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Britney Spears: "I Would Die For My Boys!"

Britney Spears:

Just weeks before her hospital visit, Britney Spears took part in a photoshoot with Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

“She was very loving,” OK! photographer Dani Brubaker says. “She told me she loved her children and that they are her life. I’m told that when she saw the photographs she literally cried for over an hour and stared at them all night long.”

A friend added, “The only reason she’s doing this is because she wants [her sons] to look up to her onstage and be like, ‘That’s my mama,’ and be proud of her. She’d put her life before them and die for Jayden and Preston. They’re her whole world. Britney has always said, ‘I would die for my boys if that’s what it took to prove I loved them. I’d do anything for them.’ ”

People is also reporting that Dr. Phil violated the trust of Britney’s family by making public statements about his hospital visit with Brit Brit and his call for her to receive therapy.

Down with Dr. Phil!

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Photos: Dani Brubaker/Photographic Management Inc.
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  • mike

    brits lookin’ *special*

  • pingy_pongy

    They are both adorable.

  • kate


  • lisa

    this pic is weird, it seems fake for some reason. there’s tropical plants in the background and fall leaves in the front and both seasons are long over. i dunno.. it just looks funny. her two boys look adorable tho! for someone who would do “anything” for her kids, you’d think she’d be skipping brunch and mimosa’s with the paparazzi boytoy the day after her hospital release and be more for getting some help and laying low. i mean wasn’t she jsut taken away to the hospital with these two kids. growup brit.. you’re a mama.

  • CG

    I really love Britney
    i love you britney I will always be praying for you

  • just a thought

    the girl is a sicko. If those boys really mean the world to hear she would not put them in harms way by exposing them to all those paps. She would not be taking up with some strange men. She would have put those boyus first ahead of her own career. If britney wants her boys to look up to her.. the she needs to be a good mother and thinking of career and her addiction to being in the tabloids.
    What she says and what she does are contradictions .. People are judged by thier actions..

  • legs


  • legs

    2nd! :)

  • legs

    oops! i tot i was 2nd lol!

  • Stefanie

    this is adorable!! I love her!!!

  • duh

    “legs” you’re an idiot :) and who gives a f*ck what number you or anyone else is??

  • #

    If she loved her kids she’d move away from Hollywood to give them the opportunity to grow up like normal kids … and give herself the opportunity to be a real mother.
    The picture is quite cute though.

  • SJ

    Britney is clearly suffering from bipolar. A medical condition. Sorry the silly cow isn’t as perfect as Brangelina…

  • kelly

    Amen Lisa you said it all perfectly.

    And who cares if you’re 1st or 2nd or 5th or 10th? Dumbasses.

  • suspicious package

    She loves her children more than anything? She would do anything for them? She wants them to be proud of her???

    It’s one thing to say it – it’s quite another to walk the talk. Everything she has ever done or is currently doing makes me think the only person she really loves is herself.


    Leave Dr. Phil alone. At least someone is trying to help her (even if he is a public figure) and his visit was at the request of her parents. Every TV entertainment show and internet blogger is criticizing because they want the endless circus of Britney’s downward spiral. They do not really want her to get better because there goes a lucartive moneymaker.

    Dr. Phil did not release any info about the meeting. How is that that bloggers and entertainment reporters skew the truth so much? You are all so disingenuous. Reporters ask Dr. Phil questions and when he refuses to disclose what happened, he is then accused of making public statements, the public statement being, “I saw her at her parents’ request but everything that happened inside the hospital is private.” Sure he made a statement and the statement was “No comment.”

    Bloggers and entertainment reporters need to wish and want Britney’s recovery and stop thinking about their bottom line.


    What is with the leaf in the front? was that added later? kinda strange. I think it sux that the photographer sold these without her consent. Apparently she would do ANYTHING for her kids EXCEPT: move away from LA, show up at court on time, stop partying, get mental help…etc.

  • WTF

    She’s still pimping her kids.

  • Dee

    ACTIONS speak LOUDER than words Brit… Your ACTIONS of late do not prove that you put your sons’ well being above your own~! I truly hope for their sake that you turn it around… children are very perceptive- they will KNOW (unfortunately) that you did not care enough about them to adhere to court-sponsored decrees in order to get them “back”… so sad…

  • mark





  • Helena

    I don’t think Britney is a bad person and she seems like she would never hurt her children. I’m not a fan of her, but people need to stop judging her from the way she’s portrayed. She’s just spiralled out of control. She needs help.
    Reese Witherspoon was recently voted ‘Nicest female celebrity.’, she could be a right old bítch, for all we know…


    the kids are way too airbrushed, they look very creepy especially SP, da brit’s is not airbrushed but the boys sure are obvious, why did OK mag. do that to the boys, they’re adorable enough w/o being airbrushed.

  • TY

    BRITNEY people are bad and stupid

    don’t listen to all the shit they said…they don’t know evryting about you



  • carrie

    photoshopping children???? what is this world coming to when babies are being photoshopped???? yet britney, who DOES need to be photoshopped, isn’t? perplexing.

  • Susan

    Those poor babies will not have a mommy at all if she doesn’t do something and quick because Britney is literally killing herself. Those babies do not look happy by any means. It’s almost as if they were sitting in a strangers lap. How sad, how very sad.

  • fan

    she’s sick

  • Alwayshungry

    They have airbrushed those kids so much the one on the left looks like a different child all together.

