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Tom & Gisele's City Stroll

Tom & Gisele's City Stroll

Giant couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen hold hands while out for a romantic stroll on Wednesday in New York City.

Brady threw 50 touchdown passes after a historic regular season, establishing an NFL record by one.

“I think I’d just say what I said after the game. I’m happy for all of the players who achieved any of those awards or records,” New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick said when asked if he could put Brady‘s season in perspective. “Tom has done a great job for us ever since he’s been here. He is a terrific quarterback. There is no quarterback I’d rather have, and I have all of the respect in the world for Tom and what he has done. And I congratulate him on the things that he’s accomplished individually this year in terms of some records and so forth.”

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Photos: Jackson Lee/Splash News Online
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  • jenny

    ew, please don’t make babies

  • Wedding Photographers

    I hope she shows up to his games and screws him up!

  • christy

    i wish #2 would stop trying to promote his crappy a*s wedding photos.

  • Elsa

    Umm..of all the people in the world,I would say these two should have babies!! They are gorgeous!! Plus they both seem quite financially stable and all that….

  • anon

    #2 – Giselle goes to all of tom’s games. She sat in the box with his family at the Giant’s game last week. A pro football player shouldn’t get psyched out just because his girlfriend is there.

  • dennis

    she’s got an awesome body, there’s nothing wrong with her face but i don’t think she’s gorgeous. she’s just a “model” nothing all that great. most models are plain and are successful because they have height and great bodies.. as long as the face isn’t ugly they’re going to be employable because hair and makeup can make a plain girl standout and appear more attractive.
    i will say she’s not aging well and that’s not me trying to be rude, just stating a fact.

  • ??!

    I find her very plain, what is the appeal? Don’t see it.

  • Wedding Photographers

    Why do you have to be so mean #3?

  • Astrid

    He’s a deadbeat and she’s overrated.

  • [~Famous~]

    i think its really cool that brady hangs out with his new england patriot teammates. no wonder they won so many games, tom has a great relationship with his wide-receiver. does anyone know that guys name… or number?

  • mens

    2 guys taking a stroll nice to see. I wonder if they share shaving cream and a razor hmmmmmm.

  • bobbie

    Wedding–You’re asking #3 why she’s being so mean? Take a long hard look @ your post.

    I still shake my head at people who wish this couple disaster and who constantly pick apart Gisele’s looks. If they weren’t happy together, they wouldn’t be together.

    And lastly, Tom is not an ass for not marrying Bridget. Why be forced into marriage? Hey, maybe Bridget didn’t wish to marry him. Maybe that’ll shut up some of you people who constantly bash Tom for “not making the right moral choice.”

    If Tom and Bridget love this baby, he’ll do just fine. What child wants to be brought up in a family where the parents do not love one another. Baby John is better off with mom and hopefully Bridget will find a nice man herself.

    All four of these people (baby included) deserve happiness.

  • yellow

    has he spent any time with his son? or does football and his lady come 1st just wondering

  • amber

    agree with #12 about “weddingphotographers” post. you came on here to plug your site and bash tom brady, why should anyone be nice to you?

  • kate


  • celebpsychic

    They make a cute couple???

  • texasstarfan

    tom and gisele are beautiful together. tom has been there for his son.
    gisele is a natural beauty (god given not with makeup) Tom is the best QB in the NFL.. He is also very classy with the way he conducts himself. He could give the famewhore Tony Romo some pointers.
    Tony is stinking up my Cowboys.

  • riley

    #17 i’m looking at her pics now without makeup and i’m not seeing the “natural beauty” you speak of :/ this chick is all body.

  • Lola

    Hey, #3, Christy: lots of people link to their sites in their comments. It’s allowed!

    Tom Brady is a fine guy, though :)

    –read my blog at

  • moviemadness

    everyone is talking about Giselle, but Tom is not that good looking…

  • God

    Number 20 no one is that good looking when standing next to do Gisele bundchen. :)

  • boston

    I think that Bridget wanted tom’s baby and not the relationship, they were broken up, then she came to the dolpins game and told him she was pregnant, I think she just wanted a baby and did not care about what Tom wanted. I am glad she is happy and the baby is loved, but please do not bash Tom when you do not know the whole story.

  • brunette

    Okay, three things I just want to comment on about this: 1) They seem to be a happy/good couple. 2) Just hope he’s not being a dead beat dad and spending some time with his little boy regardless of who he is with or what he does and 3) it’s too bad that the patriots 16-0 record will be tainted with them cheating this season….

  • roxy

    Tom is not nearly as good looking as he thinks he is.

  • not

    Giraffe looks like heII -and masculine too.Im from Brazil,she is not beautiful.

  • ivermom

    She looks so happy………..or does she?

  • musicisourhigh

    I must say the more I see of them the more I like them. They seem supportive and happy together.

  • Giselefan

    Gisele is gorgeous and Tom is gorgeous- deal with it losers.

  • Porn Star Babylon

    Did he spend time with his new baby during the holidays?

  • Wedding Photographers

    number 30! Woot! :)

  • xirs

    she looks like a man…

  • ohbaby

    romo is the only to screw up cuz his girlfriend shows up
    other quartherbacks can actually play without being all psyched out
    but im not a tom brady fan




    come everybody let’s sing and be happy… la la la


    team bridget!

  • intel

    This just in…..

    The Associated Press has released the name of their pick for Coach of the Year………………………………………………………………………………………………….


    Su*ck on it all of you pathetic losers that can let go of spygate. Just shows how important it was in the big scheme of things!!

  • Dieter

    Giselle has a bautiful poon !!!!

  • emily

    i love gisele and tom super cute together…gisele is the best model ever. love you gisele: )

    go patriots 16-0

  • emily

    i love gisele and tom[gisom] they are the cutest couple in the world: ) and gisele is the best model in the world! no one will be better than her: )

    go patriots 16-0 babyy

  • sylvia

    poor tom got to settle with leo’s dumpee.

  • lea

    It”s so funny the comments about moral. Bridget saw their relationship was ending and acted to get a good alimony for her cold future years ! gisele and tom are gorgeous together !

  • Mari

    Giselle looks like crap, ugly man face

  • marx

    Bill Belicheat was chosen as coach of the year. Wow. He must have stolen the title when he stole the signals. The NFL is going to hell in a handbasket. No one will take it seriously anymore.

  • randy

    lea – you need to go to law school. You don’t get alimony if you are not married. They were never married. And I agree with you tom and gisele are perefect for each other – perfect idiots.

  • randy

    Bridget has her own money. She dosn’t need his. I doubt he gives it up anyway.

  • Lorie r

    I wish there was a way that anyone who posts a comment on how ugly Gisele is would have to post a picture of themselves.

  • Lops723

    They make a cute couple. He is as good looking as he thinks he is!!! Why do people bash him because of time he may or may not spend with his son? It’s his business. As far as I’m concerned she tried to trap him with that baby… I’m sure he’s doing the best he can. As for Leo comment, Tom is waaaay better looking than Leo, no contest! Leo looks chubby and looks ragged unless he’s filming a movie. HUGE upgrade!

  • Giselefan

    I agree, Lops723!

  • bataglio

    legs-for-miles: part of the recipe for looking super hot…

  • Buckeyegurl

    Couldn’t agree more #47 lops723, well said. Tom rocks on and off the field.