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Katie Holmes is Bug-Eyed

Katie Holmes is Bug-Eyed

Tom Cruise takes bug-eyed wife Katie Holmes around for an afternoon drive in Telluride, Colorado on Saturday.

Cruise, 45, was later seen attending the Seahawks vs. Redskins football playoffs game.

Former tabloid journalist Andrew Morton will be publishing an unauthorized biography of Cruise, which allegedly details his love life, the rumors about his sexuality and his involvement with the Church of Scientology (he’s supposedly the second-highest leader).

Morton also speculates 20-month-old daughter Suri may have secretly been fathered by late church founder L. Ron Hubbard. Wha?

“In her more reflective moments, Katie might have felt as if she were in the middle of a real-life version of the horror movie Rosemary’s Baby, in which an unsuspecting young woman is impregnated with the Devil’s child,” he writes.

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  • Jonas


  • God


  • sara

    dont like this couple

  • Jonas


  • KarenA

    I wish they would leave them alone. This latest go-round is sooo boring, I swear. Whatever. Anyway, thanks for the pics, Jared. They’ll get beyond this.

  • Gerry’s girl

    Sweet! Cant wait to read that book by Andrew Morton. FINALLY the truth about Tom the Midget will come out. ANyone who thinks that their “romance” is real or that the weird looking baby is his, is out of their minds.

    Finally, someone exposing Tom for the fraud that he is.

  • Sindy

    Tom is suing Morton for this book calling it a “pack of lies.”

  • pj

    Is it just me or can you see someone in the backseat? maybe Connor?

  • LJ

    lol that Morton book, that so-called writer is sick and boring.

  • phonies

    well we know tom cant have children and in the past one of his ex wives said he was sterile. so 3 yr. old suri cant be his. what nerves katie has trying to deny nicole her rights. and tom is gay people, stop lying, he should stop trying to fool the public. he is not the all american boy. katie suri has your old nose. stop feeding suri hay and sugar in a bottle.

  • montana mike

    i actually like this couple, but if tom doesn’t sue because of this book then i might start to wonder. religion or cult, that’s their own business

  • Maria

    Morton? LOL who believes in what he says??

  • girl

    Love Tomkat

  • love them

    i just love this family! best family in hollywood

  • etwa

    best of luck to them

  • skeptic

    While Suri cannot be LITERALLY the child of L. Ron Hubbard, who died in 1986 (unless we imagine that his sperm has been kept frozen for the use of his more fanatical followers, which seems unlikely) she is at least intellectually his child, since she will be raised with the most complete possible indoctrination into Scientology. But there is still hope for her. Children often grow up to rebel against their parents. Even L. Ron Hubbard’s own first son, L. Ron Hubbard Junior (later known as Ronald deWolf), did eventually reject his father’s cult.

  • Wedding Photographers

    I saw him at the game…..on tv.

  • boo

    i’m waiting for isabelle’s tell all book. it will be juicy

  • tc

    Ugh…leave them alone. They are a lovely family and Suri looks a lot like Tom, so it’s clear she’s his child. The whole “Rosemary’s baby” reference is just CRAZY! Who is this guy Morton? Oh yeah, the same guy who tried to profit off of Diana by getting creative with her life also.


    People…please get some brains and don’t eat up this garbage!

  • Sindy

    The kids love Tom, he is clearly an amazing father, obviously the majority of the stuff surrounding him is a pack of nonsense and fantasy.

  • Arab Aquarius

    Yeah, who knows if what Morton writes is necessarily true. At least Tom and his family are living their life and not going crazy, let them be.
    The Arab Aquarius

  • nadir

    morton is just a dirty gossip writer ! He lied about poor LadyD , the same with Madonna and the Becks …

  • Eli

    I hate people that speculate on diana’s life, it’s sick and I really feel sorry for her sons that have to hear all those things years after her death.

    like tom cruise or not, I think that saying that an innocent 2 years old is rosemary’s baby is too much, attacking childrens is not right

  • roxy

    No wonder why the Redskins lost. He is just plain bad luck. And there is no way he is Suri’s dad.

