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Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Still Engaged!

Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Still Engaged!

Chad Michael Murray and his one true love Kenzie Dalton leave a midtown building in Manhattan together late Tuesday night.

Earlier in the day, Chad promoted the new season of One Tree Hill and made guest spots on Live with Regis and Kelly! and TRL.

Murray, 26, and Dalton, 19, have been engaged for nearly two years. Kenzie first showed off her engagement ring during the North Carolina Azalea Festival Queen’s Welcoming Ceremony back in April 2006. When’s the wedding??

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the season 5 premiere of One Tree Hill?

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Photos: Demis Maryannakis/Splash News Online
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  • CG


  • CG

    WOW!! They look awesome together…

  • Anne

    I guess he will wait a while until he gets married again.
    Not a second Sophia-Bush-dilemma!

  • hali

    she is ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • remy

    she “actually” looks like what kate bosworth “wishes” she looked like. she’s very beautiful….for a fetus….she’s either REALLY mature or he’s REALLY immature…take your pick. hopefully it lasts and she doesn’t waste her youth and innocence on this already married and divorced guy.

  • haha

    sophia way is more beautiful from this baby girl

  • haha

    sophia is way more beautiful from this baby girl

  • agathi

    sophia bush was the best of the best…i can t udestand men…

  • LouisE

    #5 I agree.

  • J

    she’s not ugly..but not very pretty. Just very plain. OH well, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder..???


  • Marilynn

    Gosh, I can honestly say that seeing these two together makes me absolutely


  • mia

    Marilynn: Why? Have they done something to you?

    I Think you’re all should lets just move with the Chad/Sophia thing. Right?

    I doubted first but know i really think its serious

  • lene

    after watching last night….i’m disgusted…


  • haha

    sophia was really really really pretty last night (but she is always pretty ) and this creature is dont half pretty as sophia is.
    she is so downgrade from sophia.

  • rincez26

    Well, it was Sophia’s decision to get a divorce. Why did Chad have to screw up? Anyway, Leyton doesn’t have the chemistry that Brucas had. I really want Lucas and Brooke to get back together. BTW, No one stays together forever in Hollywood. Let’s give them time, SURELY, they will break things up…

  • gggg

    they look amazing

  • cathy

    I don’t think that their relationship will last cus Chad is a bit of a pleyah

  • moomoo!!!

    I want team Brucas back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i agree with lene and rincez26 :D

  • girl5

    He’s a pig…He cheated on SOPHIA ….

  • aqua

    she looks too young 4 chad

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    last nights episode(s) were very, very good.

    i dont understand how you can go from sophia to… that, kid. lol

  • Omfg;

    love him, hate her.

  • lily

    I am so pissed i missed the premier last night.

    as for her they are togethe for 2 years because its really like “going around.” although they are engaged. ti’s not going to last because as soon as he gets tired of her he is gone. She is just young now thinking it’s all cool to be engaged to the older guy.

  • Kellie

    Everyone’s talking about is she’s pretty or not, or how Sophia is better, or Leyton vs. Brucas…

    When you should really be talking about how damned ugly that girls outfit it. Seriously, she threw her moms sweater on under her dads tux vest and wore long jeans to cover up her 5 inch heels that make her look taller and less ’12 year old boy that hasn’t hit puberty yet’. Ew. Trying desperatly to make herself look older perhaps?

    My guess is that she was wearing makeup earlier but it all wiped off when she bawled her eyes out after Chad didn’t so much as mention her in any of his interviews that day. Her face does look a bit splotchy.

    And these two are the only engaged couple i’ve ever seen that look so un-in love. Hold hands, kiss, make googly eyes at each other, stand within two feet of each other and act like you even realize the other person is in the same vicinity as you! Something!

  • yuk

    what happen to you chad you are blind!?!??!?!?!?!?
    she is U-G-L-Y she look like a little boy. yuk
    she is not pretty as sophia
    i am sure you eat your heart chad because sophia is just H-O-T!!!!!!!!!

  • mandy

    Kellie you took the words right out of my mouth.
    That outfit is hideous.
    Such a downgrade from Sofia.

