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Britney Spears is a Gurney Girl

Britney Spears is a Gurney Girl

Paramedics rolled Britney Spears out of her home on a gurney earlier tonight after discovering she was “under the influence of an unknown substance.”

The pop princess was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for a mental evaluation.

Earlier in the evening, Britney refused to hand over sons — Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1 — to the bodyguard of the kids’ father Kevin Federline. Brit reportedly locked herself and her two boys inside her house and refused to let anyone in.

Police cars, helicopters, fire trucks and ambulances were all called, surrounding Brit‘s Beverly Hills home.


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  • Rayt

    Getting sick of this girl..

  • april


  • dREA v.

    This is better than a soap opera. And then what happened??

  • the_original_nika

    put her in a mental hospital STAT, before she kills herself and her babies lose their mom.

  • um

    bout time

  • tree

    i feel sorry for her – she must be living in hell. feel really sorry for the kids who are caught up in between britney and kf.

  • mARISA

    2ND! [i think]
    omg this woman needs to clean up her act. seriously how hard is it? on top of all of that, she cant even learn a lesson or take decent care of her two sons! it’s ridiculous!!! She should not have been a mother. She is totally insane. I used to love Brit, and i kept giving her more chances to prove that she can be better, but now i dont believe she can be better anymore. I’ve given up hope completely. she’s probably done for. although i do like her new album.
    : /

  • Shannon


  • Shannon

    her poor kids

  • kathastic

    i can’t help but feel sorry for poor britney….

  • Logan

    It’s so unfortunate that she brought 2 innocent children into her messed up life.

  • J Pod

    Perez has photos Jared! Get with the program! You’re my fave! She’s so far gone. She is my favorite, but I think we’ve lost her now. The pics are severe.

  • mildred l

    i don’t feel so bad about my double chin now…. plus if she rolled over and died, it prob would’ve been better for the sons.

  • britney is ridiculous

    wow.. she clearly has some mental issues going on

  • Tammy

    Finally. She really needs help and i wish people could leave her alone so she can get that help.

    And thank god the kids are safe. She makes K-Fed look like a saint

  • buckeyegurl

    Holy cow. THANK GOD the boys are ok. This woman is out of control and now hopefully the ‘medical hold’ really means she is being forcibly committed. She needs serious help. She just lost any chance of getting her sons back and that is a good thing.

  • joneblaze

    Britney is really going down the tubes throwing her career and life away

  • Meg

    I’ve been following this since it started. I can’t help but feel really really bad for britney. I love the girl to death. I just hope that she can get help and be safe


    Well, Jamie Lynn’s, 15 minutes of Fame and Headline Grabbing is over.

    I knew she couldn’t handle Jamie Lynn being the top SPEARS news getter. You could tell, by the way she handled the news about Jamie to the media, she was PISSED, cause now, she wasn’t the SPEARS making the headlines and what better way to do that, then to show up late for a deposition, take drugs and endanger your kids and be rolled away in an ambulance, cause from tonight, until next week, it will be all about Britney again.

  • Amber

    I don’t like her but I feel very sorry for her. Something is obviously wrong with her in the mental department. She has more money than God but always looks like she crawled out of the most degenerate trailer park in America. She needs to get out of Hollywood, rest, and recover. I wish her mom would actually BE a mom. And don’t get me started on Britney’s poor children. Poor little things.

  • kush

    people please stop making fun of britney! she clearly is not well. if your friend/family was in britney’s place, would you make fun of them??i dont think so. i only hope britney gets well

  • Sue

    only thing that matters is them little boys.

    Kevin is not a saint he just hasnt been caught yet is all, his day is coming just a matter of when.

    Britney is mentally ill and needs help, but it will not happen unless she wants the help she needs.

    Sad, sad, sad!!!

  • audrey

    Scary. Homegirl is about to snap…

  • awwwww

    I feel sorry for her :(

  • nalai

    i’m not a britney fan,but i feel very very sorry for her,hope the little boys are ok :-(

  • oz

    ‘Such a Media Whore’ has hit the nail on the head. This whole fiasco is being orchestrated by Britney because her little sister has been the centre of attention for a whole two seconds – can’t have that says Britney so I’ll got nuts to bring the attention back to me. Unfortunately it will completely backfire and her weekly visits and sleep overs with the kids will be cancelled and she has no-one AND I MEAN NO-ONE to blame BUT HERSELF. You can only stretch the elastic band so much and finally it will snap.

