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Kate Bosworth is a Laundry Warrior

Kate Bosworth is a Laundry Warrior

Kate Bosworth and British model boyfriend James Rousseau stroll through Sydney in each other’s arms on Saturday.

“I love coming here,” Kate has said. “It’s truly one of my favorite places in the world. It always feels like coming home.”

The 25-year-old actress is currently in Australia filming fantasy action film Laundry Warrior. According to Wikipedia, the story is about an Asian warrior (Korean actor Jang Dong-gun), who is forced to hide in a small town in the American badlands. He meets the town drunk (Geoffrey Rush), and a circus knife thrower (Bosworth), both of whom have powerful secrets.

Laundry Warrior is set for a 2008 release.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kate’s neon orange sunglasses?

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Photos: INCO/Fame Pictures, eNewsbuzz
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  • hotdog


  • jen

    I love them! Does anyone know what label?

  • Paradise

    She is so adorable. I love her style :)

  • pretty betty

    She looks so stupid I f.ckin hate her.

  • JANE


  • Lauren☀☁☂

    ewwwwwww her boobs are gross, she’s disgusting.

  • erikA

    i liked her better with orlando =/

  • The Arab Aquarius

    I love the glasses, so cool.
    The Arab Aquarius

  • Lauren☀☁☂

    Orlando dump her ugly a$$, and now she’s with James the attention who**.

  • georgina

    love the sunglasses!

    she’s a little boring onscreen for my taste but she’s adorable and seems genuinely sweet

  • Kylie

    she so boring NEXT.

  • PaUL

    why are we talking about her????, she’s such a waste of space.
    she sucks as an actress and she’s not even that pretty.

  • gwen

    yak her boobies sooooooo gross.

  • KC

    I thought she got healthy and gained some weight? She’s back to thin, pale and unattractive.

  • K

    She’s so beautiful but she looks like a fool (too thin, sunglasses, dyed hair).

  • LeaM

    She’s ugly and she looks like fool………HA!!!!!!
    She’s a bobble-head

  • gossip girl

    Anokate is back looking as ugly as ever.



    “So a month or two ago, I was in NYC visiting friends from Chicago.
    We went to this bar in the Lower East Side called Dark Room, but there was barely anyone inside. When we walked in, I went straight to the bathroom, and there were two girls in one of the stalls, obviously doing coke – A LOT of coke… line after line after line.. it was pretty funny. But from what my friends told me, it’s kind of known for that.. girls and guys are always doing coke in the bathrooms. After fixing my makeup for a few minutes, I left, and they were still in there. About 5
    mintues later two girls walk out of the bathroom – a brunette and fucking KATE BOSWORTH! So hilarious! She went to the bathroom several times throughout the night. She was really wasted and reallllly coked up. She must have done pounds of coke within a few hours. I’ve never liked her, but she really needs to lay off the drugs a little bit – she looks really rough (she seriously looks like she’s 40, I barely even recognized> her at first) and is obviously wayyyy to skinny. Ahhh, I love New York! SNIFF SNIFF!”

    I bet her ex-boyfriend Orlando Bloom has the same problem.

  • chantereine

    nope I think kate is the only one who’s got drugs problem this why she’s with a model.

  • Smilie

    “this why she’s with a model.”

    Orlando is also with a model. Miranda Kerr.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    lol she’s swagger jacking pharrells millionaires.

  • Kate is beautiful!

    there are lots of rumors about Orlando and cocaine but the fangirls won’t entertain the thought. He isnt the sweet little boy, girls. wake up!
    If you think Kate did it but not Orlando that is pretty humorous. If anything he might have got her into it first. Again, that would be a shock to the system for the fangirls. Stay tuned. Things aren’t going well for orli. His cracks are showing and they are getting bigger and bigger almost daily.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that is one of the problems he is having now
    He seems to be addicted to many things and he looks miserable.
    The girl he is with only cares about her own press so she isn’t going to help him. Plus- she spends her free time hanging with Brandon Davis so who knows what they do together. I only know that Brandon has had a cocaine problem which is well documented.
    At least James seems to really have been a good friend and support to Kate. As far as Orlanod goes-time will tell if he pulls through. He looks a mess!

  • johnnyyyy

    keep your mouth shut stupid alien.

  • lu

    eat a fucking sandwich!


    she’s pathetic she thinks she looks great but she looks like cra*.

  • lu

    also, those shades are so dumb looking! It looks like she just stepped out of a bad 80′s movie.,

  • lisabella

    so ridiculous, she’s a waste of space, no talent, no career, she should just go away she annoys me.

  • Lila

    Wow, she gained some weight. Shocker.

  • maeva

    how stupid

  • maeva

    she looks stupid stupid stupid.

  • Keren


  • ashely

    i like her, she is very stylish

  • not natural

    stylish ha ha ha that was funny, Kate is not stylish at all, she wish she was all that but she’s just a moron.

  • ……………?

    I hate her for some reason.

