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Britney Spears is Donald Trump's Next Apprentice

Britney Spears is Donald Trump's Next Apprentice

Donald Trump tells The Insider‘s Pat O’Brien that “Someone needs to help her (Britney Spears). Five years ago every teenager wanted to be just like her. She was so incredible, the cleanest and so beautiful, she was the ultimate teen and everybody just worshiped her. To see what’s unfolding, being carried out in a stretcher in an ambulance, not even knowing where she was, it’s just really very sad.”

Trump goes on to talk about K-Fed – “I used to say terrible things about Kevin, but I saw him being interviewed once and he said his all time hero was Donald Trump. That’s why he started wearing suits. So I actually think he is a fantastic guy and a wonderful husband.”

Will the Donald take Britney under his wings and make her his apprentice? Give her a shot at project manager!

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  • ssshi_baby

    No amount of money can buy this man any class!! NASTY OLD man

  • lily

    i agree with you #1. He is a dingbat who uses his money to push people around. His statement makes no sense. I wish he would just go away.

  • http://fANPOP x_Ellie_x



    First of all, Trump, mind your business. Second, you come across as a leech. Britney needs professional help not from some douch who’s had three wives and walks around with eyebrows like a monster and an old lady comb over. Federline is no longer her husband. What a gasbag that Trump is.

  • hey

    It’s Sumner Redstone!

  • Old Folks home

    Trump goes on to talk about K-Fed – “I used to say terrible things about Kevin, but I saw him being interviewed once and he said his all time hero was Donald Trump. That’s why he started wearing suits. So I actually think he is a fantastic guy and a wonderful husband.”

    Oh so when someone kisses your A$$ you like them even when you bashed them before without even knowing him?

  • anon

    He couldn’t get Britney to do anything for one ding dang minute y’all.

  • maddie

    i love how all these celebrities completely ignore britney but are using her to get themselves attention and trying to make themselces look good
    and also how does K-Fed liking you make him a wonderful husband??

  • he is pathetic

    This man has many more issues than Britney; money simply covers them up. He literally makes me ill when I see or listen to him speak. He makes statements that are bizarre most of the time.

    Not to mention, he is ugly as they come and his wife looks like a man.


    jared, I am very disappointed that you’d give this guy who beats up aj regularly in the press…EXACTLY what he’s looking for by doing it, which is MORE coverage. If anything, by his habitual jolie obsession and need to bash such an amazing inspiring young woman it’s obvious he’s just a manipulative disgusting cretin. I’m sickened just seeing his face on your site. why are you publicizing him??

  • Dobby

    Trump needs to shut his ugly trap. He’s a sleazy, dirty, creepy old man.

  • sara

    he needs to STFU with that wig in his head.who the he** can like this fugly man.eventhough I don’t like Britney but I will defend her in front of this fugly man.

  • What??

    Another example that money don’t by you class or intelligence.

  • What??

    buy not by (sorry)

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Trump should just shut it. It’s hard to believe any attempt at him having emotions and care about Britney.
    The Arab Aquarius

  • God

    I hope Donald teaches her religion. Because it’s a fkn sin to drive the round in a beautiful car with a donut tire while being rich.

  • God


  • excuse me

    What businessman not involved in show biz talks about celebrities?
    He’s the only low one to do that. Most people worth anything could give a rat’s ass about Britney. Bill Gates, Michael Dell, etc wouldn’t be caught dead talking tabloids. I’m embarrased for him. He’s almost senile.

  • musicisourhigh

    People are coming out of the woodwork to give Britney advice “on camera”. Publicity seekers.

  • Lola

    Man, I hate this guy. Such a…rude word :)

    –read my blog at

  • Preesi

    ::::Five years ago every teenager wanted to be just like her. She was so incredible, the cleanest and so beautiful,:::

    Donald? you dickwad!
    Britney was never “clean” shes been drugging for eons and lost her virginity at age 14..
    What we all loved was a big fat lie and a mirage.

    So funny that Donald loves liars and fakes (Tara Connor?) yet truly honest people like Rosie and Angie he calls imbalanced?
    Fuck You Mr HairPie!

  • http://justjared Bijoux

    This is the ultimate insult. DT is a horrible person to involve himself into someone’s personal business. He uses NBC, ABC and the tabloids to fuuther his own fame. Just like there are grass root campaigns for good things, there should be a grass root campaign to boycott tv networks for giving DT a platform to spout his own self serving filth. I don’t watch NBC because DT can go on the today show and jay leno’s show anytime it meets his fancy. I stopped watching the soap operas because they have scab writers writing for the shows. One of Jareds bloggers explained to me of how soap operas were able to continue their shows. The writers guild should do a better job of putting out the word. At first i thought their beef were with the studios, because that’s who they had been picketing. They should also let the public know that the soap opera’s story lines are so bad because of the replacement writers.

    Donald Trump’s book must not have done very good. Clinique please give your input on what can be boycotted to hit DT in the pocket book as well as his inflated ego. That man is the biggest joke i’ve ever seen. I would not promote his hotels nor his golf courses nor anything affiliated with this bafoon. Now i’m boycotting Regis and Kelly because he’s on their show tomorrow, Jan. 10.