    The boys are cute they don’t need the airbrushing, photoshopping treatment and that leaf in the front is annoying as heck. I hope no one goes to this photographer unless they want some unnatural looking crap for a family picture

  • Laura

    I love this family so Sean and Jayden are very cute :)

  • Alwayshungry

    Helena, I don’t judge her from how she is portrayed. I do make judgments on people by their ACTIONS. Showing up to court and depositions late isn’t something that someone just said it is something that she actually did. Not handing the children over at the appointed time wasn’t just mentioned it was her actual actions. I don’t get into the rumors but I do look at the facts. The fact she wears short dresses – um shirts from time to time with no underwear is a documented fact. How are her boys going to look at that and be proud.

  • LT

    the boys are so cute. but what’s up with the leaves??? it looks as if they were placed in from of her hands after the pic was taken because she didn’t get a manicure!!! don’t you agree?
    way too airbrushed…SP’s face looks contoured – he usually has a rounder face, no? I know she loves them but clearly she is doing everything to get in the way of that bond. take care of yourself first Brit before you can care for your sons. GET HELP!!! people are rooting for you. if you want to shock us…go GET HELP and get away from the spotlight! xoxo

  • pingy_pongy

    Sorry, i was second..ehehe for once..

  • aLEK

    …DO IT BRIT!!!

  • duders

    Britney has always said, ‘I would die for my boys…”

    Yes, Britney. Please do. Or at least get lost somewhere.

  • sillyme

    In a way that’s kind of sad what she said. That she performs so that her kids can look up to her on stage and be proud of her. Number one, they’re way too young to be proud, and it’s going to be several years before they will be; and, frankly, I doubt she’ll be performing a decade from now. Plus, in her mind, is that the only thing she thinks she can do to make her boys proud? Does she only identify her worth as being a performer? I’m proud of my parents, because they raised us to be good kids, not because of the occupation they had. Maybe she means she wants to leave a body of work that they will be proud of when they get older, but unfortunately, I think “history” will see Britney more as a tragic figure when all is said and done.

  • agathi


  • [~F a m o u s~]

    lmaoo! c’mon, look at them. its not my fault. lol

  • wake-up don’t die

    Go ahead Britney Spears and Lynne Spears and expose those sad little boys to the press even more. I cannot imagine how these little boys are long-term being affected emotionally and psychologically by their mother’s public displays of insanity. There is no possible way that she can be a fit mother with the antics that have been demonstrated over the past two years.

    Nickelodeon needs to cut their ties right now with Lynne Spears and her pregnant 16-year-old.

  • anonymous

    wow…Seans really starting to look like Dad

  • niki malko

    Then go and hang yourself, Britney!

  • buckeyegurl

    I agree, saying one thing and clearly ACTING in a contradictory way, is what Brit does. She says she would do anything for her kids, yet she can’t even show up to legal appointments on time or AT ALL! She can’t humble herself to take parenting classes, and then terrorizes her children by holding them hostage. Those actions do not say love.

    I do also agree that pic looks funky. Sean especially looks like another kid. Did they photoshop a child???

  • abcde

    Awww her kids are SO cute!

  • reichan84

    She’d do anything for them except show up for her court dates, apparently.

    And wow at them photoshopping those kids. Jayden and Sean look nothing like that.

    I really feel for them. They’re the ones that really lose in this situation between Britney and her clear mental issues and Kevin having his legal team drag her through the mud in the media every 5 minutes.

  • kate

    Proud? She wants them to be proud of her? She’s pimping her own kids just like her parents did to her – this is only going to end one way – sad, very sad………………..

  • blackberry

    I’m alarmed, that she would barricade (or lock) herself away from her own staff; the situation speaks for itself when she chose to take one of the boys with her.
    Very frightening, it’s so clearly not the best choice for a caregiver to make. It is obvious she is enabled to live an increaingly unstable life, and it is truly an unfortunate situation.
    But anybody else would already have been permanently removed from their kids’ lives, and it would be disastrous if anything happened to the kids.
    Loving parents do not take kids hostage.

  • w t f

    give me a break. those kids have brown eyes but in the photo they are blue..
    everything about the picture and article are f U c K i N g FAKE.

  • Vanessa

    the boys (and brit too) are soo photoshopped…how poor how poor…

  • Dr. Phil is a fool

    pINKROSE @ 01/09/2008 at 10:46 am
    Eff Dr, Phil. He is a fool.

  • melli

    i wish britney all the best

  • br

    Public Statement on Britney Spears from a Concerned Person of the World

    1st of January 2008

    Lets just all take a small tiny week of your life doing the following =

    01) If you see a Britney post on a website, magazine or newspaper, just don’t read it nor look at the image presented.

    02) Lets not comment on blogs when there is a Britney post.

    03) When you feel the urge to search for Britney’s latest news, try to think of something else to do. It must be something worth it and enjoyable.

    04) Just take a moment everyday to realize that our interest in Britney’s life (even though it’s very minor such as reading up news on a celebrity) is actually building up pain and suffering into other people’s lives. It’s really sad how people tend to think that one little thing that we do doesn’t matter.

    Please feel free to add in 05, 06 and so on.

    Thanks for reading another comment out of millions.

  • Here’s The Deal

    # 17 KERRY @ 01/09/2008 at 10:47 am
    Apparently she would do ANYTHING for her kids EXCEPT: move away from LA, show up at court on time, stop partying, get mental help…etc.

    BINGO! My thoughts exactly. If you want to prove that you love your children, then get your damn life together and stop doing things that you KNOW aren’t good for those kids. If she’s as devoted to her kids as she claims, she would go get some mental help, because she’s obviously a very sick girl.