  • lola

    Awful glasses. Terrible top. No bra. Need I say more?

    —

  • boyd

    people fluctuate, can’t you understand that? at least she’s not walking around looking like angelina jolie, now that’s scary skinny! stop making assumptions. and i’ve always loved her style, very cool and unforced.

  • BritBoy

    Orlando is so careless about the destruction he causes in the lives of others, a lot like the man who sired him, the one his mother cheated on the man he thought was his father with.

  • @ #37

    I agree with you in regards to Kate. But you sound like there was more people, is there?
    Unless you mean the current situation that he just didn’t give a eff about Miranda already being in a relationship.
    That takes a cold callous heart to do that and it says alot about him and Miranda. I wonder if that is why they keep pulling back everything they begin to come public. They know the public knows who they really are now.

    Before anyone complains: yes, I am talking about Orlando on Kate’s thread. Deal with it or don’t read it. Kate and Orlando will forever be linked. It is very very interesting watching how she has transformed her life for the better this year and he is going down hill even still.
    Some are saying its the Karma -I hope he gets a clue and quick.

  • @ #37

    speaking of his dad, where does that silly myth come from about how his natural father was just doing the man his mother was married to a favor since he couldn’t have kids?
    Is that just the fangirls having to make peace with it in their minds so St Orlando can remain unblemished? Pity, because I really think this is going to be the year that all things Orlando come out. I just have a feeling with the way he is going.
    It ani’t going to be pretty.

    Are you really from Britian? What’s the word over there about how little man Orli has been doing -especially since the accident?

  • the_original_nika

    oh those glasses.. and that movie sounds dull.

  • Claire

    I have to say: ewww !

  • maybe you’re crazy just like m

    Can someone provide an itemized list of all the terrible things Orlando Bloom has done that lead you to believe this terrible downward spiral is commencing? And please, skip the “omg car crash!!11″ and “omg he looks old/drunk/high miserable” pictures because then I’ll have to show you how miserable he was all those years with KB. I’ll wait for some concrete evidence. And spare me the “omg his career suxors!!111″ his last movie was out in MAY. He did a play over the summer. No, he hasn’t anything else lined up that we know of but many many actors take YEARS off by choice and sometimes not and their careers rebound just fine.

    And as far as the “public” seeing through the facade. Please. The public? No. Some whiney, b*tchy, childish former fangirls who seem to feel Orlando somehow personally slighted them by not being whoever they dreamt him up to be. The “public” will believe whatever the magazines tell them. If they dub Orlando and his current flame (who is NOT MK, trust) the cutest/sweetest/most perfectest couple ever like they did about him and KB (gag) then the gullible public and the majority of fangirls will lap it up. And the few of you who have this ridiculous desire to see Orlando crash and burn will bitch and moan some more.

    The only people who are pathetic are those who have nothing better to do but comment about an actor in a post of pictures of his ex. Sad. Why don’t you run over to IMDB and do it there at OBs board instead? Though I suspect you post there already.

  • maybe you’re crazy just like m

    One more thing: whatever the circumstances of Orlando (and his sister’s) birth maybe be, they have NO reflection on who Orlando is. The sins of the father are not the sins of the son.

    And to britboy: who’s life has Orlando destroyed? You want to say his own? It would be his to destroy if he chose. I see no evidence he’s hurt anyone else. You want to talk about Kate maybe having a cocaine problem? Prove it. Prove it with something other than tabloid gossip and innuendo. Can’t? Didn’t think so.

    Orlando caused Kate’s weight loss? If she’s anorexic as I suspect the only one responsible for her is herself. No one can convince an anorexic to get help if they don’t want to. Again, give me some concrete evidence to back up your claims. You say I have none either? OK. But then we’re at a standstill and your opinion is as worthless as mine.

    I love how you idiots comment back and forth to one another as if any of you has a f*cking clue. The truth is going to come out about Orlando this year? I doubt that. And I doubt you have any clue what secrets Orlando actually has.

  • oooba dooba

    She needs to wear a bra. Glad to see her and James looking relaxed.

    @ #39: Orlando talked about his biological father and his mother telling him the truth (when he was 13) in one of his past interviews. It may have been a “GQ” or “Flaunt” magazine interview. Basically, the story is that Harry Bloom couldn’t have his own kids, for whatever reason, so he ‘encouraged’ his wife to have them with a close family friend. This would have taken place in 1974 and 1976, since Orlando was born in Jan. 1977 and his sister is about two years older. Invitro fertilization may not have been around back then, and if Harry was sterile, it wouldn’t have worked anyway. It’s possible Orlando’s mom didn’t know that Harry couldn’t have children of his own. I can’t fault her for being with an older man, as many younger women gravitate towards older men, for reasons ranging from financial security to mental and emotional maturity. From a woman’s point of view, older men are often infinitely more interesting than younger men. Sorry, but they often just are – at least in my opinion. An older man has lived more of life, knows what he wants, has built a career, isn’t still trying ‘to find himself,’ and can do more than just stare at woman’s breasts or gawk at her. He can think more with his brain than with his penis. Sonia may have noticed that and been drawn to his intelligence, courage, and for what he believed in. Or, she may have been drawn to him for financial reasons. Was he worth a lot of money? Who knows? It’s been presented to the public not as cheating or infidelity but as a desire to have children with a man possibly too old to have his own (for whatever reasons) and therefore a close male friend of the family was chosen. I’d like to think Colin Stone was more than a sperm bank and that he played a strong role in Orlando’s upbringing. I firmly believe that a boy needs a father, or at least a strong male figure to guide him and help raise him and show him what it means to be a man. There are things that a boy learns from his father that his mother cannot teach him, and there are things that a girl learns from her mother that her father cannot teach her. I hope Colin was there for Orlando during those times when he needed his dad’s support and wisdom.


