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Hayden & Milo: HOLDING HANDS!

Hayden & Milo: HOLDING HANDS!

Okay, now it’s OFFICIALLY official!

Cute new pictures of Heroes hook-up Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia holding hands (!!!) have surfaced. The couple reportedly caught a showing of Atonement (Keira Knightley, James McAvoy).

Check Hayden, 18, and Milo, 30, holding hands here.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Hayden and Milo as a couple?

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty
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  • Jonas


  • luckyL

    Lol, young love. However, it seems she may be getting the better end of the deal

  • Beatriz


  • Beatriz

    *-* perfect!

  • ren

    i like it she’s mature for her age!! and they look so cute together!

  • banna

    YAY! Im so happy! These two make such a nice couple!

  • luckyL

    I wish we could get an account of her parents’ opinion

  • vera

    I hate hayden she is so ugly and her nose is so fucking big.
    And i hate milo he loves little girls his next girlfriend will be shiloh the daughter from Angelina Jolie. Hahahaaa

  • douglas

    I’ve been saying this for months…MORE PICTURE PLEEEEEEASEE!!


  • luckyL

    This is definitely LOLITA #8 and she has always been average in the looks department. I never got the hype.

  • jenny

    cute couple…
    but i still think its a bit crazy….
    she is still 18 whereas he is 30…..makes him look as if he cant handle mature women

  • sarah

    YYAAYY!! they would have beautiful kids

  • Jade

    they are sooooo cute!!!!

  • bea

    They’re too beautiful ! ! ! !

  • vera

    Milo can´t sleep with a 18 years old girl. This is so sick!!!!

  • ssshi_baby

    she is adorable..however, i hope that she is mature enough to handle dating such an older guy…hopefully she is brought up right than maybe this might not be so bad….

  • not good.

    Yuck disgusting he must be a midget, I know she is.
    Lilo wanna be.

  • grace



  • Sarah

    They look great and the age is not so important =) !
    They love each other that’s important

  • devilgirl

    Wrong, wrong, wrong.
    Would you let your 18 year old daughter date a 30 year old man?
    Oh, and please, as if we’re supposed to believe this just started. He’s probably been hitting that young ass for two years.

  • jk

    cute couple

  • Rogana

    Wow! I love Milo, but I think he looks with Hayden really cute!

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    i’m sensing deja vu with this thread. lol

  • okay

    milos hot and all but i just dont like him for some reason. i guess ever since i heard about him yelling at alexis when they dated at restaurants and stuff ive never really been a huge fan of his. i loved him in gilmore girls and i love him in heroes, but i dont love him as a person.
    though 12 years difference doesnt seem so bad when its 42 and 30 or something, 18 and 30 just seems gross for some reason.

  • lav

    Awwww they are sooooo cute!!!!

  • Rachel

    thanks, they are so cute together!

  • Vindictive

    I guess it really is official. They really do look cute together.

  • yuck

    lying little twat. we’re just co-stars, blah blah blah.

  • to0ota

    they look cute together but Milo is too old for hayden i mean look at the age diffrence !

  • michelle

    Sometimes 30 and 18 don’t work, usually it’s just disgusting.
    But Milo and Hayden seem to be timeless, they really fit together!
    I’m just sorry, because sooner or later Hayden’s going to dump him
    for a younger dude. But for now ; GO HALO!

  • Aggi

    GO HALO!!!
    soooooo cute

  • suzy


  • reality check

    I hope she likes to share!

  • Flisbeth

    They look good together

  • Alia

    so cute

  • helen

    AWH! So cute!

  • yeah, baby

    He’s old enough to be her…uncle! LOL!!!!! Anyway I think hayden is a very sophisticated young woman as compared to the other young hollywood ho’s. I like her and her style.

  • Dobby

    He is waaaaaaaaay too old for her. Why can’t he go out with women his own age? Sick, sick, sick….

  • melisa

    They are so cute! i love ‘em!

  • Antonella

    they look really good together
    i’m so happy for them! :)

  • sandra


  • Nova

    if woody allen can do it milo n hayden can too

  • Buckeyegurl

    I must admit they look really cute together, but that doesn’t make it right. I guess Milo doesn’t like women who can challenge him. Seems like he wants someone he can control.

  • Hello

    I agree, #10. I don’t find her extraordinary or anything. She looks…typical.

  • Tuuli

    I Love THEM ;)

  • the_original_nika

    Now… you just know she wouldn’t hit that, until she saw him shirtless for all of season 2. now its a different story hu-un.

  • sasha

    It’s not going to last. I can tell you that much right now. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the age difference is going to be just too much.

    Plus, Milo has a thing for dating co-stars. He and Alexis Bledel dated for 2 or 3 years when they were working on Gilmore girls. Now he’s dating another co-star. Different show, different co-star! When you work in such close proximity to other people day in and day out, it’s natural to find attraction to a co-star.

  • Keira’sFun

    Fuck HALO…Milo,what the hell are you doing??She’s a fair-haired mouse!

  • jen

    der’s a bit big age difference!!!

  • kat

    milo is discusting to me. she’s a freakin kid. wtf he can’t find someone his age to be attracted to. i guess hayden was convenient huh?