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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Bondi Bonding

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Bondi Bonding

Australia’s leading celebrity couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban enjoy a sweet, romantic stroll along Sydney’s Bondi Beach on Saturday.

The happy couple held hands and watched the surfers on the pier before walking back to their Audi and driving off. Keith, 40, was kind enough to flash photogs a peace sign while on the pier!

Earlier in the day, Nicole celebrated a friend’s birthday at a Sydney’s Woolloomooloo Wharf restaurant with a few girlfriends. The restaurant reportedly had three waiters standing and continuously trying to block photographers during lunch.

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Photos: INCO/Fame Pictures, Titomedia/Splash News Online
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  • OT


  • Jés

    Oh !

    Beaultiful nick and your husband!

  • Jessica


  • The Arab Aquarius

    I really enjoyed The Golden Compass. Nicole was good in it as well.
    Don’t get influenced by the review, judge for yourself, its a good movie.

  • Yeah

    When does she see her kids?

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    nicole never sees katie’s kids.

  • me

    famous are you feeling fr3sh.

  • Daisy

    Great pictures. Thanks!!

  • dana

    Is it just me or does look Pregnant when walking with her husband… sorry but her boobs used to be flat.. and now they have grown a small bit.

  • yuck

    Does this botoxed skinny b*tch ever spend time with her children.

  • Rebecca

    What a beautiful couple! I wish them the very best!

  • Notbuyingit

    They sure look happy … not … the last four days of photos are very telling. Keith looks miserable and NK looks plastic.

  • Notbuyingit

    They sure look happy … not … the last four days of photos are very telling. Keith looks miserable and NK looks plastic.

  • plastic Nicole

    Katie is Bella and Connor’s mama now. Katie has three children now.

  • Alexanderina

    I love them together. Thanks Jared

  • fanny

    where is “the happy couple ” ??? Tell me J.J. !!!

  • Katherine

    Extreme BAD TASTE to photograph a person while eating.

    Even worse to publish the photo.

    When journalists actually were educated, refined, intellectuals who LEARNED their craft and practiced it within ETHCIAL guidelines, vice tcheap (YOU JARED) tabloid hacks, these guidlines were respected.

    What a lovely world that was too!


  • nina

    poor Keith with his -never pregnant -grandmother …

  • Daisy

    Wow, It is so nice to know that the new year has brought some people the ability to read what is in Nicole & Keith’s minds. LOL!!!

    Would you smile all the time if the paps were following you around all the time?

  • botox

    10.. she has had her new boobs for a while now

    9.. It’s Keith that deserves better than a plastic lying famewhore

    19. If she didn’t want her picture taken while she eat, her and her friends would have set inside..

  • Laura

    yeah i agree her boobs do look fuller…she is preggos

  • anonymous

    she is so beautiful, i really like her a lot.

  • Rebecca

    Botox she and her friends were sitting inside! The darned paps used their telephoto lenses to take those pictures.

    Nina – isn’t it a bitch that he would rather be with a “grandmother” than you!

    #15 Plastic – you really should ask the question of why there hasn’t been any pictures of TomKat with Bella and Connor since their wedding day almost a year and a half ago, since Katie “the Robot Wife” claimed they call her “mom”. What a pack of lies!

  • Nicole

    i love nicole kidman *-*

  • Urban Myths

    “The happy couple held hands ”

    Oh, really, Jared? Why don’t we see pics of that? They are walking three feet apart and look miserable! She looks fugly as usual.

    If this supposedly pregnant couple is expecting a baby, why don’t they act like it? Paps (on call) or not?

    I’m not buying it either.

  • cLAIRE

    Urban Myths, they’ve been holding hands in all the pictures we’ve seen of them lately. You’re clutching at straws, maniac.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    mavrick isn’t a famewh0re. c & b aren’t toddlers, he doesn’t have to drag them all over the world.

  • NT

    As always… Keith looks wonderful. I’ve never seen a man look so good. I think the paps are getting to him.

