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Nicole Kidman: Cue the Baby Bump Watch!

Nicole Kidman: Cue the Baby Bump Watch!

Parents-to-be Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban smile from ear-to-ear as they grab lunch together at Lucio’s Italian Restaurant in Paddington, Australia on Tuesday.

Nicole scratches her butt–she’s just like us!!!

It was just officially announced last night that Nicole is pregnant and expecting her third child with Keith (it’s his first).

“The couple are thrilled,” Nic‘s rep said. Nic can’t be that far along though–no visible baby bump either!

The 40-year-old Aussie actress has two adopted children with ex-husband, Tom Cruise: Isabella, now 15, and Connor, 12.

“I’m thrilled for her,” George Clooney told People at the Critics’ Choice Awards in L.A. Monday night. “[She'll be] a perfect mother. She’ll be great. She’ll be a tall mother.”

10+ pictures inside of pregnant Nicole Kidman

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nicole kidman baby bump 02
nicole kidman baby bump 03
nicole kidman baby bump 04
nicole kidman baby bump 05
nicole kidman baby bump 06
nicole kidman baby bump 07
nicole kidman baby bump 08
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nicole kidman baby bump 10

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  • CG


  • jenny


    so many celebrity babies next year ^^

  • CG

    Connor and Isabella are really gonna be alone for sure…hope I am wrong

  • CG

    so many celebrity babies THIS year

  • CG

    Well this will be the first time delivery for Nicole Kidman…

  • CG

    Hope Nicole’s child and Suri Cruise make friends :smile:

  • CG

    May be we will hear about Tomkat#2 coming this year as well

  • CG

    well when is Nicole Richie’s child gonna be born??

  • hmm

    Nicole Kidman looks like a MAN…

  • patricia night

    It’s great!

  • Holly

    Aw, congrats to her.. I like Nicole lots!
    I was just wondering why we see Suri Cruise all the time but no Connor or Isabella? I know people say Nicole is sort of I guess estranged from those two so I was just wondering where they were if they weren’t with her or Tom.

  • MF

    she is just gross, why does anyone care about this skank? someone please explain it to me.

  • Congratulation to both of them !!!!!!!

  • gloria

    congrats! now why does “CG” keep posting over and over and over again, can’t he/she just put what they’ve got to say together and post once??
    MF why are you commenting at all.. you don’t even like Nicole?

  • Maryum

    I’m wedding for “weddingphotgraphers” to make a random post so he can promote his cr*ppy website.. he posts on everything, super lame. Def one of those people who could care less about the thread but must post anything just to be seen.
    Anywho, done griping about that tool. Congrats to Nicole and Keith, I’m sure the baby will be gorgeous ♥

  • weddingphtographersisatool

    haha@#15 I was just wondering why he hadn’t posted yet!!!!! I see I’m not the only one that’s noticed him and yeah his work is bullocks. Just because someone gets a camera doesn’t mean that talent came along in that package.

  • Tess

    God, I’m so happy for them! Congrats to Keith and Nicole – that’ll be a cute baby for sure :)

  • kate


  • http://justjared Wendy from Oz

    i don’t know how to contact Jared but on the news in oz tonight she is due in July

  • really

    So he can flip off the photographers yesterday, but today he can smile for them????

  • Lilya

    Holly #11… nobody ever said that Nicole was estranged from her kids – idiot followers of Tomkat might have said that on a stupid message board somewhere…

    Nicole and Tom try to maintain privacy for their two children… so leave it alone…

  • MMM

    I bet TomKat will get pregnant this year not to be upstaged by Nicole. They need to be in the spotlight.

  • Holly

    #21 Lilya stop talking about the situation like you’re personally involved. I said I “wondered” I wasn’t asking for you to get your kickers twisted and start barking over it. Yes there have been posts on numerous blogs and some interview with Katie Holmes that the kids have bonded with Katie and are now calling her their “mom”.

    Being bored I wondered about the situation. I wasn’t taking it seriously, it’s celeb gossip and has no impact on my life.. so take a f*ckin chill pill.

  • Miapocca


    wHO IS SURI’S father

    and oh the Biography on cruise is out..

    I always said they were sperminating the scientology chics…
    Jenna elfmans baby has red hair and all…hubbard sperm is working overtime..ahahha

  • Lilya

    Ahhh I wasn’t being personally involved… Maybe you should chill out? Why get angry?

    I was replying because you said “estranged” and it’s not particularly PC to say that about somebody else’s family… I wasn’t trying to be aggressive towards you (because I have no freaking idea who you are) just towards the rumour in general… Aren’t we all a little sick of having to read $cientologi$t bullshit rumours about Nicole and her family…

    Just a word of advice, maybe go to one of Nicole’s sites and read some interviews with her to see what she has to say about her children… she’s always talked about them very lovingly…

    Honestly, don’t get so freaked out about somebody replying to you in the comments section of a celebrity news blog… it’s not worth it.

