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Breaking News: Britney Spears Released from the Hospital

Breaking News: Britney Spears Released from the Hospital

Britney Spears has been released from the hospital this morning via an underground tunnel according to Entertainment Tonight and The Insider.

Dr. Phil was seen at the hospital visiting Britney and she was released after the hospital had no reason to keep her further.

WHAT DO YOU THINK is up next for Britney? Will she get her life together? Reconciliation with K-Fed?

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  • winnie


  • Shar


  • b

    first ! I really feel like she is going to kill herself and her boys need to be taken from her and given back only after she really does clean up her act and like a safe mom

  • Trendy

    I thought she was being held on a 51/50? I don’t understand this move… I hope she gets the help she obviously needs but if she doesn’t then the best chance to help her and her children may have just been flushed down the toilet by this hospital.

  • Wedding Photographers

    I think she will be fine. She and Kfed will have another kid soon.

    You heard it here.

  • Giiin (:


    very³ good ! *-*

    Mi best friend lilo love The Diva Britney x3

    ” And even the world to condemn, I never will I stop love you ! “

  • Giiin (:

    * My :~

  • ace tomato

    She’s just like any other ridiculous 20 something irresponsible party addict. If she was a nobody, she would bottom out with job losses, changing circles of friends, lower and lower quality drugs, run out of money and end up so screwed up her family would end up with the burden of a few rehab trips and hope for the best.

    But there is that $800,000/month income. Britney will always be victimized by hangers on who will tell her whatever they need to tell her to have her foot the bill for them living like luxurious leeches. KFed was just the first in line.

    The second problem is that Britney Spears is dumb as a stump and wasted all the time.

    The third problems is that the paparrazzi really do make fat incomes following her around and selling the pictures. Britney is dumb enough to think that it is because she is the great Britney Spears. She doesn’t realize the public is completely fascinated with her colorful slide into something hideous. She thinks the public adores her. And some die hard fans probably do, but the majority of us look because it is so amazing that someone who was cute, fairly talented and super super successful has slid into trailer trash with a pot of gold. She’s the CLAMPETTS for heaven’s sake.

    Combined, you have someone who isn’t going to hit bottom until they screw up and maybe accidentally OD. Any suicide attempts will be feeble dramas.

    Without the drama, she might actually have to face what she has become. And as hard as that girl treats her body, she will look like Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” by the age of thirty.

    The public will eventually flush her, when another more interesting train wreck appears.

  • yanina

    dont worry about her, she will be fine!

  • sharah

    This episode did not faze Britney, just us normal people who have to hold down jobs and keep up the house. She will continue on this path, until she hits her darkest day, which I think is still some time and bad behavior away.

  • Regina

    I think she can do it.She’s pretty with her real hairs and when she’s thin.But whatever maybe she will be thin in some month.I hope it!

  • t

    her kids have been taken b, interesting dr. phil visited her, she definitely has depression or something of that sort, my mom went through the same and its a hard long thing to snap out of no matter what your career or finances are.

  • sharah

    Ace tomato, I agree with everything you said!

  • Hannaaah

    I Hope So Much She Gets The Help She Needs
    If Not She Could End Up Like Anna Nicole


  • astrid

    I hope that she doesn’t kill her kids.

  • God

    Can it get any fkn worse for Britney. Dr. fkn Phil, please. He sabotaged her life and career on national TV and now he goes to the hospital. Day in and day out her career has been sabotaged by the press. Dr. Phil should be locked up permanently he is in obsessed out of control nut case.

    My suggestion to you Britney is to get your hands on reruns of the new bionic woman and enjoy the finer things in life.

  • Lillianne

    Money Talks!

  • maty

    I hope she drains in her Latte.

  • Alexanderina

    and here I was starting to be a little bit sorry for her, but not now, the girl is an idiot and thank goodness she is not allow to see the kids

  • Helena

    Hardly ‘breaking news’.

  • God

    We use to have a constitution when they use to use it. It would protect people from total waco’s late Dr. Phil and the press. Bring back the theory of the U.S. constitution and its fundamentals. Freedom from the press the abused freedom for the press.

  • abby

    If anybody can get through to her and get the help she needs is DR. Phil maybe he’ll have a show with Britney her mom and sister or have a private meetings without being on the show
    all I know is Britney and her whole family needs professional help ! !

  • God

    The press is not god! For a second time you will learn this. I did not forget you!

  • TheLostGirl

    Whatever terrible actions she takes next, the hospital are soley responsible for!!!

  • MF

    YAY, more entertainment on the way i’m glad, the weekend was going to be soooo boring w/o her.

  • to bad shes a drama queen

    here comes the train its off the track..choo choo..dr. phil cant help, someone who wont help herself..her last effort to draw kfed back in didnt work …now the wreck will continue ..stay tune..its on..

  • nobritneyfanhere

    wtf are talking about? it is not about her weave and weight. it’s about her kids. grow the fuck up!