  • kat

    god bless her soul
    she’s been through
    so much. she really
    needs help. i hope
    her poor children
    are ok.

  • groundcontrol

    She is clearly in need of real help. You cannot just tell someone who is having emotional or mental issues to get it together. They obviously can’t do it.

    I wonder if she isn’t bipolar. There seems to be a history of serious depression in her family. This is just sad.


    Exactly OZ….

    I mean, Britney has been given more opportunities, because of a celebrity status, then a regular parent would be given in a cusotdy battle. I mean, the constant skipping court dates and excuses are clearly her way of saying she dosen’t want those kids and thinks she is UNFIT to raise them, without admitting it outloaud to anyone. Her action’s say it all. She knows she is mentally sick and I mean, who wouldn’t be, the girl can’t fart, without it being on the air, within a mtter of minutes. I mean you have STALKERAZZI, staioned outside her home, taken pictures of the inside of her and posting it all over the net. At some point, President Bush and The Governator, as got to step in and say F U C K the Amendment’s, this isn’t journalism anymore, this is pure stalkerish, invasion or privacy, for both her and her kids and all celebs. HOWEVER, she is to blame for her actions, her drinking, her drug use, her refusal of rehab and to abide by the court, so if she loses the kids, it isn’t K-Feds FAULT, Her Familys fault, of the paparazzi’s fault, IT”s HER FAULT.


  • Wendy

    About time. It is for her own good. I really dislike her anyway, and it is so annoying how often she is in the news.

  • kittin

    “i feel sorry for her – she must be living in hell. feel really sorry for the kids who are caught up in between britney and kf.”

    I honestly can’t see why people feel sorry for her.
    If I was threatened with losing my children, I’d be showing up to every single court appointed meeting, bang on time, I wouldn’t wave cigarettes in their faces or take “unknown substances” while they’re in my care. I’d put off chandelier-shopping until I had a day without the kids. Hell, if I had 2 gorgeous little boys like she does, I wouldn’t be getting called to court and having my parental skills questioned, I’d just get on with it and be the best mother possible.
    She’s living in a Hell of her own creation, and the stupid fucked up woman is too selfish and messed up to do anything about it. She has the money and time (it’s not like she does anything more important) to give her children a good upbringing, and to look after herself, but all she seems to give a shit about is making headlines.
    I feel nothing but contempt for this woman, and the sooner she sorts her life out, the better, ’cause maybe she’ll stop getting headlines for all the wrong reasons, and those little boys will actually be safe and happy.


    HOW THE FUCK, could any of you fucking teeny booper fans, think that those kids are safe? WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE. Britney Spears DIED along time ago. YOUR HERO IS DEAD and isn’t making a comeback, this is real you fucking IDIOTS. There are TWO kids’s lives here at stake and their mother just took them FUCKING HOSTAGE, do you understand that? Do you know what that means? She is fucking UNDER THE INFLUENCE, while her kids are in her care. She has LOST HER FUCKING MIND.

    It’s insane people, that kill their kids, cause they think they are better off. Can you understand that? It’s usually SANE people, who live SANE lives, that snap and kill.

    I mean, I can only imagine not being able to take a shit, without photos of it, being plastered all over Perez Hilton, TMZ, X17 and ETC, where the stalkerazzi, have set up camp outside the girl’s home. I mean, at some point, PRESIDENT BUSH and The Governator, HAVE to step in and say FUCK – Freedom Of The Press, this isn’t journalism anymore, it’s pure and simple a Home and Privacy Invasion and a Stalkerazzi, Suicide Mission. It’s like the press is getting off on this. Who is going to land the first headline, of when Britney FINALLY off’s herself, or kills one of her kids. Will it be P.H. TMZ, or X17, that lands that headline first?