  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    it is sophia dont “Sofia”
    but you right she is really a downgrade
    it is impossible to compare hot girl like sophia to that ugly boy

  • bkay

    I must say… they are acting a bit odd in the pictures, if they really are a couple so very much in love and engaged and such. But really, if they are happy, then we should be happy for them. We don’t know them, and it’s their lives. No need to meddle or get pissy about the Chad/Sophia/Kenzie dramatic situation, you know. However… that outfit?!?!? tahahaha!

  • lala

    OKAY SOPHIA WE REALIZE HALF OF THOSE COMMENTS ARE YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lala


  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhh


    you are really pathetic
    how people get thet stupid it is beyond me


    I have to say I really don’t see the appeal of Sophia Bush myself. She is nothing special in looks or talent in my opinion. This Kenzie girl looks just as pretty to me, if not prettier, however, I would def lose the VEST


    actually you’re right, the whole outfit has gotta go

  • gggg

    lala i agree i bet its all the same person haha there is a reason you NEVER hear about one other then her mom cares about her i’m willing to bet its all the same person

  • delicioso

    they’re not fit for each other! i swear, Lucas wiLL be mine! arrgh!

  • lmao total rebound

    LMAO can anyone say “rebound” as its soo obvious even more so in those pictures

    He always has that fake and forced smile when hes with her like he wants to be anywhere but there

    Lets not forgot about her dress sense WTF is she wearing? and did she get dressed in the dark lol that outfit needs burned

    The whole relationship looks based on nothing more than convience and he always looks way happier when shes not around than what he does when hes with her and they call that love?lmao you wouldnt even know they were together as they are so distant and completly void of any type of emotion in those pictures LMAO I always thought that relationship was a joke and those pics confirm that fact even more ;)

  • rachelle

    i think she’s kind of cute. she kinda looks like an older AnnaSophia Robb. imo.

  • SadieLady

    i DONT LIKE THAT GIRL. SOPHIA BUSH IS SO MUCH BETTER FOR HIM AND SHE IS GORGEOUS. THAT GRL IS UGLY. Anyways, the premiere was good but i hated how Lucas and Peyton were almost together and how he has a new girlfriend. i really like lucas and brooke together. BRUCAS ALL THA WAY :)

  • Shane

    I don’t think they will get maried. I like Sophia Bush, she is so beautiful! I really don’t understand how Chad could cheat on her with Paris Hilton?!

  • Emma

    The season 5 of one tree hill is AWESOME !!!
    the first episodes were so great !! I can’t wait to see what will happen next ^^
    i hate kenzie dalton lol
    it was so much better when he used to date Sophia bush ^^

  • lily

    I don’t think the girl is ugly as you guys are making out. I think she is young and unknown and has not grown into her looks and style. When she figures it out you will see what a beauty she is.

    She kind of reminds me now of a cross between Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller with a dash of Kirsten Dunst.

  • taaylor

    ONE TREE HILL was awesome last night!:) Chad is so GORGEOUS!

  • Sara


  • wat the f**k

    love chad but not with her

  • The Arab Aquarius

    congratulations. Two years still together is a big accomplishment these days! The Arab Aquarius

  • rachel

    she looks like an ordianry blonde. pshh TEAM SOPHIA!

  • Cali

    haha ya she is so much worse tehn sophia! not.

  • mary

    i think she aint ugly but she aint that pretty she is just average it must hurt her everytime he has to work with sophia i am sure , she aint happy what do you guys think. just imagine the guy of your dreams doing romance seane with his ex it must rekindle something in him every time he does it , if ishe was ugly it would be onething, but if she is .looking so hot , its another thing. and the fact is she dumped him not the other way around i am sure that the green eye monster will be rearing its head dont you think.

  • lucy

    Chad and Kenzie are very brilliant couple. Chad si very handsome guy. I hope than he is happy with her. Good luck:-)

  • answer

    mary, she does get jealous and was even banned from set during shooting of season three.. though of course people tried to say it was just because she was focusing on school but she actually had a blow up with sophia where she started screaming at her.. that just proves her immaturity more..