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Tila Tequila's Second 'Shot at Love'

Tila Tequila's Second 'Shot at Love'

Everybody’s favorite bisexual (or not) Tila Tequila arrives at NYC’s JFK airport to catch a flight to Los Angeles on Sunday.

Inside the terminal, she accepted a rose from an adoring male fan who asked her for a “shot at love.” He also proposed but Tila laughed it off.

Last week, MTV announced that it was renewing Shot at Love for a second season. If you’re not familiar with Shot, it’s the bisexual dating show where straight men and lesbians vy for Tila‘s heart. Things apparently didn’t work out between her and season one winner Bobby Banhart.

Shot has been MTV’s biggest hit in over two years–it’s the top-rated new series among viewers 12-34 in 2007.

You can check out Tila‘s latest thoughts at her journal.

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Photos: Anderson/Bauer-Griffin
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  • ew

    She looks like a bug. And so short,ok a short fug bug.

  • Jonas


  • Haha

    sucks for Bobby. I actually liked him.

  • Nina

    Please don’t ever post about her again. She doesn’t deserve any attention ,she’s such a fake person with no talent. MTV sucks. Her and Heidi and Spencer don’t need to be talked about ever because they are nobodys.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    she’s the ugliest non-talented famous person on the planet. lol i feel like i’ve been taken crazy-pills… people actually find her good looking?

    jared, if you post another thread about this creature we’re gonna have to shoot-the-5, seriously!

  • lu

    i hate her! She is soooo ugly. And it’s sad that she got her fame over myspace, get a life!

  • luckyL

    I agree totally with #4

    Whatever publicity she gets from her show is enough.

  • Haha

    wait…how’d she get famous again?

  • hanane


  • WannaSmile

    I think she’s adorable…people give her such a hard time…

  • jenny

    Sorry I am from the UK and dont know who this is?

    Did she used to be a man?

  • yon yonson

    Love her! She looks so cute in the airport.

    looking forward to a 2nd season!

  • kelly

    Supposedly the Bobby guy couldn’t even get her phone number after the show~ It’s all a lie, she isn’t a bisexual and she’s just out for publicity. She HAS a boyfriend in real life. She’s gross anyways, who cares?

  • Hello

    Hey #1: There’s NOTHING wrong with being short! Ha.

    However, I do agree with the fact that she is very unattractive.

  • ssshi_baby

    PULEEZZZZZ!!! this girl is sooooooooooo PHONY!! no class wat-so-eva!! she is not bi-sexual just playing it up for the cameras..she should be ashame of herself..there are people who really struggle w/this and she is making a mockery of it!!! NASTY GIRL!!

  • sandie

    I hate that reality show! MTV sucks, big time.

  • polly

    the material that MTV puts out there for young adults, teens and tweens to consume as “normal” is dispicable. they are doing nothing but lowering the moral standard. they just want to keep making money by attempting to be relevant by one upping themselves over and over in the shocking behavior department. this “Tila” thing is a perfect example of the filth they put out there for impressionable persons to watch. they/she disgust me. you want to be a hedonist? do it in private.

  • Speedmonkey

    butter face.

  • anita barker

    I agree with ssshhhh baby…. this bitch is so damn phoney and ugly, talking about everyones favorite bi-sexual , speak for your damn self not for me, she aint my favorite anything. that bitch!

  • sam

    she’s reallly NOT pretty. there are so many more attractive asian girls out there

  • Tealeaf

    MTV following VH1 forumula of putting nasty, talentless people on dating shows..Season 1, 2, 3…I never watched her crappy show and never will

  • gia

    the only reason she ever got “known” was because she was one of the first people to sing up for myspace. she’d be on your top friends before you could make your own top friend list so everyone would see her, add on that she had half naked pics all over her page and it was hard not to notice her.. same with that scary b*tch forbidden. If she just signed up now, she’d never get as known as she is.. the internet is filled with half naked web-skanks.. trying to be the next tila tequila, when really tila coulda been anybody with those kinds of pics, a wide audience to be exposed to and a medium like myspace. not bad tho for a former import/n*de model. apparently N*DE is a flagged word on this site.. least that’s what I was just warned of when I tried to post.

  • gia

    the typo above “sing” was supposed to be sign.. I just don’t want anyone thinking I consider her a singer.. her stuff is like listening to a cat trying to get let in from the rain.

  • jake

    wtf..she looks like a troll

  • hOT DOG

    Thats because she is a troll.

  • lily

    i think its quite sad because i give her and the show my time of day and was about to commend mtv for enlightening us a little more about bisexuality——until you realised it’s all FAKE, her included. The gay community should question this as tila and mtv have exploited and misrepresented it, all for ratings. Shame shame.

  • alanna

    her face is so ugly … and i find it very annoying when she smiles! she has the weirdest smile ever is scary!! and the way she laughs is horrible! i truly truly hate her!!

  • Paradise

    Come on guys. She is absolutely fabulous, she has something special :)

  • craig stairs

    she looks like she’s mentally retarded.

  • what is it

    ET in a wig, yuck and ewwwwwww not cute.

  • Sugar tits

    Please. She’s about as bisexual as a college girl on spring break.

  • Courtney

    Thanks So much for these pics!!!

    I LOVE ME SOME TILA!!!!!!!

  • Lilly

    She is famous for……. being a screw up ???

  • bataglio

    jj, what do you mean, “check out her thoughts”?

  • Jenn Schift

    She looks and acts like a Vietnam war era prostitute. Me love you longtime GI Joe. Fukky, sucky whateveryou want. Only 10 dolla.

  • love


  • jena

    Jared – thanks for posting pics on Tila. I think she is amazing.
    As for the haters and racist comments – get over yourselves. You are just jealous coz she is successful by doing it on her own terms.

    GO TILA!!!

  • keepin it real



    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  • mike

    come on people , she looks just fine

    I saw britney spears without make-up look even worse than her

  • babY_gURL

    Tila tequila is so pretty. and hot because im a bisexualist too. she is soooooo not fake.

  • monique


  • Savannah

    I like tila.

    she is nice, and she isnt mean to anyone.

    and i bet half of you dont even compare to her in looks.

    although i completely think her fame is ridiculous, and she is was nasty with her whole pictures on the web deal.

  • POgo

    Hey Guys!

    Few days ago I had an idea to make Tila Tequila SEX weblog on wordpress and VOX because everyone was asking me and now this is finished!

    Enjoy it…

  • ash

    did she used 2 b a dude no one will give a 4 sure answer didnt she say it on the show