    HOWEVER, Britney isn’t innocent, sure she is insane and fame has help to land her there, BUT, she has been given more chances, then a normal family going through a custody battle. She has skipped court, broken the judges rules, over and over and obviously has went back to being a junkie, in her kids presence, so therefore, I DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR HER. I feel for her FAMILY and KIDS. All she had to do, was listen to the judge and show, that she is willing to be a better parent, but she couldn’t do it. MRS. I’M FUCKING BRITNEY BITCH, NOONE TELLS ME WHAT TO DO, couldn’t do it. Her pride wouldn’t let her and now, if she LOSES HER KIDS FOR GOOD, WHICH SHE SHOULD. Then I’d say finally JUSTICE is served, for those INNOCENT KIDS, who could have seriously ended up hurt, or worse tonight.

    I’d say her many chances, need to be up, as of tonight. If that judge allows her to be around those kids, then he has lost his fucking MIND, right along with Britney.

  • sally jo

    Poor thing. God bless you and your babies Sweetie.

  • georgette

    What the F.uck is she doing? or before starting to talk it about, I’d wait for reliable infos cause really so much fake S.hit gets written about her that u never know… Be strong britney!

  • http://ontd fatalenoir



  • Vanessahundgens
  • mari

    i feel sorry for her…

    I have children.
    and I know i can’t live without my babies.
    So Brit must be living in hell………….

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,car, shoes, man

    Ok it’s official. The court should give Kevin FULL custody NOW. They should keep her away from those kids until she get her life together.

  • rae

    Why do they keep giving these kids back to her? Surely her second chances will run out soon- hopefully before she really hurts one of them. I hope Kevin finally gets full custody. He may not be the best dad ever, but he’s given me (and apparently the courts since they’ve never touched his rights) no reason to think he’s worse than Britney.

  • agathi

    i am so sorry for her…whats wrong with her?what is the problem i mean why is she going to see a doctor?poor gilr:(

  • th

    We all know this was just a matter of time. All of her actions of this past year are evidence that this woman is mentally unstable. It amazes me that the court has allowed a crazy person to have any contact in a personal vehicle or home with her kids. There was a court-appointed monitor, but even that could have gone wrong. She could have killed them all. Hopefully, she’ll be put in a psych ward where she belongs.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,car, shoes, man

    Crack is Wack.

  • Anon

    I do not understand this. She is supposedly under court supervision. She is supposed to be tested regularly for drugs. She is supposed to only have the kids with a court appointed monitor there. Why was this allowed to happen to someone the judge called a habitual drug user? Why! She is doing serious damage to those kids. Serious permanent damage. Why didn’t the judge hold her in contempt for missing all those drug tests and those depositions. She has clearly violated the court’s orders over and over again. The judge should have held her in contempt and put her in a mental hospital. Her parents can’t do it bcz she is an adult under the law. But the court has more than enough evidence to do it before she is dead or she hurts those kids. This is a mess…and a disgrace for the L.A. court system. Have they even ever heard of “protective custody” in LA??? Those kids need to be under special care somewhere away from all this. Immediately. Time is not their friend. And Britney should be sentenced to a mental institution for the next two years at least. She’s going to end up just like Anna Nicole.

  • mafalda

    She’s crazy and we are fools to be always talking about her.
    She only wants to be news all the time.
    Poor litle boys …

  • HollywoodSleepsWithMossad

    What’s she doing with a bodyguard named Cohen? Cohen’s believe in the Torah and they believe they are destined to rule the world according to the Torah.

    Doesn’t Britney know that a Jew more than likely killed Monroe with prescription drugs and then stole her entire estate?

  • renee

    she needs help cant everyone see this is her cry for help, it has to be ppd.

  • Guest 101

    Don’t judge. She probably is an undiagnosed bi-polar disorder. With medication, she could get her life back under control. This type of illness usually starts in your early 20′s. Britney needs prayer, not judgement. I feel for her.

  • +greenpeace+

    i think she should get help and the media should leave her alone while she sorting out her probs. i feel sorry for her this time….

  • renee

    i just want to say one thing about the paps, y are they alowed to follow people down the street and take photos of women up there skits getting in and out of cars, if that was u or me wouldnt we be arrested??????????? So y are they able to do that?????

  • Matt

    Jared.. you are as soft as usual… I wonder why… he he ;)

    Tell it like it is!

    The bitch is crazy as can be and there was a STAND OFF and POLICE NEGOTIATOR to convince her not to harm her kids as her crazy self! She was than taken to hospital in restraints and under police escort after holding her children hostage for four hours at her Beverly Hills home.

    Me happy! :P