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Jude Law's Kids Live the Sweet Life

Jude Law's Kids Live the Sweet Life

Sadie Frost, aka Jude Law‘s ex, takes daughter Iris, 7, and son Rudy, 5, to a local bakery with their friends in north London on Sunday.

Rudy‘s such a cutie pie! Bigger pic inside…

Jude, 35, has been in Toronto, Canada filming Repossession Mambo. The futuristic adventure thriller is about a repo man, who is made up of artificial organs and struggles to make payments for his heart transplant. Unable to provide the money, he runs from his former partner. Forest Whitaker also stars.

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  • Stella

    Jude is on location in Toronto. See him everyother day in the area.

  • Just Jared

    Stella, take pictures!!!!!

  • http://justjared *halo4700*

    watch this film, zac efron is in it!, its swell, go to this link and then watch all nine parts!

  • Nadia likes Sienna!!

    I love you JUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kate


  • katia

    i see too many kids in the picture…who’s who??

  • Just Jared

    Rudy is the blonde in the middle of the picture. I’m pretty sure Iris is behind Rudy, next to the girl with the hoodie on.

  • dolorescraeg

    those kids are adorable. they just came back from vacation with their daddy and mum…supposedly they were in havana getting a little sun. jude’s been freezing his tush off for a few months in toronto filming repossesion mambo…rafferty his oldest son goes to boarding school. that’s why he’s not in the photo. rudy and raff are spitting images of their dad which means the girls will be parked on their doorstep…jude we need some pictures of you. stop playing hide and seek….also the gal who sees jude every other day. have a heart and take some photos of our beautiful jude. thanks…..

  • Belinda

    Rafferty comes home every weekend and doesn’t go back to school until Sunday evening. He’s probably there somewhere just not in the picture.

  • God


  • Sandy

    I guess if we can’t get Jude we’ll take his kids. I’m not sure that the
    girl with the hoodie walking the dog is not Iris, that is their new little
    dog. Rudy is unbelievable – he gets more gorgeous as he gets older
    and i think both of Jude’s boys are going to be chips off the old block.
    What a treat for the generation now growing upo. Having suffered so
    much with the paps i’m not sure they’ll will want to go into the more visible areas of show business but time will tell. Thanks for being on
    the ball Jared. I’ve been watching and waiting for days, and now to
    ferret out Jude (I believe this is the last week on REPO MAMBO and
    I imagine he will do a quick week at home and a quick peek at the
    Pitti Uomo in Floremce and then off to Australia with the kids for the
    promised vacation and the premiere of his movies down under.

  • violin

    Oh.My.God.Rudy is the most adorable kid I’ve seen EVER!I think after several years he’ll be more beautiful than his father :o

  • arab aquarius

    I can not imagine jude law in a horror or thriller movie, lol
    The Arab Aquarius

  • Belinda

    I think the girl in the hoodie is way too tall to be Iris. She’s only 7. I think Iris is the girl beside the girl in the hoodie.

  • jami

    Rudy just keeps on getting cuter and cuter! I can’t believe how big he is getting. He looks like such a big boy now- He’s definitely not a toddler anymore! He’s going to be a knockout like daddy Jude for sure.

    Looks like Sadie has a shorter haircut these days.

  • Pole

    Aw.. those kids are too cute. Thanks for the pictures Jared. I’m going through serious Jude-withdrawel here so it’s very much apriciated *lol*

  • Jane

    His kids are gorgeous. Whatever happened to Sadie’s oldest son from her previous marriage? When she was with Jude there where always pictures. Then he just seemed to disappear.




  • Belinda


    Nobody seems to know for sure. But I agree with you Finlay did seem to sort of “disappear”. I read in newpaper article from back about the time of the divorce that Finlay had asked to live with his biological father, Gary Kemp. Maybe that happened. Or maybe he was in boarding school. Or maybe both. I read an interview recenty with Sadie where she acted like that Finlay was pretty independent these days. She did say that he sometimes met her and the other kids for lunch on Sundays. I don’t know if Finlay is still in school or not.

  • Ria

    I read that Finlay is really very shy so he does not usually go out with his mum because he knows that Sadie loves being photographed.

  • Stella

    Hi again—The oldest son has been here in Toronto with him off-and-on. I’m told he has a part in the film playing a young Jude in some flashback thing. He is a dead ringer for Jude. Also saw all three kids with him a week before Christmas.

  • Belinda

    That’s Rafferty. We were talking about Finlay, Jude’s stepson, who is 17. But I hadn’t heard that Raff is in the movie. That’s very interesting.

  • black

    When did Rudy get so damn big?

