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Nicole Kidman: It's Going To Be A Paparazzi-Filled Pregnancy

Nicole Kidman: It's Going To Be A Paparazzi-Filled Pregnancy

Aussie power parents-to-be Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban get hounded by paparazzi after lunching at Japanese restaurant Busshari on Macleay Street in Sydney’s Potts Point on Tuesday.

Nic, 40, appears a little overwhelmed by all the media attention. Celebrity pregnancy news will do that to ya!

Mrs. Kidman was a little more paparazzi-friendly yesterday while out to lunch at Lucio’s. She even hinted that the baby might arrive around her 41st birthday.

“I think it’s in July,” she said. “Very excited . . . thrilled.”

Translation: Nicole is possibly three months pregnant.

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  • Helena

    She’s been seen out several times in the past two days. Leave her alone, paps!

  • Suzz

    I bet they were shouting improper things to Nicole and Keith … like they do!

  • lily


    love her. i wish her well.

  • God


  • God

    4th & 5th

  • http://yahoo Yes

    I wish God luck to her.

    Let her have the baby she’d always wanted.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Congratulations about the baby, and hopefully she will have a healthy pregnancy and kid.

    The paps are crazy, what changed so much about her? She is not even showing yet. Just because she is now pregnant she has to deal with intensified pap attack?

    I just wish the magazines and gossip blogs start being rational and only publish pictures of interest and news value. If they keep publishing pictures of stars doing nothing, walking to car, going to resturant, getting starbucks……. they paps will keep shooting. If the media starts to be a bit more respobsible and not buy such silly photos, then the paps will stop taking them. If an accident happens in the future like what happened to Diana, both the tabloids and the internet blogs will have had a hand in it. Publish posts about getting awards, red carpet, or even a scandal, but not about every thing.
    The Arab Aquarius

  • hanane


  • two buck chuck

    Don’t want to be photographed then stay home? Duh.

  • stefanie

    The paps are crazy, and driving these celebs crazy too.
    I think she wanted to wait until she was in her 2nd trimester to announce.

    Good luck to her.

  • Gollin

    why they have to change their lives because of paparazzi two buck chuck???they have all the right to have a normal life! grow up darling and try not to say stupid comments…

  • betty

    i hate paps! really they don’t have the right to do this to Nicole! just leave her alone and respect this moment!

  • bloom

    i love her look! the dress is lovely as the sandals!
    can’t wait to see the baby, he or she ( i hope it’s a girl) will be beautiful!

  • vasco

    it’s a hard life for celebrities! and i’m not jocking! they are freacking out sometimes! I hope she has a safe pregnancy

  • natacha

    Nicole is absolutly stunning! her black dress is beautiful. but her sandals are my favorite! lovely!
    i just hope she get’s some respect for them, she needs space and safety!

  • Paradise

    She is so adorable. I love her style :)

  • h

    She has been riding the paparazzi storm for a long time, and if she wanted to avoid it she would. She loves the attention and the only reason anyone knows that she is pregnant this early in her pregnancy is because that’s what she wants. Her career has been tanking and she needs a publicity boost and she needs to change her frosty image.

  • fendi fan

    when i read the news i couldn’t belive! SHE IS PREGNANT!!!!i’m thrilled! this was a long dream to her! Congrats to Nicole and Keith!

  • ali

    I wonder if the baby will have Nicole’s former face or Keith’s former face?

  • giller

    nr 17 are you normal???don’t think so…another envy and jealous…oh God!

    Paparazzi should disappear, i hate them! they need to respect people privacy!

  • yawn

    Here’s a question – Why is it the happy couple hasn’t been spotted for weeks – then all of a sudden they’re out and about for almost every meal after confirming the pregnancy rumors? Like they didn’t know they would be hounded. Poor poor Nicole – not

    By the way nice move – string along the whole cast a crew of the Reader while they waited for you to finish the Aussie Epic – only to drop out at the last minute. So concerned for the health of her unborn child – yet she worked through most of her first trimester when she had the highest risk of miscarriage.

  • anon

    they both look great. nic looks like she’s freaking out because of the crazy bright light being shoved in her eyes.

  • lola

    yeah some people here are SO STUPID.

    okaaay if she doesn’t like the paprazzi she should stay home during ALL HER pregnancy! what a stupid thing to say!!! She confirmed the pregnancy because she had to give an excuse about quitting The Reader, that’s all. And of course, she can’t hide forever.

  • anon

    yawn- the paps didn’t hound them before she announced her pregnancy…for all you know they were out all the time and just didn’t get photographed. And, since the producers of the Reader said they would still be on time in filming, it’s quite possible she told them awhile ago and just didn’t make it public right away.

  • Maria

    Congratulations!!!!!! I’m sure the you’ll have a wonderful and beautiful baby!

  • linda

    Congrats to Nicole.
    Wish her a safe and healthy pregnancy.

  • Cristiane Vallim

    I hope that she will be pregnancy because she would like to have his own child for a long time. It would better Nicole kidman to stay at home or go a place where nobody upset her.

  • Tealeaf

    Granny will she smile at the baby

  • Diane

    I wonder if she is calling the paparazzi a filthy name like she did Jamie Fawcett when he was trying to take pictures of her

  • Paradise

    I hope your baby will be as beautiful as you :)

  • Gorgeous Black Women

    She lives in the middle of nowhere I thought. She just needs to lock herself up for the next 8 or so months. Which I’m sure is very easy.

