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Janet Jackson - "Feedback" Music Video

Janet Jackson -

Feed my fetish please!

Janet Jackson‘s “Feedback” music video has been released and it is phenomenal!!!!! Like, PHENOMENAL!!!!!

The vid has a very “outer space” feel to it but start watching from the 2-minute mark because dayum, Janet‘s dancing makes me all tingly inside!

As always, the choreography is tight and the special effects, especially the ending, is perfection. HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

Kudos to Gil Duldulao for the hot moves and Saam Farahmand for the directing! Smooth.

Janet Jackson – “Feedback” Music Video
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  • God


  • 4574257

    HOTTNESS!!!!! Britney could learn something from her.

  • ya ya

    sorry but she is the ugliest women ever!! the song isn’t too bad!

  • Justme

    The ORIGINAL!!!

  • Madison

    Nice to see Janet still has it. She made a lot of crap for a while but this look, this song and this video are very nice!

  • The Arab Aquarius

    I like it. Its dark and cool. And she busted a couple of Beyonce ‘crazy’ moves as well, hehe. Much better than her last few vids. hope the album is as good.

    The Arab Aquarius

  • hmm

    she looks like a man in drag. bad wig.

  • Ally

    great voice, at least shes not a britney!!

  • mel
  • chick

    i’m not checking for janet so don’t wan’t to see the video she old and lame

  • the_original_nika

    the song is repetitive and the video is dull, nice dance moves though. I hope her album is a success, cause I love her.

  • bitch

    corny a s s video, hopefully defjam didn’t pay alot of money forit, cause that was a waste of money.

  • John

    weak video so so song very poor for a comeback even brit brit did better

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    I’m doubting Janet’s vocal talent. For the last couple of years, her singing is barely audible. I don’t know if she wants to open doors for any wannabe without talent, to just get a record deal to whisper instead of singing. We might as well go listen to an instrumental CD. Her voice always sounds as studio processed as ever , and this song like any other electronice/dance track we’ve heard before.

    She reminds me of J.Lo’s last attempt at music biz “‘Do it well”, and janet”s new video looks the same, kicking the dancers, only she is in outerspace. But J.Lo used to dance for Janet so ….

    I give this video a big YAWNNN!

  • [marie]

    The video is meh… maybe because I never liked the song very much….

  • Tennis

    That is hot!! Janet is definitely breaking into 2008 in style!

  • joy

    I love the video it is HOT

  • anonymous

    I don’t get it. What is “Feedback” supposed to represent? Am I missing something? I just don’t get the song so it doesn’t hook me.
    It’s a little too out there for me to connect with.

  • David

    this video is so different just what a janet jackson video i hould be, nice to see someone making a come back

  • Anoldiebutagoodie

    I actually didn’t like the song on first listen but it is slowly growing on me

  • Dfly

    This is just a rehash of Rhythm Nation.

    Put it on mute, bust out your old Rhythm Nation cassette, and play them together.

    The tempo is the same, the moves are similar, and yet…this is supposed to be…new? Meh.

  • pink_tulips


  • Krazy Kev

    LOVE IT ! DAMN SHE BACK. Cant wait for the new album.

  • carrie nae

    I like her this way… strong but sexy. I am not into her sexual explicit ( sort of) videos.

  • susan

    Don’t care for the song. It’s not doing that well on the charts either. The dancing in the video was the same old same old. At least though she covered up for a change. The song is too Britneyish.

  • moi

    Loves it. I guess the people who hate it loved the Gimme More video by Britney. We all know what wonderful artist and role model she is.

  • here

    Susan is a moron. The song just ENTERED the charts this week. God some of you are retarded.

  • boyd

    the hotness.

  • Cynthia

    Love Janet, looking beautiful again. There was a blind item about a actress entertainer a couple of months ago, this famous woman was getting some work done at a beauty salon I believe, and the person that was taking care of her seen a ring like thingy inside this woman’s nostrils! Idk, who it is, but I just wanted to share that. Great video Janet!

