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Nicole Kidman's Wharf Night Out

Nicole Kidman's Wharf Night Out

Nicole Kidman and country superstar husband Keith Urban ate a romantic dinner together on Thursday at the Wharf Theatre restaurant in Sydney, Australia.

The loved-up couple caught the Cate Blanchett-directed play, “Blackbird”, after dinner. It’s been reported that Nicole picked up Keith after his AA/NA meeting.

Blackbird is shocking, compelling and morally challenging, with its focus on the taboo of child sexual abuse. The storyline is about a 12-year-old girl’s relationship with a pedophile and what happens when she confronts him 15 years later.

P.S. It didn’t look like Nic had much of a baby bump!

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Photos: Sergio Dionisio/Getty
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  • sarah

    2nd…i luv nicole..shez a good actress

  • pj

    she looks nice. I don’t think she’s pregnant.

  • Helena

    I think Nic’s pregnant, but she’ll end up getting a miscarriage again. I feel sorry for her, I really do.
    Anyway, I would love to see Blackbird, the story is interesting and Cate the Great is directing…also getting rave reviews, if only I lived in Australia :P.


    love the dress

  • ….

    she’s a little ugly & old, i dont like her very much

  • Belinda

    I think it’s POSSIBLE that she is pregnant. The last 2 sets of pictures I’ve seen of her she is wearing dresses with slightly raised waists. It’s hard to say right now.

  • anthony

    I don’t see a bump yet, but I hope she is preg. since she has always wanted to have a baby..I wish them luck no matter what, and she looks amazing here

  • dmiles

    You have the best pictures of this great couple. Thanks!! He is sooo sexy and she is an awesome actress.

  • Say WHAT!!

    …. @ 01/03/2008 at 4:29 pm
    she’s a little ugly & old, i dont like her very much

    I would be deathly afraid of you if I was anywhere near you. You sound like the kind of creep who abuses old and otherwise helpless people – ya know, the ted bundy type.

    Not only is Nicole nowhere near old, she is lightyears beyond your miserable, worthless, pathetic existence.

  • Yorick

    Kidman is gaining weight for a role in a movie called “The Reader” she’s filming this month

  • carmen

    used to like her with Tom but not anymore…..

  • Dextra

    He looks ticked off and she looks 50 yr old. Maybe he’s mad cause he has to take his Gramma out?

  • Tiredofthefamewhore

    She’s ugly…..what’s with the freakin’ bow in your hair, you freak??? You’re 40 years old, not 4…….Please Lord, don’t let her get pregnant…..we wouldn’t want Keith tied to this stupid skank for the rest of his life…..

  • Buckeyegurl

    I saw on another blog that there was a blind item in one of the NY papers about someone they dubbed ‘botoxface’. It said something like (I’m paraphrasing):

    Botoxface recently found out she is pregnant which is great news since she is 40ish and has wanted a baby for a long time. She has had a couple of miscarraiges in the past, so she had her publicist deny the rumor that recently broke about her being pregnant, since she is only about a month along. Look for her to suddenly get bangs and start wearing hats since she can no longer use botox while pregnant.

    I’m not a Nicole hater or anything, I think she is pretty and very classy, but this sounds like it fits her to a ‘T’.

  • Paola

    She is great and so beautiful.

  • Kat

    How ironic they went to this play. In The Reader, Nicole’s character, 36 years old, has a sexual affair with a 15 year old boy.

  • jhl

    ok #13 and #14, we know that you are Katie “madly jealous of Nicole” Holmes.

  • Amanda

    #11, HELLO JOE!

  • Deb

    Who in their right mind would be jealous of Nicole???

  • Lori

    I for one they will have a child. Good luck to them both. They deserve to be happy. He is an AWESOME etertainer and if she makes him happy so be it. I can’t see why everyone has to be so negative towards them. They are lovely together.

  • natalie

    Hey Jared, where’s the original unhappy pic of Mr. Kidman you originally had posted with this article?

    Is this woman a pervert or something? Her projects involve sexual content with children, and she even attends shows regarding the same subject. As a mother of two, this would be hard for me to watch.

  • oh well

    She probably doesn’t even want kids.

  • Spency

    I hate Kidman haters. I’m tired to see stupid people who want to offend Nicole Kidman. WHAT’S THE PROBLEM WITH HER!??!

    Giveme an answer, I’m sick to see pathetic people without a life to say horrible things to a woman who wants just to live her life.

  • fanny

    where the hell are the new pics ???

  • pr person

    Nat… For petes sake… What are you blabbering about? Here is your quote….

