favor and leave!!!

    idiot :]

  • Ericka

    I don’t think it’s cute at all. I think It’s pretty sad that he knows to do that if he doesn’t want his picture taken.

  • kate


  • zandvluver

    love her so much I cant wait for the movie!

    woo!!! FIRST!!!!…lol

  • bit bit

    haha@zandvluver he’s all sad becuase you put him down for being first!!!!!!!! he must live a sad wittle life if this is his big proud moment. gold star goes to zandvluver for trolling the jared boards long enough to be first.. you earned it ya freakazoid.
    i’m going to get off the compooter now and do stuff with real-life people.. imagine that :x

  • Jules

    Luv that family because they’re not media hogs…like brad and angie amd gwen and her follow along husband. Im sick of Kingston too although i feel bad saying that since he’s just a kid. I would just like to see more of some celebrity kids besides Posh , Gwen, Nicole, yada,yada,yada……..

  • ann

    this is not a site for just fans, duh. anyone can post on here, if you haven’t noticed.

    anyway, don’t like her. she has a horse face. =/ hmm, yeah. that’s all i gotta say.

    and UNLIKE #11, i’d like to see more of posh/becks and gwen/gavin and their beautiful kids!

  • Lori

    I hear you R11. I am sick of Brangelina’s kids and Gwen and Gavin’s kid’s every move documented on film. Though, I think the paps should have just left SJP and her kid alone.

  • ck

    Matthew Broderick looks kinda, I dunno… dowdy? What’s up with that??

  • farah

    Sarah is a very talented, and good person and unlike Brangelina, Tomkat and Gwen she wants the publicity to be about her WORK not about her and her baby or family time. Good for her. I hate publicity whores.

  • mindy

    i feel bad for the little boy and i don’t mean sarah jessica

  • Coward SHILOH

    Shiloh Pitt is going to be a coward child as she is illegitimate


  • mystixraingenres

    to those who keep on mentioning brangelina,

    you must miss them so much to even mention them on a thread that doesn’t have anything to do with them. if you don’t like them, then just skip the thread and stop complaining that they’re being photographed all the time. but you never really get it, do you?!

    it’s New Year already so stop being trolls. you can like SJP without having to put other family down.

    well, can’t wait for Sex and the City movie! wohooo!

  • mimi

    Wow! Sooo cute!!!
    James is really look alike his father!

  • Katherine


  • rae

    This is sad. Children shouldn’t have to hide from the paparazzi. And at 5, he shouldn’t already have to know how to hide his face like the adults do.

  • jackie

    It is so sad that a kid that young has to learn that he has enemies.

  • to0ota

    awww thats cute ! same mom same son :P

  • Raquel

    The kid is so thin!!!! And she is a fashion icon but the little boy is so badly dress!!!!!

  • Sarahjessicaparker

    Thanks alot guys!

  • Regina

    LOL at #25.

    And he’s cute.

  • legs

    gosh, the papz are so into the kiddos of the celebrities nowadays. i wonder if all of these celebrity babies will be the future celebrities of hollywood?! whatever.

  • nw

    It is sad. Children should be off limits. Sites just post them so people can say nasty things about them so they can feel superior to the parents who they are jealous of. The fact that at 5 he shields his face is very very sad. There is a new term I never heard of 3 years ago: celebrity baby. It should be celebrity’s baby but Shioloh, Suri, Kingston and the rest have become celebrities themselves because they are photographed so much.

  • Didi

    its really sad that the kid has been taught how to prevent his pic being taken. I dont know celebs waste so much time teaching their kids to avoid
    paps since its an inevitable part of their life.

    just let them take you f*cking picture and move on. Whats the big deal. even if your arm is covering your face, it’ll still get printed and you’ll look like a moron

  • Daria

    haha soo cute

  • jw

    Probably hiding his eyes because of the flashbulbs that go off when pictures are taken. Sad that they can’t get off an airplane without being bombarded.

  • thisissad

    This is really sad…. just because he’s been taught, before he’s even aware for himself, that the press/paps are bad rather than somebody who have a big role in both his parents careers.

    There are plenty of celebs that do that and then the paps cant complain they dont have pics, u cant complain youve been hassled, you can all move on.

    No, I dont believe that kids should be chased by paps BUTTTT, if the situation does come up, smile, get on with it and move on. Dont instill in your young childs head that this person is the enemy as that will affect them physcologically for the rest of their lives.

  • swedish

    sarah jessica parker

  • Anon

    These pictures are sad. I think it is wrong for the paparazzi to take pictures of the minor children of celebrities with out their permission. It is really wrong. It should be illegal. It terrifies little kids and the paparazzi don’t just “point and shoot” they say stuff. Lots of the stuff they say is unprintable. They are vile nasty people. And SJP and Matthew are usually pretty good about this, but it is clearly upsetting to all of them. Why don’t the paps stick with Britney. They already helped drive her crazy and she didn’t have that far to go.

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  • Lola

    How is it SAD and not cute if he doesn’t want the paparazzi prying into every little detail of his life?

    –read my blog at

  • just lurking/08

    #17 Coward Shiloh —Shame on you. You are the COWARD not Shiloh.
    You are hiding behind your computer and picking a fight with a child who is not even two years old and who can not fight back. Why don’t you try pick a fight with Donald Trump. He can fight back. YOU ARE A COWARD.

  • sara

    I think this is sad because they had to teach him to cover up his face like that. I have kids and I have seen other people kids and they love to have their picture taken.
    I think celebs are teaching the kids to be fearfull. So if it’s so scary being in his moms arms and a paps taking his picture, then they should quite this business. The no privacy life style seems to go with this business. Both have been in it long enough to know what it’s all about.
    I think they want the money but do not want what comes with it.
    I want the money that comes with my job but some of the duties that come with I don’t like so much, it’s the samething.

  • musicisourhigh

    Something cute yet sad about the little guy having to cover is face

  • craig stairs

    what’s she hiding from, who she is? dumb slut.

  • remember da truth

    Didi, speaking of moron, the kid probably wasn’t taught, but did it naturally because it’s not just “take the picture and move on”. They trip them and get in their faces and block them. The flashes hurt the eyes of adults, let alone little kids’ eyes.

    If you don’t know what you’re talking about, STFU.

  • lil me

    I was gonna say the same thing #41. If you watch videos of the paparazzi around a celeb you would understand why people cover their faces. It’s in your face, aggressive, and constant flashes.

  • someone

    I think he’s just mimicking his mom. That’s what kids do.

  • Sharon

    I agree someone, I think he is mimicking his mom. Kids love to do that.

  • sarobey

    So cute!!!

  • Lara

    I guess that kid’s not hiding his face but just off flashing light – you can see they came out of dark to all paps who began shooting and flashing right onto their faces…