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Alexa Chung: The New Sienna Miller?

Alexa Chung: The New Sienna Miller?

Reality TV star Kelly Osbourne and UK television personality pal Alexa Chung share lots of laughs together as they hang out all night in London on Monday.

The girls went bowling with post-punk band Arctic Monkeys at All Stars Lanes in Bloomsbury Square before heading to a karaoke bar in Soho.

Girl of the moment Alexa, 24, is rumored to be dating lead vocalist Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys. This indie chic girl is definitely on the rise!

20+ pictures inside of Kelly, Alexa and the Arctic boys…

DO YOU THINK Alexa Chung will become UK’s new Kate Moss/Sienna Miller?

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# 2

Yay 2nd 2 comment I like her the next sienna miller/ yh I think so!

# 3
[~F a m o u s~] @ 01/08/2008 at 1:27 pm

um, who is she? and if she’s in the uk why should we care? lol

# 5
Chris Edwards @ 01/08/2008 at 1:29 pm

She is hot

But she is so terribly on T4 on Channel 4, she makes my ears bleed.

But good luck to her wth what ever she does

# 6

she used to date james righton from klaxons didn’t she?

# 7

Love Alexa.
A style icon for sure.
:) x

# 8

omg no… shes so ANNOYING… she just sounds so half hearted when presenting.. you need to act like you know what your talking about!

# 9


Really great, classy sense of style! Absolutely stunningly beautiful too!

9 more than 1st

Certainly a step up from Sienna. Although that isn’t hard !

Chloe (Zanessa && Halo @ 01/08/2008 at 2:03 pm

oooh…i love alexa chung!
she’s deof the nxt sienna miller/kate moss!!
she’s really stylish! :D

I’m from the UK and watch her on the weekends and she’s a great presenter, who seems very smart and is beautiful, too! Great fashion sense, as well!

#3, not everyone is from America, you idiot!

ummm, who is this hefa? why is she getting a thread? lets see some pics from princess zee’s bday

[~F a m o u s~] @ 01/08/2008 at 2:23 pm

true, but you’re not a real celebrity until you’re one in america. that’s why all the pathetic uk artist be trying so bloody hard to become popular over here. lol

Famous get a life…celebs are from all over the world, not just the USA its not the only country in the goddamn world lol

[~F a m o u s~] @ 01/08/2008 at 2:33 pm

there should be! one country – mines!

if you’re not american you can suck my balls.

this was a post just about her hanging out with kelly osbourne.
not bloody rambling on about how famous she’s gonna be in america.
she’s just a tv presenter.

yeah, she’s dating alex from arctic monkeys.
she’s got great style.

Luv Alex! great style!

No chance.
She will never be as famous as Sienna Miller or Kate Moss.
She will never mesure up to such great celebrities.

But I do love Kelly Osbourne though; big fan.

famous: “true, but you’re not a real celebrity until you’re one in america. that’s why all the pathetic uk artist be trying so bloody hard to become popular over here. lol”

oh lord, people can be so ignorant.

i think she is not going to be the next sienna. but i love her style!!!

while I think she’s pretty cute ( not pretty sexy) and I do think she dresses well, she’s by no means a fashion icon in the making!!!!!!!!!!! every thing she wears has already been worn before, she hasn’t started any trends she FOLLOWS trends! just because she’s dating a rockstar now we have to look up to her? please! reserve this space for people that truly deserve it or do you not havy any worthy people to talk about! following trends does not a fashion icon make!!

Does it mean that we won’t see anymore of slu*y Sienna.
GREAT I don’t know this girt, but I take her over Sl*tina Miller.

Nadia likes Sienna!! @ 01/08/2008 at 3:36 pm

Sienna can not be replaced idiots.She is one and only!!

Vice versa, Famous….vice versa.

i like her style, it’s not as trying hard as sienna. but i dunno, is she actually talented? and how long before people start hating saying too skinny this, too slu tt y that, assuming she’s on drugs this, eating disorder that.

poor girl.