    “Her projects involve sexual content with children” HUH?! Are you nuts?!

  • natalie

    pr person – a bath with a 10 year-old boy, a sexual relationship with a 15 year-old boy – including shower scene, and walking around with sheer PJs on that show your chest and thong in front of her co-star son in the movie. Yea, I call that sexual content!

  • Vivian

    Nicole Kidman is absolutely STUNNING in real life–not that she isn’t in pictures, but I saw her over two years ago at the “Bewitched” premiere in New York and I was completely blown away by the beauty and presence of this woman! She is glamour personified, and she’s also very talented. Contrary to the “ice queen” reputation, she’s every bit as sweet and pleasant in person as she is in interviews. =) I wish her the best in her career and marriage–although she seems quite content with her life right now.

    People can be so negative sometimes… chill out, guys. Who cares if she’s had botox or not? It’s *her* face and body, she can do whatever she pleases with it. And botox or not, she’s still one of the most beautiful women in the world. If she saw her in real life, like her or hate her, would you still not be floored? I’m betting you would be. And don’t give me that “beauty is subjective” bullshit, because you KNOW that you’d be speechless upon seeing her.

    And if you think that anyone in the entertainment industry is completely “natural” in looks, then you are utterly delusional, because everyone has had some form of physical “enhancement”, with the help from teams of make-up artists, hair stylists, fashion advisers, plastic surgeons, etc. I mean, can you even DEFINE natural? To me, a natural beauty would be someone who can look still flawless upon waking up in the morning. How many people are like that? None, I tells ya! We’re only mortals… To me, natural beauty comes closest in the form of Nicole Kidman. Her skin, her poise, her posture, her performances–she’s very beautiful, elegant, and classy. ^_^

    I guess Keith’s rabid female fan-whores are just immensely jealous that they can never measure up to even a fraction of Nicole’s gorgeous being and that they’ll never come within even an inch of Keith in real life, so they must resort to mindless, troll-like bashing to make up for whatever unfulfilled desires they have plaguing their worthless, pathetic, and miserable lives. Return from whence you came, trolls!

  • Heidi

    Wow, Vivian #28 is a psycho.

  • natalie

    Heidi, I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • pr person

    Nat….Give me a break! Ummmm………. you do realize that those are ….. ‘movies’? They are not real. You know this …… right? Hardly can qualify her as a “pervert”, as you stated.

    “she even attends ‘shows’ regarding the same subject” Going to
    A play.. does not make it plural. How many other ‘shows’ regading sexual content with children, has she attended? (Her movie premiers don’t count) Seriously, stop with the blabbering of nonsense. It does nothing but make you look nutty.

  • natalie

    pr person – you are obviously not a mom. I couldn’t put myself in those roles if I was an actress. I don’t care if you say it is art – it isn’t right – not normal, so it’s okay to broadcast it on a movie screen?

  • Frenchy

    Natalie, as usual, is an ignorant bitter old ho.

  • uidiot

    Deb @ 01/03/2008 at 5:57 pm

    Who in their right mind would be jealous of Nicole???

    With a name like “Deb” you would be. Deb???? you’re an idiot!

  • uidiot


    You are right on with your comments. Apparently, the cult is paying alot of its society rejects overtime of $1.50 per hour to get on here and trash Nicole. Katie Holmes is probably the one posting all the hate b.s. She’s so threatened by Nicole.

  • Vivian

    Oh, wow, Heidi. Your “insult” is ever so eloquent and profound, you even have natalie, the bitter old tool, agreeing with you. Is “psycho” the best you can come up with? Well, nice try nevertheless, given your limited mental development as a result of generations of inbreeding, I presume. Tell me, does natalie happen to your mother as well as your sister?

    “Is this woman a pervert or something? Her projects involve sexual content with children, and she even attends shows regarding the same subject. As a mother of two, this would be hard for me to watch.”

    Hmm, being a mother, shouldn’t your primary concerns deal with REAL-LIFE issues directly affecting your children instead of focusing your time on a celebrity gossip site, discussing about the type of movie that a celebrity makes or what their particular interests are? I pity your children for having a mother whose priorities could not be more tragically misplaced (your children probably don’t even exist, maybe you just want to make your point seem legitimate).

  • rkkkr

    She bugged me when she was married to Cruise, but I really like her now with Keith Urban. She’s more down-to-earth, not having to play the role of stepford wife anymore. I would betcha she’s glad that torch was passed on to Katie Holmes.

