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Chad Michael Murray @ TRL

Chad Michael Murray @ TRL

One Tree Hill costars Chad Michael Murray, 26, and Hilarie Burton, 25, make brief appearances on TRL on Tuesday in NYC.

If you’re EST, the two-hour season 5 premiere of One Tree Hill is on RIGHT NOW. PST, you have some time. The episode names that are airing today are called “4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days” and “Racing Like a Pro.”

Check out the new video below of CMM‘s interview on Live with Regis and Kelly!. Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajek filled in for Regis Philbin.

Chad Michael Murray @ Live with Regis and Kelly!, 1/8

45+ pictures inside of Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton @ TRL! Peep the pictures of the hysterically crying fangirls in the audience!

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chad michael murray trl 03
chad michael murray trl 04
chad michael murray trl 05
chad michael murray trl 06
chad michael murray trl 07
chad michael murray trl 08
chad michael murray trl 09
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chad michael murray trl 12
chad michael murray trl 13
chad michael murray trl 14
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chad michael murray trl 19
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chad michael murray trl 23
chad michael murray trl 24
chad michael murray trl 25
chad michael murray trl 26
chad michael murray trl 27
chad michael murray trl 28
chad michael murray trl 29
chad michael murray trl 30
chad michael murray trl 31
chad michael murray trl 32
chad michael murray trl 33
chad michael murray trl 34
chad michael murray trl 35
chad michael murray trl 36
chad michael murray trl 37
chad michael murray trl 38
chad michael murray trl 39
chad michael murray trl 40
chad michael murray trl 41
chad michael murray trl 42
chad michael murray trl 43
chad michael murray trl 44
chad michael murray trl 45

Photos: Scott Gries/Getty
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  • zanessa110

    hes changed

  • goz

    i still like him!! hot!

  • zanessa110

    hes cute

  • Jessica

    haha thanks!


    uiiiiiiii hottie as always

    ChadLICIOUS huuuum ^^

  • Ryanne

    he’s perfect!!

    รต/ ;*

  • Lilly

    He is really hot! I love them both!

  • !?!Queen12!?!

    hes so hansom :) i love that guy

  • hillary

    he is so hot!

  • wildcatgirl

    How has he changed? He looks the same to me :)

  • ann

    ummm who cares about this cheater?

  • The Shiznack

    still a lying cheating sack of crap

    once a cheater always a cheater

    and he is a real arrogant SOB in real life

  • vanessa p*

    why cheateer? jaja sorry i don’t know.. please tell me

  • http://myspace/muffymutt zanessafan-

    Haha awesome!

    I just watched OTH, and it rocked!

    Cant wait for another great season!

    I love Hilary, and Chad!


  • michelle

    Once a douche, always a douche.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    mmm, hilarie’s hot.

    i wonder if chad’s naturally smooth or is that ish an act. lmaoo

  • The Shiznack

    #13 – he cheated on his wife sophia bush with paris hilton then 2 weeks later he proposed to sophia and they were married for 5 months till she found out

    then he got engaged to a high school student called kenzie dalton who was an extra OTH

    he is such a fool

  • Cristina

    I love this show! tonight’s episode was amazing! awww that girl was crying! chad is hot! hilary looks so pretty!

  • Cami

    Who cares if he freaking cheated on Sophia! With Paris Hilton .. yes maybe a little low but it’s not like he’s the first guy to ever cheat on a girl… and apparently him and this college girl have found love if there still very much together and they’ve been together for atleast a year or so now

  • katie

    omg i love chad!!! cant wait til the new season of oth comes out over in nz im addicted!!!

  • hill


  • Sara

    OTH was aaamazingg!
    Chad looks hott =)

  • ann

    oh, so it’s alright to cheat on someone you claimed to love? it doesn’t matter who you are, it’s never good to cheat on someone. if you think that, then well…that’s screwed up.

  • hello

    Katie Holmes is usually so nice but she made a point not really liking Chad. Chad was so into her during interview but many crew member said he made a pass at Katie on the DC show. What a playah….

  • gggg

    The Shiznack shut up you dumb fuck! who gives a shit if he cheated on that whore? she cheated on him!

  • chadlover

    he was so sweet on trl and he was so sweet on R&K he is an amazing person that is an AMAZING actor

  • kate

    chad cheated on sophia bush? why don’t we talk about all the men that cheating liar of sophia screwed all over the years, during her relationship with chad? just to make an example, jon foster, with whom she cheated on chad few weeks after the wedding. please shut up sophia fans. she’s a cheater and a surgery addicted. boob job, nose job.. what’s next?

    at least now chad has been in a relationship with kenzie dalton for 2 years, while that bitch of sophia is still screwing any man that she sees.

    chad looked on trl and regis and kelly! and chad and hilarie together are too adorable!

  • chadlover

    omg kate your amazing! amen to that! get the fuck outa here if your gonna bash him…he is hot the whore you “amazing” sophia is

  • chadlover

    has anyone else seen the pic of kenzie? she looked amazing for one. two has anyone else heard that she is preggers?

  • hil

    did anyone else hear that kenzie is preggers?

  • boyd

    uber douche.

  • 666

    your the douche

  • menna

    he’s fine.

  • Han

    Hilarie always manages to look so freaking pretty :)
    how she does that?

  • slaine

    I love Peyton/Hilarie just like I love Alexis/Rory of Gilmore Girls. And I’m soo hook-up on Brucas too… Cant wait for for OTH to be seen again in Tivo!

  • melissa

    i love them both (:

  • The shiznack

    #27 where in the hell r u getting that crap from

    she never cheated on him with jon foster – she dated jon well after chad proposed to kenzie

    also she has not had any plastic surgery – seriously where are u getting this BS from

    cmm cheated on her she found out then they divorced – simple as, he is a lying scumbag. then his cold heart proposed to a 12 year old boy after a month of being single – and he paraded kenzie in front of sophia’s face – kenzie also posts personal pictures of her and chad all over the net bcus she is a fame hungry bint, chad cant act for s*** either. He is the most annoying actor ever.

    so y dont u keep ur trap shut and stop making up utter BS

    nuff said

  • b

    the Vj, in the gray top, forgot to put on her pants! Damn it’s winter too!

  • Megan

    does anyone know why that girl is crying?
    probably because shes next to cmm, to stand next to the ugliest person alive, dont worry id be crying too

    no offence ofcoarse

  • miaa

    he is the best!

  • Dan

    Chad is soooooo hot.

    I’d suck his hard on all night long, and let him blow his load in my mouth as many times as he wanted. I’d swallow every time.

    I’d also let him shoot his load, without condoms, up my butt night after night.

  • +++++


  • Meeee

    She looks great, very pretty!!! I’ve heard that he is a total ass…..

  • Jagoda

    I love Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton !!

  • Omfg;

    get the fcuk over it.
    he cheated, thats done and over with.

    ilove you chad :)

  • hudgensvanessaofficial

    new new pictures video for

  • rili

    he is ssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooo u-g-l-y i hate him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yovana

    aw…chad looks great!
    he’s a great actor…

  • ~*~GET REAL~*~

    loved last nites episodes….can’t wait for this season to play out. all the characters were great. LOVE the lil boy who plays jamie. he was perfect for the role…him and skillz…laughed the whole time they were on.

  • gggg

    haha fine go on to believe sophia is perfect…really its your loss. she is a whore that sleeps around and uses men for their fame