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Bono for President of France

Bono for President of France

U2′s Bono met with French president Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France.

Bono met with the leader to discuss Africa development issues and aid improvement. The two met earlier at the G8 summit in June 2007.

President Sarkozy has been making his own waves with his personal life with a possible engagement to model Carla Bruni. When is the U.S. going to have a supermodel First Lady?

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Photos: Eliot/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Moviewatcher

    Barely recognized Bono in first picture

  • amber


  • amber


  • Moviewatcher

    Is it really that important to be first?

  • justjaredlurker

    That would be interesting to see a supermodel as the First Lady. Very controversial.

  • Moviewatcher

    justjaredlurker, I know. Already there are some people in France angry about the possibility

  • fake name

    I love Bono, but man, fat and old now.

  • Moviewatcher

    Well that happens in life. Can’t stop aging.

  • Gorgeous Black Women

    He looks ill

  • craig stairs

    sounds fair, for tax dodger

  • Ashley

    Whoa, Bono’s not looking too good these days…

  • magnus

    Why is Bono wearing platform shoes?

  • eva

    wow, bono’s aging!
    while i remember carla bruni from her modeling days, she was hardly a supermodel.. more of a well know high-end model. i think supermodel means everyone knows who she is or you at least get the big high end campaigns, like noami campell or kate moss.
    bono should stick to rocking.. that’s what he’s best at. and i don’t want a lecture on the worlds tragic state when i go to see a show, i just need the music, kthx.

  • lola

    He looks suddenly older, but he’s doing tons of great stuff for the world, so I don’t care how he looks!

    –read my blog at

  • moi

    Oh great, now he thinks he’s Gandhi!

  • hiedi

    what’s up with bono’s munster shoes?? lol.. they’re silly!

  • common sense wtf

    What is he wearing?

    Is U2 still touring?”

  • Alison

    Bono sure is aging, but then again he is heading towards 50. Fair go! I hardly recognised him too – not used to him in a suit. I commend him for his charity work and for bringing people’s awareness to situations.

  • Sebastian

    it’s Bono! but he needs new cool clothes

  • Birdie

    #13 – You seem to know who is Carla Bruni anyway… She’s French, she’s not supposed to be known all around the world but she is indeed. She’s one of the rare celebrities to be known around the world with Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu.

    #5 – It’s actually very controversial in France but we do like we don’t care of who she is. But we do care.

  • ina

    carla bruni is not french! she is italian!!! but she lives in france,she is a singer now,her songs are slow and boring…
    love U2′music and bono…he is so determined about certain causes ,i like that a lot

  • Eulalie

    Ina, She’s an Italian born French… She’s been living there since infancy…

    Second, obviously her songs aren’t boring, especially her first album’s. You don’t understand French but they are poetry on music, very beautiful, very playful, very sensual. She’s very talented.

  • Valentine

    Hi, I’m french, and it’s not a possibilitie that Carla Bruni is with Sarko, it’s right, i said that they are going to get married !!!


    Sarko is so stupid, he think that he is a star !!!!

  • Helena

    I wish the US to get a new first Lady/man and a new president with…a brain!! And I wish the same to France, Sarkozy is a pity now with this stupid, gold digger Carla Bruni….Someone helps us please !!!

  • remember da truth

    Have they been dating a long time? Before everyone is angry that a politician is marrying a former model turned singer, did anyone stop to think that maybe they atually, um, LIKE each other?

    Is he only allowed to marry a dowdy woman who will stand slightly behind and next to him and stare up at him with a frozen, adoring smile?

    In America, people have a fit if a woman has a career in public service, and can’t imagine a woman as president. I guess in other countries, they can’t imagine the president having a beautiful wife who has a career of her own!

  • remember da truth

    #15 what makes you think that, and why does doing good for the world bother you so much? You have no idea what he thinks, and obviously also know little about Ghandi if you are making that comparison.

    Bono was invited by the French president to discuss an issue that Bono is knowledgeable. Maybe you can only do one thing, but many people are capable of having one job and still being knowledgeable about other subjects.

  • lovehimtobits

    love bono to bits – crap outfit, awful glasses and all.

    brilliant song writer, awesome front man, sexy lobbyist, he’s the man.

    thank you jj!!!!

  • lovehimtobits

    c r a p that’s what they censored?????

  • gwen


    There’s rumors saying Sarkosy is gonna marry Carla Bruni. They have been dating since november!! Rumor has it, that he bought amolst the same ring to Carla as the one he offered to Cecilia (ex-wife)!!
    I love Nicolas Sarkosy, he is a very good president, but please don’t marry Carla!! She slept with a lot of men!! and distroyed marriages!! Gwen from France

  • anon

    “WHen is the US going to have a super model first lady? ”

    Hopefully NEVER.

  • de Cosmos

    Bono –

    Just go away!

  • bitchetta

    Ditch the glasses…..they are not so you.

  • Exotic Goddess

    Bono heard that slut sleeps with rock stars and went to see if he could get in on the action.

    Whenever her photo is shown an image of Clapton squirting jizz on her face comes to mind.

  • Sam

    Now I just have to smile with people thinking the French don’t want her as a firtsl lady…I mean come on, everyone’s got their opinion on this story and choose to voice it or not, but we -unlike in some countries- don’t pretend we can choose what he can do in his private life. If he ever marries carla, there won’t be such a thing as impeachment because let’s face it, it’s none of our business!!

    But what nobody said this is that one of the reason why the french are upset, is that Sarkozy always uses his private life to turn our people’s attention away from real problems. Last fall there were these big strikes, and that’s precisely the moment he chose to divorce his wife Cecilia. Then lately everybody criticized him about the Khadafi visit and one week later, he makes his love story with Carla public… A,nd that’s why he lost a part of his popularity: because most people (even in his own camp) are tired with him always trying to fool everybody by using his private life.

    Now as for the wedding issue…the fact is it would be more useful for the protocol. Recently Nicolas and carla went on a few official visits together, and the autorithies of these countries didn’t know what to do because they had rules on how to treat a president’s wife, not just a girlfriend…