  • Littlenicole

    Keep drinkin’ that Kidman koolaid, kids, good god! Just because someone doesn’t think Nicole Kidman is beautiful is an idiot or think her movies suck is a hater?

    And UIDIOT: What IS your comment supposed to mean? Someone with the name of Deb is jealous of Nicole Kidman and an idiot? YOU sound like a freakin’ idiot. In fact, most of you do.

    Frenchy: Calling someone an ignorant bitter old ho? What’s your problem? I’d like to see you call someone that to their face. Hopefully, they’d knock the crap out of you. :(

    PRPerson: You sound a bit nutty yourself!

  • pr person

    Nat… You know what,…….. there are tons of actors and actresses who have taken ‘controversial’ roles. It has NOTHING to do with who they are and what they believe. They are only MOVIES. Fake. Make believe. And if someone doesn’t like what is being shown in the movie, don’t go see it.

    ” I don’t care if you say it is art – it isn’t right – not normal, so it’s okay to broadcast it on a movie screen?” Please….. do you watch the evening news?

  • Littlenicole

    You Vivian, you really should shut the **** up!

  • Vivian

    Oh noooeess! You certainly told me, with your all-powerful asterisk-wielding self! Go screw yourself, Littlenicole.

  • Dancer

    Thanks for the pic and the news JJ! As #28/Vivian said–she is absolutely stunning in person and the nicest, sweetest person. I don’t know her, but know people who have worked with her and they said she is one of the most talented, professional actors in the business. Is thoughtful of the crew and remembers names as well as names of wives, children, dogs etc. She brings them little gifts (and doesn’t publicize it unlike Katie Holmes and her Friday food fests during her filming of her last movie). And as Vivian said, it is hard to find an actor/actress in the industry that hasn’t had some work done whether it is lip plumping, botox, or plastic surgery.

  • Littlenicole

    I’ll leave the screwing yourself to you Vivian. :)

  • Vivian

    You’ll leave the, what, asterisks to me? The doorknob to me? Laughing? Bedrocks? Courting?
    You are quite the clever one, what with your asterisks of confusion. *insert eye-rolling emoticon here* Hm, why don’t you try again?

    P.S. Well said, Dancer. And you get extra props for being civil and not bashing anyone. Can’t say the same about myself though. heh. =)

  • legs

    nicole is still pretty even if she’s old.

  • The botox queen, Nicole

    jhl @ 01/03/2008 at 5:31 pm

    ok #13 and #14, we know that you are Katie “madly jealous of Nicole” Holmes.
    Nobody would be jealous of that botoxed, Caspar the ghost looking, string-bean.

  • Nothing of natural

    Geez some Kidman fanatics here should to calm down what the hell don’t forget to take your pills next time, just because ppl have a different opinion than yours and don’t kiss her falt ass as some of you lonnies deosn’t mean they are haters no need to attack theme and insult theme personally they were not even talking to you they just gave their opinions and they are free ,

    And i personally don’t find Kidman beautiful nowadays ,i used to find her cute in the 90′s but now she look like a botoxed granny to me we can’t even see her face’s expressions a surpeficial boring women who is always trying so hard as for her movies she is getting flop on flop , that’s my opinion .

  • botox

    Vivian, I don’t think it’s so much that they “care” if she uses botox or had breast implants, Hollywood is a hard place to complete in. it’s the fact that she lies about it. She recently said that she was “all natural” and never had anything done. Seems like it would have made more sense to just not address it rather than to lie about.

    Natalie..I am sure the Queen and her ladies in waiting, Wendy and Catherine, decided the pics didn’t “fit” their agenda.

  • natalie

    Frenchy & Vivian – you have no fricking clue who I am! There seems to be a poster or whatever on some TomKate boards or whatever with the name natalie, well, trust me, I am not THAT natalie. There’s more than one natalie out there – so lay off already!

  • remember da truth

    Seems to me it’s the Kidman bashers who are the loonies here! I’m indifferent to her, but find the hate to be awfully vehement for people who simply don’t like her movies or her looks.

    I think anyone who thinks Nicole Kidman has sexual content regarding children in her movies is a bit preoccupied with the subject herself. The movie with a bathtub scene with a boy? Obviously you didn’t see it. The boy is making unwanted advances to HER and she does NOTHING sexual at all in the movie toward him, doesn’t even kiss him on the forehead. So get some help for your perverted thoughts!

    Wondering why people are so immediately angry about Botox? People act like it’s cheating or something. Hmmmm. Must be jealous people who wish they could afford it themselves. Anger is usually a sign of envy.