  • Sandy

    Rudy has been shooting up this year and I think he’s going to be really
    tall.. As for Fin in another year he’ll be in college and at this age they
    like to be with friends. Also i think the less he has been seeing Jude
    (from the fact that Jude is away so much) the closer he gets with his
    Dad and stepmom which is good. He was only 2 when Jude moved
    in with Sadie and therefore the father he knew was Jude and he is always glad to be with his half-brothers and half-sister when Jude is
    around so what does that tell you about his relationship with Mom?
    You can not only alienate your husband but your kid as well with that
    controlling attitude. Now Fin has choices.

  • erica


    Rafferty is in the movie with Jude ! You have got to give more info

  • Belinda

    From my experience, 17 year olds absolutely do not want to be controlled by their parents. Instant aleination if you try to do that.

  • dolorescraeg

    of course, fin wants to be with his friends…he’s not going to go out strolling with his siblings and their mum….he’s getting too big for that….it won’t be long before rafferty feels the same way. jude must have an arrangement with their schools where they will come to him when he’s on location for a long time….maybe he has a tutor……

  • jami

    Wow! I need to know more about Rafferty being in the movie with Jude. That is really interesting.

    Stella, when was the last time you saw Jude?

  • Stella


  • Daphne

    Thanks for the reporting Stella. Any more you can tell us would be much appreciated.

  • sheryl

    Oh my gosh, Little Rudy is getting so big!!! A single tiny tear just ran down my cheek LOL!!!! What a cutie-pie!

    I wish we could see Iris…

    JUDE!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you, sweet thang?

  • Daphne

    For those wanting new pics of Jude, the latest Dunhill photos (spring/summer 2008) are here:

  • Sandy

    Sheryl you crack me up – ‘sweet thang’ indeed! just love that sweet thang to pieces! Can’t get eough of him…..

  • Cathy

    Stella casually mentions that she saw Jude yesterday. Oh my gosh! I would be in heaven to see him in real life….not that I would approach him or anything. I really would like to know him and what his personality is like. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could start a fan club and invite him for dinner sometime? I’d be willing to fly anywhere in the world for that experience.

    Daphne, those are gorgeous pictures of our man!

  • ericap

    Oh, how adorable! When are we going to see Jude?LOL

  • Daphne

    Oh yeah Cathy. I love love the first pic with the peekaboo hairy chest framed by the scarf (Jude + hairy chest + scarf = heaven!). I can just LIVE on that neck and shoulder. I just wish the photo was bigger. I’ve got it as my desktop but the resolution is lousy.

    I actually saw him in person while he was shooting Mambo at the Eaton Centre in Toronto. Holy that man is out-of-this-world beautiful, like a perfect sculpture he is.

  • farnaz

    i love jude law toooooooooooooooooooo much.

  • sharyllee

    what a beautiful children Jude Law has.. I would love to see more pixs of them, even Jude law.. I hope he will be in the photos soon.

  • sheryl

    If Rafferty is in this movie with Jude, that will be nothing but c-o-o-l…!

  • daphne

    I agree Sheryl. I wish there are photos of them on set together, though obviously they won’t be in the same scene if Raff plays mini-Jude.

  • sheryl

    Daphne, I wonder why IMDb doesn’t list him as a character?

  • daphne

    May be Raff’s part is a non-speaking part. Jude just likes to take his kids to the set . Maybe the director decided to use Raff for some possible flashback scenes. Besides, IMDb is really behind in a lot of things. They don’t always get updated information.

    I remember from the DVD extras that Raff was in Cold Mountain with Jude but I guess his scenes were cut out because he wasn’t in the movie. Raff loved it when Jude did Enemy at the Gates because they played soldiers together. Jude took Iris to the AI set, which made her think his job was to put on make up, haha. Then he took Rudy to the B&E set and Rudy thought Jude’s job was a builder. I guess it’s hard to explain to kids that acting is a profession.

  • Stella

    Hey Daphne—-I was at the Eaton Centre that day too! That was a lttle while ago….early December? Can’t remember exactly. I actually couldn’t take my eyes off the camera operator who was up on the crane (they had a couple of cameras rolling). He was so gorgeous. Almost forgot Jude Law was standing in front of him, lol.

  • Sara


    I live in Toronto and would love a chance at a glimpse of Jude filming before the shoot wraps up! Do you know of any more film locations?? Anything you can share is much appreciated.

  • sheryl
  • mamidori

    Not tochange the subject, but, I would like to know whereabout Judes lives in Lodon now. Is is it true that Jude has purchased the house in Maida Vale?? Did he rent the same house before??

    If someone knows it, please let me know. Thanks!

  • josh

    sorry stella, do you know jude persoonally?..’cause i do,isn’t he still in toronto actually?

  • josh

    yes he is still filming in toronto

  • http://jarhead josh


  • Stella

    No, no I don’t know him personally. Just live in the same neighborhood that he is staying in. Have bumped into him so many times since they started last October (so odd). Chatted once. He seems like such a lovely person.