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Halle Berry: Two Nurseries, Double the Fun

Halle Berry: Two Nurseries, Double the Fun

Mom-to-be Halle Berry leaves her Universal City home and makes her way to a medical appointment on Thursday.

The 41-year-old actress and model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, have two homes–one in the Hollywood Hills and one in Malibu. In Touch Weekly is reporting that Halle has been buying two of everything and is going to identically decorate the nurseries in each home so that her baby won’t be confused.

Some items (pictured below) include Bratt Decor’s Chelsea Sleigh Crib ($1452) and Tiny Love Symphony in Motion Deluxe Mobile ($55). To check out more about Halle Berry‘s nursery purchases, check out CBB.

Halle is due sometime in March.

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Photos: Miguel Aguilar/INF, Fame Pictures
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  • Shiloh is coward


  • Shiloh is coward

    Halle Berry looks good while pregnant!! Good for her…remember last year she said she dont wanted to have child or something like that during the time when Katie Holmes was expectant with Suri

  • Shiloh is coward

    Pregnant Halle is looking better

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,car, shoes, man

    I’m so happy for her, but where’s the daddy??. He just knocked up the woman and then leave?, how comes i only see them together one time since she’s pregnant?. Whats up with that??

  • cook

    You’re FIYAH Halle!

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,butt,car, shoes, man

    She and jessica alba could be sisters, coz i thought it was her.

  • Jelena

    she looks good

  • Lola

    Hey, #6, I thought the same thing! I was confused by how large her bump had grown so quickly…

    –read my blog at


    that bump is huge.


    she looks like Janet Jackson in those pics.

  • the_original_nika

    shes so excited shes buying everything. and why would the baby be confused if it had different nurseries, its just a baby.

  • Lori

    I don’t like “hit and run” Halle. Good luck with the baby though, and the baby’s daddy. I personally think they are over already.

  • oh

    Makes me think, maybe she is having twins. Good idea,either way.

  • haha

    wouldn’t that makes it more confusing? the baby won’t know which house he/she’s at.

  • http://justjared ?????

    Nobody want to talk to you. Why you pimping yourself on this ‘thread?. Can’t you read?. This is not 1800 i’m hot thread, it Halle’s thread. Go PIMP yourself some where else.

  • LL2

    Yeah, where’s Gabby? He hasn’t been seen with her w/the photographers/media for almost 2 months? What’s up? Let’s hope he keeps his promise to help her raise her baby at her two homes in LA.

  • Sarah

    Great pix of Halle leaving her birthing therapy tx class and the baby purchases.

    Check out the photos on CBB and GG.

    I am sure there is logic to her purchases, she does own two homes in HH and Malibu. He doesn’t own any property in LA, he’s living rent free at Halle’s.

    Doesn’t seem that Halle’s been making any large purchases for her place in NYC? Doubt if she’ll move there permanently.

    Don’t know if she and the bf are still together, even though they haven’t been photographed in awhile together. They’re are claims that they were seen together in HH but left separate from someone’s house, who knows?

    Any way, it is interesting that he hasn’t been seen with her shopping or going to any of the doctor’s appointments. Only time will tell if he will ever move out to LA or be the prepared hands-on Dad that he’s been incessantly bragging about for months. Seriously doubt if he will really be there for the midnight feedings and diaper changes,etc. Also, doubt if he’s going to take her and the baby to Greece as he was bragging about on some blogsite. He hasn’t paid for jack–Halle’s been footing the bill unless he pays when they go out for dinner/lunch when he’s not playing gourmet cook. Oh yeah, I forgot Halle made him use his Black AMEX card to pay for the $800 in towels and candles. Sorry, my fault.

    Yeah #4/6–they have only been seen a few times together since the Sept announcement including premieres. Guess, he’s letting Halle do all shopping and decision making for the baby and nurseries? He wasn’t even there when she was shopping in BC or LA during the holiday, some knight in shining armor he’s turning out to be.

  • womenandchildren

    Actually, there are lovely maternity clothese available….

  • got it wrong…

    Halle lives in WeHo/Hollywood Hills and Malibu not UC–recheck Gossip Girl (think they said her appt was there). CBB didn’t mention UC.

  • anita barker

    now the black girl booty is starting to show, thats the black side of her… thank goodness!

  • gABBY

    Let’s just hope that Gabriel keeps his promise to be a good father to Halle’s child

  • tonya perry

    hmmm 2 of everything? suurrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee……could it be she is having twins and that she is saying she is decorating both bedrooms the same? still it will be a beautiful baby. happy for you both!

  • rocky

    Halle is looking AMAZING! I can’t wait to see how she handles these kids :)

  • gABBY

    how come you are sure that she has some medical appointment I think she is visiting her friend or her mom because her mom lives in the Hollywood HIlls she was also there last November

  • charmer

    does anyone know what sunglasses shes wearing?

  • anka

    I have never understood all the fuss over Halle Berry. Totally don’t get it.

  • huh?

    Think a lot of you are worrying a lot about nothing. Looks like Halle’s doing normal mother-to -be stuff to me. So what, if the boo isn’t always shown with her–are they Siamese twins? Couldn’t careless about if it’s an appt or friend’s house–sounds like some people have a bit too much free time on their hands.

  • malene

    Yep the “black” in her is coming out now. She is blowin’ out like like a real sista! It’s gonna be irreversible too.

  • well….

    Why is the boyfriend never picture. Is he out of the state or country

  • Go Halle!

    I briefly saw Gabriel Aubry on one of those nightly entertainment shows and he appeared to be very happy and excited about their baby. He’s beautiful and all, but I get the impression that he’s “different” – not just another pretty face. I think he’s serious about life and their relationship.

  • HalleGabriel

    Halle will keep her weight down and keep a beautiful figure- she has been keeping herself looking too good for too long to let it go now!

  • LeoBrown

    Why is it such a big deal as to whether they are together or not? I guess I don’t care that much either way, though I am a big fan of Halle’s. If there was a relationship and it was going sour, then get the hell out of it. She’s been down that road several times already, with two of them going to the alter and then divorce court.

    I guess if I were her, and the relationship is truly over, I’d still do what I could to put up a front as if it’s cool The added pressure of having to deal with all of the media questioning about the collapse of the relationship would probably be more stressful than faking it in an outing with him once a month.

    Also, just because people aren’t always showin’ their grill in pictures, does that mean there is a problem? I mean, damn, if I had a camera in my face every time I made a public appearance, I don’t think I could possibly muster up a smile every single time. If so, quite a few of them would be fake. That’s just natural, because most people aren’t happy all the time.

    What I hope is that Halle and her baby are healthy, and that whether Gabe is there for the long haul or not, she will have her Mother around. Just a few weeks to go before the baby is born.