‘is rumored to be dating lead vocalist Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys.’
Its not rumoured it is true. Well that’s what I heard anyways.
She looks beautiful, she has an amazing sense of style, I love it. Big as Kate Moss? Not so sure, she’s not that famous.

FRESHRAGGEDYANN @ 01/08/2008 at 4:56 pm



I think nobody care about Sienna anymore her 15 minutes of fame are finish and she’s not dating Jude anymore.
she’ll soon disappear and it’s not a bad thing.

Alexa has great style but she needs to grow her hair out. I don’t think she suit short hair.

I don’t think she will pass Sienna or Kate on an international scale as she is not a actress or model.

I only know of her because I read British fashion mags and as a Arctic Monkeys fan I know she is going out with Alex Turner. There are heaps of pics on the net of them together.


Sienna isn’t going anywhere. She has 3 movies to come out and she is signed on for 2 more. At least she is working and not just being an airhead like stupid Paris.

If anyone’s career has suffered it’s Jude’s. Which he has no one else to blame but himself for that.

Ugh – let’s hope not she’s got all sorts of yellow on that grill and she looks like a Little Winehouse in training. Ugh-ly.

@ famous #3:
way to promote stereotypes and anti-american sentiment.
not “lol”

Nadia likes Sienna!! @ 01/08/2008 at 6:57 pm


um – does nobody remember the infamous Panic! At the Disco interview? where she made absolutely no effort to conceal her dislike for the boys and was possibly one of the nastiest people i’ve ever seen on TV before? nope. I don’t believe anybody recalled that.

dont understand why pple find her gorgeous. i think her face is too long. alex turner is way hotter than her.


haha, well yeah she’s gonna be like that ‘coz those guys were a bunch of douches acting like they all that. i’m glad she didn’t try to suck up to those talentless hacks.

#38 – Beauty is a subjective thing and you’re entitled to your opinion. However, I think Alexa is beautiful, Alex isn’t (I still fancy him like hell!). I do think Alexa is lucky to be dating him – he’s sooooo talented and seems like such an absolute, utter sweetheart in interviews.

this bit**ch is ugly! she ain’t the next Sienna Miller or Kate Moss. Please!

Chloe are you watching the same video and did you read the comments posted on You Tube.

No wonder she didn’t like them they were acting like major d*cks.

I think she did well to keep her cool cause I would of told them to f*ck off.

She’s cool but Sienna Miller is a pretty huge actress & Kate Moss is a supermodel … I just don’t see how a T.V Presenter can be compared to the two. Alexa is a former model, gave up modelling for presenting.

It’s like comparing a Firefighter, a Cop & a Paramedic … All 3 are totally different.

^ They’re being compared in relation to their fashion sense, not their careers. And I wouldn’t call Sienna “a pretty huge actress”, she’s a huge celebrity and a moderately successful actress

mollyringwald @ 01/09/2008 at 8:00 pm

are kate moss and seinna the same chick? if they ain’t then why are you so stupid to put them together as one person? both are idiots who really good pr firms that pay for their image.

stylegirl @ 01/11/2008 at 7:46 am


i luv alexa chung!

she sucks!!!please open up ur eyes!!!

OH MY GOD!!she has got the worst face i’ve ever seen in my life.shes ugly so so so much.

simone smith @ 07/16/2008 at 6:46 am

Alexa Chung? I ******* hate her. she i soooooooooooooooo annoying and up her own ****. ******* ****, i was really shocked when i found out when she was dating james righton. stupid man. she does follow trends. how dare you compare her to kate and sienna?

clara_belle @ 09/09/2008 at 10:56 am

I don’t think that it is fair to compare either of these girls to Kate Moss – she got where she is on her own whereas Alexa & Sienna only made it this far because of their famous boyfriends.

All Alexa does is sleep with rock stars & hang out with other London parties girls so that she can have her picture in the paper. She has absolutely no talent whatsoever – that’s why they cancelled popworld.

I think she has the most beautiful style. Perfect patterns, proportions, and use of accessories. Indie-bohemian and yet still on trend! She’s definitely one of my style muses:

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