  • Ginger

    Compared to her last album and songs, I absolutely love this song!! I can really dance to this… She is still so HOT!! I would love to look as good as her when I get to her age!!!

    I wonder who produced this song? Can’t wait to hear the rest of her album!!!

  • girladvenger

    Hot video…the girl is fierce!!!!

    I love Janet Jackson an original, everybody else is copying her. Glad to see her back with a slamming song.

  • Yily

    love it! the video is awesome! janet jackson is the original, baby. she rock.

  • angela

    ‘Feedback’ is in the Pop top 10 on iTunes, and was just released to radio format. What are you talking about?

    ya ya
    she is FAR from the ‘ugliest women ever’. In fact, shes one of the most beautiful women ever. Why don’t you post a picture and lets see how beautiful you look? If every commenter had to have their photo beside their comment, no one would hardly ever post anything!

    If you’re not checking for janet why did you read this entry and comment? LOL. I swear, the naysayers don’t make any sense.

    Janet sang better when she was younger. Listen to ‘He Doesn’t Know That I’m Alive’. It should of been released as single.

  • BBperfume

    Her voice sounds just like Victoria Beckham single after Spice Girls disbanded. janet’s voice sounds just like Posh overprocessed voice that killed her solo career before it began!

  • simona

    i saw the old and perfect janet.
    the clip is brilliant, especially at the end.
    but the dancing is the same, nothing new.
    good luck on your album.

  • joneblaze

    Love the techno beat and the black body suit

  • leana

    She has such a weak voice. And the song is boring. How many of the same kinda songs allready exist? No it lacks everything. Not digging it all

  • hudgensvanessaofficial

    new new pictures video for

  • Amanda *brazil*

    Can anyone tell me how these black woman , can get those bautiful and straight hair?????
    I need a hairdresser like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandy

    B O R I N G ! ! ! !

  • Lita

    40 years old and still doin it!!.

  • natalie

    it reminds me a lot of oops i did it again. the whole outerspace theme and the catsuit w/ the high ponytail…

  • Shaneb

    this video is HOT! much like many of the videos janet premiered in the 90s it sets the stage for something fresh and different. didnt we all expect her half clothed with predictable dance moves? wasnt it nice to sit back and see this futuristic video with the “mean janet” dance moves that made her Ms Jackson? Janet if you or your people are reading this ….PLEASE let your next release be another original, hot dance piece. They are why we are loyal to you…and PLEASE TOUR. Stop teasing us with a promise and just do the dam thing!

  • anonymous

    I love the visual concept; especially the beginning. She still has the sharp, crisp dance moves. beautiful video. Song made me dance even after I finished looking at the video.

  • Uxobii

    Janet is amazing. She looks totally HOT! The video/song FEEDBACK is awesome. The video is totally unique and fresh. The “hater” comments are just so lame and typical…Janet has some influence over you if you waste you time posting about her even though you don’t care for her music/style…LOL! Janet continues to amaze…even the “haters” can’t get enough of her! CONGRATULATIONS, Janet!!

  • huh?

    Am I the only one not feeling this? Janet hasn’t been hot since Rene Elizondo. It’s really showing that he wrote all her songs and did her videos. The video LOOKS good, but the song is so Lose My Breath and the video is a cross between Britney’s “Oops” and Beyonce’s “Ring The Alarm”. Janet HAS to go back to the days of “If” and “Together Again” to be hot again.

  • huh?


  • Procka

    after reading Jared’s comments about the video, I assumed I was in for something ground breaking. Well after watching it my lips were tooted to the side. I really didn’t see anything ‘special’. Song is cool and catchy but the video was meh.

  • mzchelle

    sounds like ya ya is a hater!!! she is hotter that fish grease!! always have been and always will be!!! song is hot sh’e hot the video is hot!! what!!!!