  • bambamswife

    I always say that none of us really know what actually goes on in the real life of celebrities. It is such a shame that people feed on such garbage. I still like Tom Cruise and think he is a great actor. He made his own money, no one gave it to him. You have to admire all these people who can make such money. Maybe people are just jealous. I find it really wierd that people would rather believe gossip rather than truths. Oh well, such is life. I think Suri is beautiful and looks like Tom and Katie both.

  • alien tom
  • fresh

    LMFAO at Mortons book. Can’t wait for the juicy snippets. I know most of its bull but its still fun to read lol

  • luckyL

    Lol, this is some funny bull****

  • crazy
  • luckyL

    Lol and why is Tom shouting unnecessarily again?

  • http://msn dlp

    Andrew Morton book about Princess Diana was proven to be true Since it was Diana who give him her story.

    Morton usually do good background checks a lot of what he says about tom is public knowledge most of his story about tom is probaly right. It is just comming back to haunt him.

  • LJ

    well, Morons book looks like to be attack against scieontology not book about Cruise. Sad man that Morton..

  • TomDouchebag alert

    I can’t stand this self righteous little man bitch!

  • BB

    PLEASE MAKE THEM GO AWAY……..They all are complete FREAKS.

  • Liv

    Morton admitted himself later that although Diana gave him her story, he added some lies to embelish it. Any way all this seems to be blogger speculation and there is nothing he is saying that is actually original or new. He must be some desperate dude. Every Cruise haters do not buy his crap. I wonder who does. Possibly an under age teenager obsessed with fiction. I say SUE THE BUGGER. I think he just wants fame. Why can’t he find other ways of getting it?

  • Kelly

    Whatever any one says, I just love these guys. If the book had been genuine I would have bought it because I love Tom Cruise. Because it is crap and a pack of lies, I will skip it.

  • kate

    Morton is a very peputable biographer.

    I realize most who read this site are kids are plainly uneducated.

    However, Morton has an excellent reputation and was indeed contacted by the late Princess of Wales to do a thoroughly honest expose of the the House of Windsr and her fake marriage.

    Morton’s book will be accurate. Cruise ALWAYS SUES everyone.

    Scientology also ALWAYS SUES everyone.

    People, spend some time googling Scientology Threats and Litigation.

    You’ll be amazed.

    Then google scientology volcano. LOL

  • Honey

    Simple. Morton needs to get a proper job and stop living off other people’s images.

  • vicky

    f**k Morton !!! She is just a kid !!! Calling Suri Rosemary’s Baby is dusguisting !! They must sue this moron !

  • Honey

    Besides Suri has Tom’s nose. LOL

  • Leona


  • Janey

    That biography is actually funny. If I did not hate Morton for his opportunism, I would get myself a copy. Suri is going to be one pwerful child.

  • kate


    Copy and send to all your freinds, make them read it. Expose Scientology.

    Do not send the link, the “church” will have it deleted, copy and paste quickly.

  • tom is sterile

    He is so brainwashed and lacking of talent. Ew.

  • kate

    Morton DID NOT say she was akin to Rosemary’s Baby, read people !!!!!

    He interviewed scientologists in FL who said they hope and beleive it.

    It’s called reporting.

  • LOLA

    Dear Kate #37, follow your own advice and google Morton an dyou will see how credible he is. Heck he even lied about Diana when Diana gave her her story herself. Besides, what kind of biographer takes speculation and relies on it for their content. He admits that the Ron Hubbard stuff was speculations of ‘mysterious’ scientologist. That is BS, If you are going to speculate in a biography, the least you could do is bring some major evidence to warrant such speculation. Morton is a loser. PERIOD.


    Morton is a loser. I am not buying his book and am hoping he is sue bankrupt.

  • crazy alien baby

    SURI = She’s Devil

  • tom shoots blanks
  • tom wants ken not kate

    Katies his beard.Suri is 3.