  • God

    Moderation? (censorship)

  • cuutt

    i hate donald trump, he always insults people and gets in everyones personal problems. Hes always concerned about people’s problems , but he is never concerned about his own. Some body needs to tell him to shave off the hair and to get chopstick or something and to start dealing with himself raher than to be concerned for unmeangful people.

  • el sou susana e vose?

    I LOVE BRITNEY me soy brasilian :) [:)]

  • lily

    i agree #21 and #22

  • jmo

    This man is a joke. He ONLY wants to “come to the aid” of women that are an utter train wreck. But if a woman has it together, is intelligent, and successful, he rips into her, grades whether he would sleep with her or not, and degrades her completely. The man is an utter and complete scumbag.

  • craig stairs

    2 bums.

  • Gorgeous Black Women

    In spite of being a train wreck, Brit manages to be slightly more classy than Donald

  • jess

    What a joke. DTrump: “K-Fed is a loser. Wait what? He said I’m his all-time hero? Well then he’s SUCH a great guy!”

    Trump, do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? How much more transparent can you get?

    And only a fool would continue to hold Trump on a pedestal after a remark like that. How embarrassing.

  • http://justjared Bijoux


    “He who KNOWS NOT and KNOWS NOT that he KNOWS NOT, is a FOOL, shun him. ( him is DT)

  • coalharbourqt

    Trump just makes me want to vomit – he basically says that any guy that worships him and wears a suit is a good husband. Yes Britney is out of control and clearly needs help, but how does that make Fed-Ex a good husband? When the going got tough, he chose to get stoned and go out partying, leaving his mentally ill wife at home with 2 babies.

    You can almost bet that he got Britney more seriously into pot and other drugs, which just made her mentall illness worse. Ya, what a great husband.

  • http://justjared Bijoux

    To Coalharbourqt:
    You are so right and I agree 100% I cannot believe DT logic. He speaks like he’s out of touch. It’s hard to believe he runs an empire,
    raised children and wrote books of advise. He is own worst enemy.
    He sounds like an absolute fool.


  • Tien

    K-Fed no money, he’s bad husband, he’s a rogue, but he’s a lucky man, when married to Brit

  • coalharbourqt

    Bijoux – well he’s on top for now, but will probably shoot himself in the foot at some point. Anyone with an ego that big can’t stay afloat for too long. I believe Trump has bottomed out and declared bankruptcy more than once.

    Tien – yes he was, but all the money in the world can’t help this situation and he’s paying for his greed and stupidity now.

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  • BrangelinaFan

    I also am surprised Jared that you would trumpet this jackass Donald Trump on your site — especially after he just trashed Angelina Jolie in the media — for the second time, I might add.

    I can’t stand this bastard !! I mean, unprovoked, he gets on Larry King last year to basically call AJ an “unattractive” whore who is unfairly treating her own oddball father for not speaking to him and refusing to have him in her life or the life of her children. It was none of his business. And then the other day he does the same on Conan O’Brien’s show (See AOL’s banner this morning?), bringing up the brother-kissing thing, exaggerating the incident, and repeating how “unattractive” he finds her. This, coming from a man who got on The View two years ago to tell the ladies, minus Rosie O’Donnell, of course, that he would date his own daughter if they weren’t related because she is attractive and has all the equipment he would look for in a woman if he were single. Ewww !!!

    Bottom line is, this dumb, selfish fuck shouldn’t be on this blog. And judging by his own bizzare attacks on celebrities, people who don’t even know him or think about him, he shouldn’t be featured on anyone’s show or blog, for that matter. He thinks way too much of himself. And giving him the time of day and the forum to cast dispersions on someone’s character is just his cup of tea. But see, when someone does it to him, like Rosie, he gets all out of sorts. Stop giving him a platform !!
    Please !!

    – BrangelinaFan

  • remember da truth

    Cliniqua, it is YOU who are obsessed with Angelina Jolie! A thread about Donald Trump and Britney, and you talk about AJ? Man, do you have a problem!

    Donald is such a famewhore that he will mention whoever is in the news. And yeah, so Kevin likes him so now he thinks he’s fantastic. Kevin is a good father, but not so good a husband, regardless of who he likes.

    Donald will never mind his own business. not if he can leech some publicity off of someone else’s misfortunes.

  • Rayt

    Theres a sex tape of britney that’s just been released. EW.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    The word Whale Shi.t…. comes to mind……

  • Waverly

    I enjoy hearing what the donald thinks about stuff like this from time to time. its funny and what he says isnt entirely meaningless.

  • bb245

    Britney’s breaking bad! Donald should help her!

  • fred

    All this is just a pubicity stunt for Mr. Trump and Britney. We’ve seen this in the past and their ratings skyrocket. They are a bunch of crooks and wine on television about problems. Come to the real world and see what kind of problems there really are out here.

  • line22

    It’s ["SHOW X FOLKZ!!!"] 2 me, you’re all ["very rich and stupid"] I guess you all make “too much” money and have nothin’ better to do w/ your x!!!

  • http://MillonaireRomance Mike

    Britney is my faqvourite pop star. I am sorry to hear she is fell in bad cancer The news are reported in millonaire dating site” W e a l t h y L o v i n g .c o m”.Is that true? Is she really has a new baby?