  • Rebecca

    UrbanMyths: who cares if you’re buying the story or not.

    First of all, Nic and Keith have not said anything. The press and paps just started this frenzy. Her Aussie spokesperson already said the UK Daily Mail story is incorrect.

  • proudmonkey

    yall need to leave keith alone! he has done nothin but try to make his life better!! if you dont lik ehim why look at pictures of him and take the time to leave comments? get a f**king life

  • botox

    Rebecca..really, they were sitting inside??? Why are she and her friends wearing sunglasses????

  • Rebecca

    Botox – “Why are she and her friends wearing sunglasses???? ”

    So that the paps don’t get a clear shot of them! The same reason why celebs walk around airports wearing sunglasses. Check out other sources, like GossipGirls, where you can see clearly they were having lunch inside.

  • rae

    They both look good. I like this couple a lot. They don’t look too thrilled to be seeing the paps though.

  • lololo

    i’m an aussie and of course i love nicole and keith. if ur a dumb american dissing aussies get over urself

  • cricket

    You’ve got it right botox Keith deserves so much better than that plastic lying famewhore.He looks miserable everytime he’s with her.When you see pictures of him without her he looks relaxed and happy.All her money can’t be worth the hell of being around her.

  • Paola

    So pretty!!!!! I love this couple.

  • cj

    No one sits outside when they dine at China Doll. All the restaurants along the wharf have ninety percent of their tables outside. It’s summer, why would you eat indoors?

  • Rebecca

    #40 CJ – “No one sits outside when they dine at China Doll.” Why don’t you get together with your pal, Botox, who said this:

    “If she didn’t want her picture taken while she eat, her and her friends would have set inside.”

  • Nic :)

    super photos

  • Eliza

    lol at the picture of Keith flashing a “V” at the paps … makes you wonder if he’d rather flash a different finger instead.

  • Kat

    To #25, Bella was at the Redskins football with Cruise on Saturday night. They were flashed on the screen sitting in the owner’s box or at least some private box.

  • Lady

    @Rebecca – Girl be practical! How would you like to be indoors all the time in the summer..? Come on now, we are human, she wants to eat outdoors – does that automatically mean she wants her photo taken..?

    Get real Becks…

  • Lady

    @ Rebecca – I am so sorry that comment was meant for Botox….
    not you – forgive the mistake.

    You know Einstein was really a genius, he said : “Two things are infinite – the universe and human stupidity, I am not so sure about the former.”

    Living proof after reading some of these comments :-))

    Rebecca, here is a little story I would like to share:

    The other night I had a weird dream, I dreamt when I woke up my sheets had ‘Just Jared’ written all over them. The walls in my house, everything, then a friend stopped by and when I opened the door, she said: ‘Just Jared’ I woke up screaming lol…

    My husband asked what was wrong, I told him about the dream, then he said: ‘Honey that is the result when intelligent people get caught up in these gossip sites.”

    HE IS RIGHT! But we from time to time we are allowed to indulge in a bit superficiality :-)

    Have a good day!

  • natalie

    #25 – Rebecca – for your information, they were sitting in an open air restaurant – no windows – they were on the outer edge of the restaurant – absolutely nothing between the photographers and the women.

    I swear she is really 60 years old. Poor Keith has to be seen with his “wife” who looks older than his beautiful mum!

    Yea, where are her kids? She is the best example of a dead beat mom!

  • keith&nicfan2007

    They look good .They are my favorite couple.

  • Lisa

    She is starting to show ! Congrats Nicole on your pregnancy !

  • Chicncheap

    she is a fashion icon:)

    pls visit my blog

  • marianne

    Happy?? It sure doesn’t look like it from those photos. They look like they just tolerate each other.

  • hes ewwwwwwww

    he is one short short stubby disgusting mess. nick hes a junkie and has slept with dirty women. probably has a disease. ewwww. nick run u cant save this yucky big nose freak.

  • natalie

    #52 – if what you say is true, she picked him. It doesn’t say much for her – does it?