  • really

    Not feeling sorry them at all – she plays up to the paps. When she wants them there -everything is fine – all smiles – when she doesn’t – it is all drama. Can’t handle it, Mr. Kidman – welcome to your new life. The paps are only going to get worse from now on – and oh when that baby is born . . .




  • Shelby

    I’m sure they can afford to have food delivered to their gorgeous homes that they bought with all their money. Celebrity and fame are the price THEY will pay.

  • Shelby

    Keith looks mad. NK looks ill. Morning sickness?

  • Marta

    i feel sorry for Nicole, all this baby bump photos from now
    paps wont leave her alone until another 20 years.

  • tANYA

    I feel terrible that they are being hounded like this….They have willfully given the paps some nice shots, but they don’t have to crowd them..there is video footage of this on youtube. and youc an hear keith saying, “you got your shot…settle down.” I bet the paps were getting a little pushy. I think they should high tale it back to Nashville…it seems a lot calmer for them there….

    I wish them a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby!

  • tomy

    she looks amazing in that dres, altough she is frightening with all those paps.they should leave people alone!

  • botox

    As many have said.. don’t want the attention, quite going out EVERY day . And no she shouldn’t have to hide away. But she is a big girl and knows how this all work. And she can disappear when she wants to. She is just playing the poor poor me thing yet again. Look at me I am preganant and I am frightened.

    I would think I f I were as high risk as she is, I’d be sticking close to home and resting up rather than putting myself thru this.

  • Please

    snce when are paps interested in a 40 year old actress? She has been fine living in Tennesee and Australia and now after her pregnancy confirmation things change over night? For what? Those paps are suckers and misogonysts. she’s not even showing?

  • grace

    i’m so happy for her pregnancy!they deserve all hapinnes in this world, they are good people.
    I know paparazzi are doing their job but they shoud respect her status.

  • Scottie

    OK, this is when I will feel sorry for her: when she is living in LA and spending time with her two children, strolling the baby and being a real mom when the paps come down on her. But, you know, that will never happen. I don’t understand a man who wants to marry a woman who doesn’t even take care of her own kids. Teens need their moms right now. They don’t need their mom in another country with her new husband having a biological baby. I am sure they are feeling quite left out right now. I know because I went through this myself. Come on Keith when are you going to wake up? Is she going to be the same kind of mom with your baby as she is with Tom’s children?

  • really

    Scottie – GREAT POST!

    Please – she doesn’t live in Nashville!

  • mossy

    i wish only the best for this couple. please respect. i hope she has a healthy pregnancy and baby, of course. and before people start to bash (or am i too late?), just realize how heartbreaking it is to miscarry.

  • M

    Do you ever wonder how is it that the kids stay with Tom and not with their mom? The mother always has more rights to get the kids than the father. They didn’t go to court to get custody. Given that he is a Scientologist and a freak, I think that he has the means to force Nicole to stay away from the kids. Since Nicole said in an interview that her kids are raised scientologists and that she doesn’t like that, she was never again seen with her kids. I think that Tom controls her and that she doesn’t have the power to confront him. I don’t beleive she is a bad mother. I believe that Tom is a freak. And Katie will never be their mother, even if she wants to. She can be a friend, but thats it. Making Nicole kids call her “mom” is totally out of place, she is not their “mom”.

  • botox

    But maybe they see Katie as more of a mother figure cos she actually spends some time with them.

    And as far as Tom keeping her away from them… I understand that Tom and COS are powerful (and nuts) but I have seen stories where ex-spouses and children were part of the COS but they were still able to win custody of the kids. Nicole is also powerful when she wants to be. I just think she sold her sole and her future with her kids along time ago..for Money and Fame

  • cjean

    That’s really being selective about what you read. Here’s what the actual interview said about them calling her Nicole sometimes
    “Host: Did your kids sit there and think, hey mummy, Mrs. Coulter, that’s you?
    Nicole: They don’t call me mummy.
    Host: What do they call you?
    Nicole: Mum. Or sometimes Nicole. I’m like, “Hey!”

    That’s a pretty innocent exchange; I know that sometimes (50 years ago) I did the same thing to my mother….she and I were very close… but I’d call her by her first name just to get that “hey”. By the way, do all of you call your mothers “Mummy”? Do your kids always call you “Mummy”…. why not? Must be a bad Mother then.

    Point is this. You don’t have any facts to judge on. This was an innocent exchange. Katie Holmes saying the kids call her Mom means nothing. That could be a lie….or it could be part true… they maybe call her Mom sometimes because they may just love her and it has nothing to do with their mother…..

    Why be so judgemental though. What does it actually matter to YOUR life?

  • Jules101

    Congratulation to Nicole, finally she ‘s pregnant, I hope she have healthy and beautiful baby.

  • cjean

    As far as Katie spending time with them…… when was the last time you saw them out together? They are raising them as scientologists just like Suri, but Suri gets a whole lot of exposure and family time.

    Maybe they all do, we just don’t see it. But if I give them that benefit of the doubt, then I also have to be fair and let Nicole Kidman have the benefit of the doubt that she has a personal private relationship with the kids too.

    If I presume that Nicole and kids have a crappy relationship based on their exposure together, then I have to presume the same thing about Tom and kids. Actually worse. Because I have been pushed aside by a sibling. At least with Nicole, I know that part of it is the insistance that I be raised COS.

  • jwr

    She better get back to Nashville before the paps in Australia cause her to have a miscarriage. She needs to park it indoors for the next six months and take no chances. They’ve got plenty of money to hire staff to do anything they need. She should sit around, read, knit, surf the Net, chat on message boards, order baby stuff online and RELAX!!!