  • Notbusy

    Contratulations to the happy couple. Keith is just beaming and so is Nicole. This will be one pretty baby.

  • holly

    i don’t have the time nor do i care enough to devote researching nicole’s life or read thru her website.
    however telling me to “leave it alone” was not your place.



  • Belinda

    I have to say they both look very, very happy and I am thrilled for them. Much luck to them for the next 6 months.

  • lene

    MORE NICOLE PLEASE! I love her! She’s amazzzzzzing:D

  • Ha!

    Congratulations to them both. It’s always good news when someone wants to have a baby and is finally able to after having difficulties. Hopefully her pregnancy will go smoothly and without issues. I guess it will be a bigger and happier family soon!

  • Lilya

    Ok… fine… don’t leave it alone, by all means turn the rumour mill and perpetuate the ridiculous lies surrounding Nicole and her children…

    Oh well… enough on that…

    Congrats to Keith and Nicole – hoping everything goes smoothly for them

  • Haster

    I’m so happy for her! Only God knows how much Nicole wanted this child! I’m sure she will be an amazing mother with this kid, as she is already with the other two!

  • Bh

    Thanks for mentioning this is her third child! What is
    Clooney talking about? She IS a great and tall mother
    already! Adoptive kids count and they are as much her
    kids as the child she gives birth to will be.

  • Pinda

    I agree with Ha!.. I wish them all the best and congrats. Stopped posting from CG. THey want to be happy in this world.

  • Pinda

    I agree with Haster. God know, remember Nic said it will be God’s hands, she always want to have a kid inside her belly, finally her dream come true for her fab 40!. She made it when she is 40. Good luck and best til next 6 months.

  • Haster

    this is the best news i could ever received! I love Nicole, she is my favorite actress and i’m glad she finally become pregnant! this was a dream to her…of course i’m disappointed she will not make the Reader anymore but it’s for a good reason!

  • anon

    Congratulations to both of them!

  • Gollin

    i’m thrilled for them! I’m so so so hhhaaapppyyyy! God help Nicole to have this baby with health for both, we can’t forget the pregnancy has a high risk!

  • happy for nic!!!!!!

    OOOOOOOOOH I’m sooooooo happy!

    congratularions Nic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this will be the cutest baby ever!

  • http://MSN.COM pat rector

    pat/tealeaf 1/08/08 10:32

    Congrats Nicole and Keith! God bless you both with all the strength, joy, peace and happiness that you could ever know in your lives together, and your careers.

    Love you both!!!!

  • Astrid

    Hopefully, he husband won’t be cracked out during her entire pregnancy.

  • rae

    They look really happy here. It’s always cute to me how she holds his hand with both of hers. I hope this pregnancy goes well.

  • Didi

    you only have to be careful in the first 12 weeks because you can easily have a miscarriage. thats why they tell you not to announce until after this period so she must be about 3 or 4 months gone. I didnt show till i was 6 months along and I am not even as tall as nicole. they say taller women hardly show because their midriff is bigger. I wouldnt watch for the bump just yet

  • Ha!

    Well, when you weigh 115 lbs. and are 5’11″, I think the rules change a little. Check out the low waistband of her pants and the baggy shirt. Girlfriend has started to show. It was obvious in that beige dress she was pictured in the other day. Yay Nicole!

  • Diane

    I hope the kid dones not look like kidman with her fat face man hands and big feet she looks like a man not pretty

  • Miapocca

    The thing with the biege dress was that her boobs were sticking out and its the firsts time I evrnoticed boobs on nicole either a boob job or estrogen kicking into full drive..ahahha

  • Ha!

    Actually, what I noticed in the beige dress was her belly.

  • Maria

    Sorry but that Clooney comment is not nice. She already IS a mother, so saying “she WILL be a perfect mom” makes no sense. But I dont think its clooneys fault as its obvious that Nicole does not feel attached to these kids.

  • cjean

    I kinda thought it was nice to see the article say that she is expecting her third child…etc. Nowhere til the bottom of the column did it say anything about the two “adopted” children. It bugs me that the media keeps calling them their adopted children. They were adopted children only once, til they were adopted, then they were just their children.

    Another point for all of you who keep insisting that there is something wrong with Nicole and that her kids don’t bond with her. That may be true; we don’t know. But don’t base it on the comment that they refuse to call her mom and call Katie their mom now. That is not how the interview went and the comment has been made a bigger deal and been blown out of proportion by the media and the way it’s presented. Do the research, look at how it was really said.