  • bringing over

    So true ITA.
    brit woman up its time @ 01/05/2008 at 11:24 am no one believes page 6 its as bad as any other tabloid. if not worse. also no one really knows if she is or isnt on something,,only she and the doctors. brit is 25-26 its time for not making excuses and accusing kfed and to look at yourself. she has the resources. fck lynn.

    britney needs to take control of her life. hanging with lowlifes,jmo, and her other antics is not the answer. if she is mentally unstable, to a degree,-she isnt totally unstable-, or she wouldnt be able to stop people from helping her. i feel she is a narcissist among other things,shes use to having her way, mentally unstable or not. its her call and her call only.
    kfed she chose him knowing what she knew, because brit gets what brit wants thats not totally her fault but it is if if its carried to far. as far as post p. that possibly plays into it. ,i had pp. and depression, as my mom died while i was pregnant,so i suffered for years and didnt even know it. its really up to brit, kfed can only do what she allows him.

    if she wants to hang with those paps and lowlives all day long its her business as long as she can take care of herself/babies its all good. not trying to say what she can and cannot do. but no one can help bs but herself and she has to want it, even if she feels she doesnt need it. its her first/ then her children she must do it for. i hope she gets better. she has to take responsibility for her choices and actions.

  • yep

    Tab/paps lie

    brit @ 01/05/2008 at 12:03 am Found this on another thread
    its being reported that brit spears refused to take a breathilizer test on the scene when asked by officers ,whom said she appeared intoxicated and on something. the hospital will not confirm that she is even in the hospital let alone tested negative for drugs. L&S lied . In other words tmz , or other sites have no idea about her condition.
    its being reported the cops gave brit 3 hours to hand over the kids, they negotiated with her be4 taking action.

  • sad

    She’s out of control and she doesnt care ,she lost her kids 4 now and probably wanted it that way. She’s still in love with kfed thats why she had those babies to begin with. didnt work.

  • the-girl-in-denmark

    No, they could have kept her!! she isn’t ready yet, to go home!!

  • Anonymous

    She’s knocked up…by Dr. Phil.

  • the_original_nika

    she was released too soon.

  • me

    Dr. Phil? Are you serious? Dr. Phil runs a close second to Maury Povich and Jerry Springer. If you really want to help her get her a real doctor, not a made for TV doctor.

  • me

    #11 Either you are trying to attract attention with your stupid comments or you are the biggest moron on the face of this earth.

  • remember da truth

    No kidding, Me! You said it! I was wondering why no one jumped all over that. “Dr.” Phil is not a real psychiatrist or doctor. He’s a publicity hound who made it big telling people to “get real” when they really needed to hear it. People were tired of whiners, so he struck a chord with the public.

    He wants ratings, so he went to Brit’s bedside. He will no doubt say he told her to “get real” and now she’s cured. He’ll probably do a special episode on her.

  • masha

    she will be ok. i know it 100 procent.

  • ann

    I like Britney. Well, the old Britney moreso, but nothing about her surprises me anymore. But, wtf..Dr. Phil? That’s kind of random.

  • oh angelina

    How’s that working for you, Britney?

    She’s in my prayers….right after her beautiful little boys.

  • Eli

    I’m soo happy she’s out! I’m sure she is going to get her life back together, and that she will come back, better than ever!

    I love you, Brit!

  • anonymous

    To anyone out there who is tempted to laugh at her remember God is watching. No matter what her profession is, she is still a child of God. She matters. Do unto others what you will have them do unto you. Be careful when you gloat about another persons’ misfortune, because God can turn on you and cause worse to occur to you and your loved one.

    If you can’t say anything positive about this troubled young woman, then shut up. The best thing anyone can do is say a prayer for her to be healed of whatever is troubling her.

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    Dr Phil is probably the only person who is reaching out to her…her family and deadbeat husband all want the money….her life sucks bigtime

  • Regina

    Btw, #11 is not me. I’m the original Regina!




  • piper, with a low

    It’s entirely possible that Dr. Phil wants to help Britney, but I just can’t help thinking that this is a bad idea. I just don’t trust his motives.

    He went out on a limb saying that Lynn is a good mother and within a month’s time, her 16 year old announces her pregnancy and her other child barracades herself with her youngest child for several hours. Dr. Phil could be trying to save face. Also, this could generate publicity for himself, which is an irony since publicity may have contributed to Britney’s deterioration.

    Dr. Phil is the Spears’ Al Sharpton, IMO.

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Miapocca

    I think they should have kept her for a month!!!





  • emily santiago

    I think she is a good person basically, she would never ever hurt her boys. She lives in a warped world for obvious reasons. She does not belong in a hospital, she poses no risk to self or others, but she does
    need help.
    The media is VERY VERY DAMAGING. This orchestrated ridiculous display last night was so over done & ridiculous. She is a victim of all that. She should put a scarf over her head & tell the paps to keep away.
    I believe she will work it out. She is ill, of course, but she has strengths as well as beauty & talent & can work it out.

  • Bobblehead Gary

    Thanks for the heads-up warning that Britney is loose again.
    I’ll just have to make some adjustments in my daily routine
    to allow for safety precautions.

  • [~Famous~]

    cool… now she can go back to driving around l.a aimlessly with her ‘friends’ – the paps

    if i had to guess, i’d say she’s going to kill herself sometime around… may.