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Heidi Montag: Lauren is Spoiled!

Heidi Montag: Lauren is Spoiled!

The Hills vixen Heidi Montag dishes on ex-roommate Lauren Conrad in the latest issue of Maxim. Check it:

The Hills is a “scripted” reality show. Let’s settle this: How real is it? The Hills is a show that’s 22 minutes long about seven people’s lives. It’s edited for drama, and there are editors and story lines. If someone walks in front of the camera, we have to redo the shot. So it’s not exactly how things always are. It’s not like The Truman Show. They’re not with us all the time, although I wish they were, because it would be a way crazier show. Let’s see how Lauren would look then!

Meow! So are you and L.C. friends at all? She’s changed. Some people go more Hollywood than others. We’re from different backgrounds. She grew up in that spoiled Laguna world, and I grew up with humble beginnings. She’s very controlling. She was crazy about how much time I spent with Spencer, and I had to see her every day. I’ve heard from other people that she’s a big diva now. “Insiders” say.

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  • Jonas


  • Astrid

    Well, Lauren is spoiled. That’s not news. Heidi should know best since she lived with her both in Laguna and in LA. Nothing wrong with being spoiled. Her parents are probably some of the wealthiest in that area and their house is absolutely spectacular. Heidi is just jealous that her and her family live on a farm.

  • Jen

    so much for her new year’s resolution…

  • kat

    of course lauren is spoiled. her dad is rich. have you seen her huge ass house.

  • Alyn

    Jen…. I thought the same thing. What happened to her New Year’s Resolution. This girl is sooo delusional about life.

  • Taylor

    That huge ass house is going to look so dated in 10 years…

  • Alwayshungry

    I actually don’t think Heidi is jealous. The show paints everything black & white and you see the story they want to see.

  • Tealeaf

    Talking about Lauren is the only way this stupid waste of space can get on a blog or get into a magazine.

  • Little Loca

    Heidi…. please go away!!! Please!!!

  • Lilly

    Why SO much silicone? lol

  • Liza

    I have no problem admitting when a woman is attractive. However I find NOTHING attractive about Heidi. She was cute in season 1 but now she is just another blonde wannabe. Everything about her is fake.

  • bluebell

    well, I was team lauren all the way, but I start to like heidi more… lauren is controlling, you can see it in the show… I hate spencer, but heidi seems like a normal girl… I kind of like her!

  • Marty

    Everything (almost) she says in this interview Lauren has said in other interviews about heidi and the show. Can’t she even be original.

  • g girl

    ughh i hate herr

  • laura

    i agree with astrid, heidi’s jealous and a sl**, i don’t like her pics

  • gossip

    like heidi’s not spoiled either. please.

  • the_original_nika

    all they do is attacking each other, god I hate reality stars…
    look shes showing off her new boobs.

  • J

    Lauren is a fatso who seems controlling and very possessive.

  • MovieMadness

    Lauren and Heidi are both annoying and from what I could see Lauren was controlling b/c she doesn’t have anyone. Anyway everyone knows The Hills is fake and the only reason it got so many viewers the first episode is b/c of a lame fued(which I’ll admit I watched). But the people defending them….Give me a fucking break

  • gossip

    she grew up in humble beginnings. heidi you grew up on a multi acre ranch with her own “log cabin” mansion. humble beginnings my ass. Don’t pretend like your parents don’t own a successful restaurant.

  • nicole

    Lauren’s changed? well she’s not the one that got her boobs, lips, and nose done.

    God forbid if she tries to be a nice friends. I agree with Lauren.. Spencer has brainwashed Heidi.

    I can’t stand her.

  • goz

    haha big news! yeah i think she’s just jealous

  • goz

    i agree with nicole

  • [~F a m o u s~]


  • Jen

    she is a slut.

  • abin

    This is the only way she gets more press. I’m so sick of the LC bashing, get a life and grow some balls please. LC is not in your life anymore, accept it and move on.

  • Loves Speidi

    you haters are all JEALOUS !!!!!! she looks great and you know it

  • maddie

    look who’s talking

  • fantad


  • mean


  • FAKE


  • Kill Speidi

    Did she seriously just say that she is more real and down to earth because of her humble beginnings.. oh please Heidi.. Playboy is the only place you haven’t showcased your “purchased” talents with yet.. and I am sure in 6months your ass will be spread there too..

    Get over your spoiled talentless worthless self already.. hey even better.. move back to those humble beginnings so that we never have to see you EVER again!!

  • Samantha


  • Paradise

    She is absolutely fabulous, she has something special :)

  • sexychik

    blah blah blah cry me a fvcking river

  • Lego

    Heidi would be nothing without Lauren. She should get on the ground and kiss her feet.

  • YOU

    at least shes pretty hot… her ass definitly is… if it isnt photoshopped.

    kinda like her. but shes sure white trash!

  • Vanessahudgens6
  • Ellis

    god she’s so gross. you can tell she’s gotten her boobs done i mean seriously the whole point is for people to not notice they’re fake. she’s such a slut.

  • Marieme

    My God this girl has zero self esteem.

  • lucy

    ugh…this girl makes me want to be physically sick. what a vile creature she is.

  • katie

    heidi needs a serious reality check here!!

  • joy to the world

    I assume she was talking about Lauren when she said the hollywood bit. Nobody from that show got more hollywood wannabe than this backstabber. Boob job, nose job, lip job, staged photo shoot, brainwashed by wannabe hollywood fellow…. Sure she got a bangin’ body, but she also has a plastic brain. Idiot girl!

  • gypsy marie

    oh please, heidi isn’t fooling anyone. stupid c*nt!

  • amy

    I belive her I recently ran into lauren and audrina at LAX over the weekend and they were sooo snobby and up themselves rolled there eyes gave me a dirty look when i asked for a photo, and then walked off, Iv never encountered people so rude! total and complete bitches!!!!!

  • Ally

    heidi is such a frfeakin bitch

  • Frida

    I don’t know any of these people and haven’t watched the show, but surely it’s not Lauren who’s in some fake relationship and has had tons of surgery? To me it seems like Lauren is actually doing something with her life (well…..kind of..) while this girl is doing and talking all sorts of trash.

  • Taylor

    Why are these people famous? I can’t believe people actually watch this crap.

  • NAty

    I don’t like any of them! LC is controling and Heidi is just too fake for me.

  • NAty

    I don’t like any of them! LC is controling and Heidi is just too fake for me.