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Hayden Christensen is the Neuromancer

Hayden Christensen is the Neuromancer

Hayden Christensen will star in the cyberpunk classic Neuromancer, according to JoBlo.

Hayden, 26, will play Case, the former hacker at the center of the story. Joseph Kahn (Torque) is directing the $70 million film.

Look out for Hayden‘s latest action flick Jumper, out in theaters Valentine’s Day. Check out the Jumper movie stills, trailer and movie poster!

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  • chrissy

    this guy in yummy!

  • chrissy

    this guy in yummy!

  • chrissy

    i meant “is” lolz.. sorry, it’s still way early for me!

  • jackie

    i hear ya chrissy, now have some starbucks and wakeup and thanks for not typing “first” that stuff is so corny!

  • POLLY-o

    I just saw him in Factory Girl, he was super hot in that movie!

  • kate


  • Ziggazigaaaah

    This guy is still getting film roles?

    I don’t think he can carry a film so I don’t get how he lands these big budget movies.

  • lotte

    Love him, so charming!!

  • well

    @ 7.

    let the hayden bashing begin ! we have heard it all before. just pipe down. he is a good actor. hust all the SW geeky fans blame him for ruining the movies, which lets me honest, who was good in SW……… except for the digital yoda.

    give him a break. he is talented. he has done other stuff besides SW….. like Shattered Glass, Life as a house, Factory Girl. and if u haven’t already seen it, then Awake might just open your eyes to his talent. just saying !

    good for hayden.

  • Irishdreams

    I think he will do well in some more adult roles then the preteen looking ones from jumper..I guess his Beast of Bataan movie went south wonder if he already started filming this heard he was to do BB as soon as the new year started..maybe he will do this new one after Bataan..but , with the writers strike I also wonder how this will effect many movies upcoming..

  • JabelsJr


    Other than Star Wars, which could have starred a trained monkey and would have been a success, what movie has he ever done which people actually wanted to see? He has no charisma, no screen presence and the results show. Flop after flop after flop. It’s not the movies themselves, it’s him. The makers of Neuromancer have just assured that no one will go see this movie, and those who do will regret it.

  • Helena

    Woohoo another film for Hayden
    Hayden is going to have a busy year

  • Smilehexe

    Thinking about William Gibson’s book and “Johnny Mnemonic” a few years ago I’m far more concerned about the story itself in this case than Hayden or that he could not do a good job in this. He will make it, although I think two science fiction-movies for him are more than enough… a nice little indie film I would prefer to see him in anytime…

  • Didi

    he is the worst leading man in the world. i watched him in Awake and fell asleep. what a boring b*stard. Jessica Alba made the movie even worse. PLEASE STOP GIVING THESE PEOPLE FILM ROLES.

  • lily

    he is getting fug.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Love the hair

    The Arab Aquarius

  • Paradise

    What an exceptional actor. He is so talented and amezing :)

  • #

    @ #10
    As far as I know the writer strike only effects TV productions.

    Hayden: HOT! But that book was confusing, I think I’ll have to re-read it.

  • IRishdreams

    That #18 didn’t realize that it was only on TV but could make sense..

    I think he can act well I think he is stuck with the wrong leading ladies and many don’t work well off him and visa versa..I don’t think he new one Jumper will do as well as Liman wants it too also based on a book that was in my eyes much better then the movie will be..Wasn’t aware this one is based on a book will have to catch it and try reading it..

    Did you see his jean add..YUCK..sorry to say..

  • Booboo

    He’s going to ruin the story.

    Keanu ruined Johnny Mnuemonic, Hayden will do the same to Neuromancer.

    Oh- and the fact that these books are *really* hard to make into movie form!

  • scarlett

    he’s so hot! c’mon guys he’s a good actoor! don’t be mean :(

  • Karmakey

    Will the die hard fans ever let SW go? He’s a quality actor. Watch some of his other films (Shattered Glass, Life as A House, Factory Girl & Awake). He’s got a great range and chooses a variety of roles. Give him a chance. I’m anxious for Jumper and this. I love Scifi, and I think he’s got the talent for it. I do agree that his leading ladies don’t always do him justice. I’d love to see him in a different movie with Natalie Portman. I think they would hush the SW nonsense once and for all when people saw them outside the SW universe. Oh yeah, and he is smoking HOT with the scruff! Hayden’s the man.

  • IRishdreams


    I do agree I think he did his best with Natalie Portman and I feel if he does do another movie with her one of a strong romance it will show how good the two of them are..and not the ditsy leading ladies he had in the past.

  • laur

    he is sexyyy

  • skeen

    @ # 15 – he is getting fug.

    Makes no wonder coz he’s being tagged along by his homely midget co-star all the time… it looks like that shes rubbing him off!

  • Irishdreams


    I think actually the farmer in him is showing..he tends to look scruffy I’m use to the more mature look on him this sort of suites him causal look. but for his sidekick..Sorry she is way to flightly for me..kinda acts dafted at times..could be her nataural way about her who knows but, for me I can handle his looks any day just not her’s..

  • rheis

    Good to know that Hayden got another new movie in the offing and HOPEFULLY, he could bagged a total knock-out leading lady this time around. Portman wasnt a bad choice either compared to his Jumper co-star that is soo utterly a mismatch for him on both ways… yeeesh!

  • Irishdreams

    Yea I agree rheis I wonder at times why Liman picks his OC people..Brody was in MMSmith and now Bilson in this upcoming one..I just hope this neuomacne Hayden gets a better choice of woman..if there is even one in the movie..I hope there is..

  • shen

    @ # 28

    Could it be more than pathetic than she actually is?! That even Bilson’s patronized media sites who are just lamelessly promoting her almost everyday, NOBODY wants to hire her and if there is, it’s just coming from her OC associates.
    But lately, I think that Brody is far more doing a better job than her by auditioning on his own and then come up to bagged as one of the lead roles in Warner Bros.’ Justice League Of America.

  • Irishdreams

    I didn’t hear he actually got a part..the one pop sugar photo they had of him they said he was not busy working maybe that was for the holiday..All I see RB do is TV work for Chuck but not sure if Chuck is still on or she is still with the show..other then this jumper gig what more is she doing but fashion ads and modeling stunts..I just don’t think she has want it takes for these lead roles..sorry to say..I’m hoping that Hayden at least can make a go of it for the other movies he is working on currently..Hard for me to say if Jumper will do well I seem to get the impression not many people like him very much to want to see this movie..