    Harry Bloom had a stroke and was very ill. That’s why he couldn’t have kids.

  • oooba dooba

    @#42/43: I think you’re points are well made. Let’s be fair, however, and not make grand assumptions about all the negative posts about Kate or Orlando being made by The Usual Suspects. Name any actor, and you’ll find people who favor that person and those that don’t. Then, you’ll find people who ADORE that actor, and those that can’t stand him or her. I don’t think Orlando’s career is finished, but I do think he needs to choose his next role carefully. That’s all. In terms of who he has or hasn’t hurt, that’s up for grabs. People making that kind of statement need to be more specific, if possible, and maybe give some examples.

    All I know is people don’t like being lied to, deceived or manipulated. Heck, I’d apply that to the general public because we’re all human. If some of Orlando’s fans have a grudge against him because they feel he lied or put up an image that was fake and false, and they fell for that image and admired him for what he appeared to be, then it stands to reason that those fans will feel deceived. From their point of view, Bloom sold them a fake bill of goods. The worst that can happen is that they won’t support him or see his films. Big deal. If he looses a lot of fans and public support or interest, then he may feel a slight sting somewhere along the way. Actors need fans and public support – if for no other reason than to justify casting them over other actors as well as the hefty salaries.

    He’ll be around for a while, and I don’t think his world is coming to an end. He might have some negative Karma, though. I’m definitely getting that vibe.

  • maybe you’re crazy just like m

    oooba dooba: “I don’t think Orlando’s career is finished, but I do think he needs to choose his next role carefully. ”

    Yes. So it would stand to reason he wouldn’t take any old thing and would wait for the right thing. Which is the very thing people are criticizing him for, saying he’s not got anything lined up. He is waiting for the right thing. And that takes time.

    “All I know is people don’t like being lied to, deceived or manipulated. ”

    True. But what has Orlando done that leads anyone to feel he’s been deceiving anyone? Because he’s a single man playing the field and not in another relationship? When did that become a crime? And when did Orlando ever say he would always be hooked to some starlet? Orlando’s statements to the media in regards to his private life have been very few and far between. He does not comment as a general rule so how has he lied? Some people like to bring up his quitting smoking claim. Anyone that’s known or has been a smoker knows that its a constant battle, trying to quit, failing, trying again. Again, I just want actual facts of Orlando’s deception and downfall. Not vague comments about watching this space and waiting and seeing. Put up or shut up, I say to those commenters.

    Yes actors need fans. And if fans no longer like an actor then they should move on. Actors and other entertainers owe fans nothing other than to entertain us with their work. Who said we have any right to judge their personal lives or even care about them? I became a fan of Orlando’s because of his work, not because of his “image”. Later I liked who he seemed to be. I still like it. He’s a man who is doing the best he can and who owes me nothing. And owes you (plural) nothing either.

  • JunoFirst

    WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kate’s neon orange sunglasses?

    It doesn’t do anything to hide her flappy ears!! :mrgreen:

  • lol

    She looks nasty as usual, and that bright orange does NOTHING for her complexion, BLEURGGHH!! :( I can’t quite understand why she gets so many/or any posts on any blogging site, such as this, as she has and always will – for me – come across, both on and off-screen, as incredibly boring, bland, talentless, uninteresting and vapid. With all the charisma and intellect of a demented newt!
    GET HER OFF!! I for one will NOT be paying to see her next film. Like all the others…I did see in that Bret Easton Ellis film & The Horse Whisperer, but she wasn’t the main attraction in either, and I didn’t even know who she was in the latter (I thought the book was fantastic).

  • Anna

    “The only people who are pathetic are those who have nothing better to do but comment about an actor in a post of pictures of his ex. Sad.” – this was written by some who just wrote about 4 essay long comments about an actor in a post on his ex. Not meaning to be btichy but had to point that out.

    But back to Kate, I think her and James are an adorable couple even though she does crap movies and I love how she is just wearing a t-shirt and jeans to go shopping rather than some designer dress like other celebs. However, that stripy t-shirt and organge sunnies are incredibly fug. She’s still cute though, I’m no glad she isn’t emaciated anymore.