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Katie Holmes @ Critics Choice Awards 2008

Katie Holmes @ Critics Choice Awards 2008

Super gorgeous Katie Holmes (in Lanvin) presents the award for Best Comedy Movie Award to Juno costars Ellen Page and Allison Janney during the 2008 Critics’ Choice Awards held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on Monday in Santa Monica, Calif.

A couple more times won’t hurt: GO SEE JUNO! GO SEE JUNO! GO SEE JUNO! GO SEE JUNO!

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes @ Critics Choice Awards 2008…

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katie holmes critics choice awards 2008 01
katie holmes critics choice awards 2008 02
katie holmes critics choice awards 2008 03
katie holmes critics choice awards 2008 04
katie holmes critics choice awards 2008 05
katie holmes critics choice awards 2008 06
katie holmes critics choice awards 2008 07
katie holmes critics choice awards 2008 08
katie holmes critics choice awards 2008 09
katie holmes critics choice awards 2008 10
katie holmes critics choice awards 2008 11
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Photos: Vince Bucci/Getty
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  • AKBdancer


  • AKBdancer


  • ….

    she looks…different dont like the dress

  • HolyWood Racists

    Pork chops and apple sauce looks terrified.



  • tree trunk legs katie

    what the heII is she wearing a large towel. And Tom has her trained like a robot. ewwwww. She looks as old as 40. Steford wife. Those nose jobs are visible from her old nose.

  • Janice

    Katie I’m sorry to say looks bad. She looks like she lost a lot of weight.

  • suburban mom

    Is she starving herself, under Tommiegurl’s commands?
    That side pic,. her neck looks wrinkle.

    She looks like a suburban mom. A soccer mom.
    Not good.

  • more surgery

    Foto 2, it’s obvious she has had more surgery on her face.
    That dress reminds me of drapes or something. What has happen to her face? Anorexic, dare I say.

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    omg!! Is that Katie Holmes looking like she’s shed off tons of weight? The “‘skeletor look” recipe from her friend Posh has worked wonders. Very unusual at this time of year when holidays just passed.

    maybe she has done lots of Pilates, it does that to the collar bone and clavicle.

  • angelina_mmm

    pretty Katie

  • Jane Doe

    I am sure her mother looks younger. If noone here knew she was 28 would you ever guess it?

  • wth

    Posh eats 3 or 4 veggies a day..katie has gone down to 2 lettuce leaves and water. she is starving to be is gross on her.

  • syl c.

    Gorgeous? You’ve got to be kidding, she looks like an old Lisa Rinna. Alot of plastic surgery that made her look old, she used to look young and fresh, but midget man dictates so she looks old and artificial. Gosh, nose, eyes, cheeks, skin and somehow wears all the towels put together from her slew of plastic surgeries. Sicko, stop shopping, do yourself a favor and quit being so money hungry. You sold your soul to the devil and you are going to be looking at that price tag.

  • Kitty Kat

    I agree with everyone.

    That dress looks like some kind of shower curtain as well as being too mature a style for a 28 year old.

    I also agree that Katie is looking way too thin. You’re right JaneDoe, if I didn’t know that Katie was 28, I never would have guessed. She looks much older.

    Why Katie, WHY??????

  • Orange Clockwork


  • You/Me

    Aww, she doesn’t look bad. The dress isn’t really that ugly just extremely plain and more for a grandmother than a young mother. I think she tries to project a mature image so people will take her seriously instead of looking at her as a trophy wife. I think she and Tom really love each other. People suck though.

  • Karena

    Well, I don’t agree with everyone then. I think she looks lovely and her dress, very elegant and sophisticated. I’m definite the magazines will agree. Go, Katie!

    Hate is so boring. Don’t you get tired of it? I swear.

  • worn

    Sorry but that dress isn’t attractive on her. The fabric reminds me of a bathroom towel. ITA, she must of had extra plastic surgery done on her face. Katie’s face is off somehow. Katie is definitely to bone-thin now. Never would have guess she is still in her twenties. A tired and haggard thirtish woman I would guess.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    i like the dress actually. The hair style, not so much

    The Arab Aquarius

  • kip
  • σ

    not pretty

  • oh dear

    She looks hideous in a potato sack, toga or bath curtain. She is not gorgeous, sorry…

  • lynn

    It is nothing wrong with kathie dress and all you jealous hater need to tell the truth for once in your dull lives. Kathie do not listern to these people. I like your dress and your face is still pretty.

  • Nina


  • red

    I love her and I agree with Jared she is super gorgeus.

  • chef

    My favorite actresses Allison Janney,Ellen Page and Katie Holmes and by JJ’s order Im watching Juno. Happy Now JJ?

  • dress is a mess but so is she

    Gawd does the plastic starve robot brains sleep, she looks tired.
    First he did it to Nicole, now Katie, except she’s younger and more gullible. Oh boy. It’s the Tom’s wives make overs he wishes he could do to himself.

  • Lola

    I like mature sophisticated Katie. Gone is cute Katie but we have classic beautiful woman Katie Holmes.

    Cannot wait for Mad Money next week.

  • hungry

    she calls that toga a dress hahaaa ,tom you need to quit. katie save yourself and eat some food.

  • kitkat

    SHE IS SO LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chessa

    More please??!!

  • Bea

    Everything Katie Holmes is classy. She really is a classic beauty. Its cool next week Cloverfield and 27 Dresses are out and Im watching them and the underdog is Mad Money by an Independent company.

  • American idol

    she looks great but I miss Tom.

  • bravo


  • Marta

    why she is wearing a towel?

  • craig stairs


  • Milli

    She could have used a wide belt and a pair of earrings to make this straight out of shower,no time to comb the hair,draped in towel look a little bit better.

  • anja

    omgod, love pic 3, major thinspo.

  • kate

    Looks very nice for a 40 year old !

    Why is she a presenter, she has done NOTTA in the entertainment industry.

    She’s a has been searching for her lost THETANS
    that the Galactic Scientology warlord Xenu

    Let loose on Earth! LOL

    (funny, cuz it’s actually true!!! too)

  • mossy

    didn’t she take up running recently? even ran the NY marathon right? seriously, people are so critical, what’s wrong with being slender and fit?

  • Uh

    My grandma has that same towel, wait…maybe that is my grandma!

  • kathy

    I think she looks really good, and for those comparing her to posh, please !!! posh is grossly ugly, yea grosslyyyyyyyy

  • boyd

    she’s starting to remind me of jackie o.
    shoot me, but yeah, she does.

  • none

    You people must live in the sticks, her dress is gorgeous. She looks great.

  • Uh

    Unfortunately she does look like jackie o…since j.o. Is dead & katie is looking like a corpse.

  • shenanyginz

    i actually like the dress… but she is looking a little tired

  • rkkkr

    The dress, okay. She looks decent, exept for the fly-away hair.

  • MiHay

    What in the hell is she wearing?? It looks like she grabbed the drapes out of the living room, grabbed something to pin it up and headed out the door.

    I agree with all of the above posters when they say that she looks waaaaay older than 28.

  • Evelyn

    positively radiant